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Sciran Demura

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Sciran Demura
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Born Elblai Draay in Abregado-rae's infamous Capital City Spaceport, Sciran had at one point become quite possibly the Jedi Order's most embarrassing secret. He is best known for his time spent among the order as an impostor, the nickname he had acquired during that time, and afterwords for his successful information trading business.


Sciran is always characterized with grey eyes, shoulder-length dark brown hair that is neatly kept back in an elegant design, slightly unkempt stubble along his jawline, and a single cut scar that crosses downwards over his right eye. He stands at six foot four and broad shouldered, well toned and fit from years of dangerous living. He changes his attire often to suit the situations he plans for, however he is most well known for the high-value white armored coat and leggings he typically will sport to public events - an outfit reminiscent of his old white Jedi armor.


The Monastery

Elblai was the only child of a spaceport worker and a wealthy merchant woman. At the age of three he was orphaned when a docking accident claimed both of his parents. Having not been close enough to the incident to be injured, Elblai wandered the spaceport docks endlessly until a traveling monk took notice of him. The monk helped the young boy search for his parents until he learned of the accident; however with no orphanage or organized aid to leave the boy to, the monk took Elblai along to his home on a distant rim world called Sapience.

There Elblai was taken in by the monastery and grew up as one of them, learning the ways of philosophy, self perfection, and martial arts. The monastery largely ignored the outside world and neglected much of science in the pursuit of their mystic arts, and so Elblai never learned of space travel or of Jedi and Sith. Yet they could not erase his memory, and his dreams of foggy memories of his young life were a constant reminder that there was something more out there.

At sixteen they could no longer keep the truth from him, as he discovered the monastery supplies were hauled by a freighter pilot who made regular trips to the outer rim. After watching the routine for many months Elblai stowed away onto one of the freighter transports and took to the stars as temporary cargo.

The Pirate Years

Elblai was quickly discovered as a stowaway, but the captain - a fat togruta man named Fig'aran who went by "Big Fig" - treated the boy kindly, feeding him and sheltering him instead of treating him as a criminal. He listened to the boys story, the dream of the stars, and promised to let the boy off at the next planet in their run. However when it came time to depart, the captain refused, citing that the port was "no place to leave a boy." Elblai spent his time between dockings learning the ways of the ship and the hows of the spacer life - and at each port it was the captain that grumbled at the conditions of leaving a boy in the world. Eventually, the captain came to call Elblai a part of the crew.

Elblai's skills grew, and the boy quickly took to the art of the trade talk. His knowledge of philosophy and the study of thought allowed him an insight into many given situations, and with his advice Big Fig took on more and more questionable jobs with an optimistic turn. It soon was discovered that Elblai was force sensitive, though extremely minorly, and that only added to the crew's boldness. They led a long and successful career in the underworld, making friends across the galaxy - including some among the Jedi and Sith - never needing to draw blasters unless threatened, and were threatened less and less as their wealth grew.

Fig'aran eventually passed, and left the ship for Elblai to command. Elblai continued the 'Gentleman Pirate' game for several years, and the crew came to love him as much as they had for Big Fig. They specifically kept away from jobs and bounties of note, always skirting the line between daring and rich.

The Hoth Incident

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In 3,656 BBY, the Czerka Corporation hired Elblai to acquire a large amount of spice, specifically to be stolen from other illegal traffickers, for illegal chemical weapons research. The ploy was designed by Czerka to reduce the attention by authorities on the thefts. In his usual manner, Elblai attempted to play both sides against the middle for a greater profit, reporting the thefts to one of his Jedi friends Rotan Duanji in exchange for a reward. The jedi led an investigation into Czerka and the thefts on behalf of the Council.

After several wildly successful raids on criminal drug lords, Elblai and a Czerka corp representative arranged to complete their transactions on the remote planet of Hoth. During negotiations on the planet surface, however, Rotan was discovered and captured. Rather than risk word of their involvement spreading, Czerka declared a total loss on the project and attacked both the Jedi and Elblai's crew. Rotan and most of Elblai's crew were slain in the conflict, and the pirate's ship destroyed.

With no immediate way off of the planet, Elblai salvaged what he could of the ship and his crew's equipment, including Rotan's Jedi robes to aid with the frozen climate. He made the trek to a Republic spaceport on foot, where he was mistaken for a Jedi and given immediate medical transport from the planet.

Having been force sensitive, Elblai continued the guise of a Jedi under the name Sciran Demura in order to hide from Czerka's 'Aquisition Specialists'.

Return To Abregado-rae

Sciran took advantage of the natural hospitality many openly gave the Jedi to backpack his way around the galaxy, laying as low as he could manage. His minor force sensitivity helped when he was held under a skeptical eye and his quick wit provided him all of the answers to anyone's questions. He eventually drifted his way back to Abregado-rae, where he took refuge in the expansiveness of the spaceport city.

