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Eidan Zherron

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Eidan Zherron
Eidan Zherron.jpg
Biographical information

Human (Cyborg)









Hair color


Eye color


Skin color




Census information


  • Galactic Republic
    • Dantooine Militia
    • Republic Navy (formerly)
  • Jedi Custodum (formerly)

Zherron Farm, Dantooine

Spoken languages

Basic, Huttese, Sy Bisti

Understood languages

Mirialan, Miralukese

Notable relations

General Daril Zherron, father (deceased); Lucia Zherron, daughter

Meta information
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"My only friends in the Jedi Order are here in this enclave, Master Eswolyn - or they're dead and gone to the Force. I admit with Saxtus gone, I have tried to fill his shoes somewhat. Hard to do, given that I'm no Jedi."
- Captain Eidan Zherron, to Master Eswolyn

Eidan Zherron is a retired Republic privateer who now serves in the defense force of his homeworld of Dantooine. A former Republic privateer descended from a hero of the Dark Wars, Zherron captained the privateer ship Direwolf for more than a decade following the death of his previous captain near the end of the Great War, becoming embroiled in a number of battles during the Cold War alongside his long-time comrade, the Jedi Master Saxtus Fayhan. After a period, Zherron eventually decided to "go official", turning his ship over to his first mate, and accepting a commission in the Republic Navy.

When the Eternal Empire invaded and the Republic began a descent into dictatorial government, Zherron aligned himself with the Jedi Custodum and escaped into Wild Space, acting as the naval advisor to Master Fen Corus, the captain of the Custodum's flagship, the Custodian's Watch. Following changes in the Custodum leadership during the five years of exile, Master Corus stepped down and named Zherron as the new captain, serving in that capacity when the Custodum returned to the Republic and helped defend Coruscant from the rampage of the Eternal Fleet. Following a disagreement with the direction the Custodum was choosing to go during the "resettling" on Coruscant, Zherron retired to Dantooine, only to find himself embroiled in conflict once more by an Imperial-instigated pirate attack.


Eidan Zherron was born in Khoonda on Dantooine, the son of Daril Zherron, a Republic Army officer, and his wife Alma. The Zherron family is descended from Captain Zherron of the Khoonda Militia, a guard force on Dantooine that rose after the destruction of the Jedi Enclave at the hands of Darth Malak, three centuries prior to the Great War. Captain Zherron led Khoonda's forces, aided by the "Jedi Exile" Meetra Surik - one of Revan's generals during the Mandalorian Wars - in battle against Sith-sponsored mercenaries seeking control of Dantooine.

Eidan developed a natural taste for piloting, working on skyhoppers and orbital shuttles on his homeworld. At the age of twenty, as the Great War raged, he signed up on the freighter Direwolf, owned and run by Captain Vorian Tanis, as the navigator. After Tanis fired his Twi'lek first mate Neema'cyl for brutally killing a client on Tatooine, he named the young pilot as his new first mate. He began to look to Tanis as a second father, and was grateful that Daril eventually became good friends with the veteran captain; the elder Zherron, who had by this point risen to the rank of general, was impressed with Tanis' patriotism and morality, and wholeheartedly approved of his son serving under him.

Towards the war's end, shortly before the Sacking of Coruscant, the Direwolf was called to transport Jedi Knight Saxtus Fayhan and his Padawan Kieran Devaneaux to the border world of Reydovan Prime, which had undergone seven years of brutal occupation by a particularly sadistic Sith Lord named Darth Defileris - formerly Artimus Devaneaux, Kieran's father. During a battle with Sith troopers, Tanis was killed by a grenade explosion that also wounded Zherron, severely lacerating and burning the right side of his face and destroying both eyes with shrapnel. Fayhan, himself wounded by the Sith Lord, was aided by Kieran and Republic soldier Melena Linavil in taking the blinded smuggler back to the ship and flying to safety.

Zherron was given new bionic eyes upon his return to Dantooine, and became the new master and owner of the Direwolf; while he recuperated, he heard of the Sacking of Coruscant, and became involved in the bloody skirmish between Republic and Imperial forces on Dantooine, both sides refusing to acknowledge the subsequent treaty. During the fighting, Zherron lost almost his entire family - his mother, Alma; his wife, Elmira; and his three daughters, Lucia, Mina and Arabella. Trying to stave off an emotional breakdown by throwing himself into his work, Zherron returned to the trade runs from the Core to worlds along the Rim and in Hutt space, but remained regularly at the call of the Republic. On Balmorra, he found a stowaway in his cargo hold, a ten-year-old girl named Amendera Kynes, whose father - a free trader - had been killed by the Sith attack. Zherron decided to take her on as both an adopted child and as a member of his ship's crew, teaching her piloting skills and how to use blasters. Amendera eventually left on Nar Shaddaa a few years later, and was believed to have taken up the "excitement" of bounty hunting before disappearing on Tatooine.

With tensions mounting, Zherron received word that his father had been assassinated by an Imperial sniper, further cementing his desire to serve. He reconnected with his old comrade Saxtus Fayhan, now a Jedi Master.

