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Derrad Reymark

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Derrad Reymark
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34 (39 post time skip)





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Tatooine & Coruscant

Spoken languages

Basic, Huttese, Bocce

Understood languages

Basic, Huttese, Bocce, Binary (Droid)

Notable relations

Niarra Reymark (half-sister)

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Derrad Reymark: Derrad has been many things in his life, but no matter the occupation or pursuit - test pilot, shipyard construction, smuggler, hyperlane scout, combat pilot - the one constant has always been starships, and his place at their piloting controls. Derrad is a good-natured charmer, who sometimes appears somewhat unaware of the full force of his own charm. He's as likely to get his own heart broken as he is to break hearts, a prospect made even more likely by his tendency to give first (and generously) and ask later (if ever). His experiences in the galactic underworld as a smuggler have stripped him of his naivete and saved him from becoming a cheerful sucker, but in part because of the darkness he's seen Derrad remains determined to go through life with a light touch on the controls and to leave things better than he found them whenever he can.


Like many who appear to be "pure" Human in their ancestry, Derrad's bloodlines nonetheless do have some near-Human mixed in. His father is believed to have had some Mirialan ancestors as recently as two generations back, and a story handed down through his mother's side of the family hints at an illicit love affair with a Zeltron that caused scandal in his great-grandmother's time. This does not show in Derrad's appearance, which otherwise appears to be quite un-exotically baseline Human. Blessed with the sort of hyper-active metabolism that allows him to stay fit while paying minimal attention to healthy activities, Derrad appears to subsist mostly on indulgent food, juma, and the adrenaline rush of starfighter piloting. The slightly ashen tinge to his dark hair may be hiding the first signs of gray, but in all physical respects he appears to be a man in his prime. A strong natural charisma manages to take his good-looks from a modest 'handsome enough' into the realm of dashing & charming, at least in the eyes of those already predisposed to respond to Human male charm. Derrad has taken to sporting a full but well-trimmed beard in the last few years, hoping (perhaps in vain) that it lends him an air of respectability.


Family History and Childhood

Derrad's father, Jorran Reymark, was Alderaanian by birth, but a man of great wanderlust who considered no particular planet his home. A part-time hyperlane scout who funded his expeditions primarily through itinerant starship repair services, Jorran Reymark fell madly in love in his early impressionable twenties, with a Mirialan woman by the name of Trinnal Rindaa. Trinnal was a Jedi Padawan who, swept up in their love affair, absconded from the Jedi Order to elope and marry Jorran. Young though he was, Jorran had been raised by parents who placed paramount importance on family loyalty, and so with a young wife now in his life he did not hesitate to turn from his nomadic ways in an effort to carve out a better life for the two of them. For almost two years they managed to eke out a difficult but happy living on a Brentaal colony world. Or happy, at least, as far as Jorran was concerned. Being young, a bit naive, and blinded by love, he failed to see his young wife drifting away from him and succumbing to regret. When she finally confessed to him that she felt she had made a mistake in leaving the Order, and that she intended to dissolve their marriage and return to her life as a Jedi, Jorran was devastated. His pleas went unanswered, and when she left she was careful to insure he did not know where she had gone.

For nearly a year, Jorran tried to visit every Jedi establishment he could locate, asking after her. He was gently, politely, but firmly turned away each time, told in no uncertain terms that Trinnal would be told of his visit and given his contact information, but that it was her decision, and hers alone, as to whether or not she wished to reach out to him. In all that year, she never did. Jorran succumbed to a deep depression, barely scratching out a living, a starship always short on fuel his only residence, until, half a year after he had given up trying to reach her, Trinnal sent him a written comm with the data to print out a single colored flimsi-image of herself cradling an infant girl: his daughter, named Niarra Reymark in her father's honor. Trinnal told him that the child was strongly Force-sensitive and had already been given over to the Jedi Order to raise. She begged him to believe that it was the right choice, and bid him a final farewell, with love.

