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Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: Comments on Stories
« on: 02/12/18, 10:49:38 PM »
@Maryck I ain't choked up a bit, you are!

Seriously though, that was short and sweet, I hope to see more!

Cantina / Re: Make a (fashion) statement
« on: 02/12/18, 07:07:05 PM »
... especially one from that Masquerade Ball we had. @Rivoso was biggest fan of Bælfir's lack of pants.

@Auryn I'm gonna need you to check your citation on that one bucko :p

I has the proof.

GG WP I'll happily take being outplayed here

Cantina / Re: Make a (fashion) statement
« on: 02/12/18, 06:46:37 PM »
... especially one from that Masquerade Ball we had. @Rivoso was biggest fan of Bælfir's lack of pants.

@Auryn I'm gonna need you to check your citation on that one bucko :p

Holocrons and Info Nodes / What Goes Around...
« on: 02/06/18, 01:20:00 AM »

With the crisp air wafting down from the Alderaanian mountains, it was difficult not to pause and breathe it in. Despite the hurried nature of his errand, Ensign Nottewell fell victim to the enchanting breeze, the cool air filling his lungs as he closed his eyes, bringing about a refreshed feeling over his troubled mind. It was when the young officer remembered the datapad in his hands that his eyes snapped open once again, his pace briskly carrying him on once more. He stood tall as he walked, trying desperately to appear as though he were on official business while his legs began to ache as his strides proved to be just a bit too long.

If it wasn’t for the illicit nature of his errand, Nottewell might’ve taken a few moments longer to enjoy the orderly nature of House Thul’s main grounds, paired neatly against the magnificent snow-topped backdrop that the towering mountains provided. Yet, he’d already wasted enough time. More than he should have. A bead of sweat dripped down his forehead, hastily wiped away by his sleeve as he turned a corner, legs quickly vaulting him up the stairway before him. With a quick check of his chrono, the ensign darted around another turn, heading straight for the modest cantina that was his destination.

Several minutes passed after Nottewell had gotten a table, his fingers tapping anxiously against the datapad he held in his lap while he directed his gaze towards the entrance every few seconds. Something felt off, as the contact he’d been instructed to meet was supposed to have been where he sat already. With a slight tremble in his hand, the ensign reached for his glass, downing the rest of its contents very hastily before setting it down with a loud clunk. The ensign let out a shaky sigh, doing his best not to let the anxiety swelling up in his chest take control of the situation.

The effort was menial at best, given that the ensign nearly fell out of his seat when a figure sat down across from him unannounced. The clothing he wore was reminiscent of his contact, yet the face was entirely different. Gray streaks of hair weaved through black, combed back in a casual, almost bedraggled fashion. Most notably though was the cybernetic eye, Imperial design given away by the piercing scarlet glow that emanated from it’s center, and the perpendicular scars that lay underneath.

“Y-You’re n-”

“Not your contact? ‘Fraid not.”

The stranger smirked slightly, pulling out a small device and placing it on the table between them before leaning back quite comfortably in his chair. His gaze, while appearing quite casual, sent a shiver up the young Imperial’s spine. Something was definitely not right.

“Now then,” the newcomer began, “Nottewell was it? We’ve been tracking you for quite some time. I must say, I’m rather disappointed honestly. Tell me, what are you doing here exactly?”

Nottewell could feel his ears burning, the lump in his throat nearly cutting off the air from reaching his lungs.

“Meeting someone.” he murmured.

“For what purpose, exactly?”

“Trading station schemat-”

A hand came up instinctively, nearly knocking the datapad it had held to the ground. The fact that the ensign nearly blurted out an answer so easily made his eyes widen in fear.

“Come now ensign, trading schematics? They wouldn’t belong to the Empire now would they?”


“Tsk. That’s a shame. And your contact, SIS I’m guessing?”


The stranger shook his head, letting out a sigh as he leaned forward. When he looked at the ensign once again, the casual facade had all but disappeared, replaced with a damning glare the bore right through the young man.

“It seems your situation has taken a turn for the worse, Ensign.” a low growl rumbled in the back of his throat as he spoke, “Sith Intelligence is on the way, and I can promise you that what they’ll do to you is far worse a fate than you can imagine right now. Afterall, the traitors the bring in don’t tend to see daylight ever again..”

Nottewell let out a shaky breath, this is not how he imagined this meeting would turn out. His fingers flexed and unflexed while he stared back at the mysterious figure.

“That said, seeing as you’re young and nothing more than a fool, I’m willing to give you an out.”

The Stranger slipped a hand into his coat, pulling out a small holdout blaster and placing it on the table.

“There's enough power in the cell for one lethal shot. Do yourself a favour and use it.”

The explanation was a chilling one, requiring no further elaboration. Nottewell went pale, his eyes staring down at the weapon, completely ignoring the other man as he stood up and left.


The crisp, cool air swept up into a light breeze as Rivoso exited the cantina, causing the hairs on the back of his neck to stand on end. He had missed Alderaan, to some extent, as it had often served as tranquil haven in his early service days. But that had been years ago, now, the smell of the mountain air brought back bittersweet memories of colleagues long gone and rivals now forgotten. The Agent ran a hand through his hair as he casually strolled away, the sound of a single blaster shot followed by several screams bringing a menacing smile to his lips. His holocomm chirped once before he unhooked it from his belt,

“C’mon Rivvy what’s the hold up?”