Conflict with Darth Malagant

Zherron became involved in a "shadow war" between Master Fayhan and his Sith nemesis, Darth Malagant, with the fall of Reydovan Prime to an Imperial puppet government. Aided by Lieutenant Linavil, Zherron tracked Fayhan to Prime, and became embroiled in a firefight with Malagant's ship, the Vengeful Spirit, in orbit. The Vengeful Spirit managed to evade the freighter due to the skills of Malagant's personal pilot, Nyssha Petrand, and landed at the Temple of the Mountain Sun - as the main temple of the city of Illuminopolis, the de facto Imperial capital, was called - to investigate rumors of Fayhan's arrival. Zherron and Linavil landed in a mountain clearing outside the city and made their way slowly in, surprised to not see any Imperial patrols. Unbeknownst to them, Malagant had learned of Fayhan's arrival and lured him and his twenty resistance fighters, led by ex-bounty hunter Firraveus Petrand (Nyssha's father), into a trap, killing all of the men in short order. Fayhan had managed to kill Malagant's enforcer, Lord Velenkayn, and was embroiled in a duel with Kieran Devaneaux - now the Sith Lord Cyanoculus - when Zherron and Linavil arrived. Malagant ended the combat and magnanimously allowed Zherron and Linavil to take Fayhan back to the Republic.

After their return, Fayhan increasingly requested Zherron's assistance as a "known agent in the underworld" to keep tabs on events on Prime, and anything pertaining to Malagant. Zherron was becoming increasingly concerned by Fayhan's obsession with the Sith Lord and the darker route he seemed to be taking, but believed as Fayhan did that Malagant was a serious threat. This was confirmed during a mission to Alderaan, when Zherron accompanied a Jedi Knight named Huldref - one of the Miraluka rescued by Fayhan and his crew from a war-ravaged colony sixteen years earlier - to ambush Malagant during an inspection tour of House Thul fortifications east of Castle Panteer. Malagant's agents saw the Jedi coming, and Zherron - who had cautiously stayed back to avoid being spotted - watched as Malagant slew the young Jedi in a lightsaber duel. Guilt-ridden, Zherron took a more active part in any future planning against him.

Operation: Shadowfall

Healed from his wounds, Zherron formalizes Malagant's transfer with Belsavis' Assistant Warden Graal
"Darth Malagant, by order of the Republic, I am placing you under arrest for the murder of the Jedi Knight Huldref and for crimes against Republic citizens in your illegal occupation of this planet. This is a Republic world, as agreed by the terms of the Treaty of Coruscant."
- Zherron confronts Malagant in the sanctum of the Temple of the Mountain Sun in Illuminopolis, Reydovan Prime

Master Fayhan developed a plan to imprison Malagant on the Republic garrison-world of Belsavis, but Malagant had foiled the initial plan by not showing to the social event on Kwenn, where the capture was to take place. Realizing he would need "inside help", Fayhan - against the advice of Zherron, as well as General Ketana Netalis-Linavil, overseeing the operation for the Republic Army - would have the aid of his former student, Lord Cyanoculus, who had an increasing bone to pick with Malagant. Disguising himself as a Jedi using his old robes, Cyanoculus slew the Sith governor of Reydovan Prime, Lord Nemiel, and incited the remnants of the resistance forces to rise up in revolt. As Cyanoculus predicted, Malagant was incensed that a world he had brought into the Empire was backsliding, and went to investigate. As he was escorted into the Temple of the Mountain Sun, he was surrounded by Zherron and a group of Republic troopers disguised as soldiers in the Imperial planetary garrison. Malagant managed to kill one of the men with Force lightning before Zherron fired a stun shot from his blaster pistol.

Malagant's younger brother, Commander Andav Undjo, had followed Malagant from Dromund Kaas upon hearing of the uprising on Reydovan Prime; when he heard Zherron's voice in the oddly-sealed sanctum and realized what was happening, he broke in with his Special Forces squad in an attempt to intercept. Zherron's troopers had already incapacitated Malagant and were taking him to the Direwolf, which was swooping in to land nearby. Undjo fired several shots, hitting Zherron four times; Zherron squeezed off a single shot that hit the commander in the shoulder before he was taken to safety by his troopers. In critical but stable condition, Zherron was tended by the medic in the squad while his first mate, Jeremiah August, flew the ship to Belsavis. Zherron spent the next day and a half in a kolto tank and made a full recovery, thanks largely to the ministrations of the medic while en route. Once he was on his feet, he formalized Malagant's transfer to the custody of the Belsavis garrison, meeting with Assistant Warden Graal at the prison command center.

Despite the success of the operation, it ultimately ended up being for naught. Malagant escaped from Belsavis with the aid of Darth Karmic, Lord Veerak, his brother Commander Varan, and Andav Undjo's Imperial troopers (Undjo himself had been killed on Tatooine during Malagant's imprisonment), and returned to his "duties" to the Empire. During the escape, Jeremiah August was shot in the head and killed by Varan from long range. The loss of his first mate, as well as the unhappy duty of sending the body and a condolence message back to his family on Contruum, strained Zherron's friendship with Fayhan for a time, the captain blaming the Jedi Master's lack of foresight in the trap that Veerak had set for them.

