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Tergahn Dai'lo

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Tergahn Dai'lo
Tergahn Dai'lo.jpg
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Skin color

Red-orange with white patterns



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The Ghost in the Ruins

  • Eternal Alliance
  • Galactic Republic (informally)
  • Jedi Order (informally)

Alliance Base, Odessen

Spoken languages

Togruti, Basic

Understood languages


Notable relations

Sith Lord Lazhna Dai'lo (younger sister)

Jedi Training
Known Lightsaber Forms

I (Shii-Cho), IV (Ataru), V (Shien / Djem So)

Known Force Powers

Telekinesis, Stealth, Perception

Jedi Master

Eran Heskin

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"If there is to be hope for the future of the Jedi and of the Force itself, we must expand our horizons...and our allegiances."
- Jedi Master Tergahn Dai'lo

Tergahn Dai'lo is a Togruta Jedi Master trained in the path of the Jedi Shadow. A veteran of the last years of the first Great War, he has become embroiled in the chaos of the second, earning his Mastery - and the nickname "The Ghost in the Ruins" - for his dedication in hunting down and capturing Jedi who turned to the Order of Revan on Yavin Four. After the collapse of galactic society with the arrival of the Eternal Empire of Zakuul, Tergahn joined the Alliance (now Eternal Alliance) based on Odessen, serving on the front lines. Since the Battle of Voss, Tergahn has been regularly paired with Captain Lucia Zherron, a former Republic privateer, and Galen Tavener, a Knight of Zakuul who broke with the Eternal Empire after Vaylin's rise to power.


Tergahn was born on the Togruta homeworld of Shili early in the Great War, into a family of traders who dealt with both sides during the conflict. It had been the hope of his parents that, as their firstborn son, he would inherit their transport trading business. That would change during a layover on Coruscant when Tergahn was five years old, when it was determined that he was Force-sensitive.

The Jedi Knight Eran Heskin was preparing to leave the capital for a rendezvous with a Republic task force on the frontlines...but stopped dead upon passing by the Dai'lo family group at the spaceport, feeling the Force within the child. The Dai'los - who were against their homeworld being formally part of the Republic due to the fact the Jedi could take their Force-sensitive children "on a whim" - protested when Heskin told them of his Jedi potential, saying he must be "mistaken". But Tergahn had grown up with some of his family's friends from Shili, who told tales about the Jedi and their powers. The thought that he could do such a thing himself led him to choose leaving with Heskin, despite the pain he knew it would cause his parents; the decision made, Heskin took the boy to train at the Jedi Temple.

His family maintained a vitriolic hate for the Jedi Order for the rest of their lives...especially when their next child, Lazhna, proved to be Force-sensitive as well, a fact they tried to hide from the Jedi for years. Ironically, an encounter with a Jedi "recruiter" on the Outer Rim trade world of Jaren after the war led to an encounter with a Sith, who promptly killed the Jedi, and offered Lazhna an opportunity to train on Korriban; when the Dai'los protested this even more vehemently than they had the Jedi, Lazhna herself killed them.

Tergahn is aware of Lazhna's existence, as well as her ties to the Sith, but has not allowed this knowledge to interfere with his duties.

Walking in the Shadow

"The best battles are usually won with your lightsaber never leaving your belt. While this weapon is your life, it is not the only weapon you wield. Words and motion are equally as potent as your blade; before one speaks a single word, or takes a single step, one must know what to say, where to go, and - in both cases - why. There will be times, of course, where the blade is the only solution...but you must be absolutely certain."
- Heskin's philosophy of combat

After a period at the Temple on Coruscant as a Jedi Initiate, Tergahn was formally apprenticed to Heskin, who trained him in the combat arts of the Jedi Shadow, with emphasis on stealth tactics and mental clarity. Though the Republic (and the Jedi Order sworn to its protection) was at war with the Sith, and the role of the Shadow was to fight the dark side, Heskin emphasized that not all situations required killing an opponent, or even fighting; the best battles were those won without resorting to the lightsaber. It was a maxim that Tergahn took to heart.

