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Cipher 8

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Cipher 8
Cipher 8.png
Biographical information







2.05m (~6'9")


90kg (~200lbs)

Hair color


Eye color


Skin color



Dromund Kaas

Census information

Cipher Agent


Sith Intelligence


Dromund Kaas

Spoken languages
  • Basic
  • Huttese
  • Ryl
  • Sith
  • Mando'a
  • Cheunh
Understood languages
  • Basic
  • Huttese
  • Ryl
  • Sith
  • Mando'a
  • Cheunh
  • High Sith
Notable relations
  • Lord Katharsys (spouse, master)
  • Darth Caedusios (Cousin, and Darth he serves under)
  • Darth Karmic (employer)
Meta information
In-Game Name


In-Game Faction

Sith Empire

Cipher Crimsèn Kath-Hevilas is one of the apprentices of Lord Katharsys under Darth Caedusios. He previously served under the former Imperial Intelligence and Sith Intelligence. As an agent, he was trained as a sniper and later an operative. His many missions included infiltration, target acquisition, and covert operations. He has served as a field agent, and with notable Sith including Darth Keshiri, Darth Thrax, and Darth Noxturna . Now as a Sith Apprentice, he is learning the fighting styles of Marka Ragnos, and doing work for the Imperial Reclaimation Service.

When he finds the time, he also currently works as a bartender and head chef for the Dancer's Palace on Nar Shaddaa.

Service Record

Terminal Dataport.png Reserved Information (?) [Source]
This information is held by Imperial Intelligence.
Rank Duration Notes
Training 2 yrs Trained on Ziost. Completed both field agent and sniper training.
Cipher Agent - Imperial Intelligence 7 years Served in Republic space under the guise Va'io. Later served under Darth Noxturna for earlier missions, and later aboard the Dominator as Intelligence Officer for Lord General Keshiri
Imperial Commander 1 year Service to Darth Thrax and the Dark Network, as well as doing undercover missions on Nar Shaddaa. After this Sith Intelligence eventually lost contact.
Station Chief- Sith Intelligence 6 years Served as Station Chief over Nar Shaddaa. Duties include infiltration, recruiting of informants, and establishing new Intel base on Nar Shaddaa.
Intelligence Officer <1 year Serving as Darth Caedusios' intelligence officer.

Medical Records

Terminal Dataport.png Reserved Information (?) [Source]
This information is held by Imperial Intelligence.
Year Update Notes
2ATC Patient successfully underwent Castellan Mind Control. Keyword- vun'csut Medical personnel for Intelligence administered Serum VIII to Cipher 8 and programmed him to respond to the keyword "vun'csut". With the use of the keyword, Cipher 8 is come under the control of Intelligence, and his brain would completely block use of the Force as well as the more intense emotions that are common to his species.
3ATC Patient undergo experimental growth hormones Patient underwent experimentation of growth hormones designed to rapidly increase muscular strength and height.
6 ATC Growth Hormone Success After 3 years, patient shows impressive muscle strength, and above average height for his species. Desist use of growth hormones. Will apply it other patients.
10 ATC Re-programming By orders of Keeper of Intelligence, Cipher 8 required re-programming. New Keyword- laivas.
13 ATC PTSD diagnosis Cipher 8's castellan mind control was used for illicit purposes, including physical and sexual assault, and forced him to illegally violently execute prisoners, by the now incarcerated Sith apprentice Tik'shasot. Currently, Tik'shasot has been expelled from the Sith Order and executed. Report of this incident was made by Lord Katharsys. Mentally, the Cipher has shown signs of severe post-traumatic stress disorder; therefore, he has been removed from active duty by orders of Psych 5 and Darth Noxturna.
18 ATC PTSD Treatment Acting Minister Nicohlas arranged for Cipher 8 to be treated of PTSD through medication and help from Voss Mystics in the Shrine of Healing. Whether the procedures were successful or not will require further medical examination.
19 ATC PTSD Treatment Subject is due for re-examination to determine results of PTSD treatment.

What is Known About Cipher 8

Early Life

Terminal Dataport.png Reserved Information (?) [Source]
Lord and Lady Hevilas' Records

"I’m gay. That is where I went wrong-I’m gay. I do not like women in the sexual nor romantic sense. Another term for it is homosexual. I guess there are derogatory terms but I won’t bother saying them as they are quite demeaning and hurtful... I’m not allowed to be gay! No one in my family is gay; my species cannot afford to have anyone gay in it! My life was pre-planned out, didn’t my groin know that? And in that pre-planning, being gay was out of the question. I am NOT gay. I just need to see more women. I need to find out why I ended up like this so I can fix myself and go home. " - Crimsèn in his personal memoirs

Crimsèn when he was in his early pre-teens

Cipher 8 began as Crimsên Hevilas, a sith pureblood strong in the force. It was his destiny, according to his biological parents Lord Hevilas and Lady Doseke-Hevilas, to become a powerful juggernaut and ensure the survival of the sith as a species.