Showdown on Nikaea

After several weeks, including the attempted corruption of the Jedi Archivist Caradell, Zherron first infiltrated Reydovan Prime in an effort to locate her after her flight from Tython to hunt down Malagant, where he linked up with a Jedi Padawan named Nagashi, apprenticed to Master Urso Corazon, one of Fayhan's colleagues. Nagashi linked up with Zherron in the Open Mind Cantina in Illuminopolis, where he presented a message from Corazon indicating he and Fayhan were on Nikaea. With that information, both men set out for the Far Rim world, arriving on a standard cargo ship.

Nikaea had by that point fallen to the Empire, with Malagant and Moff Bassel Krysiak, a former general and Special Forces operative, ruling it jointly. Krysiak had been the mentor of Andav Undjo, as well as of General Euphrati Velade, commander of Reydovan Prime's militia, who Zherron and his comrades had faced several times in battle during the war. Malagant was able to swiftly capture the two Jedi Masters, the Padawan, the privateer, and ex-Imperial cipher agent Kiive Elandril, who had failed in Jedi training and was now a free agent. Malagant activated an Imperial conditioning to compel Caradell to kill Fayhan, but her resistance, and Elandril's knowledge of Imperial doctrine, allowed her to break free and attack the Sith Lord. During the battle, Zherron entered a brief firefight with Krysiak, who escaped to Malagant's ship, the Vengeful Spirit. But before Krysiak could lift off, Zherron planted a sabotage charge in one of its engines, causing it to explode as the ship lifted off to find its master. The vessel crashed, severely injuring Krysiak (who was then killed by Nikaean resistors) and appearing to kill Malagant.

Afterwards, Zherron helped his comrades escape aboard Caradell's Defender-class corvette, the Rehevkor; as the trained pilot, he flew the ship back to Tython. After the rescue, he returned to the Direwolf and flew home to Dantooine to recuperate.

A Vision of Darkness

Zherron reports in from Khoonda on his homeworld of Dantooine, after the incident on Nikaea
"The Force has seen a shadow come from this sector - one that will engulf this world and its neighbors, and spread forward. The Emissary of the Scions has arisen from his tomb, and now goes to exact the blood price from these brave people. To stop him, you must have two without eyes - one born without, one with sight taken from him."
- Master Tyrell warns Zherron of Malagant's return

While en route to Nar Shaddaa, Zherron had what he thought was a dream - he was back in the city of Sehlenkkam on Nikaea, left in ruins as a monument to the dead, with the corpses of the slain Imperials left to feed the birds of the air and the beasts of the earth. Standing near the place where Malagant's ship crashed and where the Sith Lord himself was entombed under rubble, he heard a voice belonging to a man he knew was dead - the Jedi Master Aken Tyrell. It was then that Zherron realized that this was no ordinary dream...this was a vision from the Force, something that he never expected to receive in his life. The Miraluka Jedi Master warned him that "the fight is not over - for this world, or against the enemy you face", and to his horror, Zherron witnessed Malagant climb from the rubble and return to the abandoned Temple of the Eternal Watcher. He revealed that Malagant - "the Emissary of the Scions" as he identified him - had discovered something on a world not far from Nikaea.

Tyrell said that Zherron would have to face this foe himself without Masters Farworlder or Fayhan, but two would have to be there with him, two without eyes - "one born without, one with sight taken from him". When Tyrell said that he knew both of them, Zherron knew that he meant Caradell and Cyanoculus. Reluctant to align with the Jedi-turned-Sith, Zherron demanded explanations. Tyrell replied that Caradell knew the world where Malagant had made his discovery, and he had come to Zherron because he knew what it was "to be blind...and to see again"; in Cyanoculus' case, if he did not stop what Malagant was doing, "all that he values" will be destroyed. After that, the vision faded.

Concerned, Zherron met with Master Farworlder onboard the Dancer's Retreat, and explained what he had seen; he said he had not spoken to Caradell despite her being named in the vision, because he did not know if this was perhaps a sign of a mental condition, or a residual burst of dark side energy that was manipulating his mind. Farworlder's advice was to trust in the Force, and to trust his instincts. Zherron then went to Caradell, and informed her of what he had seen; the former archivist confirmed that his vision was true and agreed to join him. They arranged a meeting with Cyanoculus on Kwenn, but were captured by Commander Varan and Cyanoculus' shock troopers, and taken under guard to Reydovan Prime. Cyanoculus, after initially dismissing the reported vision as a dream, decided to "play along", keeping the two of them with him as they went in search of the world in the vision. Travelling onboard Cyanoculus' ship, the Warcry, they came across the forgotten world of Narnevra, and Caradell confirmed that this was the world they sought. The Direwolf had followed their hostaged captain, as had the Fury interceptor Torv Striker, piloted by Malagant's erstwhile apprentice, Lord Veerak - Varan's younger brother, and Cyanoculus' chief rival, who had come to stop whatever it was he planned. The Dragonqueen, piloted by Imperial privateer Nyssha Petrand, caught up to them, having been sent by Cyanoculus to hunt for Veerak. Their paths would all converge on Narnevra's surface...

