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Cantina / Re: Roll Call - How active are you?
« Last post by SivWysan on 05/19/18, 08:12:36 PM »
I've also been taxed with a combination of real life (including more night shifts) and a bit of SWTOR specific and Star Wars general burnout/need for a break.  Been enjoying some other games and things to whet my creative juices.  I'd like to get more involved a bit over the summer, but have put a pause on some GMing til I really feel I have something to offer creatively in this setting, don't want to get burned out and leave folks hanging.  (Like to do more on Mando stuff, but not really sure when, appreciate folks with interest earlier). 

I plan to play through most new story content in game too, but well past finding grinding interesting.  Mostly here for RP at this point, not planning to vanish but am taking some space.  Appreciate knowing things here to feel more able to join. 
"A Pig's gotta fly."
Classifieds / Re: The NPC/Companion/Quest Giver Thread
« Last post by LVT on 05/19/18, 03:17:32 PM »
I'm semi-retired (which I'm sure I will explain in the other thread when i get around to it). So here are the characters that are most active for me, which are also actively useful to other plotlines should you need one:

Selina Kavel/Freya Merril: SIS field agent, has been all over the place, even in the empire. Veteran and well connected, she could be the SIS hook your Republic affiliated/former Republic affiliates need. She could pose as a troublemaker for the other side too.

Silivia Fenir: A rather innocent smuggler always on the lookout for jobs. She's pretty good at flying, but pretty bad under social situations. Excitable, and somehow always finding herself in trouble.

If you need something more from them, let me know and I can figure it out. I know I have far more characters in my description, but they tend to be under used, so let me know if you want one of them.
Porco Rosso
dir. Hayao Miyazaki 宮崎 駿 Miyazaki Hayao

I'd rather be a pig than a Fascist.

Porco Rosso is my favorite Ghibli movie (second favorite Miyazaki movie, after The Castle of Cagliostro) and I'm INCREDIBLY excited to see it on the big screen. It's fairly closely related to Laputa: The Castle in the Sky, both of which are inspired by Miyazaki's love of early 20th Century aeronautics and the culture of airplane designers, engineers and pilots. A particular scene of ethereal encounters in a cloudbank recurs from Laputa to this film, as well as a general theme of independent passion versus societal oppression (more distinct in Laputa...but we'll get there in November!)

The film depicts the adventures of the bounty hunter known as 'the Red Pig', a veteran of the Great War afflicted by a mysterious curse that has transformed him into a pigman. Fighting pirates for profit over the Adriatic Sea, the regrets and mistakes of his past and the influence of the rising Fascist government in his home country of Italy threaten his future as he finds himself besieged on all sides by enemies, while friends old and new help him keep his monoplane in fighting trim for what may be his last duel. Winsome, cool, and packed with scenes of Mediterranean beauty and white-knuckle aero-battles, Porco Rosso probably isn't for everyone...but it's for me, and I love it dearly.

It's playing Sunday, Monday and Wednesday through Fathom Events. https://www.fathomevents.com/events/studio-ghibli-fest-2018-porco-rosso


Next month, comical raccoons in a nostalgic tale...
Media Gallery / Re: Squiggly's non-insignia artsy things
« Last post by SquigglyV on 05/19/18, 09:55:57 AM »

Captain Lyara Idros

Captain Lyara Idros is a Force Reconnaissance commando operating under the Republic SIS, as part of the 251st Special Recon Regiment.

Lyara tends to favour a more standard loadout than many other Special Forces troopers. She primarily wields an H-411 rifle, the Republic's standard infantry weapon, with SOPMOD kit including an ArmaTek scope and a high-power gas conversion enabler. She also carries a Merr-Sonn MX-2, a common shoulder-fired missile suitable for use against armour and low-flying starfighters.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: To Do What's Right
« Last post by LVT on 05/19/18, 12:51:53 AM »
   Hark watched the last batch of Jedi fade away from the nook of the hallway he had watched the latest gathering of the temple. Another day, another galactic flashpoint; and one involving and old flame and an old friend at that. He looks around the now empty temple, striding into the vast circular room. He shifts idly as his eyes wander around the ornate spherical ceiling.

   An idle tug at glove of his dueling hand. The meeting. It was still in his blood to run and do something, perhaps to his detriment in this situation. Rushing into a charged situation would only make matters worse. He’d move if things with Asori went bad, but by that point the situation would be of the rails regardless of him showing his face. Till then, he’d be glad to rely on the others, to remove himself from a situation he was far too close to. His eyes now drift to the closed, quiet, doors.

   So much had changed since he had joined. The Zakuulian war had changed so much, but perhaps the most striking was how the others carried themselves. So long ago the warm smiles aboard the battle-scarred watch seemed to be the only thing holding the Jedi in place. In a galaxy where the Jedi were few, it was like finding a home again, seeing ones of different enclaves; wanders like Vos, and Seema, and even himself in the early days come together to right by the force was impressive. Hanging on by a thread the order had evolved; and considering all he had seen from the holocron, from a historical perspective, amazing.

   You could see the evolution in the others. Confidence that wasn’t there before the final battle and the ensuing chaos. Discipline. Strength. Distance. He wasn’t sure it was their fault for the last one however. He could feel the rumblings of a sigh of an old man from a mile away in his throat before quenching it. The others would handle it. No doubt their exploits would be listed amongst the greats of the order, rivaling some names quick to peoples lips.

   A loud beep interrupted his musing, continuing to ring around the vacant room. Reaching out of his thoughts, and onto his belt, he flipped the switch as he brought it up to see tired face of his master.