The man slowly found comfort in the lifestyle he was impersonating, finding it very familiar to the monastery life he had once left behind. The light of his recent troubles and a broader view of the galaxy allowed him to find peace in the simplistic nature of the force-using Order. In time he began to adopt many aspects of the facade as truth, until eventually he was no longer pretending to believe in what he was living.

He stayed near the city proper where he helped the orphans and overburdened, taking up a role very similar to what the wandering monk had once done for him. He made sure he never became anything important, but the care he showed for the city underbelly still was enough to get him noticed and approached by the Republic Military.

The Vigil

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In 3,642 BBY, Aiden Baail - commander of the Republic Special Forces Unit The Vigil - approached Sciran and asked him to become a part of the unit. Though still afraid of what may happen if he were discovered, Sciran was driven to accept by the idea of doing a greater good in the galaxy.

The unit wasted no time in putting the Jedi-impostor to work, utilizing his fast talking skills to negotiate surrenders and his martial art prowess to aid in tactical pushes. He participated in several anti-Imperial operations, Catrel raids, and even SIS infiltration missions. It was during this time that his reputation for putting the well-being of the average bystander before the success of a mission, without sacrificing the ability to achieve results, quickly earned him the nickname White Knight.

He became a very popular example of 'the right kind of Jedi', despite the irony that he was not officially a part of the Order. Even under the watchful eye of the recognition he had received, Sciran managed to avoid and smooth talk his way around his past.

Spy Game

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His popularity also brought the attention of the Republics enemies, and Imperial Intelligence sent Calibis Lorem'sica, a Chiss undercover agent, to assess what could be gained from the Jedi Sciran. She appeared to the Jedi as a would-be privateer under the alias Calias and attempted to work her way into his inner circle.

Sciran eventually discovered Calias' true nature and her snooping, though he kept quiet about her identity to the authorities in an effort to silently trail her employers. The two tangled in a long game of cat and mouse as they each chased the truth around the other. They eventually came to the realization that they knew who each other were, and that the chase had sparked an attraction.

Eventually, the two chose to put aside their chase and keep the other's secrets and attempt a hidden romance despite their differing sides. Sciran always pushing for Calibis to give up the spy life, and Calibis constantly urging Sciran to seek freedom from his past in the Empire. They would come to compromise on true independence from either faction.

The DarkStar Event

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During his time with The Vigil, increasingly odd occurrences surrounding the White Knight's popularity began to surface. There were bounties placed on prominent civilians with the appearance that Sciran was the aggressor, mysterious transmissions to high ranking members of the Vigil with dated records of Tython's Jedi, and coded messages to individuals at large with threats against random people unless Sciran revealed the truth about himself. Each communication was signed by the pseudonym Ifrit - a moniker Sciran himself had used previously during his time as a pirate.

Through the efforts of the Vigil and the allies of the Republic, it was discovered that the Jedi Rotan Duanji had survived the Hoth incident with the aid of a powerful Sith Lord. Driven mad by his recovery from the ordeal, Rotan had taken note of Sciran's popularity and recognized him. He obsessed over the White Knight and viewed his taking on the Jedi robes as a betrayal and claimed Sciran 'stole his life'. As Ifrit he waged a vengeance campaign against the Vigil which culminated in the revealing of a machination he called the DarkStar: a device that combined the concepts behind spice and nuclear radiation to spread a devastating sickness in the wake of a nuclear blast.

Ifrit captured Sciran during one of their engagements, taking him to the DarkStar manufacturing facility on Balmorra. The Vigil and their allies launched an assault on the facility with the collaboration of Imperial elements, aiming to rid both sides of an unstable powerhouse in the budding war between Empire and Republic. They navigated a fortress madhouse of tricks, traps, puzzles and horrors and eventually put the crazed antagonist to rest permanently.

White Knight Security

With his past finally come to light, Sciran was expecting to be hunted once again - except now for impersonating a Jedi as well as his previous Czerka bounty. To his surprise, the Vigil and the Jedi Order wanted no recompense from him, on the conditions that he either join the Order properly or cease the charade, and that the fact that he had infiltrated them so well be kept quiet. Sciran declined joining the Order, taking to the smuggler life once again, and no longer allowed others to believe he was a Jedi.

Instead the White Knight took the name he had been given and capitalized on it: he created a network of informants, using the skills he developed to infiltrate the Jedi to put eyes and ears most anyplace he could reach. He employed unique gadgets and tricks to make sure any of his agents were able to take part in what they sought after and every agent was publicly known for their affiliation with him.

