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Eliphas Aximand

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Eliphas Aximand
Eliphas Aximand.jpg
Biographical information










Hair color


Eye color

Pale blue

Skin color



Reydovan Prime

Census information



Sith Empire



Spoken languages

Basic, Sith

Sith Training
Known Lightsaber Forms

I (Shii-Cho), VI (Niman)

Known Force Powers

Lightning, Telekinesis

Sith Master

Darth Velariya

Meta information
In-Game Name

Eliphas Aximand

In-Game Faction


"Beats the hell out of flying ships for idiots."
- Eliphas Aximand, explaining why he chose to be Sith

Eliphas Aximand is an aspiring Sith being trained in the path of the Sorcerer as the apprentice of Darth Velariya.


Eliphas was born on Reydovan Prime during the Cold War, and as such was born a Republic citizen. His father had been a ship captain who had fought for the Republic in the First Great War, including against the brief takeover by the mad Sith Lord Darth Defileris, himself a native of the planet. The elder Aximand was killed during the Imperial takeover of the planet engineered by Darth Malagant; however, Eliphas did not show any signs of grief, or any emotion at all, upon learning of his father's death. As he grew older, he explained that he felt the only reason his father had risen to command a ship was because the Republic tended to "raise up the weak". His upbringing and education from there on was handled solely by his mother.

From boyhood, Eliphas developed an aptitude for flying, and it was thought that he would eventually become a pilot. It was the barest hint of Force sensitivity within him, unknown even to the Sith governors who ruled the planet - and instituted a system to send Force-sensitives to train at the Academy on Korriban. The law was loosely upheld under the "Imperial State" created by Darth Cyanoculus and maintained by his non-Sith successor, Moff Euphrati Velade, which made the journey to Korriban optional - a mistake that would result in the execution of both Moff Velade and the democratic legislature she had imposed, and the imposition of martial law by Malagant, now sole ruler of the planet.

Changing Paths

Darth Insomnius, the governor of Reydovan Prime during the Zakuulan occupation

Eliphas' career was still projected to be in flying when the Eternal Empire of Zakuul brought most of the known galaxy to its knees. The ripples in the Force caused by the sudden arrival of this mysterious empire awakened the latent Force powers within him, bringing about a change in his intended career path.

He immediately found himself faced with another problem: How to take advantage of it. Malagant had disappeared and was believed dead by this point, and Darth Insomnius, a powerful Jedi Knight who had been corrupted by Malagant, took his place as Sith governor - although the real power was vested in the Zakuulan Exarch, Hedrath Jadre. Jadre was both ruthless and incredibly paranoid, and had his Zakuulan Knights regularly purge any Force-sensitives they detected before they could be sent to Korriban, in order to keep them from becoming Sith - and therefore, becoming potential threats to his rule. Eliphas would have likely ended up a victim of this policy if not for the efforts of his mother, who was secretly able to secure an audience with the governor. Insomnius immediately recognized the potential in the young man, and was able to quietly arrange for Eliphas to be smuggled off Reydovan Prime to Korriban. Eliphas was grateful for the chance to become something other than a "glorified chauffeur", believing himself to be at the whims of "lesser beings" back on his homeworld.

Darth Velariya, Eliphas' Sith master

Eliphas began his studies under the tutelage of the aged Inquisitor Emelie Charva, who had trained acolytes on Dromund Kaas and Korriban for more than fifty years, and had shown an ability to both endure and adapt with the times. It was she who was able to determine that he possessed a natural affinity to the power of Force lightning, and began training him in the path of the Sorcerer. Overseer Charva was as relentless with him as she had been with scores of acolytes over the decades, but he met each challenge without fear or hesitation, even in the face of serious injuries during his sojourns into Korriban's tombs - at least, those left standing after the Academy was attacked by Arcann and Thexan during the initial Zakuulan assault.

It was his surprising resilience and dogged pursuit of knowledge that led the aged overseer to reach out to her old apprentice, Darth Velariya, a Rattataki ex-slave who had risen beyond her own humble station to become a Dark Lord, and recommended Eliphas to her as an apprentice. Assessing the young human for herself, Velariya agreed, and formally became Eliphas' Sith master after he passed Charva's trials on Korriban. In addition to training him in the sorcerous arts and the finer points of Sith scholarship, Velariya also puts his piloting skill to use aboard her personal Fury transport, the Grey Stalker.