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Mei'li Bluedark (née: Ogasawara)
Biographical information







155cm (5'1")


54kg (120lbs)

Hair color


Eye color


Skin color



Naboo (born in Dee'ja Peak in Gallo Mountains)

Census information

Lady, Lord


Yavin 4


Ningjing zhi Guang (class: H-type Nubian yacht)

Spoken languages

Basic, low Sith

Understood languages

Mando'a (few phrases)

Notable relations

Husband: Darth Kaatulf Bluedark, the Oathbreaker; Children: Wei'Misini and Sartori'li (twin son and daughter)

Meta information
In-Game Name

Mei'li (also: Mei'lì [Republic])

In-Game Faction


Mei'li Hoban Nuan Ogasawara Bluedark, better known as Lady Mei'li (or simply Mei) is a Sith Lord who grew up in the Republic and infiltrated the Sith Empire shortly after the Sacking of Coruscant.


Mei'li has long black hair, green eyes, is petite and lean muscled. Has no scars on her face, however she does have a small burn scar on her left leg from a training accident when she was learning to use a double-blade lightsaber, and a fading scar on her right hand from a dagger (obtained during a ceremony). In formal social gatherings she will typically be wearing a dress (she prides herself on her fashion sense) and typically, but not always, will carry a lightsaber. In business settings she will typical wear some level of combat-like gear depending on the situation, and carry both of her swords.


Early Life and Family History

Mei'li was born into a wealthy family on the peaceful planet of Naboo. Her mother, Sihnon (a non-Force sensitive) was one of the Queen's handmaidens. Her father, Hoban'ji Ogasawara was a political advisor to the Queen. Despite being a Force sensitive, he decided not to become a Jedi because he believed he was better off in the Senate. The two fell in love and eventually Sihnon retired from her position as handmaiden and the two were married. They had three children. Their first was a son named Ke'rii. Like his mother, he did not possess any ability with the Force. Five years after the birth of their son, they had twin girls: Mei'li and her sister, Xia'li. Both girls were Force users like their father.

For the most part, the Ogasawara family lived in Theed, though they would travel to their vineyard at Dee'ja Peak in the Gallo Mountain to get away from time to time and enjoy the "quiet life".

Family Members

The Force and the Jedi Order

Mei'li was strong with the Force, though her ability was untamed. She was always getting herself into trouble for pulling pranks and tricks on her non-Force using brother. Though Ke'rii was five years older than she, the two siblings were close. Mei felt distance growing between her and Xia'li, who eventually left Naboo to train with the Jedi.

In an attempt to keep family ties close with her sister, Mei'li tried to train with the Jedi. The Order refused to teach her, stating that she did not possess the serious mind required of becoming a Jedi. Anyone else would have been devastated, but at the time, Mei's true aspiration was to follow in her father's political footsteps and one day represent Naboo in Senate (though if she could be trained in the Force, more power to her). She was entered into the Legislative Youth Program and began mandatory education that would guide her in achieving her future goals.

Sacking of Corusant and The Empire

For years, Mei'li traveled to Coruscant with her father, where she would sit in on Senate meetings for educational purposes. Her father took these visits as a way to better prepare his daughter for the reality of the job she aspired to have. During one of these visits, her father took her to visit an old friend at the Jedi Temple. This happened to be the day Darth Malgus invaded the capitol world.

Having no training in the Force, Mei'li was hidden away in the Temple during Malgus's slaughter. Her curious nature eventually brought her out of hiding to see the slaughtered Jedi. But worse, she spotted her father, and found him hunched over on his knees in front of the Sith Lord. He was alive, but wounded, and bound in shackles. She watched him be taken away by the Sith. Fearing for her own life, she escaped the temple, forced to live for days in the depths of Coruscant until Malgus released the world a few days later.

At a loss Mei'li left Coruscant and sought sanctuary on Tython. All she could think to do was learn the ways of the Jedi and rescue her father. But again, the Jedi Council refused to train her, especially in her current state of mind. She was traumatized, hurt, and angry.

