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Darth Malagant

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Darth Malagant
Darth Malagant.jpg
Biographical information










Hair color


Eye color

Hazel, red (dark side)

Skin color

Lightly tanned, deathly pale (dark side)


Dromund Kaas

Census information



The Undying, Despoiler of Worlds, Destroyer of Traitors


The Sanctuary, Kelenek'che'sa

Spoken languages

Basic, Sith

Understood languages


Notable relations

General Andav Undjo, younger brother

Sith Training
Known Lightsaber Forms

I (Shii-Cho), II (Makashi), Jar'Kai

Known Force Powers

Lightning, Telepathy

Sith Master

Inquisitor Jaeden'laek

Known Apprentices
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"I have been many things: The son of a soldier, the apprentice of a Sith Lord, an Inquisitor, a zealot, a conqueror, a governor. I have fought against Jedi, Sith, and Knights alike. I have burned worlds and despoiled civilizations. I have died, and been reborn. I have returned now as the one thing I most feared, and now bring to all who oppose me: Death."
- Darth Malagant

Darth Malagant is a Dark Lord of the Sith. Formally trained in the sorcerous arts, Malagant's path has led him from being a zealot in a cult devoted to the Emperor, to conqueror (and eventually destroyer) of the Nikaea Sector, to a hunter of Jedi and rogue Sith, to governor of the Imperial border world of Reydovan Prime. Following years in exile in the wake of the Eternal Empire's invasion, Malagant returned to fight against Zakuul, and suffered life-changing injuries at the hands of a Zakuulan Exarch he slew in combat. Now partly sustained by cybernetics, which dampened his formidable Force powers and increased his physical strength, Malagant now fights for the Empire in his own way...

Early Life

General Andav Undjo, Malagant's younger brother
Terminal Dataport.png Reserved Information (?) [Source]
This information is held by the Sith Order.

The Sith Lord who became Darth Malagant was born Masac Undjo on Dromund Kaas six years into the Great Galactic War, the eldest of the two sons of Suzl and Eddal Undjo. The latter was an Imperial Army sergeant who claimed to have served in battle during the invasion of Begeren, but had in fact served the majority of his war service (up to his death on Alderaan nearly two decades later) in a clerk's office. Coming from a long line of common soldiers dating back to the formation of the current Empire, Eddal long expressed the hope that his sons would be officers. But when Masac was seven years old, the Force awakened in him in a fit of rage, as he killed the housesitter who abused him and his younger brother, Andav. Eddal Undjo was recalled to the house; after learning what happened, he contacted the Sith, and soon afterwards, the Undjo apartment was visited by Inquisitor Jaeden'laek and his old mentor, Darth Verulam, two powerful Pureblooded Sith from ancient families. Jaeden'laek and Verulam both belonged to a Sith sect known as the Gorak'nar, or "Scions of the Stars", who believed that darkness was the natural state of being, and that the entire galaxy must be ruled by the dark side.

Recognizing the Force potential within the boy, Jaeden'laek had Masac brought to the Sith academy on Dromund Kaas, where the acolytes would remain for another year before being transferred to the newly-restored facilities on Korriban. Though he allowed his body to become bloated as a result of overindulgence, it was his mind - and an awakening interest in history - that allowed him to survive his Sith trials in the heat and dust of Korriban and its ancient tombs. Finally, at fifteen, Masac was brought before Jaeden'laek, and officially named his apprentice.

Rise to Power

Terminal Dataport.png Reserved Information (?) [Source]
This information is held by the Sith Order and the Republic Strategic Information Service (SIS).
Lord Malagant receives his command from Darth Thanaton to kill his rival, Darth Defileris

Masac's first journey as a Sith apprentice was to the Outer Rim world of Reydovan Prime, which would become a major focal point in his life later on. It was the homeworld of Jaeden'laek's first apprentice, Artimus Devaneaux, who had just been anointed Darth Defileris; he had recently conquered the planet and prepared to rule it with an iron fist. Masac was unimpressed with the noble-born Defileris, considering him little more than a braggart and a self-centered thug, a perception confirmed by his Master; Jaeden'laek expressed a hope that his second apprentice would outdo his first. By war's end, Masac was named a Sith Lord (though, like Jaeden'laek, he used the title "Inquisitor"), and renamed himself Malagant.

Shortly before the Sacking of Coruscant, Defileris was overthrown by the Jedi Knight Saxtus Fayhan and a team of Republic soldiers, backed up by a legion of Reydovan pro-Republic militia. Defileris felt the "insult" of the scar left across his face from cheek to forehead by Fayhan's lightsaber could only be expunged with his death, and the insolence of his people punished by far stricter rule. He focused on his selfish goal for a decade after his overthrow.

Defileris' obsession came to the attention of the powerful Darth Thanaton, the most senior Sith Lord who was not of the Dark Council. Called to the Dark Council chambers on Korriban, Malagant was informed of Defileris' obsessions - the Sith Lord's own apprentice, Velenkayn, had reported his master's increasing paranoid delusion to Thanaton's agents. Condemning this quest for personal gain as a "cancer upon the Sith", Thanaton instructed Malagant to kill Defileris. Malagant, trying his hardest to remain stoic at the prospect of finally destroying his rival, agreed.

Malagant tracked Defileris' Fury, the Hand of Artimus, to the Imperial space station in orbit of Taris, the closest Imperial supply point to his homeworld. Defileris had managed to convince two Imperial battlecruisers to follow him, and was waiting for them to arrive. Entering the airlock and stepping onto his ship, Malagant confronted Defileris on the bridge and announced Thanaton's death sentence. Despite his greater bulk compared to the tall and lithe Defileris, and the close quarters of the vessel, they engaged in a fierce duel that left both combatants unable to halt the other. The computer systems of the ship were shredded by errant lightsaber strikes, before they entered the main hold and circled either side of the holoterminal.

Lashing out with a burst of lightning and then a constant torrent, Malagant was able to weaken Defileris' defenses. With a burst of dark side energy, he brought his enemy to his knees, and - for the coup de grace - took his opponent's head. With the interior of the vessel wrecked, Malagant ordered the ship be transported onboard one of the cruisers (having arrived only to find the man who called them dead) back to Dromund Kaas - after executing the captains for following the orders of a renegade. Malagant was soon after anointed a Darth, and took Velenkayn as his own apprentice, eventually raising him to the rank of Sith Lord.

Confrontations with the Jedi

Master Saxtus Fayhan, Malagant's bitterest enemy
"Send my regards to your Master, Fayhan - you'll be joining him soon enough."
- Malagant taunts Fayhan after the death of his old mentor, Aken Tyrell

Despite the dangers he had seen from Defileris' obsession with now-Master Fayhan, it would be the Jedi himself who would make the first move after Velenkayn slew the Jedi Shadow's former master, Aken Tyrell, on Alderaan. The Shadows, Malagant knew, were the most dangerous specialization a Jedi could join, seeing as their operating in stealth and secrecy - a trait usually upheld by Sith assassins - and tendency towards solving every issue with a lightsaber made them ideal candidates to become Dark Jedi...or even Sith Lords. Tempted by the prospect, Malagant informed his network of the possibilities.

His first act was to corrupt Fayhan's first student, the Jedi Knight Kieran Devaneaux - ironically, the son of Darth Defileris - who had returned to his world when word came of its secession from the Republic and its formal decision to join the Empire. Breaking Kieran's body in a shuttle crash and assaulting his mind with manipulation and dark sorcery, Malagant sought to reforge him with cybernetics and the power of the dark side, and made him "Lord Cyanoculus". But the newly-minted Sith showed the same degree of selfish arrogance that his father had, making the task far more difficult. Less so, however, was when Fayhan himself came to Reydovan Prime in search of Kieran, believing he could be saved.

In the audience chamber of the Temple of the Sun in the city of Illuminopolis, the de facto planetary capital (Kieran had burned the actual capital, Montagne Noire, in his first act as a Sith - killing 800,000 people in a twinkling), Velenkayn goaded Fayhan into battle, and Fayhan responded by channelling his rage and beheading the Pureblood Sith Lord on the spot. Feeding on the combination of guilt and pleasure the Jedi Master had felt, Malagant attempted to turn him, but Cyanoculus - unwilling to serve under Fayhan again - attacked his former teacher, until Malagant himself ended the duel on the arrival of Republic soldier Melena Linavil and privateer captain Eidan Zherron, who had come to retrieve Fayhan. As a gesture of good faith, Malagant allowed the Jedi Master and his allies to leave without further incident, knowing that the seeds had been sown for Fayhan's downfall.