Heart broken all over again, and totally smitten by the idea of his child, for a brief and desperate time Jorran considered pursuing legal action to gain access to his daughter. But soon he came to accept, with grief, that this action would cause more harm than good. He did not wish pain on Trinnal, and if his daughter was truly Force-sensitive then perhaps the Order was the best place for her. He told himself that this was the wise, mature course, and so steeled himself to get on with his life. But while he did manage to get himself back on track toward stability, the ache of his family's absence and the dreams he concocted about his lost child never left him - even after he met another woman some years later, and married her.

Unfortunately, his relationship with his second wife, a Human woman named Qalya Greeve, would also end tragically some ten years later. Qalya came from a wealthy and storied family on Anaxes, with two brothers and an uncle serving at the renowned Naval Academy there. Jorran settled with her on that planet, and for a decade they were happy raising their only child: a son, Derrad.

Qalya's family never truly approved of Jorran, considering him a drifter with no prospects, and they treated him with an indifference just shy of animosity, showing little interest in the lives of Jorran or Derrad - a child from an inadvisable marriage whom they would never truly accept into the Greeve family. But Qalya was a loving mother to her child nevertheless, choosing to accept that her family life would always be divided. And though Derrad did not have a close relationship with his maternal relations, he was very aware of their proximity and how closely they were affiliated with the Navy. This certainly contributed to Derrad's most powerful impression of his early life (and the focus of his whole life thereafter): starships. Everything always seemed to be about starships, either flying overhead in Naval Academy drills, or being repaired in his father's modest shop. And it was a starship accident which ended up killing his mother, shortly after his tenth birthday, as a result of one of the first sneak attacks (of many) the Sith Empire would make against the Anaxes Naval Academy during the War.

After Qalya's death, Jorran remained on Anaxes for two years, working to keep his starship repair shop open. But fresh grief threw him back into his old depression, and soon he had run his business into the ground. Derrad did a lot of growing up in these two years, forced to fend for himself in many areas in which his mother would once have guided him, as his father struggled to stay emotionally afloat. It was during these two years that Jorran began to speak to his son often about his lost sister. In Derrad's young imagination, the idea of a lost sister - a missing piece to their small and badly broken family - became almost as sacred a concept as it obviously was to his father. But as he entered adolescence, and he and his father were forced, for financial reasons, to abandon their home on Anaxes in favor of a more nomadic life, Derrad drifted away from the romanticism of this idea. He began to recognize that in many ways his father would never move on from the past, and to see how unhealthy this was. He matured quickly into the idea that he needed to be the emotionally stable one, for his father's sake, and so never mocked him for his fantasies, but with a tenaciously cheerful outlook and a giving spirit did his best to keep Jorran grounded in reality.

Shipyards and Stardrives

Terminal Dataport.png Reserved Information (?) [Source]
The externally verifiable highlight events of the following are held by the Republic Strategic Information Service as part of a personal history profile on Derrad Reymark

When Derrad was sixteen, Jorran finally stumbled his way into a stable job at the Kuat shipyards, at a time when the War was at its fiercest and every skilled laborer was needed. Youth was no obstacle to their hiring need, and so Derrad began his first job here alongside his father, on the construction lines. The monotony of this work chafed at him, when all he really wanted to be doing was flying the ships he was helping to build. He had been piloting his father's freighter for years, and the age restriction placed on his ability to become a licensed pilot drove him to lie about his age whenever he could get away with it, hoping to get work of any sort behind a ship's controls. During this time he began to recognize the power of his own charisma, and the rewards one could reap with a few fibs and favors. He managed to worm his way into a job as a ferry pilot, moving finished ships from the construction docks to the retail bays or directly to the hangars of the waiting carriers. This afforded him a great deal of experience in flying ships of many types: snub fighters, drop ships, military transports, and freighters of all makes. His great natural ability at piloting did not go unnoticed, but unfortunately it also led to the end of his job when the attention he was garnering resulted in discovery about his age. His employment was terminated a mere two months before he would legally have come of age.

