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Dorian Numair

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Dorian Numair
Biographical information









190 lbs

Hair color


Eye color




Census information
  • King
  • Sith Lord
  • Ordova
  • Shadren Hegemony

Shadren V

Spoken languages
  • Galactic Basic
  • Sith
Understood languages
  • Droid (Astromech)
  • Killik
  • Galactic Basic
  • Sith
Notable relations
  • Wife: Queen Vedriat
  • Master: Darth Lethash
Meta information
In-Game Name


In-Game Faction

Sith Empire

Dorian Numair is the monarch of the Shadren Hegemony and a former Sith Lord. He along side his wife Queen Vedriat rule the majority of the Belsmuth Sector and a slice of the Demetras Sector.


Dorian is often seen wearing clothing that is dyed black, white or a combination of these colors. No matter what he seems to wear, he appears to wear a mask that covers some part of his face.

Three scars run down left side of his face from brow to chin. The king also has what appears to be a Sith tattoo around his eyes and forehead. On the back left shoulder he has another tattoo of a scorpion done in the same style as the Sith tattoo upon his face.


Early life

Dorian came from a country known as Ordova. As the crown prince of his nation, he was groomed to take the throne one day from his father. Like all from his country he had served in his nation's military. He earned the rank of Commander in his nations Air Corp. As war was threatening to break out between his nation and several others that shared the borders of Ordova, Dorian volunteered to lead an effort to colonize another planet in his home system. He and his father figured that since the threats of war were due to border disputes, taking some of their people to another world could help bring about peace. Dorian was put in charge of the five thousand men and women who volunteered to join their prince in this mission. Due to lacking in the knowledge of hyperdrives, everyone who took part in the mission was placed into a state of cryostasis.

Arrival to the Empire

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This information is held by the Sith Order.

Training at the Sith Academy

The prince spent three years at the Sith Academy. It was there he had a run in with a Cathar by the name of Kazmir. The Cathar left his mark on the prince's face, afterwards the overseers had him moved to be taught in private. His training went by fast. This was in thanks to his family being strong in the Force. They had learned how to use it to augment their piloting and dueling skills. This was the secret to how they remained in power. Instead of having to learn the basics of the Force, his training was focused on learning about the Sith, their empire, and lightsaber combat.

Becoming an Apprentice

Dorian was taken on as an apprentice by Darth Lethash, to join the Cathar who scarred his face in serving the Echani. Dorian shared the same thoughts as his master when it came to the reforms that Darth Mar decreed.

Taking over the 603rd

The prince was given command over the 603rd tactical fighter/commando wing after his rival was killed. He had experience commanding a squadron back in his homeland. He was the logical choice to take command after Kazimir was removed from a leadership position. He took on the rank of colonel and placed in charge of an entire fighter wing. Along with a company of drop troopers that were attached to the wing.

Founding the Shadren Hegemony

Months after taking over the new fighter wing, Dorian used them to help secure the planet Shadren V for himself and his people. Once the ground was secure, he brought in the worker droids that he had secured from Shadren V's first count, Count Taelios. His capital, Ismeria, was named after his ex-fiance. The capital was later renamed to Idrand.

Dorian allowed Marsteth-Villem Industries to construct the Legacy Shipyard around his planet along with Victory Station. The space station would act as an embassy for the Sith Empire. Having gone through all the proper legal and diplomatic channels, Dorian made sure that his new kingdom would remain autonomous. Aligned with the Empire, but not part of it.

After Dorian had successfully subjugated the natives of Shadren V, he expanded his influence over the system. Taking over the third planet in the system. He renamed Shadren III to Scoria. He'd had droids sent to the mineral rich world to start mining operations. The prince's focus would turn to the rest of the system after this. He'd claim it all as part of the newly founded Shadren Hegemony.

Upon the death of Admiral Villem, Dorian sent troops to secure all things that were granted to Marsteth-Villem Industries. Taking them over in the name of the Shadren Hegemony.