To that end, he was repeatedly given "strength" and "hatred" training by his father. This was often done through exposing the young pureblood to toxins and force lightning. Prior to his 15th year, Crimsên wanted to live up to the expectations placed on him; however, he came to discover two things within him that could damper them: First, instead of this causing hatred to build up in Crimsên, the training he endured from his biological parents instilled in their son compassion for the slaves who lived in his home, and a growing hatred for the Force allowing itself to be used in such a way. Sometimes, Crim ran away to his father's brother's house for refuge, as his aunt and uncle were not as vicious as his biological parents were. Second, he became aware of how much he was drawn to men from many species, including his own, while feeling nothing for women.

This conflict within the young pureblood came to a head when Crim came home from school one day. On that day, Crim learned his parents had a deep despisement for homosexuals and were willing to kill two of their best slaves for being in a homosexual relationship. Crim was forced to watch the torture and execution of those slaves, as well as feel their pain and death through the Force, and his father promised Crim would suffer the same fate if he turned out to be like. Fearing for his life, Crimsên ran away to his aunt and uncle's house. While waiting to be left inside, Crim damaged his connection to the Force. He decided that since the Force had no issue with his biological family using it to kill him, he would have no part with it anymore.

"While I was waiting for the morning, I fought with my force sensitivity. It was a mental and emotional battle. The force almost won, almost, but eventually I got it where I wanted it. In my mind I pictured it beaten and helpless, like the two slaves the force helped utterly destroy. I returned the favor and sort of avenged them: I beat and beat and beat the force til it became a corpse... and then pieces of a corpse in my mind. When it was done, I felt nothing. Nothing... Nothing... I did not feel thoughts, I did not feel it's energy, I did not feel the life of Kaas, nor my cousin's breathing..." - Crimsèn's personal memoirs

Becoming an Imperial Agent

Cipher 8 when he first joined Intelligence

The results were immediately felt, as his aunt and uncle did not notice Crim was outside their house until their son, Ratsoi, opened the door. The sent him to the medwing, and was given the tale of why he was outside their home when he regained consciousness and some sanity. His aunt decided the best way to ensure his protection was to move to Korriban immediately, and adopt Crim as their son. As a result, they changed his given name to Crimsèn, and moved their estate to Korriban.

The remainder of his teenage years was indirectly spent preparing for intelligence work. I say indirectly, as the education he underwent was originally to get his Force awareness back, and disguise his true identity. As a result, he was sent to Sith Tombs such as Ajunta Pall and Marka Ragnos in order to re-kindle his natural connection to the darkside. Alongside this, he was taught to alter his voice so it became a more crisp Imperial accent. Some of the classes he was taking on Dromund Kaas, such as learning Sith and High Sith were continued, and he began taking Huttese and Mando'a. By the time he turned 18 he already spoke fluently Basic, Mando'a, Sith, High Sith, and Huttese. Voice changing, and a brilliant understanding of languages, were the result of those classes and helped catch the eye of Keeper and some of the Watchers strategically placed on Korriban by Intelligence. Unfortunately, his force awareness never returned.

At age 16 he was recruited by Watcher VII, and began pre-training for Intelligence. Although he volunteered himself, the Dark Council was fearful of purebloods being allowed in, for fear they could try and rebel based on their lineage. As a result, the Purebloods all underwent the Castellan Mind control. Crimsèn was put under the control of a few handlers, that ensured he remained with Intelligence until his training was complete. His eventually graduated as a field operative at 19, and then immediately went into Sniper training the following year. At age 20, he was a sniper and was crowned Cipher 8 for his various undercover work on Ziost.

Terminal Dataport.png Reserved Information (?) [Source]
This information is held by Imperial Intelligence.

Work for Imperial Intelligence

"I get to seduce, lie, cheat, and murder legally and for a profit. What's not to like about this job?" - Crimsèn to his cousin Pergaleas

At age 21 he was sent to Republic space as a double agent. He stayed in Republic space until he was 25. During those years, he was able to encourage and solidify the defection of numerous troopers within the Republic's Havoc Squad. Their information allowed for other agents, field and Cipher, to infiltrate Republic worlds including Ord Mantell, Alderaan, and Taris. He also aided Imperials in getting into the Republic Capital and begin construction of the planetary prison within the ruins of the Jedi Temple under Darth Angral's son.