However, the connections he'd made while working as a ferry pilot led him directly into his next job opportunity. An executive with Blueshift Propulsion who had been impressed by his piloting skill told Derrad that if he could show up at Blueshift's doors with an official pilot's license he'd be hired. Five months later, after speeding through an accelerated course of the kind being pumped out all over the galaxy in the urgency of war time (a course which cost he and his father all of their meager savings), Derrad presented himself at Blueshift Propulsion's headquarters on the planet Andros with license in hand. Fortunately for his (and his father's) livelihood, the executive remembered Derrad and his promise, and gave the young man a job. In less than two years, at the ripe and reckless age of twenty, Derrad had been promoted to the extremely dangerous job of test pilot, flying test missions on some of the most cutting edge and experimental starships being produced, during the dark and desperate end days of the War.

As a test pilot Derrad never saw combat in the war, but he walked away from more than his fair share of accidents, remaining in one piece thanks to the top-of-the-line medical attention provided by Blueshift Propulsion to their star pilot. Totally wrapped up in the exhilaration of his dangerous job, Derrad was too young and excited to heed that, despite the medical care and housing with which he was being provided, he wasn't actually being paid much at all. Everything he made he sent to his father, who was living modestly nearby on Andros. But demand for cutting edge advancements in starship technology dropped dramatically after the Treaty of Coruscant and the commencement of the cold war, and Derrad soon found his cushy test pilot job at Blueshift losing some of its luster.

Although his piloting duties now more often resembled his ferrying work of old, he remained with Blueshift Propulsion primarily to support his father - until a massive corruption scandal broke out and brought low most of Blueshift's executive leadership. When it came to light that the company had, among other criminal activities, been selling some of its engine designs and prototypes to the Sith Empire during the war, Derrad quit his job, disgusted and guilt-ridden to think that he had been test flying ships to be sold to the Empire that had killed his mother.

Unfortunately, he left with little financial savings to show for it, and so convinced his father to relaunch a career as a hyperlane scout as a father & son partnership. Jorran agreed, and with Derrad's skill and daring at the piloting controls they were able to risk and chart a handful of lucrative lanes. Derrad's share of their profits allowed him to buy his own freighter, a XS series that he and his father spent the next year customizing as a labor of love.

But before all of their planned upgrades to the Redshift Dancer could be completed, Jorran Reymark finally succumbed to the ravages of an illness he had managed to keep hidden from his son until it was too late. In his final days, as he deteriorated, Jorran's mind wandered often in fantasies over his lost daughter. In his lucid moments he tried, as he had always done, to impress upon Derrad the vital importance of family. He said he had never regretted anything more than letting Trinnal and his daughter go, and made Derrad promise that he would make every effort to succeed where his father had failed: to find his sister, and mend their broken family.

While Derrad did not forget his promise, searching for a mystery sister was hardly high on his priorities in the aftermath of his father's death. Grief made all prospects seem bleak, and the economic stagnation gripping too many planets during the cold war between Empire and Republic only made matters worse. It wasn't long before the only job prospects being thrown Derrad's way were of the shady variety, and seeing little recourse Derrad decided to try his luck at a smuggler's life.

A Smuggler's Life

Derrad turned out to be well-equipped for a smuggler's life, somewhat to his own embarrassment and private misgivings. His natural charm set his customers at ease and engendered trust, and as he had been working diligently for his livelihood since a very young age he knew very well how to keep his mind and efforts engaged in the accomplishment of a task, never shying from the less glamorous aspects of a job - a work ethic that meant he tended to complete the jobs for which he was contracted with a degree of efficiency and honesty that set him apart from a lot of other smugglers. The reputation he carved out for himself in this respect, coupled with his refusal to deal in spice or slaves, meant that while he never made any big scores with the major criminal syndicates he did find his name being passed around for jobs on lots of colony worlds where fledgling governments, companies, or medical institutions were desperate to bypass bureaucratic restrictions or get around budget limitations by finding alternate means of acquiring materiel.

While he would take less scrupulous jobs if finances were dire, Derrad always made an effort to take jobs about which he could feel, if not proud, at least minimally morally troubled, and he often took inordinate risks or charged next to nothing for a job if he felt it was for a good cause - such as smuggling medical supplies to local hospitals on worlds under economic sanctions or in the grip of authoritarian regimes, or smuggling supplies to worlds handed over to the Empire under the Treaty of Coruscant where he knew the locals would be causing trouble for their Imperial overseers. For while he grew to feel very comfortable with the lawlessness of the Outer Rim, and in these spaces even came to know and befriend individuals with Imperial affiliations, he never forgot what the Empire had done on Anaxes and other worlds. As a man on the outside edges of what society considered 'acceptable' Derrad learned that people needed to be judged as individuals and not solely by their affiliations, but he never lost sight of the fact that a person's chosen affiliations said a lot about them, and he felt no qualms in taking an active stance against the Sith Empire and what it represented.

