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Welcome to the Begeren Colony Holonet Wiki, a collaborative project for roleplay in Star Wars: The Old Republic.
The Holonet Wiki is the roleplay resource for the Begeren Colony server in Star Wars: The Old Republic. It is the In-Character Holonet and other assorted In-Character databases for character, organization, starship, species, planet and other In-Character records.
—The Arbiters
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Featured Record: Aylaa Necare
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Aylaa Necare is a young, highly competent warrior and leader in the Empire. Born into a noble house with an extensive history of military service, Darth Necare (necāre - neh-caa-ray) continues her family's tradition of excellence within the Sith Order and the Empire. A rising star among the Sith involved in the Imperial Army, Necare was granted the title of Darth after displaying exceptional power and prowess in combat and leadership.… Read more.View all Featured Records
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