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Ziost Avenger

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Ziost Avenger
Harrower-Class Imperial Dreadnaught.jpg
Registration details

Taerab Starship Manufacturing


Harrower-Class Dreadnaught




Imperial Wild Space Command

  • Sith Empire
Technical specifications
Hypderdrive rating

Class 1

  • Turbolaser batteries
  • Quad laser cannons
  • Ion cannons
  • Proton torpedoes
  • Concussion missile launchers
Crew capacity


Passenger capacity


Notable modifications
  • Adegan crystal-powered stealth generator
  • Isotope-5 retrofitting

The Ziost Avenger is a Harrower-Class Imperial Dreadnaught serving as a forward staging point for the advance forces of Imperial Wild Space Command. The vessel is currently positioned over Iokath.



Maiden voyage

Following the eradication of all life on Ziost by the former Sith Emperor, then Sith Intelligence Minister Lana Beniko expressed her intent to procure a mobile platform to rebuild Sith Intelligence headquarters. One of the benefits sought was the ability to provide for rapid response to crises.

Then Deputy Minister Nicohlas Heermann and several other affluent members of Sith Intelligence contributed personal funds to help procure a Harrower-Class Dreadnaught for that purpose, as Sith Intelligence was facing the threat of massive budget cuts by Dark Council members disillusioned with the organization’s failure to prevent the destruction of Ziost.

The new vessel was named Ziost Avenger in recognition of the Sith Empire’s recent tragedy and the renewed vigor with which Sith Intelligence would seek to redress the Empire’s loss.

Eternal Empire Invasion

The Ziost Avenger was docked at Vaiken Spacedock, still under construction, when the Eternal Fleet launched simultaneous attacks against the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic. Considered vulnerable in its unfinished state, the ship launched for Ziost which, since the consumption of all life by the former Sith Emperor, had been nearly abandoned by all interested parties and was considered an optimal location to hide the vessel. The combination of the Adgen crystal-powered stealth generator and Isotope-5 retrofitting allowed the Ziost Avenger to make a hasty withdrawal from Vaiken.

The Ziost Avenger remained the principal headquarters of Sith Intelligence until shortly after Heermann's transfer to the Ministry of War. Its location away from Dromund Kaas ensured security from the Eternal Empire which presumably has no reason to visit the dead planet of Ziost, as well as afford privacy from the watchful eyes of Empress Acina's administration.


After returning to Imperial High Command, Heermann arranged for the Ziost Avenger to be repurposed as the flagship of the newly established Imperial Wild Space Command. The ship deployed first to Yavin IV, the moon hosting the headquarters of the new unit, but was later dispatched to Ilum as a forward staging and logistical support point for IWSC advance units stationed on Zakuul. With the fall of the Eternal Empire and the Republic and Imperial forces competing for Alliance support on Iokath, the Ziost Avenger was deployed with the majority of the IWSC's Fourteenth Mobile Fleet to the machine-world.


  • Then Deputy Minister Heermann capitalized on his relationship with Grand Moff Ilyan Regus, whom he had aided in Operation Dark Ice on Ilum, to procure a shipment of Adegan crystals to power a stealth generator aboard the Ziost Avenger. This afforded the ship a new cloaking ability originally intended to be used to cloak Darth Malgus’ fleet prior to his betrayal.
  • Heermann similarly played on his good standing with Darth Marr to ensure a small supply of Isotope-5 was provided to Sith Intelligence to power the ship’s engines and other critical functions.


As the purpose of the Ziost Avenger was to serve as the headquarters for the Sith Empire’s new intelligence agency, Heermann set out to procure a crew that could be trusted to helm a vessel designated for espionage operations. To that end, he met with senior administrative officials in the Imperial Navy and Ministry of War to secure the transfer of the few former crew members of the Dominator, the flagship of the deposed Darth Jadus, as well as the entire former crew of the Tenebrous, which Imperial Intelligence had used in its final days.

Deck Plans


The Ziost Avenger's bridge retains the standard Imperial layout of most Harrower-class bridges. The bridge is manned by the ship's crew for the purpose of managing the ship's functions. No intelligence functions are performed on the bridge.


Officer Deck

The Officer Deck oversees the ship's two forward hangars and is generally used as an area for Sith Intelligence members to gather and relax.

Officer Deck.jpg

Command Deck

The beating heart of intelligence operations oversight is housed on the Ziost Avenger's command deck. The starboard-side room houses the Operations Center where Keeper oversees and coordinates Galaxy-wide covert operations. The Intelligence Archives resides in the port-side room and is home to a vast record of previous and ongoing intelligence missions. The Sith Intelligence Minister occupies the forward room from where he directs his agency's activities against the enemies of the Sith Empire.

Command Deck.jpg

Crew Deck

The many rooms on the crew deck perform a myriad of functions from providing lodging for Sith Intelligence operatives and crew members to a medical bay and brig for prisoners. The Outreach Bureau, the propaganda wing of Sith Intelligence, and the Experimental Weapons Division lab are also located on this deck.

Crew Deck.jpg

Hangar Deck

The Ziost Avenger's hangar provides Sith Intelligence the ability to deploy agents anywhere in the Galaxy from a mobile platform.

Hangar Deck.jpg


The Ziost Avenger's stores of Isotope-5 are safely kept on the engineering deck to provide the vessel a tactical edge against enemy ships.