Malagant with his HK-51 assassin/bodyguard droid

Malagant next went to the Core World of Alderaan, still in the midst of its ongoing civil war, to help conduct an inspection of fortifications near Castle Panteer that were maintained by the Empire's allies in House Thul. Malagant and his entourage were spotted by Organa troops arriving at the Thul estate, and the captain of that company contacted Eidan Zherron, who in turn took the information to General Ketana Netalis-Linavil, another war comrade and mother of Melena Linavil. The general sent Zherron and the Jedi Knight Huldref - one of the Miraluka rescued by Fayhan from a ruined colony nearly two decades earlier - to intercept Malagant and eliminate him if possible.

Against Zherron's warnings, Huldref confronted Malagant, accompanied by Varan and Veerak, in the Glarus Valley near the Elysium. Amused, Malagant decided to honor Huldref's reckless courage and duel the Jedi himself, rather than leave him to the mercy of Veerak, his Shadow Hand; for both combatants, this was their first real match against a member of their opposing order. Matching the Jedi's Djem So with his mastery of Makashi, Malagant defeated him in a grueling battle. Deciding to honor his opponent and ensure he was not desecrated in death as Tyrell had been, Malagant had the body shipped to Tython, in a package that appeared to have been sent by House Organa.

Held on Belsavis

Malagant locked within a stasis cell in the deep prison of Belsavis

General Linavil and Master Fayhan had sought an opportunity to capture or kill Malagant, but he proved to be too elusive for them to confront alone. They would need help, and would soon receive it - from the most unlikely of sources...

Seeking to remove his hated master from the picture, Cyanoculus - aided by Varan, also sickened by Malagant's sadism - hatched a plot that he believed would "humble" Malagant...and to carry it out, he contacted his former Jedi Master. Fayhan, aware of his personal stake in the battle, turned his plan over to Eidan Zherron, who executed it with the aid of Republic Special Forces. Cyanoculus decided to lure Malagant into a trap by slaying the Sith governor of Reydovan Prime, Lord Nemiel, and releasing word that the planet had collapsed into civil war; ironically, within hours, that is precisely what happened, with the resistance finally rising in large numbers to attack Sith garrisons.

Malagant's pilot, Nyssha Petrand, landed in Illuminopolis, the main Sith stronghold; however, once inside the inner sanctum of the Temple of the Sun, Zherron and a squad of Republic Special Forces ambushed and incapacitated him, placing Force-deadening restraints on him to prevent the use of his dark side powers to influence his captors or attack. Leaving the war-torn planet behind, Zherron arrived on Belsavis with his prize and turned the Sith Lord over to the wardens of the Republic prison, in spite of the fact that the planet was in the midst of a full-scale riot. Malagant was enraged, knowing that he had been betrayed, but realized he could do nothing but wait.

Fayhan paid him a visit a day later, and continued to speak honeyed words to sway Fayhan to take further steps into the dark side and strike him down. The Sith Lord's words awakened a vision in Fayhan's mind, showing him leading Sith forces in battle against the Republic. However, Fayhan again rejected temptation and fled from the cell, the last thing he saw as the door closed being Malagant's evil smile.

Veerak's Gambit, and Cyanoculus' Fury

Realizing that he could possibly kill two birds with one stone, Veerak - now a Sith Lord - journeyed to Kwenn to meet with Darth Karmic, a Pureblood Sith Assassin and former slave who had served in the Moirae during the active service of Darth Taelios. Malagant, after an initial, cordial acquaintance, had ranted against her as being "slave scum", his elitist xenophobia coming sharply to the fore. He could arrange to free his master and possibly mend fences between Malagant and Karmic at the same time.

Veerak spoke privately with Karmic and her bodyguard, Ca'ssan, outside the Busted Blaster Cantina and openly stated his case, informing her that he knew of Cyanoculus' involvement in the plan and requested her assistance in rescuing Malagant from Belsavis. Veerak remarked that both Karmic and Malagant were very powerful Sith, and that such power would be better used if it was combined. Despite the vitriol, Karmic expressed her respect for Malagant as a fellow Sith and as a man of knowledge, and agreed to help Veerak release his master. Shortly after, Cyanoculus himself arrived, and Karmic confronted him on what he had done. Cyanoculus was astounded by her vehement reaction against his plan, thinking that he had done the Empire a service by allowing Malagant to rot in prison.

Infuriated, Cyanoculus ordered Varan - his only remaining ally - to follow Karmic, and to pursue her to Belsavis if she made her move to rescue Malagant; if she managed to free him, Varan was to kill them both from long range. However, Varan was confronted on the bridge of his ship, the Torv Shadow, by Malagant's brother Andav, who demanded that he actually assist Karmic in freeing Malagant, and threatened to murder him personally if he took any shot against either Sith Lord. However, Andav was killed on Tatooine by the Jedi Padawan Katran, Fayhan's former apprentice, several days later; Varan ultimately decided to stand with his brother despite his misgivings, knowing that Malagant's anger would be incandescent and indiscriminate when (not if, as he saw now) he was released - and he hoped to avoid being in its path.

Despite having Karmic make preparations to storm the deep prison, Veerak - hoping to handle the issue cleanly and quickly - met with Jedi Custodum leader Iaera Farworlder on Kwenn and attempted to negotiate a settlement. Malagant had been kidnapped by Republic forces from an Imperial world in violation of the Treaty of Coruscant, Veerak argued; if he was released at the behest of the Jedi, further diplomatic incidents could be avoided. But Veerak also stated that Fayhan was to be turned over to the Empire for his crimes against the Empire, including the killing of Lord Velenkayn and conspiracy to kidnap Malagant. As Veerak expected, Iaera refused, dismissing the demand as "prattle" and unreasonable. Veerak had hoped to release his master without bloodshed, but he warned Iaera that the blood that would be shed to free him would be as much on her hands as on his. Karmic was outraged, believing that Veerak may have doomed the plan to failure with this move, as the Republic would increase security and possibly risk the lives of all involved.

The Prison Break

Darth Karmic and Lord Veerak, the architects of the prison break (seen aboard the Dancer's Retreat on Nar Shaddaa)
"Karmic...you are probably the last person I expected to see."
- Malagant expresses surprise at the identity of his rescuer

Seeking to keep an eye on the unfolding situation, Master Fayhan volunteered to personally lead the surveillance of the deep prisons, despite objections from members of the Jedi Custodum Council. During Malagant's imprisonment, Fayhan occasionally released Malagant from his stasis cell - hidden in the ancient Rakata caverns connected to the Maximum Security Section - to speak with him, to learn from him. Fayhan admitted later to colleagues and friends that he may have gone too far, and let the Sith into his own mind as well.

Despite the heightened security as a result of Veerak's misstep, the jailbreak proceeded as planned; Veerak, accompanied by Varan, Nyssha and Andav's eight surviving troopers, would engage Fayhan (and Veerak, working on the Jedi Master's pride, would engage him one-on-one in a duel of honor), while Karmic proceeded alone into the deep prison to rescue Malagant. Upon being released from stasis, Malagant expressed surprise at the identity of his rescuer, who only saw him as a Sith wrongfully (and, in her opinion, cruelly) imprisoned, cut off from the Force. Agreeing to follow her lead, Malagant allowed her to remove the Force-deadening restraints; once his mind was focused again, he located his gear (kept in a nondescript prisoners' belongings crate nearby) and left with Karmic through the tunnels. Karmic, hacking the prison security systems, unlocked the prison cells and released the prisoners in order to distract the Republic garrison.

Once Malagant and Karmic crossed out of the caverns and into the Maximum Security Section, they were confronted by three members of the crew of the Direwolf - first mate Jeremiah August, pilot/navigator Liam Branscombe, and engineer Kellen Maggard (Captain Zherron himself was on Coruscant, recovering from an EMP blast that damaged his ocular implants on Kwenn the day before Fayhan arrived on Belsavis). As the three men pulled their pistols, a long-range blaster shot fired by Commander Varan struck August in the middle of his forehead, killing him instantly. Branscombe and Maggard fled into the tunnels. Malagant linked up with Varan, Veerak and the others flying out on Nyssha's ship, the Dragonqueen, while Karmic escaped with her own shuttle. The Dragonqueen made the rendezvous with the Imperial dreadnought Stormwatch, as Veerak had arranged; Malagant ordered its commander, Admiral Vardis Durant, to make for Vaiken Spacedock. Malagant, though angered by Varan's initial treachery, decided to let him off with a warning only. In private with Veerak, however, he learned of the misguided attempt to ransom Fayhan for his freedom, and Malagant chastised him for giving away too much, too soon.

