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Jedi Custodum

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Jedi Custodum
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The Jedi Custodum is a small enclave of Jedi Knights, subordinate directly to the Jedi High Council. Their purpose is to gather exemplary Jedi from all walks of life to serve as the Council's go-to "task force," capable of solving whatever problem may present itself to the Jedi Order or the Republic.


As an enclave of the Order proper, the Custodum act in many ways as the Order in microcosm. The bulk of its members are autonomous Jedi Knights, tasked with missions suiting their specialities. Many Padawan learners are also inducted into the enclave, where they serve alongside the more senior Jedi Knights. Occasionally, promising older Initiates may be permitted to join as well, where they can learn from the enclave's highly skilled Jedi.


Membership in the Custodum enclave is relatively strict -- although students of the Force of all skill levels are admitted, one must display an exemplary dedication to the Jedi way of life. Romantic entanglements and the Dark Side have no place amongst members. Custodum are expected to conduct themselves as representatives of the Jedi Order in all of their dealings, including appropriate dress and etiquette.


The inaugural Council of the Custodum, from left: Polalia Ka'charen, Dai Yarwin, Iaera Farworlder, Urso Corazon, and Saxtus Fayhan

With the slow but steady growth of the enclave, a formal internal Council has been appointed. Like other satellite Jedi Councils, the Custodum Council is still subordinate to the High Council on Tython, and serves only to administrate the internal workings of the enclave. Its current roster is made up of the enclave's senior Jedi Masters.

Enclave Temple

The Custodum enclave re-established a base of Jedi operations on Coruscant early in the Galatic War. A small temple in the Senate District served as the enclave's headquarters and embassy with the people of the Republic, once again bringing the Jedi Order to the capital, at least in part.

The enclave temple houses the Custodum's archives, training and lecture halls, sleeping quarters for initiates under the enclave's care, a hangar for the enclave's starfighter squadron, Council chambers, medical facilities, and a small command and operations centre.

Some of the temple was open to arranged visits by the public, usually when the enclave hosts public lectures or seminars. Visitors without an appointment were advised to wait in the foyer until a Jedi can see to their needs.

For more mobile operations, the Custodum relies on the Custodian's Watch, a Valor-class cruiser provided by the Republic Navy.


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