“I had to buy the kid a drink first. It was the least I could do.”

“Sheesh, aren’t you the generous one..”

“Leslie, you and I should both know it better than anyone. He was lucky I found him first.”


Several droids held a perimeter around the cantina while a small group of Imperial troopers moved about within. It had only been about twenty minutes after the incident occurred, just enough time for Sith Intelligence to show up. A trio of agents followed behind their leader, Watcher Thirty-Five, who’d insisted upon seeing to the scene personally. Sharp blue eyes took in the scene before him, gazing at the corpse that lay atop the dining table. Without a word, he held out a hand, an agent quickly retrieving a datapad and placing it within the outstretched fingers. On it’s screen was a picture of the former Ensign Nottewell, accompanied with a list of information along its side.

The Watcher’s brow rose slightly as he scrolled along the screen, his gaze focusing on the list of suspected crimes that popped up with small warnings.

“Can we confirm this?” he looked to one of the agents.

As if on cue, one of the troopers handed over the datapad that the former ensign had held. As it powered up, the Watcher turned his attention to the trooper.

“What about witness testimonies, did anyone see who he was meeting?”

“Yes sir. Witnesses report a man with a scarred face and cybernetic was sitting at the table with the victim.” the trooper traced a finger along his helmet in the shape of the scar described, moving from brow to jaw, and then another overlapping line across the cheek and nose.

A frown formed on the Imperial’s lips, his brow furrowing tightly into a scowl. Already he had his suspicions, but a small part of him was hoping he was wrong.

“Sir? We also found this on the table.”

With a low grunt, the Watcher turned and took the small device in hand, his thumb pressing the power button quickly. The small text that appeared on the screen made him curse under his breath. ‘Still playing by the rules, Watcher? -R’. It was enough to make his face go red, fingers curling tightly around the small device until his knuckles went white. For the former agent in question, the Watcher knew that making his presence known so blatantly was nothing short of deliberate.

This is the third time in a row, why come out of hiding now?!

Cantina / Re: Twitch Prime Codes for SWTOR
« on: 05/03/17, 03:22:36 PM »
Mind if I snag this one?


Cantina / Re: bioware pls
« on: 03/28/17, 02:01:52 PM »
Personally, I don't really see anything wrong with the personal ships the way they are. Perhaps it's just because I'm not the choosiest individual.

I can see how it might be desirable to some, but I think the reason they don't consider it is because it seems extremely niche specific. For example, a PvE guild really only needs a SH to show off decorations, a GTN, bank, mailbox, crafting table, and a vendor here or there.  The same with a PvP guild, which, any of the available Strongholds will do. In addition to this, a solo player who is unaffiliated can already purchase these utility items for their personal ship, and are unlikely to have more than 4 people in a group anyways.

So it really is only the RP population that it would appeal to. And, I don't know how much of the RP population would even want it. Yeah, it would be a nice convenience, but does it impact the ability to RP in an efficient manner? I would argue that it doesn't.

Essentially, you have a fraction of a fraction of the game population calling for such a feature, which from a business standpoint, it isn't exactly a productive investment for the dev-team (I think at least).

Storyboards / Re: Dancing with Ghosts
« on: 10/12/16, 02:13:49 PM »

Rivoso sat at his desk busy at work once again. The dark circle that hung under his organic eye had darkened some, signalling the extent of his weariness had only grown in the weeks prior. His meeting with the Exchange had gone as expected, and the trade deal that had been negotiated with Queen Vedriat had been accepted in full. His fingers scrolled through the terminals contents, pausing briefly on the now expired invitation to the royal party that had occurred not even a week ago. He sighed slightly, pulling up a new document and began and addressed it to the king and queen of Shadren.

To King Dorian and Queen Vedriat of the Shadren Hegemony,

I must apologize for my absence to your most recent engagement. Though I wished to take part in the festivities, I must admit that my attention was required elsewhere as a dear friend of mine fell ill.

I will make it a point to attend in the future should you decide to grace the galaxy with another of your esteemed engagements.

Commander Midwan

With a tap of a button the message was sent and Rivoso leaned back in his chair, taking a brief moment to enjoy the quiet of his office. The brief pause was interrupted by the small chirp of his holocommunicator, making him sigh once more as he retrieved it from his belt. A quick series of encryptions were set in place before he took the call, the blue translucent figure of The Valkyrie taking form.

Emissary, how fares the Shadren investigation?” The blue figure held his hands behind his back, the dark visor obscuring all of his features as always.

Preliminary reports are showing that the planets who have been under the rule of the Hegemony for some time now are tolerant of the undead. We still don’t have much to go on, though I suspect that planets near the edge of their borders may be less accepting.

The helmeted figure nodded his head slowly, a hand slipped out from behind his back and absently grasped his chin in thought.

I know you have made arrangements with the Exchange as part of the next phase of this endeavour, though there may be a slight complication. Have you seen the news reports concerning a vigilante calling himself ‘The Viper’?

Rivoso furrowed his brow and leaned back in his chair, his fingers steepled together.

My attention has been spread rather thin lately, though I believe I may have skimmed over it.