While he ventured into the caverns, he discovered that Cyanoculus had told Karmic of his plan, and Karmic requested that, should Malagant ever meet with Darth Vulkanus, that he not mention that she knew before. Malagant agreed, asking for a meeting with Vulkanus to arrange for Cyanoculus' punishment for his deed, and he would state that he (Malagant) told Karmic during the rescue, and asked Karmic to arrange the meeting with Vulkanus to inform him. Returning to his estate, which Cyanoculus attempted to claim for himself, Malagant easily overpowered and tortured his erstwhile minion for a solid day, resulting in the destruction of his remaining organic eye, his ocular implant, his respiratory system, and shattering several bones. The effects of the lightning, combined with the growing hate and anger in his soul, finally tipped the warrior to the point of no return...

Stabilizing the shredded husk for transport, Malagant took Cyanoculus to Quesh, where he called on the former Darth Taelios, a cybernetics expert, to rebuild Cyanoculus. Though much of his old spirit remained, Cyanoculus was utterly Malagant's creature now, and the sorcerer soon had a task for his newly-forged weapon...

A Campaign of Vengeance

"As I said before, I am taking a gamble. I may run into trouble with the Moirae after your little stunt. However, this is your opportunity to prove yourself. Do this task well, and I will speak for you to Vulkanus and Ephese. They may not be convinced, but I will make every effort. If you work with me, I will work with you."
- Malagant sets Cyanoculus loose

Seeking revenge against Fayhan and the Republic, Malagant decided to unleash Cyanoculus against the former - in a form of psychological warfare. Through Commander Varan, who remained an active cipher agent of Imperial Intelligence, Malagant was able to discover Fayhan's cherished "possession" - the sixteen Miraluka orphans rescued from the destroyed colony during the war. Malagant himself had killed the first, Huldref, on Alderaan shortly before he was captured; two more had come to his attention as potential weak links in Fayhan's spiritual armor. One was Padawan Katran, who had killed Malagant's brother; the other was Caradell, Huldref's younger sister, a Knight who specialized in history and diplomacy and worked in the Archives on Tython. Deciding to let them live as potential "tools", Malagant sent Cyanoculus to kill the other thirteen, who were in the field for the Republic on several planets along the border and the Outer Rim.

Upon Cyanoculus' return and the success of his mission, he mentioned that he had duelled Fayhan on Hoth, and that the Jedi had created a new weapon (Veerak had taken Fayhan's lightsaber during the prison break) based on the sword-staves used by the native reptilian people of Nikaea, a world ruled by the ancient Sith some five millennia before, and where Fayhan had served as an ambassador. Malagant decided to take Cyanoculus along with him aboard the Stormwatch and travelled to the Nikaean system, with the intent of releasing Cyanoculus as his "blunt instrument" against the warrior tribes of the planet.


"We ran the Sith from our world five thousand years ago. And we will do so again, even if you burn this planet to a cinder - we will join the Eternal Watcher, and you will have a graveyard."
"Perhaps. But you will not live to see it either way, you decrepit old lizard."
"The Watcher awaits me, Malagant. But you will not find me easy prey..."
- Kerazaddon the Uniter, High Patriarch of Nikaea, faces off against Malagant during the Nikaean uprising

Malagant and an Imperial army under General Bassel Krysiak, the mentor of his brother Andav, landed near the capital city of Sehlenkkam (Nikaeapolis, as it soon became) and laid siege to the planet, taking control of the planet's ten major cities with surprising ease, aided by Cyanoculus' strikes against Nikaean leaders. Malagant declared that the world again belonged to the Sith, and Krysiak was promoted to Moff and installed as planetary governor.

Unlike Cyanoculus, who saw the opportunity he had and wished to better both himself and his world for the good of the Empire, Malagant became blinded by hubris, believing himself to be untouchable and in control. After Caradell - who had been in a comatose state for some weeks - awakened and left Tython to hunt down and kill Sith, Imperials and Imperial-affiliated underworld figures, Malagant decided to take a wait-and-see approach, knowing that she would eventually come to him - and that he was prepared for her. Fayhan left for Nikaea to uncover answers and possibly help in the uprising against the Imperial occupation, while Zherron went to Reydovan Prime to discover what happened there. All roads did eventually lead to Nikaea, and to Malagant himself.

Though Moff Krysiak was the titular governor, Malagant ruled Nikaea himself, and ruled with fear and summary executions, killing numerous Nikaean chieftains to drive the populace into submission. But Kerazaddon, the Nikaean High Patriarch, resisted, as did the Darktooth tribe, whose chieftain was traditionally the commanding general of Nikaea. Under its fifth new chieftain, Smeavian, the Darktooths infiltrated the capital city of Sehlenkkam and provided Fayhan - and eventually Master Urso Corazon, a fellow member of the Custodum Council - with valuable information, as Malagant saw the Nikaeans as little more than beasts...his greatest mistake.

Eventually, Malagant's security forces captured Fayhan and Corazon, as well as Zherron, Corazon's apprentice, Nagashi, and renegade Imperial cipher agent and failed Jedi Initiate Kiive Elandril, and brought them all to the Temple of the Eternal Watcher, where the Sith Lord held court. Once Caradell herself arrived, Malagant initiated the "Castellan protocol", a brainwashing technique used by Imperial Intelligence, and commanded Caradell to kill Fayhan as her first action in his service. But the small sliver of what made her a Jedi made Caradell hesitate. Elandril, using her knowledge of Imperial doctrine, used the command word that Malagant had spoken - aloud - to disengage the conditioning. Caradell, having now realized what she had done and what she must do to correct it, tackled Malagant out of the Temple - their fall cushioned by Darth Karmic, who had been present and in concealment - and engaged him in a duel in the courtyard below.

Malagant's greater power and experience allowed him to briefly triumph over the weakened Jedi Archivist, but the High Patriarch approached and engaged Malagant in a duel. Though Malagant narrowly managed to vanquish Kerazaddon, his victory was short-lived, as the Vengeful Spirit - damaged by an explosive set by Zherron - crashed into his position...


Malagant, who survived the crash, took advantage of his enemies' mistaken belief of his demise, and escaped using a Nikaean ship. With information from the Nikaean records, he located a world called Narnevra in the same sector, revealed to have been a planet-wide laboratory for the ancient Sith overlords of Nikaea millennia before. Finding an ancient Rakata artifact, Malagant took control of the race of Sithspawn created there, despite an effort by Eidan Zherron (guided, surprisingly, by a Force vision) and the now-renegade Lord Veerak to stop him.

Aided by Cyanoculus, Malagant took the Narnevran Sithspawn and reconquered Nikaea in a matter of hours, forcing most of its leaders into exile. But as the years went on, Malagant's accomplishments faded somewhat into obscurity, while Cyanoculus began to take center stage.

A Spiritual Reawakening

"I have served loyally my entire life, since my path was discovered when I was but a child of seven...but I want to do more than serve. I want to believe again. Believe that my Master was right, that our way is the way to the future."
- Malagant submits to the Tenebrous Gospel

As Cyanoculus' power grew over the next two years, establishing Reydovan Prime as a dominant center in the Imperial frontier, Malagant's powerbase began to dwindle as no small few (Varan chief among them) began to distance themselves from him and pledged to Cyanoculus. The cyborg Sith Lord had managed to gain access to items that had belonged to Veerak (who was executed for treason for his actions on Narnevra) and deliver them to his own apprentice, Tethik Nadun, as a blunt statement to Malagant that he was no longer under his Master's purview. Officially, Malagant was referred to as a "personal advisor" to the Sith governor, but in reality, Cyanoculus surrounded himself with "better" voices of counsel from his planetary government. Things came to a head when Saxtus Fayhan, who had gone renegade to hunt down Malagant and Cyanoculus, was spotted on Reydovan Prime.