Furious with the Jedi, she left Tython and went to see her brother on Nar Shaddaa. She stayed with Ke'rii for a few months. Nightmares began to invade Mei's sleep with images of her father being tortured, and worse, falling to the Dark Side.

Despite her brother's best efforts, he couldn't stop Mei'li as she planned to infiltrate the Sith Empire by becoming Sith herself. If Malgus was rounding up anyone and everyone with the smallest inkling of Force sensitivity, then surely she could enter the Sith Academy.

So the young girl from Naboo, who knew nothing of the Imperial world or the Sith, entered the Academy on Korriban and swiftly began her training. The Academy treated her well in terms of training and Force knowledge, but the people she had around her terrified her and some even hurt her. She remained focused on her task, every day reminding herself that she was here to save her father.

Eventually she left the Academy and found a group of people who took her in. She grew in their ranks, eventually becoming a Lord, the honor given to her by Darth Kaatulf Bluedark the Oathbreaker--a man she admired and trusted more than anyone in the Imperium. Eventually the two grew close and fell in love.

The Imperium that Mei and Kaatulf served started to crumble in a series of brutal injustices. Mei lost her Lord status, even her apprentice. Power plays, betrayals, and double standards became a norm, and the two left Dormund Kaas to live in self-imposed exile. They married, started a family, and five years later returned to the galaxy to find it in shambles after the invasion of the Eternal Empire. They have now contacted Sith Intelligence in the hopes of serving the Empire once again.

Recent Events

Coming soon

Personality and Traits

Mei'li, more often than not, is polite and courteous to others (unless they prove themselves to be rude and hateful towards those she cares about). She is stubborn, but that's not to say she won't listen to reason. She knows when she is wrong. She is passionate about those she cares about and will be the first to stand up and defend them if necessary. She is strong, though her kind nature tends to mislead some into thinking she is weak. In large crowds, such as war room or operations meetings, she tends to be quiet, taking in all the facts (military tactics are not her strength). Despite her quiet nature, she can be very outgoing, especially around those she knows well.


Fashion, gardening, reading (prefers actual books to the digitized archives), writing in her diary. She is a classically trained dancer (loves all dance from the classic of ballet and waltz to disco and club-style dancing). Loves music. Is not the best cook, but tries. Spending time with her family and children.

Skills and Weapons


  • The Force - Though Mei has always been a Force user, she never trained it when she was younger. For the most part she used her ability for pranks and tricks. It wasn't until she went to Korriban that she learned how to use it with control and for combat. For the longest time she followed the Lightside of the Force, however, she has been taught, and uses the Darkside more and more.
  • Force Empathy - an ability Mei has had since a very early age, though she was not aware she even had it. In the beginning, this ability was uncontrolled and reacted off of high emotional responses. At present, she has much better control of this ability, now able to summon it at will. She never abuses this power or "invades" another person without them knowing.
  • Ataru form - Mei favors this acrobatic, swift form of combat
  • Medical - Mei is not a doctor and should not perform surgery. However, she knows enough to clean, bandage and even give stitches. She is good at applying kolto or batca and even ice. She knows basics in rehabilitating an injury (physical therapy), but this is from her own personal experience. In general she is not squeamish around blood, though she may have a moment of shock--but she can keep it together. She would take orders well if asked to assist in an emergency medical situation.


  • In combat, Mei prefers two swords (used to use two lightsabers).
  • Double-bladed lightsaber - Mei has secondary ability in using a double-blade, however, this is not her first or most comfortable weapon of choice. She will not bring this weapon for general protection or combat.
  • Blasters - Mei has minimal training in this, most of her 'skill' comes from what her brother has taught her. As with the double-bladed saber, she is not confident enough to bring this into combat or carry for general protection.
  • Knife - from time to time will conceal a small knife for protection. This is rare, and if she does have one, she's on edge.