According to the media sources, this vigilante is targeting small scale gang operations, sabotaging illegal arms and leaving the criminals in a wounded state. No casualties have been confirmed.

So they have a sense of morality.And the causes of the wounds?

Multitudes of fine lacerations, the markings of a skilled swordsman. Potentially an estranged Jedi Knight looking to fulfill their quota of ‘justice’.

Rivoso let out a low hum of contemplation, his eyes drifting down to his desk as the beginnings of a plan began to form within his mind.

At the very least, we need to find a way to stop them from targeting our suppliers. Though, they could prove to be a useful asset… If given a push in the proper direction.

The Valkyrie nodded once more, his hand slipping back to it’s previous position.

I’ll have Chip follow any further developments on the matter and report to you. Finding a place for them in our plans is up to your discretion Emissary. Valkyrie out.

The call was cut abruptly, leaving Rivoso alone once again in the silence of his office. He breathed deeply, spinning around to look out the large window to his left. His fingers began to tap each other rhythmically and his eye narrowed as the internal thoughts raced to form a coherent plan of action.

…You only get smarter by playing a smarter opponent.

Events and Occasions / Re: A Royal Party
« on: 10/07/16, 12:18:29 AM »
The children were also given gifts, including a toy version of M1-4X... whose voice box, while devoid of explicitly Anti-Imperial or Pro-Republic messages, is happy to expouse the virtues of democracy and the eeeeevils of tyranny!

Meanwhile in Sarresh's office.

Storyboards / Re: Dancing with Ghosts
« on: 09/29/16, 03:16:58 PM »

The top floor of the main parliament building served as a beautiful vantage point to look upon the bustling business sector of the Nistian capital. Rivoso stood stoically before the large window, his eyes taking in the sun-washed beauty of the metropolis that had become his home. Rarely did he ever travel into the city limits, often preferring the distant skyline view that his personal villa offered and the peace that came with it. But for the occasional time he made the commute, his eyes couldn’t help but wander in a similar fashion that a tourist might use to take in the sights before him.

His sightseeing session was interrupted by the sound of footsteps behind him, followed by the metallic voice of a protocol droid.

“Your guests have arrived sir, shall I send them up?”

Please do.

Rivoso turned around to face the interior of the boardroom now, slowly walking to the position at the head of the table where he then took his seat. He steepled his fingers as he leaned back into the chair as men and women of various species began to file into the room. His eyes casually flicked to each of them, fingers tapping against each other rhythmically while he waited for them all to settle in and the superficial conversation to cease.

He cleared his throat before sitting upright “Good afternoon, I appreciate you all taking the time out of your busy schedules to attend this meeting. Some of you may be wondering why such an unorthodox session might occur between a government official and corporate executives such as yourselves.

He paused to look around the table, some of the figures nodding slightly in agreement.

I’ll keep it brief: the government of Nistia is to approach a new faction that has arisen in terms of trade and economic partnership. What this means for you is an opportunity to tap into a new market within the Belsmuth sector and the new means of increasing your gross product income. The standard five-percent royalty to the Nistian government will apply, otherwise the opportunity will be what you make of it. As for the deal’s current state, I will make it a point to forward any developments to you all as they arise.

A soft murmur rippled it’s way down the length of the boardroom, accompanied with some nods and chuckles.

Unless there are any questions with regards to this potential opportunity, then we are concluded.

Rivoso stood quietly and went back to looking over the cityscape, waiting patiently as the executives chatted idly for some time before trickling their way out of the boardroom. Once the last of them had made their leave, Rivoso took out a personal holocom, the blue figure of a hooded Rodian materializing in front of him.

Chip, make preparations to meet with the Exchange.

“The Exchange? Couldn’t we go with someone we have more stable arrangements wit-”

You can leave the diplomacy to me, this is something that needs to be done outside of our circle of influence.

“Sure thing.”


The usual buzz of both people and speeders enveloped Nar Shaddaa’s Promenade, though one could feel the faint vibrations of the lively Slippery Slopes if the right attention was paid. Mercenaries and party-goers alike were in high attendance, making it all the easier for the Emissary to slip in unnoticed. Bright colourful lights flashed overhead while the deep bass notes reverberated through the crowd, bringing a euphoric feeling to those interested in escaping whatever realities awaited them outside.

The Emissary, however, had a single purpose for the evening, and it didn’t take long for him to locate the two Exchange thugs standing guard just outside one of the private rooms. He made his way through the crowd as nimbly as a snake through the grass, brushing past the occasional drunkard as they nearly lost their balance. Upon reaching the door, he raised his arms and watched as one of the men patted him down from behind the opaque visor that rested over his face.

Upon finishing the brief inspection, the Emissary strode down into the confines of the private suite, the loud music from before quickly dulling into a low thud that reverberated through the hallway. The corridor took a turn to the left before it opened up into a well furnished lounge, the interior of which stood several armed guards and a boisterous figure who sat in the center of the room. The Emissary took a few steps into the room before pausing to clasp his hands in front of him.

“The Emissary is it? More like the Errand-Boy..” the raspy voice let out a hoarse chuckle before sipping from a glass “Welcome to my personal lounge.”

Call me what you wish, I’m here to talk business.

“Is this on behalf of that damned Valkyrie bastard that’s too afraid to meet with me in person?”