Just as he had hoped before, Malagant planned to have Fayhan turned to the dark side and become Sith...but this time to replace Cyanoculus, who had become a liability to Malagant's ambition. But the Lord of Reydovan Prime had plotted the murder of his former Jedi Master for years; indeed, Malagant had promised him the opportunity to do so when he turned to the Empire, and thus he refused to listen to Malagant's pleas. He threatened to "remake" Malagant in his image - through torture and the replacement of much of his body with cybernetics, as Malagant had done to him - and make him grovel as his slave. Cyanoculus managed to escape death by sheer luck when Melena Linavil, now a captain, fired at him with high-explosive rounds; Malagant escaped with Nyssha onboard her ship, the Dragonqueen. Malagant's screams of rage echoed through the Force as he sensed Fayhan's death; Ammenkayn, the daughter of Lord Velenkayn, had hunted the renegade Jedi Master into the Caymarnian Mountains and slain him in retribution for her father's death. Once again, Malagant's plans had been foiled, and Cyanoculus reaped the benefits.

Calming himself when Nyssha came to investigate her lord's distress, Malagant admitted that while he had followed the Gorak'nar sect for his entire life, he felt something was missing...to that end, he requested that Nyssha send a missive to the Tenebrous Gospel, a cult that upheld the Emperor as a dark messiah (and, among some, a living god), and request a meeting. Upon returning to Dromund Kaas, Malagant took a shuttle to Vaiken Spacedock, and from there to the Emperor's Wrath, the Harrower-class dreadnought that served as the Gospel's flagship. There, he spoke via holocom with Darth Lexicanus, explaining his crisis of faith and his desire to believe in the dark side's supremacy again, returning to his "old ways" of condemning slaves and "glorified Dark Jedi" like Cyanoculus as stains on the purity of the Empire, believing that the thing he was missing from his Gorak'nar teaching was a central figure to uphold - the Emperor himself.

Malagant's descent into religious zealotry began to alienate him from many of his former associates and allies, but his focus was not on appeasing those around him; his goal now became proving his superiority over his enemies and crushing them in his grip. To that end, he called upon the dark powers he had gained to control the Narnevran Sithspawn, and unleashed them in two "controlled" areas: The spaceport facility on Jaren, which was located on the trade route from Nikaea, and in the lower levels of Nar Shaddaa, where aliens being brutally slaughtered would not attract the notice of "upworlders".

The War at Home

"It's ironic, isn't it? One of the most powerful Sith I have ever known, and he seeks our downfall."
- Malagant speaks his mind to Lord Tethik Nadun, Cyanoculus' former apprentice, on Verulam's betrayal
Malagant and his HK-51 on the hunt for Verulam and his Revanite allies on the jungle world of Rishi

Malagant's intended plans for the future came to a screeching halt due to the sudden return of Darth Verulam, who confronted Malagant about his decision to join with an Emperor-worshipping cult, proving that the years he had spent in seclusion (fooling everyone, including Malagant, into believing he was dead) had not dulled his mastery of the dark side. Verulam soon began to take control of Malagant's possessions - first by breaking the brainwashing he had used against Merken Netalis, a spiteful Jedi Master and vocal opponent of the Custodum, then by subverting Cyanoculus and turning him into a murderous automaton in order to obtain certain artifacts in the possession of the Imperial State of Reydovan Prime. One such artifact was the Rakata device that Malagant had found on Narnevra; in a ceremony on that world, Verulam took the powers from great distance away from Malagant, which resulted in the Sithspawn beasts that followed him suddenly turning hostile and attacking.

Reports soon began to come in that Verulam and Netalis commanded both Imperial and Republic forces, as well as both Sith and Jedi, in combat against installations along the border, such as the garrison set up by the Imperial State on the ice world of Frosthaven for the purposes of mining the planet's mineral wealth. With the Narnevran Sithspawn under his control, Verulam then forged an alliance with the exiled leaders of the fallen Nikaean Empire, led by the Sergorath Hive Mindlord Hch'tshh, with the intention of retaking the sector from Malagant's control. Even his personal property was not immune; his estate on Dromund Kaas, which he had "inherited" from Verulam upon the latter's staged death, was broken into and every artifact stolen from it.

The losses, and the humiliation and rage he felt as a result of them, had ill effects on Malagant's health, resulting in severe insomnia as he worked tirelessly to salvage his reputation, and what remained of his powerbase, from the relentless onslaught. Reydovan Prime's new governor, Moff Euphrati Velade, realized that Verulam had it in for them; she and now-Lord Tethik, her Sith advisor, set aside their differences with Malagant and joined forces with him against Verulam. It was Malagant who led the IRDF investigation into the massacre on Frosthaven (perpetrated by Master Netalis, leading the task force). Then Malagant heard from his allies in the Tenebrous Gospel that the mysterious cult that rallied both sides was none other than the Order of Revan, a fringe group from the jungles of Dromund Kaas...and it was rumored that it had begun a galaxy-wide insurgency against both the Republic and the Empire, under the leadership of none other than the reborn Revan himself.

The War Becomes Personal

Malagant soon found a link between Verulam and the Revanites; Tethik's new apprentice, the Chiss warrior Thali, had uncovered Verulam's hidden temple on Nar Shaddaa, in the sky palace that had previously been used by Caradell as the staging ground for her investigation into the Sithspawn. Eager for revenge, Tethik brought the information to Malagant, who agreed to accompany the Cathar Sith Lord and his apprentice for the attack against the temple. Upon seeing the statues of Revan on what was supposed to be the landing pad, the three Sith knew that Verulam was indeed in the service of the traitors' order. Verulam fled with Netalis to the Outer Rim world of Rishi, a jungle planet populated largely by pirates and a native species of bipedal avians; Malagant gave chase, sending Tethik and Thali to take the information back to Reydovan Prime. But Verulam soon had a surprise for the younger Sith Lord - in the form of Malagant's own student, Darth Cyanoculus, his mind corrupted by the venerable elder's potent Sith magic.

In an unusual move for him, Malagant elected to exercise patience, allowing Cyanoculus to go on the offensive, while he remained on the defensive. This, he predicted, would drive Cyanoculus into a fury, and leave him open for a killing strike. His prediction proved accurate, though nearly at a cost - Cyanoculus discarded his weapons and attempted to strangle his former Sith Master, using his other hand to incapacitate Malagant's weapon hand. But Malagant had been accompanied by his HK-51 bodyguard, which fired a non-lethal shot - determining that its master would want the killing blow for himself - which distracted Cyanoculus long enough for Malagant to strike, running his former apprentice through his chest. Released from Verulam's sorcery, Cyanoculus revealed that Verulam had fled to the fourth moon of Yavin, the former sanctuary of Naga Sadow; Malagant had uncovered artifacts from the dark-tainted moon in Verulam's Nar Shaddaa temple. Then, with an apology to his successors in the leadership of Reydovan Prime, Cyanoculus died...and Malagant began the hunt anew on Yavin Four.

On the jungle moon, Malagant was able to secure the loyalty of a small tribe of hulking Massassi warriors, who - like they had Exar Kun and Naga Sadow before him - bowed before his powers in the Force. He brought them to his restored estate on Dromund Kaas, as well as to his facilities on Jaren. Once again, he took a wait-and-see approach to the matter of Verulam and his band, waiting for an opportunity...

Revelation and Reformation

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This information is held by the Dark Council and the Valefor.
Malagant on Nathema, the destroyed homeworld of the Sith Emperor

As time went on, the Tenebrous Gospel began to splinter; Darth Magius, the Gospel leader - disillusioned by the absence of the Emperor - had aligned with Darth Malgus' "New Empire" in the attempted coup on Ilum, which ended with Malgus' death. The Emperor's Wrath, the Gospel flagship, had disappeared for a time. During the Revanite conflict, it re-emerged, and sent a signal to the other members of the Gospel. Wary, Malagant travelled onboard the Stormwatch, now flagship of the Reydovan Sector Defense Fleet, and made the rendezvous with the Wrath and the destroyer XoXaan. Lord Eskenah Koonto, the chief Darkspeaker of the Gospel, claimed that the Emperor had revealed the future to her, and that to convince "the flock", they would have to accompany her to the mysterious world of Nathema - the long-dead homeworld of the Sith Emperor, who had been declared slain by the Jedi during the Makeb war.

