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All my current characters and other RP stuff.



Special Agent Serama Lirus - An SIS agent operating mostly in military intelligence and counter-espionage.

Lord Azisa Odati - A Sith defector who supports the Galactic Republic.

Master Myanis Dugaal - A pragmatic Jedi Master and former Sixth Line adherent.

Vaki Adrati - A popular singer in the Empire and Hutt Space, rumoured to be an SIS contact.

Agent Dalia Al-Aziz - A swoop racer and SIS contractor serving as a contact in the underworld and a quartermaster.

Captain Lyara Idros - A Republic Navy commando often seen working alongside the SIS and Jedi Order.

Zoe Adelia - An anti-Imperial and anti-Hutt partisan skilled in marksmanship and stealth.


Darth Malaji Vaal - The infamous Dread Witch, a master of Sith sorcery and other dark powers.

Lord Zavy - A masochistic Sith sorceress and a military commander within the Sith Empire.

Adaliss Paran - A fallen Jedi Knight skilled in lightsaber combat and many different martial arts.

Lieutenant Colonel Vasilla Alo - An Imperial Officer in the 27th Airborne Division.

Phayri Vaal - A Sith doctor and the firstborn daughter of Darth Malaji Vaal.

Vacas - A technophilic spymaster and assassin, also known by her original name Csa'dan'alo.

Callaris Idara - An Imperatrix within the Archons as well as the personal pilot of Darth Vaal.

Astrid Sylvoire - An Archon Enchantress serving as an emissary for Darth Vaal in the Sith Worlds.

Captain Kiriaan Camille - An Imperial Medical Service officer serving as an assistant in alchemical experiments.

Ziani Olosa - A mandalorian tracker from the pro-Imperial Clan Olosa.

Executor Csa'lir'idi - A highly respected officer in the Imperial Military who serves the Sith Order directly.

ETI - An advanced alchemically-altered AI created by Darth Vaal.

Captain Kiriona Aki - An Inquisitorial Stormtrooper captain in the retinue of Lord Lumiere.

Lord Saviri Cosac - An ally of Darth Vaal and owner of the Concordat, as well as the troops permanently stationed in it.

Inquisitor Alonni Lumiere - A zealous Sith and apprentice to Darth Tyria.

Corporal Akelsa Xeros - A pathfinder and sharpshooter in the 27th Airborne Division.

Private Phaedra Vere - An assault pioneer in the 27th Airborne Division.

Farah Arekat - One of Darth Vaal's sithspawn operatives, primarily serving as a Fury pilot.

Celestian Valerie Arielle - A particularly vicious Archangel Superior of Darth Vaal's personal guard.

Organizations and Units


27th Airborne Division - An elite all-female airborne assault unit led by Major General Adrastia, and known for their zealous servitude to Darth Vaal and their bright red armour. They are highly varied in tactics depending on the mission, much like any other Airborne unit.

  • 1st Brigade - Stationed with Darth Vaal as an honour guard unit on the Fury of Sin and in her Dromund Fels temple.
  • 3rd, 4th, and 5th Brigades - Deployed in various locations to support Darth Vaal's interests.

8th Armoured Division - An Imperial Army unit under the command of Darth Zavy, primarily relies on crawler-transported infantry supported by Lance walkers and Devastator tanks to spearhead assaults.

327th Marine Battalion - Lord Saviri's personal military unit, stationed on the Concordat.

12th Interceptor Wing - An ace starfighter unit in the Third Mobile Fleet, specializes in air superiority but can fit in most roles including close air support and blockade running due to their usage of heavy Fury-class interceptors.

Imperial Third Mobile Fleet - One of the Empire's many great armadas, currently commanded directly by Executor Csa'lir'idi herself due to a lack of able officers.

Imperial Paladin Corps - One of the most successful Imperial superheavy infantry programs still in active duty. Although few in number, they are very effective and relatively well known to both sides due to their impressive feats.

Crimson Angels - A large Sith and Imperial cult serving as the public face of Darth Vaal's influence. Its members have unshakable faith in their master alone instead of the Empire as a whole, which has sparked conflict with the Inquisition and Sith Order on multiple occasions.

Archons - Darth Vaal's force-sensitive personal guards, armed with both lightsabers and heavy blasters. They are led by powerful Sith sorceresses and maintain a command structure entirely separate from the Imperial Military.


251st Special Reconnaissance Regiment - A marine infantry regiment often requisitioned by the SIS.

SIS Detachment 195 - A small counter-espionage and intelligence unit led by Special Agent Lirus.



Fury of Sin - An early model Harrower-class dreadnought whose interior has been entirely redesigned for use by Darth Vaal as a Sith monastery.

Rayonnant - Darth Vaal's personal shuttle, a Fury-class interceptor decorated internally for luxury and comfort.

Concordat - Lord Saviri's personal dreadnought, serving as the center of her power base.


Special Delivery - A stolen Imperial bomber modified for use as an SIS transport.


Aloraan - An Imperial world covered in thick jungles and grand cities. They are at the center of the Alori Dominion, a small government who pays limited force user tithes due to the quality of their exports.