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|affiliation=*Eternal Alliance
|affiliation=*Eternal Alliance
**Knights of Zakuul
**Knights of Zakuul
*Galactic Republic (informally)
*Eternal Empire (formerly)
*Eternal Empire (formerly)
|residence=Alliance Base, Odessen
|residence=Alliance Base, Odessen
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|understood languages=Huttese, Droidspeak
|understood languages=Huttese, Droidspeak
|notable relations=Draigo Tavener (father)
|notable relations=Draigo Tavener (father)
|section=Force Training
|name=Known Lightsaber Forms
|value=I (Shii-Cho), V (Shien / Djem So)
|name=Known Force Powers
|value=Telekinesis, Stealth

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Galen Tavener
Galen Tavener.jpg
Biographical information










Hair color


Eye color

Ice blue

Skin color




Census information


  • Eternal Alliance
    • Knights of Zakuul
  • Galactic Republic (informally)
  • Eternal Empire (formerly)

Alliance Base, Odessen

Spoken languages


Understood languages

Huttese, Droidspeak

Notable relations

Draigo Tavener (father)

Force Training
Known Lightsaber Forms

I (Shii-Cho), V (Shien / Djem So)

Known Force Powers

Telekinesis, Stealth

  • Draigo Tavener (Knight training)
  • Tergahn Dai'lo (informal Jedi instruction)
Meta information
In-Game Name

Galen Tavener

In-Game Faction


"The Old Ways tell us to light the way, so that Nahut can find his way home in the darkness. In such times as these, perhaps we must also seek to light our way, lest we become lost ourselves."
- Galen Tavener

Galen Tavener is a Knight of Zakuul in the service of the Eternal Alliance. During the Eternal Empire's invasion of the Core Worlds, he was among the Knights under the command of Captain Hedrath Jadre during the siege of Reydovan Prime, where he developed a particular distaste for the decadence and wanton cruelty of the Sith and what he deems to be their "abuse" of the Force. Promoted to Captain when Jadre was anointed Exarch of Reydovan Prime, Tavener was among the few survivors when the Star Fortress was destroyed and Jadre slain by the Sith Lord Darth Malagant.

Tavener's disgust with the cruelty of Valkorion's heirs finally overwhelmed him after Vaylin assumed the Eternal Throne following Arcann's defeat at Odessen, and he defected to the Alliance. He has since been paired with Tergahn Dai'lo, a Jedi Master in the Alliance's service, and through him seeks to understand the Jedi's perspective of the Force.


Galen is the son of veteran Knight Draigo Tavener, who recognized his Force sensitivity and trained him from an early age. Knighted at the age of nineteen, Galen served in the Knights' enforcement division, regularly patrolling the borders of the Eternal Empire for more than twenty years, believing firmly in Valkorion's vision for the galaxy and in protecting the people of Zakuul from the "pernicious influences" of outlanders. It was this duty that would eventually have him tapped to be part of the vanguard of an invasion of the Core Worlds, led by Valkorion's twin sons, Thexan and Arcann.

The Occupation

"This false Empire is populated by vicious and immoral filth, Galen. All evidence in our dealings with them prove it. What we do to these people, we do because we must. If it were up to me, I would wipe them all out, but Arcann commands that we rule them rather than destroy them, and so we obey."
- Exarch Jadre admits his feelings about the Sith Empire
Exarch Hedrath Jadre, Tavener's commander during the occupation of Reydovan Prime
Tavener and one of his Knights meets with Darth Insomnius near the Temple of Introspection

While the twin Princes led assaults against Korriban and Tython, a battalion commanded by Captain Hedrath Jadre assaulted the Imperial border world of Reydovan Prime with a detachment of Knights, with Tavener as his second-in-command. Tavener led forces to occupy the city of Illuminopolis, home to the planet's largest archives and educational institutions, while Jadre faced the Sith governor, Darth Malagant, in the capital of Montagne Noire. Jadre lost a hand to Malagant's HK-51 bodyguard/assassin droid, but was believed to have vanquished the Sith Lord himself. To Tavener's unpleasant surprise, Jadre ordered Montagne Noire to be bombarded from orbit in a fit of pique.