Malagant travelled to the surface with the "pilgrims", and realized that for the first time since it had awakened in him nearly thirty years earlier, he could not feel the Force (though he had not earlier been able to while imprisoned on Belsavis, he had been in stasis for most of that period as well; here, he was completely conscious and aware). Nathema, as Koonto gleefully stated, had been sacrificed - all life, from the smallest microbe to the greatest beast, consumed - to grant the Emperor immortality. The vision he had supposedly granted her called for the entire galaxy to be consumed thus; indeed, that was the very purpose of his reforming the Empire after the Great Hyperspace War. Malagant was utterly crushed by the revelation that everything he had dedicated himself to was a lie, and felt his spirit become as dead as the world he stood on. The Darkspeaker turned and left them on the surface, taking the shuttles back to the Emperor's Wrath, while she sent her acolytes to kill those who would not join her - Malagant, Lord Lethash, and Lethash's apprentice, Kazimir, who were forced to defend themselves only with their lightsabers.

Unbeknownst to many on the ground, however, Koonto's return to her ship was the signal that the 2nd Marine Battalion, onboard the XoXaan, had been waiting for. Its commander, Major Ralakan Walker, had coordinated with Lord Lethash and Darth Marr of the Dark Council to bring an end to the corrupted Gospel. Communicating with Admiral Durant onboard the Stormwatch, Walker's troops seized the XoXaan and opened fire on the Emperor's Wrath in conjunction with the Stormwatch, just as Marr brought his fleet in to annihilate the highly advanced battleship. Marr's ships retrieved the survivors who had opposed Koonto's acolytes, while Malagant returned to the Stormwatch onboard his own transport, returning to Reydovan Prime.

Shortly afterwards, Darth Marr anointed Lethash as a Darth, and placed him at the head of an "Imperial Reformation" - dedicated to the Empire and the dark side as a unified whole, rather than to an individual. Malagant embraced the Reformation, and after learning of the events that had transpired, Moff Velade aligned the Imperial State of Reydovan Prime with it as well, offering its military resources to their cause.

Decisions in Seclusion

"I have been too lenient towards people like you, Euphrati. Believing that the Empire must change its ways in order to survive. But some things must remain the same for us to remain Sith, for us to remain the Empire. Otherwise, we are just a pale shadow of the accursed Republic and their equally accursed Jedi protectors."
- Malagant to Moff Euphrati Velade, shortly before killing her

The Emperor had not been idle after his unexpected return on Yavin Four, following the defeat of Revan; he had gone to the ancient Sith shrine-world of Ziost, began to possess the populace, and fed on the deaths of those killed in a Republic attack...enough to end up consuming all life on the planet, just as he had on Nathema more than a millennium earlier.

Horrified by this, and fed up with the continued infighting and politicking of his fellow Sith at the "war room" conclave at the Necare estate, Malagant elected to go into seclusion in his estate on Dromund Kaas. For three months, hidden in secret chambers in his house, Malagant meditated on the dark side, receiving visions of events to come. His focus went to two worlds in his meditations: Reydovan Prime, formerly ruled by his dead apprentice Cyanoculus, and Nikaea, which was controlled by his Revanite foe, Darth Verulam.

After three months, Malagant emerged, and called supporters on Reydovan Prime in anticipation for a "change in regime". Commander Varan and Lord Tethik both pledged support to him, as did the Chairman of the Council of Nobles, Baron Androsius Sarnak, a former Imperial Navy captain during the Great Galactic War; with Varan's support came the backing of the Imperial Reydovan Defense Force. During a public petitioners' council in the Palace of the Mountain Shadow, Malagant arrived accompanied by those three men, as well as a dozen Sith in concealing garb. Seeing that the Imperial State still flew the flag of Cyanoculus, he tore it down from the audience chamber, denounced Velade as a traitor, and beheaded her on the spot.

Malagant then sat in the throne that had been vacated by Cyanoculus, with a holo-cam droid transmitting his image to the entire planet, and declared that he was now governor of Reydovan Prime. The Imperial State was thereby dissolved, and Reydovan Prime would be a "typical" member world of the Sith Empire. He ordered the arrest and execution of every single member of the Imperial State Parliament, as well as the removal of all of the symbols of the former regime. To make clear that he meant every member of the Parliament, as soon as his address was finished, he then killed Baron Sarnak.

The Endgame on Nikaea

"As I have eliminated the last vestiges of my past mistakes and now look to the future, so must we all in the days to come. I have no doubt that together, with the Force in our service and our people standing as one, we will prevail."
- Malagant addresses the population after destroying Nikaea

Having assumed power on Reydovan Prime, he instructed Varan to send the troops that the Chiss commander had assembled to the dreadnought Stormwatch, to set out for Nikaea. Along the way, Malagant ordered the glassing of Nikaea's two allied planets, Khyrador and Sergoratha, leaving them as lifeless cinders. Then he attacked Nikaea itself, taking advantage of efforts by the renegade Master Netalis, who had turned on Verulam and sought to bring him down; the Jedi Shadow-Master had sabotaged the Nikaean early warning system, leaving them blind to the attack from Malagant's orbiting fleet.

After destroying all of Nikaea's major cities, Malagant, Varan, Tethik, and their troops landed in Sehlenkkam, the former planetary capital, now left as a ruined shrine to those lost when Malagant was toppled from control of the planet. Verulam had been situated in the Temple of the Eternal Watcher, which was the main shrine and mausoleum to the fallen Emperor Kerazaddon, killed by Malagant himself three years before. Malagant waited until the troops had secured entry before he went in, finding Verulam and Netalis locked in combat. Seeing him, Republic officer Melena Linavil - Netalis' niece - opened up with her assault cannon at Malagant, who was saved by the sacrifice of Lord Tethik, who took the bolts himself; Malagant then Force-pulled the Mirialan soldier to him, impaling her with his lightsaber and tossing her aside. The younger Sith's arrival distracted Netalis long enough for Verulam to strike him down, before turning on Malagant.

Evenly matched in their skill in Form II, Verulam relied on words to goad Malagant into giving him an opening. Verulam revealed that he held the Jedi Knight Katran, the killer of Malagant's younger brother, hostage in the Temple, and had been torturing her for months. All Malagant had to do was give up the "pointless feud" and fight alongside him to fulfill Revan's vision, and she would be his to deal with as he saw fit. Malagant agreed that he would take the blood of his brother's murderer...but on his own terms, and charged into Verulam, who saw him coming. Reaching out with the Force, Verulam lifted him off the ground, and then dropped him from a considerable height, breaking ribs and stunning him. But as Verulam raised his lightsaber to deliver the final death-stroke, a copper-bladed lightsaber - wielded by the mortally-wounded Master Netalis - pierced through the Pureblood's heart, and Verulam fell dead to the ground. After Netalis died, Malagant ordered Varan to take his head, Verulam's, and Linavil's, in anticipation of public display. But he sensed there was one more left to claim...

Wandering into Verulam's makeshift laboratory, Malagant found Katran beaten and blooded, but unbowed before the Revanite Sith Lord's torture. With no resistance left to give, Katran allowed Malagant to do with her as he pleased, knowing that he would elect to kill her - and so he did, by snapping her neck with his bare hands. Then he took her head, combined with the other three, and had them brought back to Reydovan Prime, to be displayed in Palace Square. Then, as he made his way off the surface, Malagant ordered the fleet to bomb the Temple to rubble.

In his first HoloNet address to the Empire since assuming power on Reydovan Prime, Malagant explained the circumstances leading to that event, and also the campaign to destroy Verulam and Netalis' Revanite cell. He admitted that he had made an error in allowing the problem to fester for as long as it had, but remarked that as he had dealt with his past mistakes, he now looked to the future for guidance, and declared that despite the poor turn the war with the Republic had taken, the Empire would prevail in the end.

Rise of the Golden Tide

"We are now at our actual brink - this is far more potent a threat than any we have endured in the recent days. More than the Republic saboteurs, more than Malgus, the Hutts, the Dread Masters, Revan...perhaps more even than our former Emperor."
- Malagant expresses his thoughts to his apprentice, Lazhna Dai'lo

In time, Malagant took a new apprentice, a Togruta warrior named Lazhna Dai'lo, who had impressed him with her dedication to knowledge and the manner through which she had endured the trials on Korriban - even through the fire unleashed by the sneak attack against the Academy. Around the same time, he finally managed to turn Caradell to the dark side, enrolling her in a "special course" on Korriban to try and break her Jedi training. Caradell would eventually forsake her Jedi past and named herself "Insomnius", and Malagant made her a Sith Lord.