The Exchange captain downed the rest of his drink before standing up and descending from his perch. A small flick of his wrist caused two of the guards to circle around and surround their guest.

“You can tell your boss that if he wants to deal with ME, he’s gotta come himself. Each time he decides to send some kriffing grunt like you, well… We’ll just have to teach you that lesson.”

The guards behind lunged forward to grab at the masked man, only to come up empty. The Emissary crouched low and spun to face the anticipated attack. In a quick series of swift retaliatory strikes, he dispatched the first thug before engaging the next. The remaining foe scrambled to draw a blaster and the Emissary took advantage of the momentary hesitation, quickly closing the gap before striking his throat with one hand, while the other slipped to his foe’s belt and drew the vibroknife that resided there. One more quick turn and he faced the all but stunned thug-leader, and within a blinks time the knife’s tip was stuck to his neck, drawing a pinprick of blood.

Allow me to be perfectly clear. You will discuss the terms of engagement with me, and the next time you try a stunt like that.. You and your men will die. Understood?

Wide eyes stared at the featureless mask as the Captain nodded his head slightly.


The Emissary kept the blade at his throat as he guided his hostage to a chair before forcefully sitting him down.

Now, let’s talk.

The more control the victim thinks they have, the less control they actually have.

Storyboards / Re: Dancing with Ghosts
« on: 09/22/16, 01:58:44 PM »

The sound of the door sliding open startled Rivoso awake, his entire body tightening at the fact he’d been caught unaware. The familiar tone of his personal protocol droid allowed him to relax, giving it a slow nod once it had announced his guest had arrived. A quick glance towards the chronometer caused him to raise a brow in surprise, he’d found sleep for several hours while curled up on the couch within his office. Upon this realization, the stiffness within his muscles was made quite apparent and elicited a groan as he stretched them out.

With a final check of his uniform to ensure it was in neat and proper order, he sat at his desk and opened a blank document. His fingers went to work on the keypad, the beginnings of a formal trade proposal addressed for the ‘Shadren Hegemony’ made their way onto the document. The door before him slid open, followed by the sound of dull footsteps atop carpet which caused his gaze to flick upwards momentarily. Before him stood a young man of Imperial descent with every detail of his outfit fixed to a meticulous level. His chestnut brown hair was slicked back in a neat fashion, and his posture seemed far more rigid than proper.

Lorn, welcome. I am Emissary, as I’m sure our benefactor has made you aware already.

“He has sir, I understand you have a project of a rather sensitive matter?”

Rivoso paused in his typing and shifted his focus entirely  to the young agent that stood before him. His brow furrowed and he gestured to a chair before steepling his fingers beneath his jaw.

In the most basic sense yes. But before I delve into the details of the matter, I need to ensure that you understand what exactly our motives are with the work that you will no doubt become involved with. The goal of this organization is of a protective nature, our allegiance is to the galaxy at large. When called upon, you must be willing and able to set aside any and all prejudices you may have in order to carry out these assignments. They are not designed to further the agenda of any one faction, but rather to protect the innocent from tragedies such as the destruction of Ziost some years ago.

“Pardon my interruption, but such a goal seems idealistic at best. Just how can a small organization in the shadows hope to stop such catastrophic events?”

The details behind how we operate are none of your concern, but if it eases your mind, the resources at our disposal are incredibly far reaching and have been built up over years of preparation. What we focus on are events of mass ruin and needless destruction: wars of political, economic, and social reasons are none of our concern as such events are inevitable. With that said, you would not have been brought into this organization if you did not share similar sentiments or could not see the larger picture here.

Lorn offered a simple nod, remaining quiet for the time being.

With that said, we can discuss the nature of your assignment. There has been a coup within the Belsmuth sector, signalling that a new faction of note as arisen on the galactic board. Under normal circumstances we would stand back and keep a passive watch on them, but this is not the case. The Shadren Hegemony’s rise to power has been swift, most likely attributed to the use of a very corrupt vein in the Force. In short, Necromancy.

“I have heard of similar uses of the Force within the Sith in ages past, but has the art been perfected now?”

Unknown. So far we don’t know the scale of this power, nor how far it may reach. What we can assume is that it is indeed powerful if this faction has become so potent in such a small timeframe. For now, we will be sending you to the various worlds within their territory to determine the local views on the King and Queen, as well as this necromantic gift being used on such a wide scale. It is strictly an information gathering task. Subterfuge will be your main weapon for the time being, as you are going to be given the necessary documentation to be identified as a Zakuulan citizen.  This cannot be tied back to the planet Nistia, the Sith Empire, or the Republic, and failure is not an option. Is this understood?

“Yes sir.”

Good, you will become our primary contact within the Shadren system, so I expect you to use your intelligence training to establish a network of connections there as quickly as possible. Resources such as credits or black market materials can be acquisitioned upon request. As for your position within Sith Intelligence, our contacts there have ensured that you will be on an undercover assignment on Zakuul. Good luck.

With a final nod, Lorn stood and turned to leave. Once the door had shut behind him, Rivoso turned back to his console and resumed his work upon the trade proposal.

Because you’re smarter, and I’m dumber.