After Valkorion was killed by the Outlander on Zakuul, Arcann assumed the Eternal Throne and declared war on the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. On Reydovan Prime, a guerrilla war continued in the Caymarnian Mountains outside Illuminopolis for more than a year, with Tavener leading search-and-destroy missions to take down Imperial resistance. Then Darth Insomnius, a former Jedi corrupted by Malagant, reached out to Tavener near Malagant's abandoned "Temple of Introspection", and requested a parley with his commander. Recognizing the war was over, Insomnius made a deal with Jadre: she would order the resistance to surrender and recognize his authority as Zakuul's chosen overseer, in exchange for allowing her to serve as titular Sith governor. Amused by Insomnius' bold presumption, Jadre agreed. Tavener was disgusted by Insomnius, who struck him as being insane as well as blatantly self-centered, caring nothing for the people so long as she could claim power.

Tavener's distaste would also apply to Jadre himself, who was named Exarch of Reydovan Prime, answerable only to Arcann. He began to rule the world like a king from the Star Fortress he had persuaded Arcann to place in orbit, and proved to be even more cruel and sadistic than the Sith. Tavener's discomfort did not escape Jadre's attention, and Tavener admitted that he had felt the purpose of taking control was to bring order to their chaotic civilization. Jadre replied bluntly that he viewed Imperials as "filth", seeing their entire civilization as immoral and unworthy of preservation. He pointed to the Sith, the rulers of their "false Empire", as proof - they warred amongst one another for power while their civilization was in chaos. He voiced the hope that Insomnius and her allies would start a revolt, so he could destroy them all, and prove to Arcann that allowing the Sith Empire to continue to exist was a futile gesture.

While Tavener was inclined to agree with the Exarch's assessment of the Empire, he also believed that Jadre was starting to become that which he depised, and that would lead to trouble...

Jadre's Folly

With defeat imminent, Tavener escapes from the burning city of Illuminopolis

Four years after taking power on Reydovan Prime, Jadre's contempt resulted in his downfall, just as Tavener had feared. Malagant, who had faked his death and hidden for years off-world - first on the Outer Rim trade hub of Jaren, and later in the Old World and the Endless Swamp on Zakuul itself - returned to rally Reydovan Prime's planetary defense force to attack the shield generator for the Star Fortress in Illuminopolis, where Tavener commanded the ground garrison. At the same time, Malagant and his ally, Commander Varan, would board the station itself, disable its EPHEMERIS intelligence to disable its plasma beam before it could fire on the surface to quell the revolt, kill Jadre, and overload the sun reactor to destroy the station.

Tavener was embroiled in a duel with Malagant's apprentice, Lord Lazhna Dai'lo, when the Star Fortress fired its plasma beam for a moment into the city, before cutting out when Varan destroyed the EPHEMERIS. Seeing the city in ruins, and instinctively knowing that Malagant would vanquish Jadre, Tavener realized that the occupation was over. Rallying his surviving Knights, Tavener boarded Jadre's long-distance shuttle and made his escape from the burning city. As the shuttle entered orbit, the Star Fortress exploded.

A Quest for New Purpose

"I stand a better chance of protecting Zakuul if I help end the insanity that has taken control of the Eternal Throne...and the only way I can see of doing that is in your Alliance's service. Though it will gall me to fight my own, better they die than the millions more who would suffer if Vaylin is allowed to maintain power."
- Tavener surrenders himself to his future benefactor, Master Tergahn Dai'lo, on Odessen
Tavener arrives on Odessen, the capital of the Alliance, to offer his services

Returning to Zakuul, Tavener was able to avoid execution by the fact that both Arcann and Vaylin were not there - they had gone with the Eternal Flagship to their fateful confrontation with the Alliance in orbit of Odessen, a battle that would end with Arcann deposed and Vaylin taking charge as Empress of Zakuul. Upon attending her coronation (and the subsequent executions of Arcann's former honor guard, for failing to protect him), Tavener came to believe that it would be Vaylin who would bring ruin to Zakuul.

It would not be until the devastation of Voss, and the sudden arrival of Empress Acina and her Sith fleet, that Tavener finally had enough. Along with a dozen like-minded Knights, he began to plan an escape. However, Vaylin's new elite, the Horizon Guard, discovered the plan, and ambushed Tavener and his cadre at their rendezvous point in the Endless Swamp. Tavener and nine of his Knights boarded their ship - Jadre's shuttle - while the other three Knights voluntarily sacrificed themselves to hold off the Horizon Guard, one of them telling Tavener to "uphold our honor".