Upon landing, Zherron, Cyanoculus and Caradell found evidence of very recent habitation that had been interrupted for some dark purpose, leading to an ancient Rakata temple in the primordial forest. In the temple courtyard, they came face-to-face with a very much alive Darth Malagant, his body shrouded by dark energy. Malagant revealed that he had discovered a Rakatan artifact that had corrupted the world over many millennia, and that the original Sith overlords of Nikaea had found this place and created its inhabitants, a species of Sithspawn that had achieved sentience and civilization over the eons. Though the vision called for Cyanoculus to help stop Malagant's plan, he turned on them, only to become embroiled in a duel with Veerak. Cast aside early in the battle, Zherron had snuck into the Rakatan temple, slaying several Narnevran honor guards, and planted explosives on the altar carrying the dark side artifact that gave Malagant his power. Deciding to be magnanimous, Malagant allowed the Republic party to leave unharmed, ensuring that the "long game" would continue.

Absent Friends

Zherron in the flight suit of the Republic Starfighter Corps, colored in black, red and white - the colors of his personal sigil

After the incidents on Nikaea and Narnevra, a disheartened and bitter Fayhan severed ties to the Jedi Custodum and disappeared, and Zherron was among those who feared he had gone off on a personal vendetta against Cyanoculus and Malagant. Whenever he was able, while on his missions for the Republic, Zherron listened and hoped for any word from his old comrade. But the months went by, and there was no word of him - or of the men Fayhan hunted, either. The captain's mind turned to what became of the renegade Jedi Master often, especially during his layovers on his homeworld of Dantooine, watching the sunrise over the Khoonda plains - wondering if Fayhan was alive, and what he had become. That changed two years after Fayhan vanished, when - while en route to Balmorra to assist rebuilding efforts - Zherron received a priority message from General Linavil, instructing him to reroute to Coruscant.

The general revealed that the Rehevkor, the Defender-class corvette that had once been Caradell's and had been left in Fayhan's possession, had been found at Pallista Spaceport on Alderaan; House Valmy, a vassal of House Organa who was familiar with the Jedi Master, had reported it to Coruscant. With the permission of the Jedi Council, Caradell - who had remained Tython since her return from Narnevra - accompanied Zherron to Alderaan, where they were met by House Valmy's guard captain, Darias Tavan. While Caradell met with Lady Estelle, the head of house, Zherron and Saliya Taldir, his first mate, searched the Rehevkor with Tavan and found that Fayhan had uncovered evidence of collaboration between Eldred, Estelle's only son, and Lukas Indrick, Cyanoculus' chief political advisor and minister of Reydovan Prime's security and defense forces. Estelle revealed to Caradell that Eldred squandered House Valmy's fortunes in Nar Shaddaa's casinos; this led Zherron to speculate that the heir to the house had turned to the Empire as a means of regaining his fortunes, as Estelle also pointed out that Eldred was also not a supporter of House Organa's alliance with the Republic.

On His Own

"Captain...something terrible has happened."
- Katran breaks the news

Returning to Coruscant, Zherron met with General Linavil and her husband, retired Sergeant Major Toral Linavil, at their home and appraised the general of what had happened on Alderaan. He speculated that Eldred Valmy had arranged to smuggle Fayhan onto Reydovan Prime, before fleeing there himself. He recommended, because of her knowledge of Reydovan Prime and despite her overwhelming hatred for Cyanoculus, that Melena, now a captain, be sent with her Sithbane Squad to find Fayhan and bring him home. Hesitating, the general nonetheless contacted General Garza, head of Special Forces, who dispatched Sithbane as requested to go behind enemy lines and find Fayhan before General Euphrati Velade's troopers in the Imperial Reydovan Defense Force did.

During the lulls in activity while docked at Carrick Station, and again while back home on Dantooine, Zherron sat in the hold of the Direwolf and stared at the holoprojector, waiting for word from General Linavil on the mission. Several days later, word finally did come in - but from Tython, not Coruscant. Katran and Caradell had received the news first, and had contacted Zherron to inform him that Fayhan had been killed in combat with a Sith apprentice named Ammenkayn - the daughter of Lord Velenkayn, the brutish "Bloody Hand" of Malagant, whom Fayhan had slain in Illuminopolis two years earlier. Captain Linavil and her squad had escaped to the Republic with Fayhan's body, and though both Cyanoculus and Velade had been seriously injured by high-explosive rounds, they were expected to survive.

Zherron travelled to Tython and requested an audience with Grand Master Satele Shan, and requested that he be allowed to claim the body, stating that regardless of circumstances, he would forever say that Fayhan was his friend and a good Jedi. He took Fayhan's body back to Dantooine, to be buried next to Zherron's parents, wife and three daughters.

On the Trail of Traitors

"I will not attempt to explain my reasons to you, Captain. Your loyalty has always been to the Republic, to the ideals for which it once stood, and stands for no longer. The Republic and the Jedi Order are eroded from within, and are doomed to collapse...as are the Sith and their Empire. Their downfall and ours will lead to the Force being forgotten, left as little more than pagan superstition by primitive tribals on countless worlds throughout the galaxy. This is unacceptable."
- Renegade Jedi Master Merken Netalis, to Zherron on Nar Shaddaa

As the years went on, Zherron participated in the now-open warfare with the Empire, as well as against the threat posed by the Hutts on the Rim world of Makeb, the homeworld of his current first mate, Saliya Taldir. In the months following Makeb, Zherron became aware - through his first mate, and her former comrades from the InterStellar Regulators who had fled before the Hutt takeover - of an unusual alliance in the offing. The Jedi Master Merken Netalis, another apprentice of Aken Tyrell and the uncle of Melena Linavil, had recently been seen on Nar Shaddaa in the company of a Sith Lord, Darth Verulam. Despite a desire to go to Erini with Master Farworlder and her strike team to destroy the Dark Reaper weapon unleashed by Darth Thrax, Zherron left with his crew for Nar Shaddaa to investigate the incident.

