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The Synovian Empire

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The Synovian Empire
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Synovian Council

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The StormShadow

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Emperor Death Swayer

Meta information

The Synovian Empire is the governing body ruling over the neutral world of Synovia. The structure of the empire follows Imperial ranks of command, where a single Emperor delegates power and responsibility over the day to day functions to a ruling council of twelve. The planet is currently neutral in the conflict between the Republic and the Empire.

Guild Backstory

Early History

The planetary government had begun its structure as an empire, natives to the world championing values of peace and security over freedom. A Sith Lord known by his title as the "Death Swayer" discovered the world close to the Outer Rim territories, seeking to earn the title of Emperor for the planet using his small power base. Over time, the Sith Lord eventually became disillusioned with Sith philosophy and began to follow a new ideology akin to the grey Jedi.

The Colonization of Synovia

The planet of Synovia was found when the Sith Lord known as "Death Swayer" was sent by the Sith Empire to discover and conquer a new planet in the Outer Rim Territories. When the Lord was given a Harrower class cruiser, and a small force to take the planet, he departed in hopes of returning with the glory of a conqueror, although upon arrival to the planet, his opinions would slowly change.

The first landing the Lord made on the planet was a small expedition, landing with a small shuttle to investigate the foreign land. Discovering the land had resembled the terrain of the planet Hoth in the most harsh places of the planet, and the planet of Alderaan in the more habitable places, he realized it would be a ideal planet to colonize for Imperial expansion.

The Uninhabited lands of Synovia.

After scouting the planet with his war generals Sou'mak and Velkus, they soon were met with the local inhabitants of the planet. Primitive in technology, and never faced with the concept of the Force, they were treated as gods among the people. Seen as saviors and messiahs, they were offered leadership over the settlements.

Quickly accepting the position in hopes of easily gaining Imperial control, the Lord soon had a slow, but sure change of heart. After witnessing the inhabitants wish for peace and security, over their own values of freedom, he soon began to question his own motives; Realizing he had slowly begun to disagree with the way the Sith Empire lead their forces. After having this realization, he returned to his flagship, and held a meeting with his generals that where loyal to him and his command.

Although some disagreed with breaking from the Empire, the crew of the ship decided they would break from Imperial command and begin to colonize, build, and fortify the planet now named Synovia. These commanders and their men taught the inhabitants military tactics. Teaching them to use guns, vibroblades, staffs, and some even the force. Creating the Synovian Empire, based around the foundations of ideology based around those akin to grey Jedi.

Freedom from the Empire

Soon after the colonization of Synovia began, the Sith learned of the defection of the Sith Lord and his army. Angered by their actions, the Sith Empire dispatched two more Harrower class cruisers under the control of Generals Kalketta and Kyshen, tasked with locating and destroying the traitors. Expecting little resistance, they set out to find, and kill the defective Sith Lord, but upon arrival to the planet, they were met with more resistance than they expected.

With in the short time, aerial defenses had established, firing upon the cruisers first entering orbit. Attempting to land troops on the ground, the two generals were unaware of the Synovian cruiser that had began firing upon them. Easily taking the first cruiser down with the element of surprise, the Harrower cruiser under the control of General Kyshen crash landed in the inhabitable icy north of the Synovian lands. The second cruiser under the control of General Kalketta continued to combat the now revealed cruiser.

General Kyshen's Harrower battle cruiser crash landing on the planet Synovia

After boarding and taking control of the cruiser, Death Swayer and his soldiers held the captives of the now taken ship in the newly built capital of Synovia. The general of the ship was given two options. First was to join the exiled Sith Lord in his cause, or be publicly executed. After refusing this offer, along side a handful of his men, they where sentenced to death by execution on the steps of the Synovian Capital. The foot soldiers being executed by firing squad, and the general being beheaded by Death Swayer himself.

After seeing this display, the remaining crew joined the Synovians in their cause, gifting their army and cruiser to their ever growing cause. As word spread, the ever angered Sith Empire heard of the incident and the death of their general. Deciding against retaliating because of the ever growing threat of the Dread Masters, as well as the Republic and Jedi, they left the planet alone to grow and prosper.