As a Padawan, Tergahn served alongside Heskin on a number of different battlefields, including Rhen Var and Ord Radama, before returning to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant for a period of healing. They had the misfortune of arriving just before the Sacking, and were in the Temple when it was destroyed by Darth Malgus and his surprise attack. Heskin was crippled by a collapsing roof, but survived long enough to be pulled out of the rubble. Tergahn went through in search of any signs of life he could find, and pulling them to safety despite nearly being killed by falling debris himself. For his selfless courage, Heskin recommended him to the Jedi Council for elevation to Jedi Knight. Afterwards, the Jedi relocated to their ancient sanctuary on Tython, where now-Master Heskin - confined to a hoverchair - took up work as an instructor to the Initiates.

As a newly-anointed Knight, Tergahn was regularly sent into the field to help assure compliance with the Treaty of Coruscant, as well as offer mediation during civil crises that rose in the post-war era. He also spent a brief period on Alderaan as a Jedi advisor to House Organa, in its ongoing struggles against Houses Ulgo and Thul. Like Master Heskin, however, Tergahn did not believe for a minute that the Sith would honor the treaty, and was not the least bit surprised when the war resumed eleven years later. By that time, he had taken a Padawan, the Jedi Sentinel Nirak Soban, to whom he had taught the same philosophy as Heskin had to him. Soban was Knighted two years later, when both he and his Master were part of the evacuation and defense efforts on Makeb during the Hutt Cartel invasion.

The Ghost in the Ruins

Knight Tergahn on the hunt for Revanites in the jungles of Yavin Four

It was sometime after Soban's Knighting that Tergahn found himself serving in Grand Master Satele Shan's fleet when it was diverted to Rishi, and became embroiled in a confusing brawl in orbit with a fleet led by Darth Marr. It was revealed then that this had been the work of the Order of Revan, aided by the Nova Blades pirate clan that ruled the port city of Raider's Cove. Though the Nova Blades' power had been broken with the death of their leader, Commodore Dael Margok, the Revanites were nonetheless able to carry out their plan to lure the fleets, in order to destroy two of the most powerful people in the galaxy - the Grand Master of the Jedi Order and the de facto leader of the Empire's Dark Council - in one fell swoop. Thanks to efforts by courageous individuals on the ground, however, the ruse was discovered, as was the startling fact that Revan himself - said to have been rescued from three centuries of Imperial captivity, only to be killed by the Empire shortly afterward - was the mastermind behind the entire plot.

Despite his reluctance at having anything to do with the Sith, Tergahn participated in the brief coalition of forces that brought the battle to the Order of Revan on the fourth moon of Yavin - a place well known in Jedi lore as a bastion of the dark side, having been the sanctuary of Exar Kun three centuries earlier, and of Naga Sadow a thousand years before him. Tergahn was tasked by Grand Master Satele to hunt down and capture (if possible) any known Jedi believed to have defected to the Order of Revan; one of the most surprising, and the most vocal, was the Jedi Master Merken Netalis, who had allied with Darth Verulam in the Revanite cause. Though he would never come close to Netalis (he and Verulam killed one another on Nikaea several months later), Tergahn was able to locate and apprehend more than two dozen Revanite traitors. Though he saw the Order of Revan in the same general light that he saw the Sith, Tergahn believed - somewhat ironically - in giving the defectors the same second chance that had been given to Revan himself, to return to the path of the light. He became feared by the Revanites for his ability to blend into the shadows of the ruined temples, earning him the nickname "the Ghost in the Ruins".

For his efforts on Yavin, as well as the completion of his first Padawan's training, Tergahn was elevated to the rank of Jedi Master following Revan's defeat; he remained ever watchful for any remnants of the Revanites on Yavin and elsewhere for a period afterward. It was during this period that he ended up taking on a second Padawan, a Cathar named Allem Lerral, who also trained as a Shadow.

The Alliance

Following the Eternal Empire's conquest of the galaxy, the Jedi Order more or less disintegrated, with Grand Master Satele and the Jedi Council vanishing from the still-damaged Jedi Temple on Tython. Tergahn and Allem eventually paired up with a pair of privateer captains - Lucia Zherron of the Direwolf and Nelys Lorath of the Brigantia - who believed that the Republic under Chancellor Saresh, even after she left office, had done a disservice by attempting to fight a war with both the Sith and Zakuul at the same time, and elected to keep away from the Core. They operated more or less alone for the next several years, relying on out-of-the-way worlds and shadowports to keep the ships running.

