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Welcome to the BegerenColony.org Holonet Wiki! The Holonet Wiki is the roleplay resource for the Begeren Colony server in Star Wars: The Old Republic. It is the In-Character Holonet and other assorted In-Character databases for character, organization, starship, species, planet and other In-Character records.

The Holonet Wiki is powered by the MediaWiki software, the same software that powers Wikipedia.org, Wookiepedia and all the other assorted wikia.com wikis.


Contributing to the Holonet Wiki is very simple! Being a wiki, it is open to anyone, including you, for editing. The only stipulation is that you register and log into your BegerenColony.org forum account and follow our policies and guidelines.


The Holonet Wiki has a few policies and guidelines that you should look at. The two policies all Holonet Wiki users must know and follow are:

The Holonet:Manual of Style, which provides authors with guidelines on the do’s and don’t’s of writing articles — referred to as records for roleplay purposes — on the wiki and also provides authors with unified layout guides and templates.

The Holonet:Wiki Etiquette, which governs the etiquette all users must follow when contributing and editing articles on the wiki. As the majority of the articles on the Holonet Wiki are records of characters and original content created by single authors following the etiquette when editing articles is especially important.

Guides and Resources

Unsure how to go about building pages for the wiki? Have a character page from the previous Wiki you'd like to move over here but are unsure what to do to make that happen? We've created a step-by-step guide to take you through the process of creating a Wiki page and formatting it as per our manual of style. Holonet:How_To_Make_An_Entry

For general guides on creating articles — referred to as records for roleplay purposes —, uploading files, using wikicode to create headings, tables, insert images, create lists, use templates, etc we suggest that you read MediaWiki's help page on editing and Wookiepedia's Editing FAQ. Additionally, This article is a good reference for Wiki markup.