In 10 ATC he met Lord General Keshiri after being recalled to Dromund Kaas and re-stationed to Nar Shaddaa. The chance meeting resulted in him being transferred to the Dominator as the Intelligence Officer for General Lord Keshiri. As intelligence officer, he silenced double agents that infiltrated Keshiri's ship, as well as apprehending targets on Intelligence's watch list.

While on the Dominator, Intelligence got dissolved and reformed as Sith Intelligence, and he had a falling out with the General after he claimed his Darth title. As a result of the chaos, the now former Cipher 8 was transferred to work with the Dark Network at age 27. At age 28 he was put on leave for Intelligence due to acquiring PTSD as a result of an assault. What happened after the assault is relatively unknown, as he disappeared from official Imperial records shortly after.

Hiatus and Sith Intelligence

In the interim years, his force awareness returned thanks to his relationship with Lord Katharsys. As a result, Lord Katharsys trained him though he chose to still remain as an agent, not become a full-fledged Sith. 5 years after the Zakuul Invasion, he returned with information on Zakuul. Acting Minister Nicohlas of Sith Intelligence chose to re-instate him as a Cipher Agent, and his commander Darth Oathbreaker permitted his use of the Force as an agent instead of a Sith because the Darth felt Crimsèn was more of use to them as a Cipher. Before reassiging him, the Minister sent him for treatment in order to help alleviate his PTSD. His first major, and current, assignment under Sith Intelligence is Station Chief over Nar Shaddaa.


Crimsen maintaining his physique

Cipher 8 is a deep red pureblood with a very muscular build. According to Intelligence's records, he was more slender and shorter when he first became a field agent. Because of his desire to improve his physique, and drastically reduce his chances of facing homophobia, he sought to become as muscular as his body would allow. Thanks to intelligence's resources, he was able to work himself and use substances to build up his height to over 2m (~6'9") and build up his muscles.

Currently, he no longer uses drugs to maintain his physical appearance, he still ensures he still keeps physical fitness as part of his main routine. In fact, ensuring his looks are spotless are part of his routine. He chooses to grow his black hair out long enough so it can cover his right eye. If one were to remove his hair completely, the scars that run across his face would become quite evident.

Cipher 8 does attempt to incorporate the traditional appearances of a pureblood. To that end He often adorns himself with silver jewellery that are common among his people. At family gatherings, he often does wear more formal Sith robes.

Personality and Traits

Cipher 8 armed and ready!

There are two sides to Cipher 8: The man, Crimsèn Hevilas, and the cipher agent. For the most part, he prefers to keep those two a part though it is not unheard of for the Cipher to come out when he is among family, and Crimsèn to come out while he is on duty.

Cipher 8 is a master of duplicity. Cipher 8 is able to hide in plain sight and pretend to be the enemy's friend, as opposed to foe. Some of his disguises include a Republic Trooper, serving as the head chef or bar tender at various high end restaurants, and as a mercenary. As one of the Empire's top agents, he can and has used any means necessary to complete a mission. Early in his intelligence work he tortured, lied, and seduced in order to apprehend a target or get the information needed.

Over time, Cipher 8's tactics have gone through revision. If there is an outcome that ensures less corpses, and more allies, he'll choose it. He wants to do what is necessary so he can make the Empire a better place for Imperial citizens. Since the Republic, and other organizations outside of the Empire, do not seem to care about whether the Empire rises or falls, he does not care about them either. In terms of the Empire's internal affairs, he believes that places of power should be used to the betterment of the Empire, not stupid power games. Though how he has found himself in the middle of some power games in recent history because if he avoids them, his loved ones, could be in danger.

Crimsen Hevilas can be described as the most manly effeminate man in the galaxy, and proud of it. He is not afraid to be the greatest source of strength and emotion in the room at any given time. This manifests itself in how he is with his loved ones: He can be the voice of reason and crying along with them at the same time. The one exception to this is if those in his inner circle threatened in any way, as any reasoning on Crimsèn's part will disappear.This is why is of no surprise that he has been driven into a blind rage in order to defend them.

Crimsen is very vain, and strives to be aesthetically pleasing. This is evident in the fact that he has two full wardrobes in their apartment while Lord Katharsys only has one. Often times his mornings are spent between making breakfast and choosing the perfect outfit to wear for the day. Other things he takes pleasure from include cooking, shopping (yes, shopping), reading the latest sports' and fashion magazines, going to the beach, and hunting.