Interactions with the Killiks

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Becoming a Sith Lord

After adding in the defense of Dromund Kalakar and aiding Darth Aylaa Necare's efforts in securing Bandomeer and the Meerian sector. Dorian's master deemed that he was ready to take on the role of becoming a Sith Lord. Lethash named Dorian a council member of the Valefor upon his promotion, a reward for his services to the organization he belonged to.

According to the traditions of his people, Dorian had earned the right to bear a new title now that he had proved himself to be worthy of becoming a Sith Lord. He was no longer claiming to be a prince, instead he started to call himself king.

Not long after become a Sith Lord though Dorian retreated to the Shadren system to...

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The following information has been sealed by royal decree

Becoming a Necromancer

After the Valefor had left the Empire, some of their worlds were coming under attack. Darth Lethash gathered the warlords of the various systems and had them go off in search of the source of these attacks. A group of mysterious beings that had figured out a way to reanimate and control the dead were behind these attacks. Dorian made a deal with these beings, in exchange for offering up the lives of several million people, he would learn the secrets of their abilities.

Retreating to one of the worlds within his domain, Dorian underwent a ritual to...

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The following information has been sealed by royal decree

Taking over the Belsmuth Sector

A plan was put in place by the king and his queen to remove Darth Lethash from power. Dorian, viewing his master as weak, set the plan in place. After a short fight between the two of them, Dorian stripped the Darth of his ability to access the Force. Having taken that, along with the mighty Vepar, and the Valefor from the Echani. Moving quickly, the king and his undead legions swept aside any who'd challenge his rule within the sector. One system within the sector wished to return to the Sith Empire and he did not contest this choice.


Dorian is very formal and polite when speaking to those he respects or those he views as equals. Those he deems as lesser people, he has been known to speak to them using the royal we. When alone and not required to be royal, he is known to be vexing and foolish. Annoying those whom he has a friendship with.

When acting in an official capacity, the king is known to be rather cold and emotionless. Much like the dead that serve him.

Combat Training

Dorian has been seen using forms IV and VII mixed with the Jar'Kai style of fighting. He has learned to blend these forms with the sword school of his people to create his own style of fighting. Adding to his blade work, Dorian was trained in the Echani style of fighting by his master Lethash and ex-fiance Ismeria.

Coming from a world with pilots are seen as a noble career, Dorian is a skilled pilot. He has had many years worth of training in the art of flying. He favors fast ships that have minimal shielding. He relies on his natural skill and the Force while in the cockpit of his starfighter. Though in recent months he has been seen flying bombers instead of interceptors.

Force Proficiency

A talented telepath, Dorian shows great promise using this ability. He has been known to use telepathy to sense thoughts along with emotions. Making him more than just an empath. He is known to use his telepathic abilities to aid in his use of the mind trick.

Along with his training as a pilot, he had learned to use the Force to increase his reflexes. To allow him as a Human to be on par with the species that have greater reflexes than himself. He used this ability for ground combat as well. He has been known to use the Force to cloak himself. Becoming hard to see for short periods of time, allowing him to undertake stealthier missions, when needed.

Lethash taught him how to enter a healing trance to speed up his recovery time. Lately he has been working on using the Force to enhance his natural senses.

Dorian would be considered a master in the Sith art of Necromancy.

Equipment and Starcraft

Currently he flies a Mk. V Supremacy-class starfighter. The ship looks similar to the S-SC4 Bloodmark.

He also uses a SN-125 Royal starship, The Xanthus. This custom ship appears much like a yacht used by other royalty in the Galaxy. Though it is fairly larger then your standard yacht, having room to store both a shuttle and the king's personal starfighter.

Dorian carries on his utility belt twin lightsabers. Both of which use white color crystals instead of the standard red that Sith are known to use. The utility belt often is prepared for whatever mission he is about to undertake. So items inside may vary.



His wife is Queen Vedriat. Together they have two children, Princess Zaria and Prince Trestin.

His cousin the Duchess Lishkai "Kai" Numair is often seen at his home or by his side. She is the only other serving member of his family. She is a childhood friend of his and currently one of his knights.


He served under Darth Lethash. Dorian shared the same ideals as the Echani Sith.