Storyboards / Dancing with Ghosts
« on: 09/20/16, 01:58:43 PM »
((A continuation of Amongst the Shadows))

Several busy weeks had passed since the Narigus mission, and still the images from the his nightmare filled his mind. The markings of exhaustion were made all the more evident as Rivoso continued his endless work. Most days he could be found in his personal office that sat within the personal estate awarded to him by the Grand Duchess of Nistia. The elegant structure crested a hilltop which offered a view like no other over the regal Nistian capital, though this proved nothing more than a distraction for the busy mind within.

The duties that required his attention with regards to his royal advisory position were kept light and often menial. The position he carried was nothing more than a formality used to obscure his true influence over the Duchess Javar, who many years ago had been a simple protege placed under him by a Sith Lord. She had been planted within the nobility five years prior, right before he’d been arrested and jailed within the confines of the infamous Shadow Town. It was uncanny how she had managed to become the Grand Duchess during his jail time, a thought which often made him chuckle when time allowed for such reflections, but had proved more than useful for the ever conspiring man.

He finished typing up his report before approving it with his signature -’Commander Midwan’- and sent it on it’s way to  the council. A sigh escaped from his lips and a weary hand rubbed his eyes gently, his body wished for rest yet his mind raced with the issues that pervaded his every thought. The horrors of the Warlord Aatrac were a grave threat, nearly gone unnoticed by the self-interested views of the Republic and Empire both. Without the invisible network of eyes and ears interlaced within the galactic community at his disposal (courtesy of the enigmatic Valkyrie), it likely would have been ignored and thus allowed to grow into a more malevolent force for the Shadren Hegemony. This brought on an entirely new train of worries, seeing as the small contingent of warlords under the Valefor’s banner and now been absorbed and united into the new yet fastly growing royal faction.

If the threat of a easily controlled and highly contagious biological weapon wasn’t enough, the thought of a Sith Lord who had found a way to weaponize the dead themselves was more than enough to cause the hairs on the back of his neck to rise. The Force had always been a difficult entity to combat, especially to someone ungifted in it’s use, though adaptations to such foes had always been a specialty of the former Imperial agent. But a newly corrupted avenue of it’s use would be even harder to combat, let alone investigate. How does one fight the intangible? Can the process of reanimation be reversed? Are the dead still aware of their chilling new fate? These were just some of the questions that continued to cycle throughout Rivoso’s brain.

He stood from his desk, sliding his chair in neatly before his fingers reached for the small obscure button that lay beside the console. The near-silent pneumatic hiss of the hidden door came from his right, and he entered the elevator which led to the hidden base of operations below his estate. The soft blue glow of computer screens and holographic displays welcomed him as he took his place on the small balcony which overlooked it all.

Get Penumbra on the line.

A few moments passed and the familiar face of the special ops agent appeared before him.

I’m going to be handing off the containment of the Narigus virus to you. You’ll have all the appropriate resources required for such a task, and we’ll continue with the synthetic deployments as there’s been no new progress on a vaccine.

Rivoso took a deep breath in as he disconnected from the brief call, flexing his fingers and arms before letting them reside behind his back, clasped together in a formal fashion.

Connect me to the Valkyrie.

Another few seconds passed before the holographic display updated. The blue light took form to construct the helmeted figure clad in his usual long coat, holding his arms in a similar fashion.

Emissary, always a pleasure.” he offered a nod in greeting.

Rivoso returned the gesture, making it a point to hold a firm and proper posture.

Indeed. I’m informing you that I’m placing Penumbra in charge of the Narigus containment operation. With his background in covert military operations, he’s the most suitable candidate other than myself.

Oh? And what might be the reason for such a change?

Truthfully, it’s regarding the Shadren Hegemony. There’s no doubt you’ve heard of the action taken by the Empire in response to the Belsmuth sector. The coup is a worrying sign, indicating that the Hegemony is now a faction to be regarded with care and trepidation, particularly due to their fondness of a rather unnatural use of the Force. I’ve already met with the Undermoff and his wife in order to warn them of the true nature behind the Hegemony’s strength; as well as Firaxan who’s stationed on Dromund Kaas.

I see. Didn’t you meet with her royal majesty Vedriat at their wedding?

I did. I approached with a proposition of trade between Shadren and Nistia, which could serve as our way in.

And I can trust you can find a way to discover what their inner workings are like without consequence falling back onto the Nistian people?

Of course.

Then you have my approval. I’ll be sending an operative to Nistia within the day for you to utilize, given that your Force signature has now been recognized by the queen herself. His codename will be ‘Lorn’, and he will take care of any insurgent action that must be done should it be required. Valkyrie out.

The hologram dissipated, leaving Rivoso alone in the room with the twinkling lights of computer screens and console inputs while the protocol droids monitored the data. As quickly as he had entered, he made his way back to the elevator and back up to the estate. Perhaps rest could be found now that they were finally taking action with the new player that had entered the arena.

Very simple. You do all the hard work. I just help you along.

Worldbuilding and Community / Re: Making Species RP Unique
« on: 08/18/16, 05:07:08 PM »
Sorry Squizz - I have to disagree with you (and more agree with your first initial statement that culture is nebulous entirely...) on the Sith Pureblood "in general" statements.

Simply because the beginning of this game violates most of what you said.  Purebloods start out as "freed" slaves.