At the Slippery Slopes Cantina, Zherron encountered Varan, now general of Reydovan Prime's army, and now-Moff Velade, who had taken over as governor of Reydovan Prime. The two officers were searching for Verulam, as he was responsible for influencing Cyanoculus to abandon the governorship of Reydovan Prime and go on a "death quest", and now Verulam was corrupting Jedi. Deciding to take the risk, Zherron went into the private chamber where Netalis had been seen with Verulam, and encountered the Jedi Master in meditation. Admitting his alliance with Verulam, Netalis remarked that he was not the only Jedi who believed that the current state of affairs would lead to the near-total dispersal of the Force itself, before knocking Zherron back with a wave of Force energies. Despite having Taldir scan with infrared goggles, the Jedi Master escaped, with no sign of Verulam.

Keeping his ear to the ground, Zherron later learned from Ketana Linavil - after being told briefly of the incident by her daughter, Melena - of an action led by Netalis on the ice world designated "Frosthaven", located across the border from the Reydovan Sector. Velade's administration had called for an expansion into Republic space to take the uninhabited world, believed to be rich in mineral resources. Melena and her Sithbane Squad were sent by Republic command to reconnoiter, and if possible destroy, the Imperial State's mining operations there. When Sithbane arrived, however, they found the garrison all dead, killed by a lightsaber, at first believing it was the work of Sith assassins from a rival faction in the Empire. But when Malagant arrived with IRDF reinforcements to investigate, believing the killings to have been committed by a Jedi, he was soon proven partly right...as Netalis appeared to fight the Sith Lord off into retreat. But when the task was done, Netalis instructed his niece to go back to her superiors and report that she had found nothing, before taking command of his own forces...consisting of both Republic and Imperial troopers. Weeks later, Malagant's stronghold of Nikaea fell in the exact same fashion.

Speaking to Master Eswolyn, one of the members of the Custodum Council, Zherron revealed what he had uncovered, both by his ties to the Army and on his own. While she would take the matter to the Custodum Council, and possibly the Jedi High Council itself, Eswolyn requested that he continue his intelligence gathering as best as he was able.

On a Mission of Mercy

"We're a proud people, not quick to take help from others, but not all of us are so stupidly stubborn. Our high-ups may not be glad to see you, but we sure as feth are. You say the Prince is your friend...keep him close, sir. He's a good friend to have, not like all these armchair generals. Don't let them color you against us...you've given us our spirits again, and that's more than we could ever have asked for."
- A wounded Erinian lieutenant at the Berghoff Fields hospital camp

During the "Netalis affair", as he called it, Zherron - with the aid of Melena Linavil - was able to rally a small fleet of cargo ships carrying food and medical supplies destined for Erini, to provide the aid that he had promised to Prince Cordae Keyis during a meeting at the Custodum enclave. Accompanied by Caradell, Zherron's flotilla waited for escort through the nebula that protected Erini from intruders. But the first impressions were not promising; Captain Bourah of the Erinian cruiser Singing River, the ship that escorted Zherron and his small fleet through the nebula, became cold when Zherron mentioned he had come from the Republic. A similar reaction - though far more subtle - came shortly before Zherron left to return to Coruscant, from the minister of health, who inspected the camp as part of a publicity tour for the local HoloNet.

Zherron and Caradell were escorted by Dr. Mereel Fain to the field hospital in the Berghoff Fields, outside the city of Vysberg. Liam Branscombe, his navigator, was also an expert "frontier chef", and was able to provide hot meals for the patients and staff using the supplies onboard the ship. They remained at the camp for almost a month, until the majority of the patients had either succumbed or had been transferred to proper facilities in Vysberg. On the final day of their stay on Erini, the camp was visited by Prince Keyis and the minister of health. After a number of holo-photo ops, Zherron spoke privately with the Prince onboard the ship, where Zherron explained his concerns, first about how he was being treated with disdain by most Erinian officials, and then on to current events - the change in leadership on Reydovan Prime, Malagant's Sithspawn, and the actions of Darth Verulam and Master Netalis.

Finally, once the work was finally done, the Direwolf left Erini to return to Coruscant. While there, Zherron was approached by Taldir and a young woman in the garb of a spacer captain...and to his utter shock, he realized it was his daughter Lucia, believed dead for more than a decade. She had stowed away aboard the freighter Brigantia, commanded by Davyd Lorath, a friend of Vorian Tanis. Lorath had been killed on Makeb during the Hutt takeover, and Lucia had inherited the Brigantia. It was a chance encounter with Taldir at the Senate Plaza cantina that led her to him, and Caradell - dispelling Taldir's concern that Lucia was a fake, a possible Imperial trap - was able to confirm that she spoke the truth. Zherron later recorded it as "the day the void in my soul was filled in a little".

