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House Necare

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House Necare (necāre // neh-caa-ray) is a Noble house in the Sith Empire during the time of the Great Galactic War.

Coat of Arms

Sable, on a chevron Argent between three lightsabers erect Argent, three seven-point Mullets Sable; for a crest, upon a war helm, a Bonepile Argent, thereon an Akk-wolf couchant Or; Mantaling Sable and Argent; for Supporters, dexter, an Akk-wolf rampant gardant Argent holding a Blade erect Or, sinister a Tuk'ata rampant guardant Sable, gorged with an Ancient Crown Or.


  • Darth Venator, Lord Janek, Lord Necare, Earl Shadowcrag, Governor of Bosthirda and system - Darth Janek is the current Lord of the House, having taken control upon the death of his Mother and, being the only surviving child, inherited all her lands, properties and titles. Father of Evir and Aylaa. Respected as a warrior in his youth, since his ascension to High Lord of his House, he has focused more on expanding the business of the house and improving their economic status. He is noted for his disdain of Kaas Politics and spends as little time on the capitol world as possible. Among friends (and foes alike), he is considered to be a notorious matchmaker.
  • Darth Vallara Necare (née Zeiar) - Darth Vallara Necare is the second child of House Zeiar. Mother of Evir and Aylaa. Her marriage was arranged to Janek when they were teenagers in a mutually advantageous political alliance. Very respected as a warrior, she distinguished herself in the Great Galactic War, earning her Darth title during the Sacking of Coruscant. Afterwards she retired from active military service and currently serves House Necare as head of their security forces.
  • Lord Evir Necare - firstborn and Heir apparent of House Necare. Father of Sertol and Li'Vaya. Served a term in the Imperial Military, as is the custom of the house, then returned home to continue his training in the business of running the House. He spends more time on Dromund Kaas than his father and is not as openly disdainful of the politics and backstabbing typical there. He is a well regarded huntsman and ranger and has what many (at least in the circles on Kaas) might consider a surprising knowledge about forestry and planetary ecosystem management.
  • Darth Aylaa Necare - Darth Aylaa Necare is the younger child of the current Lord. She continues the House's strong military tradition and currently serves in the Imperial Army. Married to Ilireth Necare.
  • Lord Neridis Necare (née Ashenrak) - Third child of House Ashenrak, married to Evir, mother of Sertol and Li'Vaya. Impressed Lord Janek Necare while she was on a pilgrimmage to the Sith temple on Bosthirda and thereafter was the target of a concerted campaign by the Lord, to arrange her marriage to Evir despite the two having never met, and such a marriage being a social step down for her. Her focus has been in the life-sciences and medical arts. She is a licensed physician.
  • Lord Ilireth Necare (née Aeglienne) - First child of House Aeglienne, married into House Necare by hand of Darth Aylaa. The Aeglienne House is a political and socialite one, with bare to minimal recognition. Ilireth was raised to enter the military and increase the status of the House through naval accomplishment - however since marriage into House Necare, Ilireth has shed all ties to his previous family.
  • Sertol Necare- First child of Evir and Neridis. He is six and three quarters years old and thinks his grandfather's pack of hunting Akks is the Best. Thing. Ever.
  • Li'Vaya Necare - Second child of Evir and Neridis. She is three and has two modes; asleep and zoom.



House Necare's current seat of power is on the planet Bosthirda. The Estate is located near the planet's primary Starport of Zevinda, which serves as the main point of entry for pilgrims to the Sith Temple. This estate is in the northern hemisphere of the planet in the continent spanning Ridgeback mountains.

The Estate proper lies in a hanging valley some ways away from the city of Zevinda. A stream runs through the valley and falls off the side of the cliff for 600m, flowing into a tributary of the river Sha, which flows by the city of Zevinda. T

he residential portions of the house used by the family are built on and into the steep hillsides of the western side of the valley. The eastern side is devoted to house assets and maintenance such as a small hanger for personal atmospheric craft and transports, office space, storage and servants quarters. The northern side of the estate has partial walls on either side as well as walls that can be brought up when needed - both energy and physical. There is an ornamental fencing build at the top of the sheer cliff. The southern side has some additional buildings on the mostly flat valley floor including a hanger for the Darth Janek's Starship and akk kennels, a larger household kitchen and staff areas as well as a small formal ballroom and entryway.

To enter with ground craft, there is a switchback trail up the side of a slightly less sheer part of the mountain that goes up on the east side then around, allowing access from the south.

It has defenses as befitting a house of their means and station.

The area in the center is partially landscaped parkland. Some of the huge trees that are naturally on the planet have been allowed to grow. There are cultivated flower beds, but the area closer to the stream in the center is largely left to its own devices. There are a few smaller wild animals but nothing huge, mostly things that can fly since it's a safe place to roost and nest. The area is crisscrossed with well-kept pathways.

An additional residence exists near the industrial town and secondary spaceport of Jerunga in the southern hemisphere. The southern House estate is built directly into the massive cliffs of the coast and is across the bay from Jerunga. The complex carved system is large enough to house the entire House and staff, should they decide to migrate south during the harsh northern winter, and features a three story greatroom carved into the cliff face and a hanger large enough for a fury-class spacecraft as well as additional space on the top of the cliff for more landing should the need arise. Usually this residence houses only the House representatives who deal with the House interests in the local Southern vinyards further inland.


House Necare owns much of the land in and around the spaceports in both Zevinda and Jurunga.

River Run is a small settlement on the opposite side of the world from Zevinda in the foothills of the Ablan mountains, a major mountain range on that continent. River Run is unusual in that it has begun to grow as a tourist location noted for winter sports and more accessible safari hunting. It has one of the least dangerous wilderness areas on the planet.

Dromund Kaas

House Necare maintains a residence on the edge of Kaas City.


Necare maintains a small retreat on Korriban in the Shadowcrag region. Reportedly the House's earliest ancestors have their tombs hidden in the massive canyon that gives the region (and their highest title) it's name.


Necare is a well off house. Certainly not the most wealthy in the Empire, they are old and have spent and invested well.

A portion of the House's income is derived from rental fees and a percentage of taxes collected on their lands, this includes customs and fees associated with the Spaceports and orbital stations in the system.

The major exports of Bosthirda itself include dangerous creatures, high quality leathers, exotic furs, and a small selection of fine wines.

The mountains have little to offer in terms of mining, but the local asteroid belt has a number of mineral resources which are being exploited with increasing efficiency and represent a growing source of income for the House.

It is jokingly said that the House's major export is "Generals" for the Empire.


House Necare is a traditionally loyalist House with the majority of it's members serving time in the Military for at least a term if not longer.

A house quirk is it's unusual minority stance on slavery. The house owns very few slaves and actively practices what is considered to be a high degree of manumission among what slaves they do acquire. The net result is an exceptionally loyal population of new Imperial citizens and children of freed citizens who owe a measure of fealty to the house formally or informally.

Necare traditionally stays away from the deeper political games of Kaas and the Empire. This has limited them in some ways from attaining higher peerage titles and additional power in more "Traditional" Imperial circles. They have a solid hold on their own holdings and an extensive network of support within Imperial institutions including Intelligence, the Army and the Navy. The largest change happened four generations ago when the House Seat was moved to Bosthirda where the family held the Governing seat as well as most of the property bought or leased from the crown lands. The result was a decrease in direct political power in the Capitol, but it helped solidify their economic power. The last two generations have attempted to address this by creating personal alliances and even marriage ties to more socially and politically active Houses.


Persons of Note