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Fal Antel

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Fal Antel
Fal Antel 01.jpg
Biographical information







5'7 (1.70m)


120 lbs (54.4 kg)

Hair color


Eye color
  • Red (Right Eye)
  • Purple (Left Cybernetic Eye)
Skin color


  • Dxun
  • Legal citizen of Onderon
Census information



Silooni Nae

  • Akar
  • Alliance


Spoken languages
  • Basic
  • Mando'a
  • Huttese
Understood languages
  • Binary
  • Bocce
  • Jawaese
  • High Galactic
  • Shyriiwook
Notable relations
  • Drexa Nahir (Former Master)
  • Kareld Sidhe (Husband - Deceased)
  • Aysel Sidhe (Daughter)
  • Ophre Sidhe (Stepson)
  • Reithan Skyfallen ('Brother')
  • Sasmi Viatruso (Mother Figure/Master)
  • Archivist Caradell (Close friend)
  • Master Vedcod Cirre (Father)
  • Master Siraela Nae (Mother)
  • Darth Tyrad (Ancestor)
Meta information
In-Game Name

Silooni or Fal

In-Game Faction

Republic and Empire

"I don't care about Empires or Republics. I care about people."

Fal Antel, real name Silooni Nae, is a young Tholothian Force Medium Rebel leader and apprentice of the Akar. With a dark history with the Sith, the young woman has become a fierce independent known for her loyalty to her allies, kindness to the innocent and lack of mercy to her enemies. Currently wanted by Zakuul for terrorism, she has recently joined an 'alliance', though there is little information on the matter.


A young Tholothian, Fal was born with dark skin, dark hair and bright purple eyes. Due life experience and a mysterious sickness, Fal's hair has turn silver. After losing her eyes, Fal now has a right Pureblood eye and a left cybernetic eye reminisce of her natural ones. Throughout the years, Fal has been covered in scars, and has lost some limbs in different manners. Because of her species, Fal looks young for her age.

Dressed almost always in armor, Fal carries various weapons and makes sure her opponents see them. A symbol that seems to mix both the Imperial and Republic flag decorates almost all her armors. She's also known to sport an almost eternal frown, clashing with her past usual smile.


Terminal Dataport.png Reserved Information (?) [Source]
This information is recorded within the Jedi Archives.

Fal Antel was born Silooni Advari Nae to two Jedi, Master Vedcod Cirre and then-Knight Siraela Nae. Her parents had headed to Dxun and met with a Mandalorian hunting party. Despite the war, Master Cirre was friendly with a Mandalorian Captain who allowed him and his lover to find refuge among them.

Despite the heavily armed protection, Master Cirre and Knight Nae were attacked by a Sith cult known as the Children of Mirtis and their child was kidnapped.

Master Cirre was killed in the cult's attack, along with most of the Mandalorians. Knight Nae and Shadow Pordarr escaped thanks to the help of the surviving Mandalorian whose name is currently unknown.

Terminal Dataport.png Reserved Information (?) [Source]
This information is held by the Sith Order, the Akar and Imperial Intelligence

Silooni Advari Nae was renamed as Silooni Myrala Veley by her cult 'family' and was raised by the Sith in the planet of Taris under the disguise of simple settlers.

Silooni was raised by a Sith named Biarnar Veley and his apprentice, Ferana Xyn. Eventually Xyn and the young Tholothian formed a closed bond that ultimately cost the Sith woman her life.

For many years Silooni was forced to believe that the constant deaths around the settlement were her caused, a ruse to pull her more and more to the Dark Side through her fear. The last attempt was staging Veley's death, but rather than completely fall prey of her fears, Silooni left Taris and headed into Republic Space. Eventually the young woman joined the Akar.

Life in the Akar

Silooni was well received by Drexa and her Enclave, despite her turbulent past. In spite the peaceful life she had in Ord Mantell, Silooni was constantly followed and confronted by the cult that raised her. She was given more scarring tattoos, as well as forced into painful losses of control. She developed a certain dependency on three members of the Akar: Grandmaster Drexa Nahir, the former Jedi attache Ran-del Qardaak and Aiula Alumar. These three became a sort of foster family for the Tholothian until Knight Qardaak was removed of the Akar by the Jedi due his marriage with Aiula Alumar.

Terminal Dataport.png Reserved Information (?) [Source]
This information is recorded within the Jedi Archives.

Silooni killed Padawan Naruellea Vernabi while she lost control in the planet Onderon. Two Sith Lords were present: Neersha and Skiraen Irvelesse.

Silooni eventually develop a friendship with Jedi Knight Reithan Skyfallen, around the same time she met Darth Thrax. The former eventually became like an older sibling to the young Tholothian, who saw him as a brother figure, a mentor and perhaps the first real friend she had. Darth Thrax however utilized the girl's ability with the dead to locate a terrible weapon of mass destruction called the Dark Reaper. Upon finding the truth about the Sith Lord, Silooni stopped defending him and join the fight against the Darth.