Upon escaping from Zakuul, the other Knights elected to go underground, hoping to avoid being killed either by the Alliance or by their fellows back on Zakuul. Tavener, however, had other ideas. When he was a child, his father had taught him that the Knights served Zakuul and its Empire, of which the Emperor (or in this case, the Empress) was only a part, albeit a vital one. Under Valkorion, Tavener had never questioned the role of the monarch, though he had privately wondered how an "Immortal" Emperor could die when word of Valkorion's murder had spread. Now, after years of witnessing the wanton cruelty of Arcann and Vaylin - and of men like Jadre, who followed their example - Tavener began to believe that perhaps the best way to serve Zakuul was to fight against the Eternal Empire, and help bring about its downfall. Thus, after he unloaded his fellow Knights at a spaceport along the edges of Wild Space to find their own way, he set out for the most unlikely place to seek out Zakuul's salvation: Odessen.

Landing near the Alliance base, Tavener knew he would be detected by the fortress' defenders, and was prepared to surrender himself peacefully to them. A detachment of troops, most of them former Republic soldiers, went to where he had landed. He had donned a robe to conceal his armor, but when the leader of the detachment - Tergahn Dai'lo, a Togruta Jedi Shadow-Master - asked him to identify himself, he removed the concealment and admitted he was a Knight of Zakuul, and placed himself at the mercy of the Alliance. Master Tergahn elected to spare Tavener from imprisonment or possible execution, judging him to be truthful in his desire to end the suffering caused by the Eternal Empire. It would be in the Alliance's service that Tavener would learn the truth about Valkorion, too - about how he had been the former Emperor of the Sith, and how he had wiped out all life on the planet Ziost shortly before the Eternal Fleet invaded the Core Worlds. Admitting that he would not have believed it while Valkorion was alive, Tavener now saw that the Eternal Empire as a whole was founded on a colossal lie.

As the Alliance kept up the momentum as best it could after Voss, Tavener travelled regularly with Tergahn to fight in the field, teaching the Jedi Master about the Knights' philosophies, while learning in turn from his companion's Jedi training. They would fight side-by-side during the final battle for Odessen, which ended with the death of Vaylin and the rampage of the Eternal Fleet on Coruscant, Dromund Kaas, and Zakuul itself - a rampage that would only be quelled when the Outlander took the Eternal Throne...

Appearance and Personality

Tavener in his typical wargear - his battered Knight armor and pair of Zakuulan lightsabers

Of average height and build, Tavener has blonde hair going to gray, and ice blue eyes. His skin is a light bronze color, and his face is covered in rough stubble. He wears his battered Knight armor, repainted in shades of gray after his defection to the Alliance, and carries a pair of Zakuulan lightsabers with blue-gray blades. In public, he often wears a tunic over his breastplate, and when he prefers to go completely incognito, he dons a hooded robe; he knows that showing off the Knight armor in public is risky, but has become so used to the armor after decades of service that he feels naked without it (a philosophy shared by most Mandalorian clans).

Though patriotic and loyal, Tavener often questioned the need for harsh measures to impose the Eternal Empire's rule over its conquered territories. This mindview often brought him into conflict with his former captain, Hedrath Jadre, whom Tavener later denounced as being both paranoid and needlessly cruel. This view would lead to his break with the heirs of Valkorion, seeing them as cut from the same cloth as Jadre, and ultimately destined for the same fate. While he does not deny his own part in the Eternal Empire's war of conquest, Tavener does not revel in the "glory days", believing the war to have been a colossal mistake that nearly destroyed Zakuul, and expressing remorse for any part he played in the atrocities committed by the regime. Even his former starry-eyed view of Valkorion would eventually fade, when he learned the truth of the Emperor's madness from former Sith Lord Lana Beniko, one of the Outlander's chief advisors. As a result of the recent war, his expression - especially his eyes - tends to be tinged with a hint of noticible sadness and shame.

Tavener's experiences during the occupation of Reydovan Prime have left him with a particular loathing for the Sith Empire. Though cordial with individuals, Tavener deplores the Sith in general, believing their entire civilization to be built on mindless sadism and an unwarranted sense of superiority - both of which had taken hold in the Eternal Empire during its final days, particularly under Vaylin. As he was posted in Imperial space for the majority of the occupation, Tavener's experiences with the Republic and the Jedi are limited to individuals he has met in the Alliance, such as Master Tergahn. He has made efforts to rectify this deficiency by travelling (more or less incognito) to the Republic capital of Coruscant.