During a layover at a shadowport known as "Fort Defiance" on the edge of Wild Space, he encountered his former Padawan, Nirak Soban, who told him of an "Alliance" gathered on Odessen led by the "Outlander" who had begun to plague the Zakuulan occupiers. A Force enclave overseen by Sana-Rae, a Voss Mystic, had been set up there, and Soban believed that Tergahn would be a beneficial part of the new organization. Intrigued by this, Tergahn suggested to both captains that they travel to Odessen to see what this "Alliance" was all about. Much to his surprise, the single voice of dissent was his Padawan; Allem elected to leave them and take ship back to the Core, believing that joining the Alliance would mean betraying the Republic. Tergahn understood her decision, and chose to respect her wishes, arranging for her to take ship with a freighter going to Coruscant.

Changing Perspectives

Galen Tavener, a Knight of Zakuul who defected to the Alliance and learned Jedi ways from Tergahn

Upon arriving on Odessen, Tergahn was immediately welcomed into the Force enclave, while both Lucia and Nelys were put to work by the renowned smuggler captain Hylo Visz. Tergahn often worked with Lucia and a former guard captain from Alderaan named Darias Tavan, often engaging in humanitarian aid or removing Star Fortresses from besieged worlds. When Arcann invaded Odessen with his fleet, Tergahn and Tavan manned the turrets aboard the Direwolf during the fighting in orbit.

Following Arcann's defeat, Tergahn encountered an unlikely ally: A Zakuulan Knight-Captain named Galen Tavener, who had served in the occupation force on Reydovan Prime until it was wiped out by Imperial and Sith forces under the direction of Darth Malagant. The cruelty of his former commander, Exarch Hedrath Jadre, and the brutal nature of the regime - first under Arcann, and then especially under Arcann's insane sister, Vaylin - had led Tavener to rethink his priorities. Tergahn chose to take Tavener in, bringing him to former Sith Lord Lana Beniko, the Alliance Commander's senior advisor. Beniko revealed the truth about Valkorion and his regime to the Knight, who pledged to serve the Commander and the Alliance. Tergahn and Tavener would teach one another the philosophies of their respective orders, and would fight side-by-side in the final battle on Odessen, which ended with the death of Vaylin.

After the Eternal Empire collapsed, Tergahn made sure Tavener would have a place in the Alliance, and also recommended that he travel to Coruscant to learn more about the Jedi from those who remained in the Republic - namely the Jedi Custodum enclave, with whom Tergahn and Lucia had interacted on and off, particularly through Lucia's father, Eidan. Though he remained as part of this "neutral third party", Tergahn ultimately believed his service to the Alliance would be for the good of the Republic as well.

Appearance and Personality

Tergahn during the Imperial-instigated pirate incursion on Dantooine, wearing Zakuulan robed armor and carrying Galen Tavener's saber-pike

Much like his sister Lazhna, Tergahn's skin is red-orange in color all around (including the lekku and montrals, which are occasionally different colors on some Togruta), with white patterns, and his eyes are amber. Since joining the Alliance, he is often seen wearing robed armor similar to that of the Scions of Zakuul, done up in white and red. As a token of respect for his comrade-in-arms, Galen Tavener gave Tergahn his old lightsaber pike, which he had used in conjunction with a shield during his service on Reydovan Prime during the Zakuulan occupation of that planet; the only change Tergahn has made has been the color crystal, which is the sea-green he has favored since he was a Padawan.

Even before the Zakuulan invasion, Tergahn was not a "typical" Jedi, often described as being good-humored, almost jovial - a term not typically used with those of his Order. He often likes to say that while the Jedi Code makes clear "there is no death, only the Force", that does not mean that life should be taken for granted; indeed, it should be lived to the fullest whenever possible. He believes wholeheartedly in the benefits of good company, and has maintained friendships both among his Alliance comrades and with old acquaintances back in the Republic - although his second Padawan, Allem Lerral, keeps her distance from him, believing him to no longer be a Jedi because of his allegiance to the Alliance.