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Dassalya Nasadee

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Dassalya Nasadee
Biographical information





38 (Post-Skip)


1.7 m (5'7")


68 kg (150 lbs)

Hair color


Eye color


Skin color




Census information
Spoken languages
  • Galactic Basic
  • Mirialan
  • Some Durese
Understood languages
  • Some Huttese
Notable relations
Jedi Training

Jedi Knight


Jedi Healer

Known Lightsaber Forms
  • IV-Ataru
  • VI-Niman
Jedi Master

Leema Nadriss (deceased)

Jedi Padawans
Meta information
In-Game Name


In-Game Faction


Dassalya Anhzin Nasadee is a Knight and Healer of the Jedi Order and a member of the Jedi Custodum enclave. Brought into the Order at a late age, Dassalya sometimes struggles more than other Knights with her chosen path, but, ultimately, is a loyal and dedicated member of the Order.



Born in 3668 BBY (-15 ATC), Dassalya Nasadee is the eldest child of Imikut Felsa and Lerran Nasadee. She originally had four siblings: Harran, Jarulee, Tamminick, and Yulyso, but Yulyso died at age two when the transport on which the family travelled was attacked by pirates.

Dassalya has an extensive family beyond her immediate relations with several notable members. Her paternal family, Nasadee, is part of an ethnic minority on Mirial that eschews technology and modern living in order to attain greater spiritual purity. Whether or not this occurs is subjective, but there is a slightly higher percentage of Force sensitives born into this group. Dassalya’s father, Lerran, is the grandnephew of his tribe’s last great chieftain, Anzhin (after whom Dassalya is named), who is said to have been a wise and powerful Force sensitive of the ancient Mirialan Force tradition. Lerran himself is a capable architect and engineer.

Dassalya’s maternal relations, Felsa, are a well respected family from Siel, Mirial’s capital. Imikut is the youngest in a long line of doctors stretching back to the time of Revan—Felsa Hospital in Siel is a reputable hospital named for Dassalya’s great-great-grandfather. Imikut’s elder cousin is the current medical scion of the Felsa family.

In addition, the Nasadee-Felsa family has produced a handful of Jedi and other Force sensitives in the past few generations. Dassalya’s maternal aunt, Laika Felsa, was a Jedi, as was her first cousin, Mystenin Felsa, before she broke from the Order. Both Jarulee and Tamminick, Dassalya’s siblings, tested positive for Force sensitivity, but both declined training and were of a connection limited enough to discourage Jedi intervention. Jarulee is currently undertaking the difficult decision of whether or not to allow her youngest child to be inducted into the Order.