Making It Official

Zherron on the bridge of the Wanderer-class transport Loudon, his first stint as a ship captain in the Republic military service

Having done his duty as a privateer, Zherron decided to follow what his late father had wanted of him, and make his service to the Republic "official". He turned the Direwolf over to Taldir, who received her own privateer's letters of marque to make it official, and accepted a commission offered to him by his friend General Linavil. Deciding to "work his way up" first, he was granted the rank of Lieutenant Commander in the Republic Navy, and an assignment to Special Forces' Task Force Zerek.

After a number of months with TFZ, he decided that SpecFor was "not to his liking"; he was not one for secret missions and thus requested assignment to a ship. His request was granted, and he was assigned to the Wanderer-class transport ship Loudon...much to his surprise, as her captain. As commander of a transport during wartime, Zherron's duties often involved long-distance missions carrying troops or supplies to garrisons along the battlefront, as well as missions of mercy to war-torn populations, just as he had done with the Direwolf on Erini.

It was during this duty that the invasion of Ziost occurred, and the devastation unleashed by the unrelenting hunger of the Sith Emperor. Witnessing the event from orbit, Zherron felt a sickness in his soul he had never experienced even during the bloodiest battles of the war, resulting in nightmares whenever he tried to sleep; this combined with the stresses of his duties aged him visibly. He made efforts to retain his sense of humor on the situation, relating to a friend that he survived on power naps. It was only during his first return to Coruscant - and the Custodum enclave - since accepting the captaincy of the Loudon that he felt able to truly relax, back in the familiar sights and sounds of the Republic capital. His sense of relaxation did not last long; Caradell, the long-conflicted Archivist and the last of the orphans he had helped rescue during the first war, had finally snapped and been corrupted by the Sith, becoming Darth Insomnius.

After months on the frontier, and hearing of an attack against the Jedi Custodum enclave on Coruscant, Zherron elected to offer his service to them, and was assigned as Republic Navy attaché. He relocated to the Custodian's Watch, the Custodum's flagship/mobile enclave, and disappeared into Wild Space with the ship and the Custodum Council in order to escape the invading forces of the Eternal Empire.

Years in Exile

Zherron had maintained contact with only two people during the Watch's journey: His daughter Lucia, now captain of the Direwolf, and his boss, Admiral Ardenar'cad, on Coruscant. Back in the Republic, the regime became increasingly authoritarian; though Chancellor Leontyne Saresh had been forced out due to term limits, she still exerted power through her successor, Jebevel Madon. Despite the clear and present threat of Zakuul, Saresh attempted to keep the focus on the Sith Empire, which resulted in far greater casualties during the year-long war that followed.

Four years after fleeing into Wild Space, the Custodian's Watch re-emerged on the edge of Republic territory, damaged from battling the Eternal Fleet and kept running largely under the direction of Merrant, a former Sith-turned-Padawan (and later Knight) who helped ensure what systems needed to work, did. Those members of the enclave who had been left in the Republic when the ship left Tython largely returned, with a number of exceptions - including Caradell's former Padawan, Ediren Lorath, who felt betrayed by the departure while he was recovering from injuries sustained during the attack on the Custodum enclave. Ediren left the ship and did not return, but Zherron - working with Lucia and Jedi Master Tergahn Dai'lo - worked to make sure supplies could reach the ship in times of need.

A year later, following the re-emergence of the "Outlander" who had killed the Emperor of Zakuul, the Custodum captured "Titanomachia Base", a former pirate enclave in the Adega system near the destroyed Jedi shrine-world of Ossus, requiring navigation through the Cron Drift; it became known as simply as "Stronghold Adega", where they could hide from not only the Eternal Fleet, but also the Sith and the Republic. That period brought about a number of changes in the enclave; Grand Master Farworlder stepped down, and leadership of the enclave fell to Master Hawking Shatari. The captain of the Watch, Master Fen Corus, also stepped down, turning over command of the enclave flagship to Zherron, as the ranking Republic Navy officer onboard.

Frustrations with the Corrupted Republic

"It'd be more appreciated if someone reminded the idiots on Coruscant that the Republic is a democracy, not a frigging police state. If I wanted to deal with that load of nerf dung, I'd defect to the Empire. At least they're upfront about the fact that they're cruel authoritarian scumsuckers."
- Zherron vents his frustration with the increasingly undemocratic Republic

Shortly before assuming official command of the Watch, Zherron travelled to Coruscant to find that Ediren, now a commander with the Republic Army's Special Forces, had captured Lucia and Tergahn for their "treason". With the aid of Alderaanian guard captain Darias Tavan and Ediren's cousin Nelys, captain of the Brigantia, Zherron took the Direwolf and boarded the Republic transport Talonguard en route to the prison on Belsavis. Disabling the ship's power and jamming its communications, Zherron barracaded himself on the bridge with Ediren in order to allow Lucia, Tergahn, and Tavan to escape; he had also worked to set the cruiser on autopilot to crash-land on the nearest inhabited planet to their location.