To me, that negates any identity of culture as a "base".  Yes, you can have ex-pureblood slaves who have a more Classic Pureblood Attitude/Culture (that Squiz you are talking about).  But to me that would be a minority, as it makes little logical sense for a slave to feel superior (without some form of other validation...) just based on race - if they weren't treated as such.

And as much as most of the former-canon lore should have told Bioware otherwise - we always have to keep in mind what the *game* tells people they are starting with. RP Wise that's all some of us had/have to go on when looking at the game races that weren't in the original movies.  :grin:

All cultures for all races are ultimately possible here, any cultural "norms" would be what was taught by the home family/town/planet (moving out from there) unit.

(And while this may be obvious to some, I wanted to explain it in case it wasn't.)  :grin:

Are you sure this isn't just aimed at the canonical inquisitor character when you choose the pureblood race? That class is always a 'freed slave' no matter the race.

I still  owe you a pint dammit.

Best wishes to whatever your next endeavour may be sir, maybe I'll run into you in some future Rp-land :)

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: Amongst the Shadows
« on: 06/04/16, 11:19:09 PM »
((Music Cue))

The faint sound of footsteps running could be heard from the hallway beyond, growing louder and closer. They paused then as it seemed they were just outside the doors, and a quick pounding sounded before a frantic voice yelled out.

“We’re under attack!”

Rivoso leapt out from underneath his covers, frantically throwing his blanket to the side and launching himself to the doors. He burst through them into the hallway, turning to his right before he began to sprint as fast as he could. He slammed into another door which led to the balcony that overlooked the city. His eyes were greeted with pillars of smoke which rose high into the air, buildings crumbled under a blood red sky, and the distant screams echoed over the landscape. His jaw dropped in dismay and shock as he watched the destruction unfold before his eyes, his legs shaking slightly with fear.

No… No!…. how?! How did they come here? So soon?!

The scene before him shifted to a street littered with civilian bodies and surrounded by flames. Twisted and grotesque forms of the mutant soldiers stalked the streets, cutting down any living being they encountered with no remorse. He took a step back, followed by another, until he slipped off the edge of nothing, plummeting into the void. He tumbled and spun in the air, falling farther and farther away from the balcony above, being consumed in darkness. Screams of agony and distress echoed around him.

Explain why you bring arms to attack a vessel carrying innocent colonists? There is an attache of military onboard yes, but innocents are among them.

“Who’s attacking us?!”

“What’s going on?!”

“I’m scared mommy!”

Faceless figures floated around him as he fell, frantically holding onto loved ones as they cried out. Rivoso stared at each of them, trying in vain to stretch out his arms, trying desperately to touch just one of them.

I’m sorry! It had to be done! I didn’t mean t-

They slowly vanished from sight, replaced with a ghostly form of the Mordus as it drifted through space. Rivoso watched in horror as it burst into a fiery ball of death and destruction, sending pieces out in every direction. As it erupted in flames, the screams that circled and echoed around him were all silenced, leaving Rivoso alone in the darkness as he fell.

I killed them. I killed all of them. I murdered them in cold blood, and for what?

Slowly the sensation of falling began to leave him, and he dropped to his knees on an invisible plane. Blackness swirled about him slowly as he knelt there, arms slumped at each of his sides.

I know what they carried but… what if they were innocent? What if they weren’t infected? They could’ve just been colonists that I slaughtered…

He looked up to see the devastated landscape of Narigus III before him, littered with the remains of it’s former population. The air smelled stale, and the ground looked a sickly gray. Bodies lay contorted on the ground, their flesh tainted with the presence of the plague.

How? How can I even hope to stop this? I’m not a Jedi, or even a Sith. I’m only human..

That never stopped you before, Rivoso.

His gaze snapped to the left, where a chiss woman emerged from the shadows. She was garbed in Mandolorian armour, with her helmet hanging by her belt. A hand straightened her hair which was pulled back into a short ponytail.


He rose to his feet, his features softening as he looked at her.

Where is that tenacity you always showed before? The will to never give up, to make the call when no one else would?

He spun around at the new voice, behind him stood another chiss garbed in an Imperial uniform. Everything about her was prim and proper, to a meticulous extent.

Elym.. I-

What about that guy who always had a plan? Y’know, always a confident dickhead willing to get the job done.

He turned once more, eyes settling on a thin-framed, somewhat pale woman. She shook the black bangs away from her eyes, revealing the intricate cybernetics that adorned her brow.

Lakesh, I’m trying my best. Truly I am!

The three of them stood before him, watching him with curious eyes.

I just… I just don’t know what I’m going to do… This is so much bigger than I thought. I’m not sure I can even beat this thing. Aatrac, the Hegemony, the Valefor, they’re all connected with far more resources than I can hope to muster!

You know what you fight for Riv, don’t you?

Calibis took a step forward.

Well, yes. I-

And you know more about them than they do of you, yes?

Elym also took a step forward.

I do, but-

Then you’re gonna give them one hell of a fight, yeah?

Lakesh advanced as well.

I-Yes. If I can. But what if I fail? What if I can’t beat them?

At that moment, the three figures before him began to twist and convulse into horrid monstrosities. Their skin turning to a sickly pale green shade with veins bulging from their skin. Bile dripped from their mouths as they lunged at him, each slashing with sharp talons into his flesh while the three of them spoke in unison.

