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All articles on the BegerenColony.org Holonet must adhere to the Manual of Style. The Manual of Style provides authors with guidelines on the do’s and don’t’s of article writing on the wiki and also provides authors with unified layout guides and templates for use in each main article type.

For basic punctuation and writing techniques which are not covered here, see Wikipedia’s Manual of Style.

For punctuation and writing techniques pertaining to Star Wars writing, see Wookiepedia’s Manual of Style.

For a step-by-step guide for this Wiki, see Holonet:How_To_Make_An_Entry

Do’s and don’t’s


  • Use proper and full English words; avoiding the use of abbreviations where possible.
  • Follow the File Use Policy when using or uploading images to the wiki.
  • Follow the Wiki Etiquette when editing articles created by other authors.
  • Write your article from a factual, In-Character (IC) perspective.
  • Only include information that other characters would have the ability to access in roleplay.
  • Use the infobox templates for the appropriate articles. All provided fields are optional; additional custom fields can be made using the template's custom field parameters.
  • View the parent category for the article to view a list of existing applicable categories to tag your article with. Please refrain from creating new unnecessary categories.


  • Write Meta Information within the articles main body of text. A Meta Information section exists in the infobox templates for vital Meta Information.

Writing style

All Holonet articles for characters, planetary objects, organizations, starships, and similar are written factual summary style texts from a In-Character (IC) perspective. These articles contain information that could be accessible by other characters through roleplay, either via interaction, the Galactic Holonet, organization personnel records, or other similar In-Character methods. As such, these articles are not a place for a character’s deepest darkest secrets or private off record information and should not contain any Out of Character (OOC) comments or sections or any meta information within the articles body of text.

Article authors can optionally make use of the {{Reserved Information|<Reserved information reason>}} template underneath headings to suggest who could have access to the subsequent information in roleplay.

Article structure guides

The Holonet contains many different types of articles. These different articles are categorized into archetypes by their content and referred to as records for roleplay purposes. The Manual of Style provides guidelines to the structural layout of these common archetypes.

While it is realistically impossible for the Manual of Style to cover every archetype of article these guides set the standard for all other article archetypes not listed here.

Astronomical Object RecordsCharacter RecordsOrganization Records
Species RecordsStarship Records