It was therefore rather ironic that it was only a tip off from what he would later come to know was an Imperial source that would result in his being able to leave a smuggler's life behind altogether.

Piloting and Privateering

Terminal Dataport.png Reserved Information (?) [Source]
This information is held by the Republic Navy and the Republic Strategic Information Service

Derrad came to the attention of the Empire not for his smuggling activities, but for the more dangerous jobs he also sometimes took in those years: working as a contracted pilot for the Republic in occasional Senate-sanctioned paramilitary efforts against pirates or in military conflicts on Republic-aligned worlds. His rare skill as a pilot brought him quickly to the attention of the Republic Navy, representatives of which frequently encouraged him to enlist, even trying to tempt him with promises of a commission. But while he knew his loyalties (such as they were) lay with the Republic if they lay anywhere, Derrad also knew he wasn't suited to the discipline and restrictions of a military life; he had lived his whole life as a nomad, fringer, or risk-taker, and was too shaped by those habits to submit to any chain of command other than his own conscience and choices. After his third refusal to enlist, he was approached by a representative of a movement in the Senate who were, at that point of the Cold War, pushing for the reinstatement of sanctioned privateering - ostensibly against piracy on the edges of Republic space, but also practically, and not very secretly, in the anticipation that privateers could and probably would be used against Imperial forces in what was being increasingly seen as a slide back toward open war.

In a moment of impulse - spurred in part by one too many jumas and a glimpsed holo-net news story in which one of his long-estranged Greeve cousins was delivering the commencement speech for a batch of cadets leaving the Anaxes Naval Academy - Derrad commed his shadowy Senate contact and agreed to accept the letter of marque on offer. Though now officially a privateer for the Republic, it was some time before he engaged in any sort of activity that might necessitate his leaning on that letter of marque. Over the years he'd acquired very little in the way of crew, with most of his partnerships being temporary, and so he wasn't often in a position to openly engage with pirates as a solo effort, and much less with Imperial forces. But when he chanced into a few meetings on Nar Shaddaa with some other Republic privateers, an alliance of sorts was formed; with a small "fleet" of ships to work with, they could support each other in coordinated strikes, and it was as part of this effort that Derrad lent his support as a starfigther pilot, often deployed as the only snub fighter on their missions, harrying the enemy in his battered Skybolt while his allies handled boarding actions.

Unbeknownst to them at the time, it turned out that their greatest victory against a notorious pirate cabal was in fact the destruction of a cover organization for Imperial Intelligence, consequently dismantling years of Imperial work and resulting in the incarceration of several Imperial agents in Republic prisons as "pirates."

Terminal Dataport.png Reserved Information (?) [Source]
This information is held by Imperial Intelligence.

The Empire set out to investigate the identities of the privateers who had managed to disrupt their plans. As part of this investigation, a female Chiss Imperial Cipher Agent made contact with Derrad under an assumed identity. Through a few carefully orchestrated "chance" encounters, she managed to create the semblance of a casual friendship between them, all the while building a profile on him. Through a series of events that would happen a year later, Derrad was able to learn that this Cipher Agent, for reasons of her own, had reported him to Intelligence as a "low threat" target, which effectively buried his profile in the low priority archives of Intelligence. Other members of his privateering alliance, who had been investigated by other Agents, were not so lucky, and learning about their deaths at Imperial hands convinced Derrad that a return to "safe" smuggling activities for a time would be wise - as well as cementing further in his mind the idea that opposition to the Sith Empire, when possible, was the right course of action.