Lazhna and Insomnius would enter Malagant's circle at a curious time. Shortly after being taken as Malagant's apprentice, Lazhna experienced visions in the Force of an army of golden-armored warriors, led by a pair of twin brothers, one in black, one in white. They swept across the galaxy like a flood, and it seemed nothing could stop them. This coincided with rumors coming out of Wild Space of raids against outposts, both Republic and Imperial, leaving no survivors or any indication of who was behind them. Malagant brought this information to his fellow Sith at the war room conferences at the Necare estate on Dromund Kaas. Realizing that he would need a deep-cover agent in the event Lazhna's worst-case scenario occurred, Malagant arranged for Varan - deployed as part of the Imperial campaign against the Republic on Balmorra - to fake his own death and become an agent for Sith Intelligence, with the full approval and support of Minister Lana Beniko. Varan agreed, and disappeared shortly thereafter.

The enemy would soon reveal itself: a vast legion calling itself the "Eternal Empire", based on a planet called Zakuul. The golden-armored warriors were known as Knights, and they were Force-sensitives - wielding lightsaber pikes and combat shields. The two brothers leading the incursion were Arcann and Thexan, the sons of Emperor Valkorion; the two led a massive sneak attack against Korriban, another sacking of the Empire's shrine-world and Academy in less than a year, before disappearing back into Wild Space with the rest of their fleet.

Reydovan Prime, located on the border, would suffer as well: A Zakuulan force, under a Knight captain named Hedrath Jadre, split off from Arcann and Thexan's assault fleet and attacked, unleashing the Knights and battalions of white-armored battle droids called "skytroopers". In Montagne Noire, Jadre would face off against Malagant in the Palace of the Mountain Shadow, and nearly defeated him; only the intervention of Malagant's HK-51 saved him, blasting off Jadre's right hand. Enraged and humiliated, Jadre retreated and ordered his ships to fire on Montagne Noire, destroying it utterly. With the aid of Lazhna and some IRDF troopers, Malagant was taken to safety in the Caymarnian Mountains near the temple he had set up there. He was reported to be dead on the HoloNet, killed in the incineration of the capital.

Hearing of the attack on Korriban and elsewhere, and realizing it was a precursor for an invasion, Lazhna recommended that Malagant flee to his fortress on Jaren to ride out the coming storm, and to return when the time was right. Reluctantly, Malagant agreed; impressed with the Togruta warrior's dedication and loyalty, he anointed her a Sith Lord and charged her with leading the resistance, before departing for Jaren. Perhaps realizing what was to come, the remnants of the Reydovan Sector Defense Fleet - those ships not destroyed by Jadre's flotilla - were sent away to run dark and silent, beyond the reach of the Zakuulan forces.

In the Shadow of Arcann

"For over a thousand years, no matter how dire the battle, the Sith have risen from the ashes to fight again! You think that Arcann could do what the Jedi could not? You think that you could do to me, what Jadre could not? I am Sith...I am forever."
- Malagant to renegade Fixer Hirum Jayther, during a confrontation in Breaktown
Malagant during his exile on Zakuul

Things got worse after that; Darth Marr, who had led a joint Republic-Imperial fleet into Wild Space to pursue the invaders, was captured by Prince Arcann and taken, along with an individual called the "Outlander", to Zakuul, where they were brought before Valkorion. Marr was killed shortly after, followed by Valkorion himself, at the hands of this Outlander...and at the moment of his death, Malagant and many other Force-users in the galaxy felt the shift in the Force, realizing that their new enemy was in fact an old one - none other than the former Sith Emperor himself.

Using the Outlander's assassination of his father as justification, Arcann assumed the throne of Zakuul and declared total war upon the Republic and the Empire. The war was merciless and swift; the Eternal Fleet had managed to put a choke hold on all of the major galactic trade routes, and utterly destroyed both the Republic Navy and the Imperial Armada within three months. Within a year, both Coruscant and Dromund Kaas were besieged, and both sides - their resources expended to the breaking point - surrendered, with new treaties of peace forced on them by Arcann.

The swift and bloody victory led to a major shift in policy on Jaren that threatened Malagant's sanctuary; the Traders' Council, the combined executive/legislature that governed the planet, swore fealty to Zakuul willingly following the war. Realizing he would likely be hounded, Malagant collected his most priceless possessions and fled from Jaren. But his destination was both bold and extremely risky...he chose to hide out on Zakuul itself, gambling that he would be able to largely disappear. In that, he was nearly correct; nearly a year after his arrival, he ran into Varan and a former Intelligence fixer named Hirum Jayther, who had been deputized as something akin to bounty hunters by the Zakuulan government. At the same time, he also had an encounter with Insomnius' former Padawan, Ediren Lorath.

Malagant lived for two years in an apartment in the "Old World", the former Zakuulan colony founded by Valkorion centuries before, before establishing his capital in the Spire. He regularly interacted with the "appointed" law of that undercity, the Heralds of Zildrog, dedicated to a godlike dragon of destruction whose rebirth was said to be nigh at the time Arcann had assumed the throne. At first tolerating them with some amusement, Malagant grew increasingly contemptuous of the mad cultists, culminating in an incident in Breaktown where he killed two Heralds who had accosted him while he was on his way home. On returning to his apartment, he was ambushed by three more. Despite their strength in the Force, Malagant's experience allowed him to easily kill all three of his attackers, but he realized that once again, he would have to flee. Setting explosives in his apartment to cover his trail, Malagant escaped out of the Old World and journeyed back into the Endless Swamp, where he had parked his ship when he arrived two years earlier.

Return to the Empire

Despite the less-than-favorable conditions in the swamplands of Zakuul, Malagant would spend another two years operating from his ship, aided by his ever-loyal HK-51, living off whatever he could find in the wilds. On occasion, he returned to the Old World for "better" supplies, careful to conceal his identity; it was during one of those trips that news came in from the capital, stating that the Outlander who had killed Valkorion five years before had resurfaced. In that moment, Malagant knew that he had been gone long enough.

He returned immediately to his ship - having obtained some spare parts to ensure it would get off the ground - and set a course for the Empire. His journey took him, under cover as a Knight commander, to the Star Fortress on Reydovan Prime. Varan had laid the groundwork for an infiltration of the station, and Malagant played the part to the hilt. With Varan accompanying him as an honor guard of sorts, Malagant was able to learn a great deal about the workings of the station, including its solar reactor, the shield generator on the surface that protected it, and the EPHEMERIS AI that controlled it. He also learned that his former foe, Hedrath Jadre, was the Exarch - the senior Knight in charge of the station, acting as military governor of Reydovan Prime, while allowing Insomnius the illusion of command.

With this information, Malagant returned to Dromund Kaas, where he revealed all that he and Varan had been able to discover to the war council that met in the Necare estate. In the period that followed, during which he concealed his return from Darth Insomnius, Malagant was also able to locate the remnants of the Reydovan Sector Defense Fleet, now based on the Terminus-class destroyer Corvidae. Uncovering a hidden cache of atmospheric deprivation projectiles - which could turn any gaseous atmospheres into an inferno, burning the surface and killing all that lived on it - Malagant set a course for Jaren, where he decried the treachery of the Traders' Council that sold him out to Arcann, and then unleashed his destructive payload on the desert planet, incinerating it.

Showdown on the Star Fortress

The Dark Lord and the Exarch meet face to face for the first time in five years
"Now I will finish what I began with your hand, usurper!"
- Malagant faces off with Jadre on the Star Fortress orbiting Reydovan Prime

Inspired by coordinated actions taken by Sith Intelligence and by Darth Thrax's Dark Network, which destroyed a dozen Star Fortresses in several key sectors, Malagant finally decided that enough was enough; he and Varan combined the intel they had gathered into a plan to remove the Star Fortress from orbit over Reydovan Prime. Shortly after the burning of Jaren, Malagant returned to Reydovan Prime and revealed himself to Insomnius in the presence of his agents in her household. Though he could have taken back the planet as was his right, Malagant elected instead to offer an opportunity for Insomnius to prove her worthiness to rule, as well as her dedication to the Empire's cause.

Malagant's plan was three-fold: On the surface, Insomnius would lead IRDF forces to destroy the shield generator in the city of Illuminopolis. In orbit, Varan would board the station ahead of Malagant, and disable the EPHEMERIS datacores, then destroy the central control unit in its droid form. Finally, Malagant would enter the station's core, destroy the solar capacitors to overload the reactor, and kill Exarch Jadre before making his escape. The initial ground phase proceeded as planned; however, just as the shield generator fell, the Star Fortress fired a supercharged plasma beam from its solar reactor into Illuminopolis, destroying the city's central library, the Archivum Imperialis, and killing tens of thousands of people; Insomnius barely escaped with her life. Before more damage could be done, Varan was able to enter the central data center and destroy the EPHEMERIS, opening the path for Malagant to make his attack against the reactor - and the Exarch.

