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Annave Raval

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Annave Raval
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Indu Ba, Alderaan (Refugee)

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Task Force Zerek

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Sergeant Annave Raval is a Republic soldier with almost two decades of combat experience, initially working as a sapper, then a scout. She recently lost a leg from unexploded ordinance on Ord Mantell. Given her skill sets and leadership potential, Sergeant Raval was re-assigned to Task Force Zerek after recovery from injury.


Annave was always tall among her peers, even as child. When fully suited in combat gear, she is indistinguishable in height or build from her male soldiers. As a human coming from a tropical planet, she bears the brown skin and black hair that were adaptive for its environment. She keeps her hair cropped short, both for convenience and for solidarity with team mates. She has an inconspicuous cybernetic implant on her right temple that allows access to short range comm channels. After her injury on Ord Mantell, she was also fitted with a cybernetic left lower leg, which she takes pains to conceal as much as possible with long pants and boots.


Early Life

Annave Raval was born on Indu Ba, a low orbit tropical planet of the Indu San system inhabited by human colonists. When she was just a child, the Sith Empire invaded the world, taking over its rich resources in flora and fauna and eliminating any inhabitants who resisted. She was personal witness to the death of many relatives and friends and lived a few years in frantic movement and hiding before her extended family procured a passage on a refugee ship. Thus she escaped Imperial rule.


The refugees on the starship eventually journeyed to Alderaan, where they had been placed based on a Republic resettlement program. Her own family began a chain of small stores specialising in the sale of exotic spices, although Annave had no interest in the family business. Instead, she thrived in the relative safety of Alderaan, growing strong and hale. She rough-housed often with her male cousins, excelled in sports, and chatted with the Republic troopers who passed through the planet on assignment. As soon as she came of age, she enlisted in the Republic Army.


As an enlistee, Annave worked hard to gain the knowledge and skills required to fulfill her military role, and she continued to hone skills over the almost twenty years of her military career. Initially, she was trained as a combat engineer, and she spent many tours in far-off reaches of the galaxy. As time went on, she gained further skills in advanced scouting and armored vehicle piloting. Her strong but friendly personality facilitated her rise to the top of her squad, and she was eventually promoted to Sergeant and reassigned to lead a dedicated group of scouts.

On her latest tour to Ord Mantell, Sergeant Raval had been on a scouting mission when her squad ran into a lone separatist in the Mantellian minefields. In attempting to escape, the separatist set off a blast from unexploded ordinance with Raval nearby. The blast blew up the enemy combatant and ripped through Raval's left lower leg. She had to be emergently evacuated to Fort Garnik for urgent care. Once stabilized, she was sent off-world to Coruscant to receive state-of-the-art cybernetic limb replacement.

Sergeant Raval required months of rehabilitation to make full use of the new leg, and in her time of recovery, she also took up sharpshooting practice with conventional rifles as well as the more exotic bowcaster. Due to her extensive battlefield experience and breadth of skills, Sergeant Raval was reassigned to the newly formed Task Force Zerek by the end of her two years of recovery.

Personality and Traits

As an experienced sergeant, Annave has many of her own thoughts regarding missions and their carrying out. However, she will always follow the chain of command and is generally known as an obedient soldier. She expects the same from those whom she commands. On mission, she is all business, but in her leisure time, others have been known to describe her as "real friendly" and "knows how to have fun." She enjoys her drinks, both alcohol and teas, and will expound on the virtues of both. She will never take off her shoes or boots in company she is unfamiliar with. Although she is not ashamed of bearing a cybernetic leg, she does not wish to call undue attention to the difference in mixed company, as it may highlight a potential exploitable weakness.


  • Private Agupta Saraf - This young trooper is a distant cousin of Sergeant Raval. His family also came to Alderaan from Indu Ba via the refugee ship. Inspired by Annave's career, the boy enlisted in the Republic Army a few years after she had done so. Though their differing assignments keep them from seeing each other face to face, Annave and Agupta stay in touch often via holo-com.
  • Abhay Raval - Another younger cousin who had stayed on Alderaan to manage the family shops.


  • "Better drink while we can!"