Her challenge was short lived. During a mission in Boz Pity to rescue a friend of hers, Silooni was captured by the Children of Mirtis and turned to the Dark Side. After her fall a group of Jedi went into Boz Pity to rescue her. Lead by Master Hawking Shatari, the group included Service Corps Miller Turlim, Knight Akunadan, Knight Skyfallen among others. Darth Thrax also arrived to the planet while the group fought their way out. During the ensuing conflict, Thrax used the Dark Side to send Silooni onto a coma where she appeared brain dead.


After several months, Silooni woke up from her coma with a seemingly total amnesiac state. Unable to remember any events of her life, or even her name, the girl was kept in the Akar Enclave in Coruscant for treatment.

Upon finding about Silooni's condition, Knight Skyfallen went to meet her. Despite her amnesia, the girl positively identified Knight Skyfallen. Soon after he took her to the Custodum Enclave in hopes that a Jedi Healer could help the young Journeyer recover her memory.

After an examination by Jedi Knight Dassalya Nasadee it was discovered that Fal was heavily affected by a sickness-like corruption. The corruption had bound with the girl's own Force Signature, creating a symbiotic relationship. It has been determined impossible to separate her from the corruption without killing her.

Due the nature of the corruption and its connection to Darth Thrax, Silooni became aggressive and was imprisoned in the Custodum's medbay for treatment.

During her time in the Custodum, Silooni changed her name to Fal Antel. A few weeks later she was released into the custody of the Akar. She continued to be a constant presence in the Custodum Enclave, providing aid with two missions against Darth Thrax: The destruction of two Dark Reapers, in Erini and Zythia, and the rescue of Knight Aolanni Vaek.

Heavily affected by the disappearance of Reithan Skyfallen, combined with her desire to explore the galaxy and train, Fal left Coruscant in what the Akar refers as a 'Great Journey' in order to seek the balance in the Force the Akar's lesson expected of a Journeyer.

Silooni Advari Nae legally changed her name to Fal Antel recently.

First Journey

There has been few sightings of Fal Antel since she left for her journey. There have been a few rumored sightings of a young Tholothian woman in Rishi and Alderaan that fit her description.

Fal Antel was confirmed to have traveled from Rishi to Ambria in the company of Jedi Master Ganio Tokani and Captain Cleria Symmer of the Free Nightingale. Upon reaching Ambria, Fal separated from Tokani in a pilgrimage through the Meditative Canyon, which led her to meet with Shadow Pordarr Veridi. While both were traveling together they were attacked by an unknown Sith. Shadow Veridi died during the incident.

After being rescued by Jedi investigators, Fal was taken to Alderaan in search for treatment of her eyes.

After her time in Alderaan, she left for Dantooine where she disappeared without trace. A week later she re-appeared in the planet Chandrila. Antel spent most of her time in the Crystal Caves, meditating in solitude. Two months later the girl left for Erini in the company of an HK-49 droid and a astromech T7-KE.

Fal left for the Kynmarch, where she stayed for three months training under the tutelage of the locals. After her training, she paid a passage for her droids and an avian creature for Coruscant, while she personally traveled alone to Tatooine. After losing her eye in combat, she was rescued by Knight Aolanni Vaek and Sergeant Zharko Ferris. Fal was taken to Coruscant where she was healed.

After the death of Knight Skyfallen, Fal disappeared along with a refugee group.

Life in Alderaan and Beginning of a Rebel

Fal was adopted by Sasmi and Sestra Viatruso, training under them and recovering from her trauma at the death of her brother figure. She was able to study despite her blindness and was able to finish basic education. She became proficient in languages, while maintaining her martial skills on her own.

The peaceful life did not last as Zakuul's invasion and the pressure of the few friends she had made in the planet soon had her doing small scale guerrilla attacks on the new superpower. Upon losing various of her friends, Fal joined a man she referred as 'the General' who gave her better resources, between them her biological father's Clarion Starfighter.

Rebel Life and Marriage

Through her days as a rebel Fal met a former Miraluka Sith Lord named Kareld Sidhe. A quick romance was formed and soon enough Fal married him. Aside from her married life, Fal was known to continue attacks on Zakuul, gathering a list of felonies including terrorism and murder. She also disappeared for various weeks, her whereabouts unknown, as well as her company.

Despite their fight with Zakuul, eventually Fal found herself pregnant with Kareld's child and the couple agreed to take Ophre, Kareld's son from a previous relationship, and go into hiding to have their family. Kareld died in Oricon months before his daughter was born.

Antel disappeared for months after her husband's death, giving birth to a healthy daughter in an unknown location. Her child was named Aysel Mila, and currently her location is unknown.

Terminal Dataport.png Reserved Information (?) [Source]
This information is held by the Sith Order.

It is believed Darth Ryshias of the Inquisition was responsible for Kareld Sidhe's death.

Current Status

Fal Antel was recently involved in the destruction of the Star Fortress in the planet of Chevra. The planet is currently quarantined and is considered a toxic risk. It is possible Antel died in the incident.