Then you lose EVERYTHING.

Rivoso spun around as they cut him, looking down at his chest and hands in horror. From the wounds, that same greenish colour began to spread about his skin, and a burning sensation followed just beneath. His blood dripped a dark forest green and he could feel his entire body growing numb with pain. He cried out into the void, the sound erupting from his lungs cut off as a vile green blade pierced his chest, and he was spun around to stare into the glowing red eyes of the Warlord’s mask.


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((Music Cue))

The computer let out a small chirp as it indicated that the Phantom was about to slip out of Hyperspace. Rivoso sat in the pilot’s chair with the usual pilot droid in a co-pilot position. Fingers tapped at the screen which engaged the ship’s stealth systems just as it slipped out of the hyperspace sleeve. Immediately the light vanished and the ship was surrounded by the black void of space, a small planet nearby acted as the only visual marker that Rivoso could make out for the time being.

Lock onto the Narigus vessel and any nearby contacts.

Two figures displayed on the screen, one was a nearby refueling station which orbited the all but desolate planet, the other showed a steady velocity in it’s direction. A second passed as the calculations were made and numbers began to count down in real time, indicating the distance between the Phantom, Narigus colony vessel, and the station. Rivoso furrowed his brow before flipping a few switches and taking hold of the joystick, the Phantom’s thrusters surging to life as he began an approach behind the colony vessel. The computer chimed as it indicated a target-lock on it’s main engines and his thumb flipped the switch, sending two ion missiles soaring through the void. They hit their mark and the glow of it’s thrusters vanished amidst the explosions, leaving the Phantom to soar overhead as it rounded about to make a new approach. Defense turrets spurred to life and began to fire salvos of suppressing fire, stealth systems making it nigh impossible for them to lock onto their attacker.

Target their long range comms…… Fire.

The Phantom arced to the right, coming up on a new approach perpendicular to the ship and let loose a barrage of turbolaser fire and another pair of ion missiles. The missiles again hit their mark while some of the laser fire destroyed a pair of defense turrets, allowing the Phantom to soar overhead once more as it lined up for a new approach. As he flew, Rivoso tapped a few buttons on the screen before him, initiating a full systems scan of the colony ship, revealing that it was full of life signs. All other scans failed to register anything.

Commander, we’re tracking the vessel that was supposed to be accompanying The Mordus - the ship you’re currently intercepting - it appears as though they made an error and are currently stuck within a Nebula. We’ll continue to keep you appraised of their situation.

Excellent, ETA on those HK’s?

The Phantom let loose another barrage of missiles and laser fire, targeting the port side escape pod bays before circling around to repeat the same attack on the starboard side.

Dropship Aurek through Esk will be arriving within five AU’s of your location in… Five-Seven minutes. You’ll need to hold down the fort until then. I’d suggesting watching out for the local militia or systems customs officers, as far as they know, you’re a pirate sir.

Rivoso tapped the computer screen, bringing up the long range scanner. It showed no activity in the direction of the refuelling station for the time being, which elicited a slight sigh of relief from him. He leaned the joystick to the left as he prepared another strafing run along the ship, lining it up so as to inflict the maximum amount of damage when a comm alert went off, coming from the Mordus. His thumb hovered over the button as he glanced at the computer screen, brows furrowing in suspicion. The Phantom flew by the Mordus, refraining from firing on it as it retreated to a short distance away, beginning to circle it like a hungry predator.

Explain this Trespass.

You hail from the Narigus system, now controlled by the Warlord Duchess Aatrac. It is known that anyone from that system is armed with a biological weapon which must be contained.

The Captain scoffed, “A weapon? A gift, I would argue. And are we not contained? This vessel is isolated. Explain why you bring arms to attack a vessel carrying innocent colonists? There is an attache of military onboard yes, but innocents are among them.

Rivoso inhaled slowly, the idea that innocent people being aboard the ship had not occurred to him. And yet, were they truly innocent? Or had they been indoctrinated and contaminated within the concentration camps of Narigus III? His eyes flicked up towards the ship and then down to the computer screens. If there was no trace of the plague, then he was committing murder. Plain and simple.

The very existence of this vessel to the contagion aboard demonstrates that you’re not contained. As for the innocence of your colonists, it does not outweigh the consequences of this ‘gift’ as you call it, getting out of hand.

Silence hung on the comm for a few moments.

Colonel Khordus. A pleasure. Who am I addressing?

I am known as The Emissary.

Emissary? I am curt enough to introduce myself, and you hide behind a curtain of a name… Very well. You disagree with our Porphyrican values. This is not unexpected; it is the same with any belief. Some will naturally disagree. However, the way I see this, you are crippling the expansion of the Hegemony out of fear of what we ‘bring’ with us. You suspect we’re going to liberate a world, yes?

Porphyrican values? Is that what she’s naming the system now? It would explain the name of the plague… As for the liberation of the world, is he really serious? What in the hell is that Warlord and the Hegemony working on to have that sort of fervor?

Turn and leave us, and we’ll continue for the Rishi Maze. The dwarf galaxy is sparsely populated, if at all. Continue, and this system will become the new colony.

The Phantom continued to slowly circle the Mordus, waiting for the opportune moment.