Tavan and Lucia turned to Jedi Knight Dassalya Nasadee, a friend of Zherron's and the Custodum's chief healer, to help them rescue Zherron from the crashed ship, which set down on a planet marked by a Republic survey as AZ-1194, on the edge of the Outer Rim. Zherron had sustained a broken ankle in the crash, and was kept barracaded on the bridge with Ediren and his loyalist troops. Dassalya and Tavan were able to bring him to safety, and both Zherron and the Jedi were able to stop a vengeful Lucia from murdering Ediren, leaving him and his men behind - and setting up a distress beacon to ensure they would be rescued.

The incident with Ediren continued to haunt Zherron, and further enhanced his anger at the Republic's increasingly corrupt regime. Despite this, he maintained some links to the Republic, mainly through Admiral Ardenar'cad. But his chiefest allies tended to be through the Alliance under the Outlander's command on Odessen; both Master Tergahn and Captain Tavan were in the ranks of the Alliance forces, determined to see the war with Zakuul to its conclusion.

The Liberation of Coruscant

"I am asking for above and beyond from all of you, I understand. But there are those who condemned the Jedi for running away, for hiding in the darkest holes of space when the Eternal Empire devastated the Core...and when Saresh tightened her grip, threatening the freedoms we all fought for. I am done running, and so are my Jedi comrades. We are willing to risk everything to defend the people of Coruscant from suffering another Sacking...and I need your help to do it. We need your help...and dammit all, the people of Coruscant need your help."
- Zherron addresses Darias Tavan's Alliance battalion en route to Coruscant
Zherron at his command station on the bridge of the Custodian's Watch while en route to Coruscant

While the Alliance made gains against the Eternal Empire, a crisis arose two years after the Outlander's re-emergence. Zherron was called to the Watch's operations center by Master Telline Wymarc, who informed him of a vision she had received in the Force - an event that Zherron, given all the years he had spent working with Jedi, could not discount as others in his position would. She told him she had seen the Eternal Fleet raining fire down on Coruscant, and skytroopers (but, tellingly, no Knights) walking in the Senate Plaza. Telline made clear that the Watch would not sit idly by and allow the people of Coruscant to suffer, and that she was directing him to prepare the ship for the battle that was to come...a battle that would very likely be their last. Zherron, though horrified at the bloodbath he was sure would come from the Eternal Fleet's attack (he compared the Sacking of Coruscant to a "friendly" game of Huttball by comparison), was skeptical that the Republic Navy would not attack them as well as the Eternal Fleet, knowing how many people in the Republic military were a group of "damn Sareshian zealots". Telline assured him that Saresh would not be a problem; sure enough, Saresh travelled to Odessen in an attempt to depose the Outlander as head of the Alliance, and was never heard from again.

Telline's vision proved accurate. Without warning, three major battlegroups of the Eternal Fleet broke off from their patrol routes and converged on Coruscant. In the period between her revelation and the attack, the Custodum had reached out to whatever allies they could find; Zherron called for Tavan to bring Alliance troops into the fight, and was also informed of a hidden Jedi Master - Alieth, the younger sister of his former first mate, Saliya Taldir - on Tatooine, who came aboard the Watch as the new archivist, as well as bringing medics and engineers with her. When the order finally came for the Watch to travel to Coruscant, Zherron gave the order for hyperspace, then spent the journey conducting his "captain's inspection" of the ship before it went into battle. He informed Tavan and his men, as well as his daughter Lucia and her crew, of what was awaiting them on Coruscant, and despite their misgivings - largely directed at the Saresh-tainted leadership - asked them to stand with him and his Jedi friends, if not in defense of the Republic, then at the very least of the defenseless citizens of Coruscant. They all agreed.

Zherron's belief that the journey would be a one-way trip seemed well founded at first, with only Merrant's technical skill (or as Zherron thought of it, his ability to perform miracles) keeping the ship from being completely destroyed. As it was, the Watch suffered serious damage, including the destruction of one of its hangar bays and a series of hull breaches caused by skytrooper boarding actions. At one point during the battle, with main power failing and auxiliary power not kicking in quickly enough, Zherron ordered the bridge crew to evacuate, electing to remain behind with the ship. At that moment, however, Merrant performed yet another miracle, restoring enough of main power to prevent the Watch from becoming completely derelict. Zherron was able to divert helm and weapon controls to his command station to keep the ship in the fight.

The Miracle of the Eternal Throne

Shortly after Merrant was able to restore power, another miracle occurred: the Eternal Fleet ceased firing, and the skytroopers all stood down. Within hours, it soon became clear as to how and why...when a message was sent across the entire galactic HoloNet from Zakuul, sent by the Outlander from the chamber of the Eternal Throne itself. Vaylin was dead, vanquished by the Alliance in a second attack on Odessen, and the Eternal Empire was no more; a new "Eternal Alliance" would rise from the ashes, with the Outlander in control of the Eternal Fleet. A tentative peace soon took hold.

After the Watch was placed in drydock, Zherron ensured that whatever was required for the ship's repairs and maintenance was taken care of before travelling to the surface, meeting at the ruined Custodum Enclave near Senate Plaza. Meeting with his friends and allies there, Zherron told them that he was going home to Dantooine, for the first time in nearly a decade, to rest and recuperate after years spent on the run. He then departed with his daughter Lucia aboard the Direwolf, and found that his family farmstead had been maintained by friends of the family while he was off-world. In the wake of the carnage, the first place he went to was the grave of his old friend Saxtus Fayhan...

