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Life is the enemy, Death is our solace.
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Current Plot:    Ideals and Reconciliation
Plot Summary:
Caius Courser/Kyras/Darth K'uur/Rouser Cross - Aurelian Battlemaster trying to find a path forward through the Alliance and struggles to reconcile his past as a Sith and his varied identities over the years. !Warning! This is a very post-developed character. He has few that will rival him in raw strength! Be careful in including him in plots!

Nieran - Zeltron Jedi Knight, like many, trying to find his place in the galaxy and still perform his duties as a Jedi. He frequently challenges "how things use to be".
OOC Notes:
The Lone Saber - journal-style thread trying to bring my main into the current continuity. Covers bulk of events.

An par ner adate [Aurel Legacy] - Captures individuals within the Aurel family in their key moments in time.
Heads up! Most of my roleplay is done over Discord!

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