It was a trick he called "Public Security Free Trading." The idea was that everyone knew who he was and what he did, so if everyone had an equal opportunity to come to him he need not fear retaliation or competition. Every piece of information he came across was available to another customer to trade for an equal value piece of information. This became wildly successful, with clients in most governments, underworlds, even the Senate and Dark Council called upon him more than once.

The Silence Keepers

Once again his popularity would see him in trouble, as a shadow organization called The Silence Keepers took note of his gathering of information. The organization had been formed to keep certain knowledge hidden from the galaxy, and Sciran posed a threat if he were to come across any of their charges. They planted a small series of dummy scandals to interest the information broker and lured him into an assassination trap.

The cyborg hit man Sionn Reed was who the Keepers offered the bounty to, through intermediaries to ensure the true employer was never found. Sionn proved a match for Sciran's deft ploys at every turn - the cyborg cornering him nearly anytime he moved in public. Sciran was severely wounded during one of the staged shootouts at Nar Shaddaa and was forced to rely on his agents for sorting out the mess.

Through a long bout of proxy battles, Sciran eventually found the truth of those who were after him and why. He was then able to challenge the shadow organization at their own game, information, eventually playing them to a draw so he could force terms. Given the groups vast resources and clear reach, Sciran was forced to accept he could not win; he offered that he would cease his hostilities and not bother the information market again if they would allow him to retire to Tattooine for the rest of his days. The Keepers accepted.


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Sciran moved to live on Tattooine with his wife Calibis, quietly being a part of the community there. During his retirement he maintained little to no contact with the galaxy beyond his new home, but had been known to make an appearance on the comms or to entertain visits from old friends. He had not been spotted on any core world or highly populated planet. However it was rumored that no one ever discovered how the White Knight was able to listen in on the entirety of a galaxy, and that he listened still.

The White Knight Strikes Back

After Calibis had been unexpectedly called back into service with the Empire under mysterious circumstances, Sciran returned to the galactic theater - breaking his agreement with the Silence Keepers. He returned to the Smuggler's lifestyle, flying with The Smugglers Coalition - an independent group of pilots and brigands formed by his previous friends and partners.

With the Coalition he captained and piloted the Dawnfire, a stolen Republic Light Corvette converted into a missile gunboat and troop transport by Sciran. With this ship he lead raiding space battles and danger-close operations, offering both his skill and expertise to the band of outlaws. He oftentimes took on side jobs which provided targets of interest against the Silence keepers or that allowed him the opportunity to 'stand up for the little guy', professing constantly that he was working on 'something big'.

With several strikes and thefts against important targets, the Silence Keepers had taken clear note of Sciran's disregard for their settlement. Sciran's ability and resources however, now with the Coalition supporting him, made retaliation against the White Knight nearly impossible.

End Of An Era

With Sciran's charisma gathering much against the Keepers directly, the shadow organization took things to a new level. An opportunity was organized for multiple parties who had interacted with the White Knight to steal from a influential Hutt dealing with Czerka Medical on Nar Shadaa by an apparently famous white collar thief called 'The Architect'. Little known to those who participated in the heist, Sciran had also targeted the same Hutt for a theft of his own and the job they had been offered was the cover for a trap against the White Knight.

The Architect was revealed to be a high-ranking player among the Silence Keepers, but not before the trap had been closed on its intended target: Sciran Demura's body was found among the wreckage after a precision explosion destroyed much of the Hutt's penthouse roof. The Era of the White Knight appeared over.


With Sciran's death, the term 'White Knight' was transformed into a persona - being first pushed in that direction by Ralle Wymarc. The resources, network, and Sciran's unique ship passed on to the Baron in a small but private handoff by Sciran's wife Calibis. The Silence Keepers would also find that their troubles were not over with Sciran's end, as many of his closer friends took up the conflict in his stead: some for the righteousness of the fight, some for vengeance at a lost friend...

Little marks and indications of his influence still surface from time to time across the galaxy, as locations and items he had handled come to light even so long after his departure.


Often described as an enigma, Sciran's personality often could seem hectic or even random to the untrained eye: at times critical and calm even at joyous occasions, other times lighthearted and jovial even in the most tense of situations. In truth the man was a calculating individual, with every outward appearance of emotion or attitude chosen to evoke designed responses from those he deals business with. In private the man was caring, compassionate, and enjoyed everything related to philosophy or people in general. Very few, however, had been able to see the man without the mask of business.


  • "Many Greetings and Random Words!"
  • "A drowning man is not troubled by rain."
  • "Secrets kill. If yours don't kill you, someone else's will. Don't keep them."
  • "Only two reasons a person hides: Fear, or Malice. Both ain't good."