About a month after Derrad turned all of his focus back to looking for smuggling work, he received a mysterious holo-message. Although he was never able to trace the message back to its sender, the fact that it contained information from a four-decades old Imperial Reclamation Service report certainly afforded him a few guesses when looking back on the event later. The holo-message contained a star chart to a wild and dangerous asteroid belt in a remote Outer Rim system, and embedded files indicated that Reclamation scholars felt certain the riches of a long-lost civilization were waiting to be found there.

The Big Score

Derrad has been as secretive - and varied in the detail he does tell - about the specifics of what he discovered in pursuing the mystery of the anonymous holo-message as he has been about about his reasons for being secretive. He has said that he's trying to protect the location from less scrupulous scavengers, or that he's trying to protect others from what turned out to be an extremely dangerous area of space, or that he's trying to protect the source who provided him the lead. Whatever the truest reason might be, to those closest to him he has admitted that what he found in that remote and forgotten Outer Rim system were the remnants of ruined starships and outposts belonging to an ancient and apparently unknown civilization, either floating as wreckage amongst the asteroids or crashed on their surfaces.

He says that recovering what he was able to salvage involved the riskiest and most taxing flying he's ever done, as the area is wracked by spatial anomalies and irregular asteroid orbits caused by the remains of primitive gravitational field devices - ancient and apparently forgotten precursors to modern interdiction technologies - broken off from the ruined ships and outposts, but still functioning (albeit erratically). It took him four months of perilous work and multiple trips to conclude his exploratory venture there.

Derrad took the artifacts and devices he discovered and, under the constraints of many confidentiality agreements, secretly sold them and information about their discovery to the University of Alderaan. If the University has yet published or unveiled any of their research they have certainly not credited Derrad Reymark in any way, nor, according to the terms of the sale, are they ever likely to.

In a great stroke of fortune, just as Derrad was bringing in his profits from this venture he coincidentally came back into contact with an old smuggling acquaintance who had ties to Republic Sienar Systems. The acquaintance informed Derrad of an opportunity to invest in an exclusive and secretive development project Sienar was undertaking in the pursuit of new tractor beam technologies. Derrad decided to take the gamble, investing almost all of his profits into the project - and it paid off beyond his wildest dreams. When the new beam products hit the market the following year they were an instant and runaway success, and Derrad Reymark suddenly found himself an exceedingly wealthy man.

Derrad soon realized he was set for life with credits to spare, and with the help of a few carefully screened and trusted financial advisors he would be able to keep even more income flowing steadily. Gone were the needs for smuggling, privateering, starship repair or scouting - he was free, now, to truly follow his heart and whim. The only question now seemed to be... what did he want?

The War, The Defector and The Sister

When the cold war broke into open war once again, Derrad took the new and varied starships his wealth had now allowed him to acquire, and volunteered again to fly combat tours under Republic contract. During one of these tours he had a brief meeting with a Jedi Master by the name of Elaeis Gom-Botha, one of the Order's premiere starfighter pilots. Though his exchange with this Jedi Master was brief, Derrad walked away from it with two things: the Jedi Master's contact information, and a jolt to his conscience and emotions around the idea of his long-lost sister whom his father had made him swear to find, and who, presumably, was a member of the Jedi Order somewhere out there in the galaxy.

With his life now totally his to command, and with the financial resources at his disposal to embark on a true search for his sister should he choose to, memories of his father's pleas began to prey on Derrad's mind. But, he told himself, the galaxy was once again at war - wouldn't this be the worst and most selfish of times to turn his attention from what he could be doing to contribute to the war effort, or to distract a Jedi from the work they were doing in a galaxy that badly needed them? And so, for some time, he waited.

Terminal Dataport.png Reserved Information (?) [Source]
This information is held by the Republic Strategic Information Service and in the classified records of the Jedi High Council

Approximately six months prior to the destruction of Ziost, Derrad was unexpectedly approached by the same female Chiss with whom he had once formed a brief friendship at the end of his privateering days. But this time she revealed herself to him as an Imperial Cipher Agent, and informed him of her intention to defect to the Republic. Her assessment of him during their previous encounter had convinced her he would be likely to assist, and further - perhaps more critically - her research had revealed his chance encounter with Jedi Master Elaeis Gom-Botha. She believed this particular Jedi would be an ideal Republic contact with whom she could negotiate the terms of her defection, and she asked Derrad to set up the meeting. With that, destiny seemed clear to him: he would reach out to this Jedi, and in exchange for setting up the meeting with a potentially invaluable defector he would ask that Gom-Botha locate his sister within the ranks of the Jedi Order and arrange for their family to be reunited.

