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Dancer's Palace, owned by the consortium of Dawn Star Shipping, Darth Karmic and Stell and Anaris Helghan-Vuedange, is a higher class relaxation and entertainment venue.

An extensive drink...
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Somewhere far on the fringes of known space, orbiting a little known barely habitable world, and tucked behind the natural glow of an expansive, brilliant orange nebula, and the dark haze of a nearby ...
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A free clinic open to any and all on Nar Shaddaa (and those with a holocom and the good doctor's frequency), Trhan's clinic was opened with one thing in mind: Helping the Helpless. No charge is ever g...
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This stronghold has been completely wiped, and re-built with one singular purpose. To offer players in the community a full functional starship set that can be used as a stand-in for small tramp freig...
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The New Tarisian district of Nar Shaddaa's Refugee Sector has moved skyward with the acquisition of Lusso the Hutt's Sky Palace by Naia Javyar!  New New Taris is your one-stop floating shop for BASICA...
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One of the most notorious underworld dive-cantinas on Tatooine, at the edge of the Dune Sea in the
canyons of the Outlaws' Den.  Semi-retired crime lord Gorvan Kremmel's "nice little place," its...
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Club Zenith is a brand new club to open on Nar Shaddaa, owned by the Chiss mercenary Rixbo. It screams Nar Shaddaa with its bright neon lighting throughout the entire area and portraits of Hutts to pl...
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     The Raxus Sun Shipyard, orbits the planet Raxus prime. Owned by Victor Reznof and operated by a large crew of employees.

     No violence is allowed aboard the station as Volatile and ...
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This is a PG-13 RP stronghold due to the potentially sensitive and suggestive subjects involved. It has a cyberpunk-tech noir gangster theme and is open to anyone who wants to RP in such a setting. It...
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The government of Ialdon has authorized the construction of an Embassy of Ialdon on the Hutt moon of Nar Shaddaa. Presided over by Brother Therem Aven
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Mos Elsewhere is open for business!

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24hr Service!
Secured Ship and Speeder Docking - Hourly a...
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"Plan, Connect, Exchange, Save:  Time Is Money, Do More With It."
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Looking for a place with high foot traffic, on a budget, and not a lot of questions asked, look no further!

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The Bunk House is a stronghold under the ownership of an Alderranian Aristocrat "Count Perallis" associated with House Yarblan. The Bunk House is noted for being a dwelling for members of House Yarbla...
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[The Roze Garden is a teahouse and public Botanical Garden owned by Jessak Roze. ICly customers set reservations for the teahouse rooms and anyone can stroll through the botanical garden free of charg...
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The Starstrider Patriarch, Lucian Starstrider, has recently purchased an apartment on Coruscant. Primarily a diplomatic meeting place, it also serves well as a central location for the extended family...
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Tanir, the eldest of the Zyneeth siblings, inherited this apartment from his father Darth Zynneeth. There is much rivalry among the brothers and one sister but so far Tanir has secured leadership, whi...
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The Lyceum was founded by an elderly gentleman and scholar well into his dotage shortly before the onset of the Great Galactic War. Rumoured to have been an accountant for the Cartel, the cynical migh...
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The Oasis Lounge Resort and Cantin...
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The Oracle's Den is a combination resort and night club that caters to a high class of clientele. It features many amenities to serve and satisfy its patrons, including a lounge, a garden and spa, a b...
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The Imperial Theatre, located east of Kaas City, is the premier lo...
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