Values? Beliefs? Colonel Khordus, this is not a matter of simple ideological friction. Your Porphyrican taint is a very real, tangible threat to sentient life. Left unchecked, your ‘expansion’ as you call it will spread to the millions of innocents within the galaxy at large, and that, Colonel, is something I cannot allow. Make peace with the Force or whatever deity you see fit, this must happen.

Rivoso tapped his screen, blocking any further communications while the Phantom’s thrusters surged to life.

Fire on any remaining life pod bays, nothing escapes that ship. What’s our ETA on the HK squads?

One minute for backup sir. Their escort is still located within the Nebula, ten minutes at best, sir.

The Phantom swooped by the Mordus, turbolasers unleashing hell upon the unshielded exterior. Bit’s of the hull were broken free, sent to drift within the vast emptiness of space. As Rivoso made another strafing run, the computer picked up a small signature on the exterior of the Mordus, an engineer from the looks of it. His attention on the small figure was broken almost instantly as a comm-notification rang out from the orbital station.

Attention, unidentified vessel. You are engaging an unarmed merchant, freight, or transport in a neutral zone. This activity is declared as piracy; you will stand down immediately, or face justice by the hands of this systems law enforcement.

Just as the message came through, five small dropships punched out of hyperspace and began travelling towards the crippled Mordus. Rivoso cleared his throat, taking on a near perfect Zakuulan accent.

This is Exarch Vul’alarn of the Eternal Empire. The vessel in current engagement is transporting a highly destructive WMD with the intent of using it in terrorist related activities against local garrisons. If you intend to interfere with our forces, you will be met with swift reprisal.

The Phantom spun around, coming in from below the Mordus as it targeted the life support systems and let loose another barrage of laser fire. The computer blipped a small warning that the Mordus engines were showing an increase in energy levels.

An Exarch?” the computer indicated the Phantom’s credentials were being scanned and Rivoso tapped a button, bringing up a set of fakes. With any luck, they might just buy some time.

Forgive me, Exarch but - you aren’t flying standard Zakuulan hardware. We have to treat this as suspicious; we’ll contact the Tatooine regiment..

At that moment, the Mordus’ engines exploded in a cascade of bright electrical fire, engulfing one of the droid dropships that had arrived mere moments before. The computer blipped again to indicate that the Mordus was now accelerating towards the orbital station, on a direct collision course. A quick set of calculations were made before a timer began to count down, sixty seconds until impact. Rivoso pushed forward on the joystick, angling the Phantom downwards before spinning it around and coming level with the underbelly of the Mordus.

Extend landing gear and prepare to engage maglocks.

The Phantom moved forward slowly, just enough to position itself on the underside of the Mordus’ bow. There was a short moment before the ship shuddered as the maglocks on the landing extensions stuck onto the larger ships hull. The forward thrusters halted as the two ships become one entity, and Rivoso punched the vertical thrusters into their maximum output. The amount of thrust from relatively small thrusters caused the bow of the Mordus to slowly rise, attempting to veer it away from the nearby station completely. Twenty seconds remained as the bow continued to slowly rise, aimed well enough away from the station.

All dropships, deploy troops. Aurek squad will secure the drive cores and set them for detonation, all other squads will sweep and clear. Slice any and all computers before retrieval.

The four remaining dropships swooped in to the mordus, and forty HK units were deployed, quickly making their way into the interior of the ship. Aboard the Phantom, another communication blip sounded.

“This is Adjudicator Vorsech, Knights of Zakuul, Tatooine regiment. Exarch Vul’alarn, we were not made aware of any terrorist organization threatening to deploy WMD’s in our local cluster. Why were we not informed?”

On a separate line, the analyst spoke.

Support vessel Maimer is five minutes out Commander..

I read you Adjudicator Vorsech. The information regarding this group was kept at top security levels as we fear there is a breach in security within the sector’s communications. In order to avoid jeopardizing this mission, no information was relayed to you.

“Regardless, we’re dispatching a squad to investigate and clean up the remainder of your operation. For Zakuul and Emperor Arcann.”

Sir, four minutes for the Maimer. I also patched into your comms, our eyes on Tatooine are contacting us now, reporting movement of several Zakuulan ships.

Kriff it all - HK squads, double time it. Drive core and Computer systems are the priority now, only engage resisting forces.

The Mordus continued to drift along with the Phantom still propelling it underneath. Once it had been sufficiently angled away from the nearby station, the main thrusters of the Phantom burst into life, beginning to guide the now inept colony vessel into the depths of space. Rivoso tapped a few buttons on the console which initiated a series of calculations. At the current rate of travel, the Mordus would be out of range of the station when it detonated, which elicited a small sigh of relief from Rivoso. Another alert came across the console screen, indicating that the HK units had completed their tasks and were boarding their transports.

All dropships fall in, set coordinates for Rishi, followed by Nar Shaddaa.

Three of the transports fell into formation, though the fourth remained inert. Another alert popped up indicating an engine failure.

Fifteen seconds on the Maimer Commander, you’d better get out of there!

Dropship Dorn, erase all computer data and activate self destruct sequence. Dorn squad, erase all memory cores and initiate self-detonations. All other ships, make the jump.

The four ships leapt back into the depths of hyperspace, leaving the large explosion of twisted metal and remains of the Mordus in their wake.

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