   “It’s done.” The hologram seems to take in his surroundings, stalling for a moment. “The others are divided however. I’m sure you’ll encounter many with objections. I’ve kept it quiet for the most part; suppressing the ceremony was a fight in itself. Probably nobody’s going to find out unless for some reason they look you up in the main archive, since your enclave is silent.”

A quiet laugh from Hark. “Well, I suppose it is hard to find a path to promotion when you are one of a handful left to represent your sect of the organization.” He could feel a smile erupt on his face, the smiles honesty even surprising himself. “Thank you truly, Master. I know you have your duties elsewhere.”

   “You have a long road ahead of you kid… and when the force calls, you answer.” She glances away, focusing off screen for just a split second. “I have to go, pressing matters are calling.” A smile crawling across her own lips. ”May the force be with you.” And with a further wink, she vanished.

   Hark pondered, as he wandered further into the temple; putting away his comm. The calling had started months ago. He had realized the changing of the people around him. The maturing of everyone. The need and call of the force to move forward again. And jarringly come to realize his own stagnancy. The order was moving on, achieving their purpose in serving the force. What had he done during that time? Where was he most needed? The are questions he had no answer to currently.

   Then there was another realization that he’s rather mediocre at the saving the galaxy. That one stung, even he had to admit, but there was a realization about the hesitation of some of the others, the subtle remarks that he should go back to the agricultural corps of his past studies were something to be heeded carefully. Something just as honorable and serving of the force than being at the center of everything. He had promised he’d stay at least for the reconstruction of the temple, which had come and gone. The time to focus on his own growth had just arrived. The time to wander the galaxy once again, to do what’s right.

   The footsteps along the small corridor quiet as he reaches his destination. He had one job left here. The final task he had be given. He peers into Master Jalth’s quarters. Empty. He had chosen a good time. A silent slide of the door, and a few quick strides to her desk. A small whisper. “I hope the enclave realizes you’re not as mean as you seem, Jalth.” A final motion to lay down his journal of studies, meticulously kept since he had started their trial, and a note; before turning and striding out of the quiet enclave.

Thank you.
Events and Occasions / Re: Jedi Night Weekly Event Thread
« Last post by Niarra on 05/17/18, 02:09:24 PM »
Not a big scheduled event or anything, but Senator Rhybak will be paying the Jedi Custodum a visit to politely ask why their members are stumbling into interstellar incidents :D.

Because that's what Jedi do! Pffft. *vroomvroomswish* :dance:

I may be a bit late to Jed Night tonight but I'll hop in as soon as I make it back home. Perhaps with a less politically adroit character, just to make sparks.
Outside Realm / Re: the last jedi [spoiler city]
« Last post by SquigglyV on 05/17/18, 07:40:34 AM »
I finally saw TLJ a few weeks ago and quite enjoyed it. The pacing wasn't awful like in TFA, and those space B-17s Resistance bombers were cool af. I'd have preferred to see upgraded Y-Wings, but anything with a ball turret is automatically badass, so what we got is fine.

Really enjoyed the throne room scene in particular, and the design of the throne room itself.

And I did the Praetorian Guard look six months before the sequel trilogy even started. Pay me, Disney. :P
Events and Occasions / Re: Jedi Night Weekly Event Thread
« Last post by Orell on 05/17/18, 01:56:15 AM »
Not a big scheduled event or anything, but Senator Rhybak will be paying the Jedi Custodum a visit to politely ask why their members are stumbling into interstellar incidents :D.
Outside Realm / Re: [TFA Spoilers] Thoughts on The Force Awakens
« Last post by blingdenston on 05/17/18, 01:41:55 AM »
I just rewatched TFA for the first time last night, and I just wanted to put some thoughts down, nearly three years later.

I found the pacing of the movie to be much, much worse this time...the quiet moments we get with Rey feel like the only real pauses for air in the entire movie (though, luckily, she gets them all the way up until the last shot). I appreciate JJ's desire to have a bunch of Muppets and practical effects around, but he rushes and wooshes past them so fast that it's almost sickening to watch.

The dialogue is also mundane and boring...it's almost unbelievable how much this movie leans on the incredible cast and the inertia of 'this is Star Wars' to make us ante up our attention and attachment. Both times I've watched this movie, I've been reflexively rewriting the dialogue to spice it up. I actually misremembered a small scene from a little head-bubble I latched on to back in 2015...when Leia and Han meet back up, and she comments on his jacket, I would've sworn he said: "No, it's a new jacket! ...same shirt, but the jacket is new."

I again credit the casting and direction for attaching me so strongly to these characters...the amount of development and screen time Poe gets in Ep. VIII had almost erased how little there is for him in this one other than being ultra-Wedge and also Finn's boyf-for-life. Daisy Ridley was probably the weakest of the main cast, but she, luckily, gets the strongest character and the most to do out of the movie (and I've seen the next one, so I know she's got the juice).

The special effects were spectacular! Even on a 1080p screen I was flabbergasted by how gorgeous the crashed Star Destroyer on Jakku was, and I once again praise Abrams for the incredible Falcon escape sequence...which staggered the hell out of me by (despite the often breakneck gait of the film) clearly establishing the landscape of the area (from the SD, to the open desert, to Unkar Plutt's outpost) so that, despite a big whirling chaotic takeoff, we can follow where the Falcon is going and what the hell is happening. Kudos!

I don't really have any thoughts other than a general excitement for the rewatch of Last Jedi we'll be doing in celebration of Solo coming out soon (and a trepidation about rewatching Rogue One. And just general bile at Snoke and the stupid Starkiller Base).
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