Derrad met with Elaeis Gom-Botha on Alderaan, and from that meeting many others were born. Derrad knows that the Cipher Agent did meet with Gom-Botha, and as far as he knows she was able to carry out her plans to defect (he does not know the details, and believes it's probably safer that way). His increasing interaction with Master Gom-Botha would also lead to Derrad's first meeting with Captain Dybzz Horder, a shrewd and anti-social scavenger who would end up having much more of an impact on Derrad's life than Derrad might sometimes wish, although they maintain an unusual friendship based primarily around their piloting experiences. But most critically, Elaeis Gom-Botha did keep his word and provided the means for Derrad to connect with his half-sister, Jedi Master Niarra Reymark.

In the time since, Derrad and Niarra have slowly begun to build a relationship - getting to know one another, and working out what their familial ties mean to them. For Derrad, this has meant mostly coming to accept the boundaries that Niarra's Jedi training puts between them while still appreciating what they are able to share. Derrad accepts that - as with his father before him - his attachment to his sister is likely much greater than hers to him, but he is able to be much more pragmatic than his father ever was about accepting what is, and counting his blessings.

Some years down the road from their reunion, Derrad and Niarra enjoy what is indubitably a strong friendship, and while Derrad is more quick to cite their familial link (and has gone to some lengths to create a home-away-from-home for Niarra at his homestead on Tatooine), Niarra has grown comfortable enough to name Derrad her brother even among other Jedi. Events have certainly played out in such a way that their role in each others' lives - unique and complicated though it might sometimes be - is vital and significant.

Freelance Emergency Response Wing Cresh... ferk?

Terminal Dataport.png Reserved Information (?) [Source]
This information is held by Republic Navy Command.

With his fortune made, and with the renewed outbreak of war between the Republic and the Empire raging, Derrad began to feel compelled to contribute in the fight against the Empire in some meaningful way, a feeling made stronger by his increasing exposure to the work and duties of the Jedi Order through his reunion with his sister. It seemed obvious that the best contribution he could make to the war effort would be, as always, behind the controls of a starfighter. But still convinced that he would be a poor fit for the Navy, he decided to leverage his significant fortune to contribute in a more independent manner.

With positive references from two Jedi Masters (Niarra and Elaeis Gom-Botha, who was already respected as a starfighter pilot in Navy circles), and with his own history of flying previously for the Republic, Derrad was able to get Navy sanction to operate a freelance starfighter squadron, under contract to fight for the Republic. Undoubtedly what made his proposition an easy sell was that Derrad agreed to fully fund the squadron himself, and to recruit and pay his own pilots; all the Republic had to do was permit the squadron to fly for them, and to integrate the squadron with Republic naval operations when both sides agreed the fit was good.

The Navy's designation for this squadron was: Freelance Emergency Response Wing Cresh. Derrad, in his usual good-humored flippancy, deemed this too much of a mouthful. He was quick to liken the phonetics of the acronym (FERWC) to his favorite food from his heydays as a young and carefree test pilot on Andros: ferk, an Androsian grazer species whose meat was traditionally used in a decadent sandwich known as ferk rolls. And so, within their own bubble, Derrad typically refers to the pilots of his wing as Ferk Rollers. He frequently tests pilot candidates' reaction to this irreverent moniker for their squadron as a screening tool when bringing on a new pilot; he believes in fostering strong personal ties between his pilots and wants to know that they can laugh together.

Derrad flew as the wing commander on nearly every sortie the squadron ever undertook, and he formed close bonds with every pilot that flew as part of the squadron. He was always willing to train a rookie pilot up if they showed promise, and as an unusually skilled pilot himself he was good at picking candidates for potential - and equally good at recruiting pitches to experienced aces. It was not long before the FERWC had developed a reputation within the Republic Navy as a crack squadron, and after they were pivotal in several key naval victories against the Empire they soon gained notoriety with the enemy as well.