Personal Connections

Crimsen and Sylin Kath-Hevilas

Lord Katharsys: Crimsen's husband and closest ally. They met on Hoth, and after a period of initial mistrust eventually gained good rapport. It did not take long for friendship to develop between them, and then through shared views on the Empire and shared hardships, they grew to become life partners, and were married at the Dancer's Palace. They currently live together in an apartment on Dromund Kaas. At the Dancer's Palace, he is starred on the menu as "The Katharsys" a drink that goes through the throat warm, but is cold on the breath and has a dark bittersweet chocolate aftertaste.

Darth Karmic: Crimsen met Darth Karmic through Darth Noxturna, and they quickly evolved into being close friends. Through their many adventures, they often share a good laugh and sometimes compare various male physiques. As a co-owner of the palace, a drink was created in her honour, called "The Karmic," with a surprisingly strong flavour.

Ardeshir: Crimsen knew Ardeshir since before he became Darth Karmic's apprentice! When Ardeshir was looking for a master, Crimsen made sure he had a place to stay on Dromund Kaas. Currently the two have good rapport, and the occasional friendly flirting. Ardeshir is the namesake of one of the Dancer's Palace's creamier alcoholic choices.

Minnette: Crimsen and Minnette are fellow employees at the Dancer's Palace, who have gone on more covert missions together. If need be, he will step in and help her deal with security and more irate customers at the Dancer's Palace. Her signature drink at the Dancer's Palace is sweet, yet on the strong side with a spicy kick.

Seenine: Seenine is often at the bar with Crimsen when he is working. When Crimsen does chat with her, he is often quite intrigued with how she sees the galaxy. Although he often goes overboard with the teasing, as she can take many sayings quite literally.

Hevilas Family

Lord Basuoti Hevilas: Crimsèn's Father, and a man Crimsèn never speaks fondly of. Often referenced by Crimsen as the source of most of his abuse when he lived in his family's house. Strongly for Sith tradition, and blatantly homophobic, he strove to make his son and successor in a powerful with juggernaut. He lost his life to Crimsèn after driving his son into a blind rage. Currently deceased.

Darth Caedusios Hevilas: Cousin on father's side. Currently serves within the Sphere of Ancient Knowledge. Crimsen lived with Caedusios and his family since they were young teenagers.

Tel'kemic/Cipher 17: One of Cipher 8's intelligence partners and Caedusios' lover.

Tik'shasot: Former slave of Lord and Lady Hevilas. He was freed by Crimsen and permitted to live in Crimsen's estate. Has been presumed executed for assaulting his former master, and illegally executing prisoners.

Doseke Family

Lady Gtukvi Doseke-Hevilas: Mother, and Sith Inquisitor. Little is known about her beyond she was quite critical of Crimsen, and despised his lack of desire to marry a pureblood woman and carry on their family lineage. Currently deceased.

Matriarch Doseke: Crimsen's maternal grandmother. She and him have been close since he was a child. If she is not giving him grandmotherly advice, she is baking delicious bloodrum cake and various pies. She is a forceuser, though she has retired from active involvement within the Empire's dealings. She currently lives on Korriban.

Pergaleas Doseke: Pergaleas is Crim's cousin on his mother's side. Currently he owns a restaurant and bar on Korriban where he services the various Sith and students that go to Korriban's academy. Although Pergaleas and Crimsen get along when it comes to the culinary arts, they are no longer on speaking terms due to Pergaleas blatant disagreement with Crimsen's homosexual lifestyle and comments derogatory comments he made about Crimsen and Katharsys' relationships.

Aeterna Family

Darth Noxturna and Darth Tas'meel: First Darths Cipher 8 served under during his early years as an agent. Nox is the one who gifted him with his prized droid, an HK-51. Often she sends him on scouting missions and undercover missions prior to her sending an invasion force on the front lines. Although he is on hiatus now, they still keep in touch.

Bal'tor Aeterna: Son of Noxturna and Tas'meel. Crimsen looked after the child during his early years. Still he keeps in touch with him, often via giving Bal'tor fashion advice.


Crimsèn gestures around his ship "Around here, I'm the general and this is my ship. On my ship, when I say my boyfriend and I want to be passionate with each other for 24 hours straight, we're going to do just that!"

Crimsèn tastes something a cook from the Dancer's Palace brought to him. He makes a face and says, "Cream of Mushroom soup? Tastes more like Cream of Salty Bland Soup- you expected me to feed that customers?!"

Crimsèn looks Corfu up and down, and licks his lips a little. "Hello, handsome. I'm Crimsèn and I'm the one who's interested in seeing you dance. I must say, your eyes are as handsome as your lekku. Circaa, jid san kay dan a clernis. «Here, let me but you a drink.»

Crimsèn stares into a mirror "Still muscular and sexy as usual. Good!"