Jadre, who had known that Malagant had survived their encounter in Montagne Noire five years earlier, was waiting on his platform overlooking the solar reactor as it was going into overload, tearing the inside of the station apart. Sparing nothing, the two men charged into one another; both men had gained considerable experience and power since their prior encounter, making them evenly matched. Jadre retaliated by unleashing a powerful blast of plasma energy from the unstable reactor, searing Malagant's armor. But as the Exarch was preparing to make the killing strike, Malagant lashed out with a burst of Force lightning that pulverized Jadre's brain, killing him instantly. Taking his head (and the surviving cybernetics within it) as he had promised to some of his colleagues, Malagant was just able to escape to his waiting ship as the Star Fortress exploded, lighting the night sky over Illuminopolis for several hours.

Insomnius' Revenge, and the Escape

Malagant rebuilt with a suit of cybernetically-enhanced battle armor

Malagant's injuries were particularly horrific; more than seventy percent of his body had suffered burns as a result of the plasma beam searing his armor to his flesh, and the point of impact had caused serious damage to his cardiovascular and respiratory systems. As a result, Darth Insomnius elected - as a "thank you gesture" to the man who had slain Jadre and destroyed his Star Fortress - to consult Malagant's old archives in the Temple of Introspection, and craft cybernetic implants to help sustain Malagant's life, based on the work Taelios had done for Darth Cyanoculus years before; the only difference being that Malagant did not require a near-total body replacement. She also crafted a special suit of armor complete with kolto injectors, just as had been built for Cyanoculus.

But Insomnius also had vengeance on her mind - for all of the insults and injuries she had suffered at Malagant's hands for years. Recognizing that her former "master" was now utterly at her mercy, she added a "special ingredient" to Malagant's reconstruction: A course of IX serum, the brainwashing formula developed by Imperial Intelligence for the Castellan restraints used on rogue agents, just as Malagant himself had used on her years earlier on Nikaea. Afterward, Insomnius - aided by Darth Metheius, Lord Lazhna, and Metheius' apprentice Lord Ammenkayn - subjected Malagant to combat trials over the next two months, finding that while his sorcery had diminished - he could no longer call lightning with impunity, for instance - his Force powers were now devoted to enhancing his physical strength, and he had taken to fighting with two weapons, the path of the Sith marauder. With his rigorous physical training and the mind-control serum making him suseptible to her commands, Insomnius intended to use Malagant as a "secret weapon" to contend with her opponents, be they Zakuul Knights, Jedi Knights, or even fellow Sith. But one man had other ideas - someone else who had also been on Nikaea...

Commander Varan, who had aided Malagant in the attack on the Star Fortress, had teamed with Malagant's HK-51 droid (which had stationed itself inside Insomnius' new sanctuary of Whitesoul Spire in Montagne Noire, which was built in the image of the cityscape of Kaas City) to find out what was being done to the former governor. When the HK revealed that Insomnius had implanted a code-word in Malagant's head, Varan chose to help him escape. He remembered that ex-agent Kiive Elandril had used her knowledge of Imperial Intelligence's brainwashing technique to free the then-Jedi Archivist from Malagant's control...and now he would do the same for Malagant himself.

After escaping from Insomnius, Malagant feels the despair and fear take hold in him as he hides in his former sanctuary

Killing a med-tech in order to get into the medical bay, Varan was able to free Malagant of the conditioning the same way Elandril had freed Caradell, "resetting" his brain to pre-restraint conditioning. But the dead man was soon discovered, causing alarms to ring out. Covering Malagant's escape, Varan battled Insomnius' guard as Malagant fled to a speeder piloted by his HK, which took him to his ship in the spaceport. Hoping to hide out before he finally fled the planet, Malagant flew into the Caymarnian Mountains, using its mineral deposits to hide from scanners. Varan, unable to follow, was captured and executed by Insomnius for his "treason".

As he entered the abandoned Temple of Introspection, the enormity of his situation finally hit Malagant: He had no one to turn to, and no place to feel safe. He felt alone and frightened, feelings that ashamed and angered him. Yet even as despair threatened to destroy him, a hint of his old self arose, and swore that he would not be broken so easily. Thus, Malagant set out for Dromund Kaas, hoping to prepare himself more fully for the coming war, and his changed role in it.

Malagant in his altered battle armor, both lightsabers ignited - one curved hilt, one straight hilt

Malagant had the advanced but unwieldy armor suit Insomnius' technicians had crafted altered to suit his needs, both to allow him better freedom of movement and - particularly with the skull-like helmet - to make him look more imposing as well as inspire fear in the enemy. But he also knew he could not rush into battle, as the cybernetics were untested - as was his ability to use them. His respiratory system was still aided by artificial means (though not entirely dependent on them), and he did not want to push his boundaries too far. Despite his desire to avenge his humiliation, he elected to take the patient approach. Insomnius would be taken to account for this "insult", he vowed - but only after the threat of Arcann and the Eternal Empire had been dealt with once and for all.

The other issue he had was the loss of some of his Force abilities. In order to truly understand his "crippled" powers, Malagant elected to travel to a world where he could be cut off from the Force, just as he had been on Nathema when the Gospel fell, and knew of one other world that fit the bill - Ziost, the world he had seen die from orbit. He remembered how he had travelled to the ancient Sith Citadel there as an apprentice, when he and his Master, Inquisitor Jaeden'laek, had spoken of the ancient Sith of the past that had ruled from this fortress-city. It had been there that Malagant had expressed doubt about the nature of the Emperor, and why he chose not to rule the Empire himself, which Jaeden'laek forbade him to question ever again. Only standing in the building again, now deadened to the Force and drained of all color and sound, brought that old memory back to him.

Malagant had not had a choice but to suffer the void in the Force on Nathema, but he had made the choice to suffer on Ziost. He believed that the pain he felt there would add greater fuel to his Force abilities, and allow him to compensate for what he had lost. While there, he was forced to fight off a monolith - a Sithspawn created by the Emperor's ritual on that world - when he departed the planet.

Alliance with Heermann

Malagant's next destination was Nar Shaddaa, where he attended the weekly gathering held at the Dancer's Palace, one of the floating "pleasure palaces" that operated as an open bar and dance hall for both Republic and Imperial citizens, and everyone in between. It was there that he encountered a prior acquaintance from the old "War Room" days - Under-Moff Nicohlas Heermann, the former Minister of Sith Intelligence, now Chief of Military Intelligence at the War Ministry. Despite finding the man "insufferable", Malagant knew that he would need allies beyond his inner circle. He knew that Heermann had been putting out word for any Sith and Imperial officials to provide military personnel and supplies for the ongoing war against Arcann...and he knew that Insomnius could not provide any. Thus, Malagant decided to kill two nerfs with one blast - to rebuild his ties to the Imperial Military, and to undermine Insomnius' power base on Reydovan Prime.

Using what resources remained from his slaying of Reydovan Prime's Council of Nobles, Malagant purchased his own palace on Nar Shaddaa and named it "Shadowgarde". Once settled in his new residence, he sent a coded signal to Admiral Bardin Krysiak, who had taken command of the Reydovan Sector Defense Fleet following the death of his former commander, Admiral Vardis Durant. As Arcann's grip began to weaken, Malagant decided that now was the time to bring the fleet home - and he decided that it would be best kept under the direction of the Imperial Military. He presented the fleet to Heermann onboard the Under-Moff's flagship, the Ziost Avenger, at Vaiken Spacedock, declaring without condition that he was releasing the fleet from his service and returning them to the mainstream Imperial Navy. This marked the beginning of a strange relationship of "strained geniality" between Malagant and Heermann - but one that would prove to be fruitful, nonetheless...

Waking from the Nightmare

As time went on, an affronted Insomnius elected to break ties with the Empire and take the Reydovan Sector - whose conquest by the Empire had been the laurels Malagant had sat on for more than a decade - into the embrace of the Shadren Hegemony, a breakaway kingdom ruled by two former Sith Lords based on the planet Shadren V. Lord Dorian Numair, the King of the Hegemony, had been a member of the Imperial Reformation (later rebranded "the Valefor") and had taken control of it after the downfall of Darth Lethash. Both Dorian and his Queen, Vedriat Azeara, were versed in the ancient Sith arts of necromancy, a practice long forbidden in the Empire. Darth Metheius, his apprentice Lord Ammenkayn, Lord Lazhna, and General Arik Daltyn fled Reydovan Prime and went before Malagant on Nar Shaddaa, asking for his help in stopping Insomnius' mad scheme.