After Zakuul

During the years of the Eternal Empire's invasion, the FERWC flew many missions for the Republic, and lost most of their pilots in combat. As the Republic Navy grew more cautious, and more frayed under Saresh's insistence on fighting a war on two fronts, Derrad began to put what remained of his wing almost exclusively at the immediate disposal of the Jedi Order instead. When even the Order was forced, by depletion of their own numbers, to abandon all overt offensives, Derrad stood down FERWC for nearly a year.

In that time, Derrad acted quietly to shore up and protect those closest to him, offering sanctuary at his holdings on both Tatooine and Coruscant to the friends and allies he could reach. He put himself almost entirely at the disposal of his sister Niarra, putting his experience as a pilot and smuggler to use in clandestinely assisting her in under-the-radar efforts to preserve and rebuild the shattered Order. As they began to hear more and more rumors of organized resistance cells rising up against Zakuul, they agreed it might be time for Derrad to begin rebuilding his squadron; a small, elite, independently funded and fast response starfighter force sounded like exactly what beleaguered resistance groups would need.

But Derrad soon found that the few surviving members of the old FERWC squadron were difficult to locate. Only Dybzz Horder remained easily within contact, and two pilots were not enough to make a viable squadron. This did not, however, stop Derrad from flying against Zakuul altogether. He kept his ear to the ground and when possible partnered with resistance cells, throwing all of his considerable skill as a pilot and tricked-out starfighters behind their causes, and frequently supplying them with gifts of ships and other supplies pilots would need.

But while he aided in the fight against Zakuul where he could, those efforts were never his primary focus. As the years wore on, he began to turn his full attention to assisting Niarra in her efforts to shelter and rebuild the Jedi, and as such he can almost always be prevailed upon for his assistance as a pilot in Jedi-led efforts.

Personality Profile



  • Starship Pilot - Derrad has always had an affinity for starships, and has been flying ships of all kind since childhood. Most would call him naturally gifted as a pilot, and whatever innate skill he may have has been honed by a lifetime of practice. Ceaseless practice, in this case, has never been a problem for Derrad, as flying is his greatest passion. He prides himself on being able to fly any ship, of any size or type, but undoubtedly the ship type in which he most shines are single-man starfighters.
  • Sharpshooter - Although he'd been flying since childhood, Derrad didn't pick up his first blaster until his early twenties, when he was convinced to take up marksmanship as a hobby by his co-workers at Blueshift Propulsion. He soon found that the hand-eye coordination refined in perfecting his piloting skills also served him well on the shooting range. When he embarked on his career as a smuggler Derrad quickly learned that expertise with a blaster was going to prove critical to his survival, and so he dedicated himself to training in a dual-wielding style that suited his fight-by-the-seat-of-your-pants approach to firefights. His expertise with blasters is mostly limited to pistols, however, and he does not feel comfortable with other sorts of weaponry or with hand-to-hand combat. If smooth talking won't get him out of a tough spot, and a pair of quick-draw blaster pistols aren't available, Derrad will almost always opt for a "strategic retreat," usually with considerable alacrity.
  • Mechanics - Derrad has an intermediate level of skill in mechanics, particularly around starships. He first picked up this skill when working in the Kuat shipyards as a teenager, and kept his hand in via the maintenance of his own ships during his many follow-up careers. He is certainly no mechanical savant, and will almost always defer to the expertise of a dedicated mechanic, but he does derive satisfaction and enjoyment from performing the maintenance on his own ships whenever he can.
  • Astrogation - Although his career as a hyperlane scout was relatively brief, Derrad picked up many tricks of the trade from his father. These came in particularly handy during his smuggling days, when being able to chart a new route could be the guarantee to get his cargo delivered as promised. He can reliably calculate safe jumps very quickly, and given the time to calculate a trickier astrogation course can plot extremely creative and efficient routes.


  • w/ Niarra Reymark - A female Mirialan, a few years older than Derrad. Niarra is Derrad's half-sister, the daughter of his father's first wife. ...
  • w/ Elaeis Gom-Botha - A Human male, and Jedi Master. ...
  • w/ Dybzz Horder - A Human male, pilot and scavenger. ...