Terminal Dataport.png Reserved Information (?) [Source]
This information is held by the Alliance

Antel is currently creating a base of operation in the Chevran system, using the 'quarantine' as a cover up.

Personality and Traits

Before she lost her memory, Fal was a cheerful and trusting, making her easy to manipulate by others. She was backwater and barely educated, unable to read or write properly. She also displayed a fear of the Jedi, though her interactions with Knight Ran-del made her less fearful. Eventually she develop many close relationships, some having positive influences in her like her closeness to Reithan making her feel like she had a family.

After waking up, Fal's personality was marked mostly by her experience. She develop a distrust to both Jedi and Sith, though she remained extremely fond of Skyfallen. His death marked a major change in the young Tholothian, causing a deep depression and began a change in her. After meeting Sasmi, Fal became close to her caretaker and soon a mother-daughter dynamic was created.

This dynamic helped Fal mature into a true adult and gave her the opportunity to fall in love and began plans for her own family. The death of her beloved husband and the fear for the future of her daughter and stepson made Fal develop a much stronger personality.

From a loving and sweet young woman, Fal turned into a true soldier filled with conviction to stop Zakuul without sacrificing her morals. She maintains a kind demeanor to those that need her, but rarely shows mercy to her foes. She has also develop a cynical view of the Galaxy and the major powers in it, often showing her disdain for them.


  • Reithan Skyfallen - Fal refers about Knight Skyfallen as her 'brother'. Despite not sharing a blood relationship, Reithan has shown a protective nature when it comes to the young Tholothian. In response, Fal has stated her feeling regarding the Jedi, describing him as the most influential person in her life. His death has marked a change in the young Tholothian and shapes the way she is now maturing.
  • Sasmi Viatruso - The new mentor and mother figure in Fal's life, the two seem to share a mother-daughter relationship. She seems to also be capable of somehow getting Fal to obey an authoritative figure, a deed only ever done prior by Reithan.
  • Cend - The Viatrusos' Akk Wolf and Fal's mischief companion. Currently he has a new role as Aysel's nanny when the girl stays with her grandmothers.
  • Kareld Sidhe - Fal's beloved husband, Kareld was one of the few people to know Fal completely. They shared the ability of Force Medium, and as such share an even deeper bond for it. Fal's love for her husband transcended his death when she decided to give birth to their child despite the risks.
  • Aysel Sidhe - Aysel is her mother's firstborn and her father's second child. She inherit her parents Medium abilities, making her stronger than either of them. Despite her young age, Aysel has been shown to have a mature personality, and a deep connection with various of her mother's animals, especially the So-Bird, Sentinel.
  • Ophre Sidhe - Fal took her stepson as an unofficial apprentice, though the term is loose as they share a loving relationship as mother and son. Ophre is known to be one of the few people Fal has full trust in leaving Aysel with.
  • Darth Ryshias Valeus - The presumed killer of her husband and one of those who hunt her, Fal has a strange behavior when it comes to the man. Though her hate is visible, she seems to often be willing to talk to him. Whether is respect or simply a strategical move, it remains to be seen.
  • Aolanni Vaek - Fal sees the young Jedi Knight as a friend and often refers to her as 'sister'. Despite not seeing her for a long time, Fal speak very fondly of her.
  • Miller Turlim - Fal shows a mix of animosity and respect, with a certain degree of affection to the Jedi. It could be due Turlim's connection to Reithan.
  • Drexa Nahir - Drexa Nahir was Fal's first master and a mother-figure. Though they don't interact much anymore, Fal speaks fondly of the Pureblood.
  • Ganio Tokani - Fal's former Master. Both Fal and Ganio seemed to have a positive relationship. They were often seen teasing each other and seemed to trust one another.
  • Dassalya Nasadee - Dassalya and Fal share a good friendship since their meeting in the Custodum Enclave. The Tholothian is known to care for the Mirialan Jedi's well-being and vice-versa.
  • Archivist Caradell - Fal calls Caradell her 'other sister' and seems to see the archivist as an example to follow. Both relate to each other due the harm Sith have caused to their lives.
  • Darth Thrax - The Sith responsible for the darkest times in Fal's life only is seeing with pure hate by the young woman. Fal does not lie about how much she desires to kill Thrax, but thanks to Dassalya's words and Aolanni's example, Fal has agreed to learn to control her hatred.
  • Lord Pyrrel - The relationship between Thrax's apprentice and Fal is very complicated. Fal does not hate Pyrrel. If anything she pities her and sees a mirror of herself in the Rattataki. Seeing Pyrrel as her equal, the Rattataki is a reminder of what Fal could have become and gives her more resolve to not just stop Thrax, but all to one day defeat the corruption he planted in her.


"Whatever happens... I will never lose hope."

"Republic or Empire, nowadays it doesn't matter."

"Death doesn't scare me. What scares me are cages. To look out from between bars and simply accept a fate. I rather die than lose my freedom."

"We can wish to have not been born in this time of war. That is the burden of the living, but the truth is the fact that there are those willing to continue fill me with hope."