The Shadren Hegemony saw themselves as "allies of the Empire", but Malagant saw them as traitors - and for Insomnius to take worlds he had conquered into the embrace of a secessionist regime, it was the last straw. In a fury, Malagant unleashed the same atmospheric-deprivation projectiles he had used on Jaren against the border world of Sugilar, killing millions of its inhabitants. Afterwards, he issued an ultimatum: The rest of the sector had one standard month to surrender, or he would destroy the rest of them. With the exception of the Reydovan system itself, the remainder of the sector fell in line.

At his Temple of Introspection, moved in secret to its original location on Yavin 4, Malagant would gain another unlikely ally - the Force-sensitive bounty hunter Larhr Bail and his band. In a curious twist of irony, Bail had previously gone to Insomnius with an offer to kill Malagant, in exchange for preventing any civilian casualties. By that point, Insomnius was prepared to give the entire sector over to King Dorian to have them all transformed into undead slaves, and cared little whether they lived or died; she thus refused. Bail then went to Malagant, and offered him the same terms to kill or capture Insomnius. Amused and intrigued by the hunter's bold honesty, Malagant accepted, giving him until the end of the standard month to complete the mission.

Bail took his crew to Reydovan Prime and took Insomnius alive, delivering her to Malagant as agreed. Though Insomnius had warned Bail that Malagant would not hold up his end of the bargain, Malagant had in fact taken steps to ensure that his part would be upheld. Satisfied, Bail departed, and Malagant took his revenge against Insomnius, torturing her to death with his slowly-returning powers...

Exile to Belkadan

"As I recall, the newly-minted Moff Heermann is a friend of yours. He's recently relocated to Belkadan, where his wife is the new governor. Perhaps that will be your new home as well. You want to continue to cultivate a good relationship with him? Consider this your chance."
- Darth Metheius exiles Malagant to Belkadan

Following the downfall of the Eternal Empire, and the rise of the Outlander as master of the "Eternal Alliance", the Empire began a shift in its military deployment. Heermann was promoted to Moff and granted command of an expanded Imperial Wild Space Command, which necessitated a relocation from Yavin 4 to Belkadan - a swamp world along the Tingel Arm in the Imperial frontier. Heermann's Chiss wife, Elym, was appointed the planetary governor there, and would relocate with him. Malagant wished them well in their new assignment, little suspecting that events in the Empire would result in his following them.

Darth Metheius, who had served in Empress Acina's armada during the battle on Voss and the Eternal Fleet's assault on Dromund Kaas, had been contacted by Lord Lazhna, who complained about Malagant's "wasteful expenditures", particularly in troops and military hardware, for his "pleasure palace" on Yavin 4. The Ministries of War and Logistics also expressed their own concerns. Metheius, who had never been fond of Malagant personally, went before the Empress herself for her permission to enact the ministries' plan to disperse Malagant's power base and put them to work for the Empire, rather than allow this lone Sith Lord - who had been away in exile while Sith like Metheius remained on the home front to help the Empire prepare for the inevitable uprising against Arcann (and later Vaylin) - to live like a king at the expense of the Imperial Military. Acina dispatched Metheius to take Malagant in, and to reassign his troops somewhere suitable; she also appointed him the new governor of the Reydovan Sector.

Believing that Malagant should "cultivate his good relations" with Moff Heermann, Metheius - with the backing of the Minister of War - decided that Malagant and his one thousand garrisoned troops from the 54th Light Reconnaissance Battalion should be reassigned under Moff Heermann's command on Belkadan. His temple was to be abandoned, and his artifacts shipped to Dromund Kaas as property of the Empire. Enraged but powerless, especially after learning of Lazhna's involvement, Malagant had little choice but to obey, and found himself bound for Belkadan aboard his ship, the Shadowlight; on arriving, he mused sarcastically to himself that at least Metheius had allowed him to keep his own vessel.

Iokath: A Chance for Redemption

Malagant arrives at the Imperial base on Iokath
"You are not the only one who has something to prove here, my lord."
- Admiral Krysiak shuts down Malagant's self-pity during the journey to Iokath

Malagant's arrival on Belkadan came at an auspicious moment. Word came of the rumored discovery of a powerful weapon on the machine-world of Iokath, previously discovered by the Alliance during the campaign against Vaylin. The IWSC was to be deployed as part of the Imperial task force; Moff Heermann and his flagship, the Ziost Avenger, would travel to Iokath with the Fourteenth Mobile Fleet - predominantly made up of the former Reydovan Sector Defense Fleet, and commanded by Admiral Krysiak - after being refitted at the Imperial shipyards on Sernpidal. Malagant and the 54th Light Recon travelled from Belkadan to rendezvous with the fleet's flagship, the Stormwatch, to make the journey to Iokath.

Ashamed by the public humiliation he had received from Metheius, and enraged at having all of his decades of work to build his power base in the Empire reduced to ashes, Malagant spent much of the journey in seclusion on the ship's observation deck, not speaking to the admiral or any of the ship's officers, or even Commander Tekan and his men, his former bodyguards. Admiral Krysiak himself decided to check up on his passenger, noting his isolation; when Malagant bluntly asked whether Krysiak had forgotten how to deal with Sith, the admiral boldly replied that he had not forgotten, but he had also not forgotten Malagant's decision to disperse the fleet into deep space, which had resulted in the death of his venerated commander, Admiral Durant. Krysiak and the other officers of the fleet wished they had been able to fight for the Empress during the battle for Voss; the fact that they had hid in deep space instead shamed them, and he reminded his former Sith patron that he, Malagant, was not the only one who had a stigma to overcome.

Malagant was infuriated, but realized that Krysiak was right - and that perhaps they would both prove themselves to the Empire again when they arrived on this strange new world...


"Young, intelligent, and sadistic, Darth Malagant is among a growing number of Sith Lords of recent days that rely on the power of their words as weapons, though he is more than proficient in the art of lightsaber combat and the use of Sith sorcery. Our intel confirms that he was the slayer of Darth Defileris, who is believed to have killed several hundred thousand during his seven-year reign of terror on Reydovan Prime; that Malagant, believed to have only just been anointed a Lord, was able to dispatch him so easily makes him a foe worth watching."
- SIS dossier during the Cold War
Malagant in his Imperial flight suit, prior to the Zakuulan invasion
Malagant and his HK-51 during the events on Nathema

Disapproving of the heavy-handed movements of Darth Defileris, and wishing to reinforce the mistaken assumption of his opponents that his corpulent form made him less agile, Malagant trained early on in Makashi, the second lightsaber form. Though not as effective against multiple opponents, Malagant primarily relies on Makashi in one-on-one duels, whenever the necessity (or, fitting his mindset, the opportunity) arises. Because of his physical limitations, Malagant also relies on Force speed to grant him a burst of faster movement, making him an unpredictable lightsaber duellist. The Force also grants him physical strength in moments of rage, which Malagant often admits allowed him to survive his trials on Korriban.

As his master had done before him, however, Malagant saw physical duelling as a secondary means of combat, preferring instead to use the power of the Force in a protracted battle. To that end, he trained extensively in the dark sorcery of the Sith, particularly in the use of Force lightning - anywhere from short bursts to chains that strike multiple opponents, to Force storms. His sojourn on the dark world of Narnevra also granted him greater powers of corruption, akin to those used by the mythic Dread Masters. However, following his "reconstruction", his sorcerous powers have diminished, and he has devoted his body further into the development of combat skills.

In addition to - or perhaps because of - his attunement to the Force, Malagant is also a pilot of moderate ability; in space combat, he prefers the slower, harder-hitting gunboats to the faster fightercraft of the Imperial military service. After the destruction of his transport ship, the Vengeful Spirit, Malagant took to flying a GSS-3 Mangler gunship, the Sword of Malagant; he has also taken up another Fury of his own, the Shadowlight.

Malagant has regularly been accompanied by HK-51 assassin droids recovered from the wreckage on Belsavis - one of his own, which accompanied him to Nathema and into exile on Zakuul, and ones that had belonged to the Chiss brothers Varan and Veerak, kept in reserve.