A (Supposedly) Quiet Retirement

The "retired" Captain Zherron springs to action against the Nova Blades and their Imperial instigators on his homeworld of Dantooine

With the Watch confined to Coruscant, Zherron was more or less sidelined after the fall of the Eternal Empire, commuting via public transport between his home on Dantooine and the rebuilt Custodum Enclave as he saw fit. The fact that the Watch had obtained its Zakuulan solar reactor through the work of a Sith Lord had earned the attention of the Republic Strategic Information Service, as well as a number of Senators connected to it. The SIS was willing to allow the Custodum to maintain the Watch, but only if the Custodum allowed them to operate a mobile command post aboard it. Zherron, disgusted with the SIS in general and with the idea of holding his ship on a leash in particular, was adamant that he would not remain as captain if the Custodum went forward with the idea - a threat that did nothing to faze the Custodum Council. The decision was made, and Zherron bitterly severed his ties both to the Watch and to the Custodum. If they wanted to play with the "spooks", as he called SIS agents, then they would do so without him.

Deciding he had had enough of Coruscant and the Jedi for one lifetime, Zherron retired to his farm on Dantooine. But events could not keep him there for long. He received a message from T7-J5, the astromech that had accompanied Fayhan and other Jedi regularly, and was now - to his surprise - paired to the penitent Ediren Lorath. Jayfive informed him that a colony had been established on the lost Jedi shrine-world of Ossus, in a region that Zherron remembered well during the time they spent in hiding near Adega - and that Dassalya Nassadee, the member of the Custodum that Zherron considered his closest friend (though he would not admit it aloud, usually), was in danger. He had made his way to Ossus and took the controls of Ediren's Defender, the Dream Voyager, to help them. Lingering for a time at the Custodum enclave on Coruscant, Zherron ensured that Dassalya was completely out of danger before heading home.

Not even there, however, would he find a peaceful retirement. The Nova Blades, a pirate gang whose leaders had allied with Revan on Rishi, attacked Dantooine, and it was soon discovered that the pirate raid was instigated by the Empire. Dantooine's strategic location near the Imperial border, and the Republic's efforts in rebuilding it after the Great War, made it a target. Resigned to the inevitable, Zherron took up his blasters once more and volunteered for service in the planetary militia.

Appearance and Personality

Zherron ready for battle, with his paired blaster pistols and his signature hat and rebreather
"I love you like a brother, but let's face it...you're a Jedi Master, a guardian of the Republic, a keeper of truth. Me? I'm a rogue. A liar. A cheat. I don't bend the rules, I break them. The laws of civilized society? Who needs 'em?"
- Captain Zherron to his old war comrade, Master Saxtus Fayhan

Zherron is a little over six feet tall and well-built, with white (formerly black) hair running to his shoulders. The right side of his face bears burn and shrapnel scars from the grenade that took his eyes, and he wears cybernetic "goggles" plugged into his ocular nerves. Though he is now official Republic Navy, he is given some leeway in his attire, often wearing the jumpsuit and supply packs of the Republic protectors on Makeb, or a customized flight jacket with his rank insignia. He carries two blasters at all times. Having associated with Miraluka Jedi for most of his career, Zherron is among the few non-natives to speak fluent Miralukese, as well as Huttese, the trade language of the Outer Rim.

As befitting a man of his calling, Zherron is a capable pilot, having served as pilot/navigator on the Direwolf during the war, and working as co-pilot with his first mates when he became the ship's master. As part of his "detached" duties in the Starfighter Corps, Zherron also pilots a smaller craft in military service; his preferred vessel is an SGS-45 Quarrel gunship from Republic Sienar Systems, a craft he dubbed the Legacy of Khoonda, after the settlement on his homeworld of Dantooine defended by his illustrious ancestor during the Dark Wars.

Inspired mainly by his war service but also by his father's status as a general during that war, Zherron is a fierce Republic patriot, staunchly against any claims of "neutrality" and believes that the Empire must ultimately be crushed in order to achieve a lasting peace. This has brought him into conflict with people such as Seiyd Alumar, the head of the DawnStar Freight Company and of the Smugglers Coalition, who Zherron believes is a "greedy whore" and war profiteer who accepts money from murdering Sith without question. This was cemented during a journey to Reydovan Prime during the search for Caradell, when he discovered DawnStar shipping crates full of building materials and other supplies for the rebuilding of the destroyed capital city of Montagne Noire and other damaged settlements. Alumar continued to maintain that she made the business deal with Cyanoculus for the sake of the planet's people, but Zherron argues that giving the Empire a foothold will endanger innocents in the war to come.

Zherron utterly detests the stereotype of the "spacer", a hotshot who's into fast ships and faster guns, and often emphasizes the fact that he is more than just these things. He often acts as a voice of counsel, diplomatic when the situation is delicate, and blunt when necessary. While he admires the more pacifistic ideals of some Jedi Masters, such as Iaera Farworlder, Zherron knows from hard-won experience that defense alone will not protect the Republic in the current conflict.