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Roleplay Workshop / Re: Timelines
« on: 05/06/18, 05:51:16 AM »
I want something that looks like this:

Without having to build it manually in Google Slides.

Roleplay Workshop / Re: Timelines
« on: 05/06/18, 05:39:10 AM »
I'm the same as Jaydek! Some time ago, I developed this spreadsheet for myself and opened it up to the rest of the community. I have a more personal version for myself which lists the same events in addition to milestones in my characters' lives and their ages at the time. It's been very helpful for confirming details and in keeping game timelines more coherent in my head.

I have a very similar one; I want something graphical, however.  Hmmm.

Roleplay Workshop / Timelines
« on: 05/03/18, 06:57:50 AM »
Do you ever set up timelines for your characters stories, or even just when each of them met any of the others?  What software do you use, if any?

I've used Aeon Timeline in the past, for other purposes; was going to play around with it here, too, but also considered just using Google Sheets to make a simple chart of some sort  -- like a vertically descending timeline, with branches to the left and right, or possibly just branches to the right with notes like, "7 ATC - Sotekh meets Kharys", or even dates on the left, notes on the right. 

Cantina / Re: Character Faceclaims!
« on: 05/01/18, 02:54:07 AM »
As the name indicates, Sharrukh was based on Shah Rukh Khan:

Roleplay Workshop / Awareness of Sith history
« on: 04/27/18, 04:58:38 AM »
How common do you all think knowledge of Sith history more than a few hundred years back is among the Sith order?  Like, does the Academy talk about/teach about Dathka Graush, or the Jedi Exiles, or even Marka Ragnos, Naga Sadow, Ludo Kressh and the Great Hyperspace War?  Or is it just Force techniques, weapons training and current politics, do you think?

Cantina / Re: Your RP character's voice
« on: 04/25/18, 04:06:48 AM »
I'm late to the party, but for Sotekh, I imagine him sounding like Yul Brynner as Pharaoh, just as the faceclaim:

Saaret I imagine sounding more or less like the in-game voice for a female Sith Inquisitor.

Their older sister Thaavah's voice eludes me--will have to keep searching.  The female Sith Warrior voice is close, but not quite it.

Their Sith Pureblood mother I imagine sounding like Aaliyah as Akasha in Queen of the Damned:

Their human father, Kongar-ol, sounds in my mind like Toshiro Mifune (go about 8 mins into this video):

I like the Imperial Agent in-game voice for Thanaj, my Ratattaki agent.

Not sure about the rest of my 36 chars, except that I usually don't like the voice they have in game.  The Jedi Consular female voice is okay for my Togruta Jedi Shadow, but not my Miraluka sage, who should sound very young, and perhaps Spanish or Italian.  I don't like the smuggler voices of either gender, nor the bounty hunter voices of either gender, especially for my Chiss bounty hunters.  They should sound -- I don't know.  German or Scandinavian, I'd think, with the crisp pronunciation standing in for Cheunh. 

Kor Koloth I imagine sounding like Michael Dorn as Worf--a rich, deep voice. 

I can't stand the female Sith Warrior voice for my Jedi-turned-Sith; the female Jedi Knight voice was acceptable, but she absolutely should not have an Imperial accent.  Maybe something more like Kate Hudson in Almost Famous?  Do we know what an Echani accent sounds like?

For my Republic troopers, both the male and female voices are fairly close to what I had in mind for them, though I have an older Trooper who should sound like Michael Douglas.

For my Zabrak brothers, Khoris and Duvok Gere (Jedi Consular and Smuggler), I think of Zachary Quinto and Jack Nicholson, respectively. 

And for Chimaerys, my male Assassin--something high and reedy, like the voice of Leader Desslok in the American release of Starblazers in the '70s: (minus the mad cackling)

Cantina / Re: SWTOR Encyclopedia - Electronic/Online Version
« on: 04/25/18, 03:21:57 AM »
Have also posted to support.

Cantina / Re: Character Faceclaims!
« on: 04/11/18, 08:18:55 AM »
Sotekh is every Egyptian movie Pharaoh, but especially Yul Brynner:

Honorable mention also goes to Arnold Vosloo:

Cantina / Re: The Absent Thread
« on: 03/18/18, 06:23:22 AM »
Will be absent one more week--it's finals week this semester.  Yay.

Events and Occasions / Re: Return to Rishi - Indie Night V3
« on: 03/08/18, 12:33:40 AM »
Monday actually works better for me, so I appreciate the current timeslot.

I've been a couple of times--once on Duvok, once on Jerekh (just lurking last week, as I was doing homework).  I have a few more indies, but will probably stick to one of those two for now.  As my familiarity with the people [Edit: other players, that is], and their characters, grows, so too will my participation.

I've never done it before, and am keenly interested, but I'm only available Sun/Mon/Tue nights.  What time were you thinking of running it?

Cantina / Re: The Outfit Designer WIP Advice Thread
« on: 02/26/18, 10:54:53 PM »
Kor Koloth, reformed Revanite.  I like the armor, but loathe the hood that comes with it.  So, option 1 is Tulak Hord's helmet, which is what he's currently wearing:

Option 2 is Revan's mask:

The mask looks weird without a hood, so in this case, the hood isn't nearly as heinous. 


Cantina / Re: The Outfit Designer WIP Advice Thread
« on: 02/22/18, 05:51:51 AM »
Ok, last post on this, then I'll stfu about it. 

Revised Mako:

The blues don't quite match in this shot, as Mako's is highly reflective, and is picking up the overhead lights; in other conditions, they're closer.

At least they look like they're on the same team, without Mako's armor being the exact same set (as with the scalene).

Cantina / Re: The Outfit Designer WIP Advice Thread
« on: 02/22/18, 03:18:00 AM »
Mako's done in black/blue now (the undyed Blue Scalene), though I'm still fooling around trying to find my final answer there.

But...picking one *did* allow me to get a matching bike, which I really, really like:

Now I just need to pick new pistols; I had a pair that were red and white, and looked reasonably good (I generally dislike all the pistol models in this game)--umm--Interstellar Regular's Blaster Besh.  I will probably use GR4-STs for her now.

This char (on my old server, and now this one, too) always ends up with the most outfit slots.  9 so far and counting (not as many as some of you have, I'm sure, but most of mine have 5 and only use 1).  I could get a red version of that bike, and use both armor sets, I suppose, and end up putting making into something neutral--a black/white outfit, or gray or such.

Cantina / Re: The Outfit Designer WIP Advice Thread
« on: 02/21/18, 03:44:14 AM »
The very first set of armor I ever Just Had To Have (tm) in this game was the Gree scalene armor set.  I'd always pictured it on my first/primary BH char, Ar'elo:

Thing is, I've really come to like the outfit below, especially the hat.  I've loved this hat on her since I first got it years ago.  I've tailored multiple outfits around this hat, including this one, my favorite.  I like the way the cloth hat goes with the "scarf" element on the armor.  I've got Mako done in a matching color scheme, using Commander Viszla's armor (mostly). 

I've been thinking of going with the blue scalene, but if I do that, I have to dye Mako's armor blue/black to match.  The scalene has going for it that it's blue, like her, doesn't look Mandalorian (she's not), and it's glowy, and that amuses me; but the red has the magic hat, and looks/is more individualized. 

Which do you guys like better?

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