The War on Terror

Within a few short years, Synovian's government had become strengthened as a capable council of Force users under the former Sith Lord's leadership. However, a capital ship escaping the hostile space of Oricon crashed into the arctic landscape of the planet during Synovia's Golden Age. The new arrival was a former Sith named Zuhara, who had recently failed in an attempt to retake the planet of Oricon as a newly self-christened Dread Master.

With her surviving followers, Zuhara eventually came into contact with the Synovians and sought to convert the planet to her cause. The ruling leadership refused, managing to force Zuhara from the capital city after dismissing her threats that she would drive the ruling council to war with each other in chaos.

Over the course of a year, Zuhara's remnant Dread army waged a guerrilla tactics based war from her crashed starship, targeting power supply lines and driving the planet's population to angrily call for new leadership in the face of the Council being unable to win the war of attrition against an invading attacker. The Council found themselves at odds, questioning Death Swayer's leadership and inability to end the war. Erupting into infighting, the Council finds themselves helpless when Zuhara's forces breach into the council chambers, ready to deal the final blow.

With her blade raised, Zuhara found herself incapable of finishing the task. She had been led by her progress through life to believe in values of anarchy, but noticed a significant loss in her enjoyment of the chaos in her victory. Her former Jedi Master returns as an apparition shortly after, revealing that he had guided her to follow the path of complete anarchy to see where it led: the destruction of everything, including her. He revealed that his final lesson to Zuhara was to learn that extreme and to choose for herself whether or not she wanted it.

Zuhara shortly fled the chambers afterwards, retreating with her Dread Forces back to her crashed starship. Death Swayer saw potential in turning Zuhara into an ally after the display, discovering her crashed starship and offering her a place on his council. Initially refusing at first, Zuhara eventually returned to the city after a month and agreed to ally her forces with the rebuilding Synovian Empire.

Political Structure

After the events of the War on Terror, the Synovian Empire began to experience an overhaul within the leading power bases operating under the Empire's banner. With new Councilors ascending to the seats to replace the ones killed in fighting Zuhara's forces, political change had dramatically occurred:

The Odojinya

Zuhara's current acting power base. With her loyal second in command general Randson from the events on Oricon, Zuhara leads this power base of Force users and non Force Users alike under her philosophy on fear and terror. The power base is half of its former depth in her Dread Empire, but still has a very strong sway in the political delegations.

The Prophets of Fear

Originally following under Zuhara's Dread Empire, this sector of her power base initially split from the Odojinya after aligning with the Synovians. While Zuhara's teachings indirectly discredit and defame the original Dread Masters, a group of former Sith sought to embody the Dread Masters' example and image. Raptus, the new self-ordained name to the unofficial leader of the group, leads his power base of Force Users that have taken up each name of the original Dread Masters and was appointed to the Council with one of his prominent leaders, much to Zuhara's unspoken dismay.

Vytasec LLC. (Limited Liability Company)

The current "Special Forces" within the Synovian Empire. Acting under Velkus as a highly skilled private military company.
Vytasec LLC. Logo
They are used to gain a diplomatic reputation across the galaxy. All members of this organization are non force-users due to past tensions with allowing Sith on field operations. Technology and Tactics are the company's sword and shield. Vytasec operations have secured the Synovian Empire's place in the galaxy by rescuing allied politicians and diplomats, providing security to new factions to gain allies, and assassinating those who plot against the Synovians.

The Synovian Armed Forces

The established military of the Synovian Empire. Based around basic military structure and code, it is the main fighting force with in the empire. Encompassing both force and non force-users, its goal is to spread the military might and glory of their Emperor. Having engaged in many battles under the leadership of Xanthus and one of synovian's council members going by the name of "Reborn", they are the main offense and defense of the empire.

The Order Of The Synovian Legion

Firstly founded as the main force of Sith numbers in the early Synovian Empire under the Dark Lord Darth Cade'an as the Synovian Sith. Undone by Sith pride and arrogance the organization was reforged under the new banner the Order of the Synovian Legion lead by the Lord Commanders Maklock, the Emperors former personal Wrath and Councillor Etrokiz.