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Task Force Zerek

Main excerpt from Task Force Zerek Formation Briefing:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the breach."

"The Republic, our home, is under threat. You all know this, you all have seen it in your various tours and assignments. Whether or not we have seen the end of the Cold War is irrelevant: conflict zones have erupted along the entirety of the interior and the Outer Rim is heating up fast. The Empire, Mandalorians, the Hutts, rogue states, droid separatists, pirates, smugglers, Rakghouls - all these and more nip at our heels. So it is our job to go out there and give these threats a moment of pause. So ends theory."

"Let us begin fact. The Powers That Be have determined that with these conflict zones on the rise, singular response groups such as The Vigil and intermediary agencies like the REA are no longer viable. Elements of the Republic Army and their Special Forces Division, the Republic Navy, Strategic Information Service, Starfighter Corps, and Black Ops Section 8 have been reassigned as Special Operations Group 213 - officially recognized as Task Force Zerek. This represents the largest inter-agency initiative ever assembled by our military."

"Forming the bulk of Zerek will be the Army's 34th Battalion, Navy's Jenner Squadron, and Starfighter Corp's Atlas Wing. Section 8 constitutes the bulk the Task Force's intelligence branch as supplemented by SIS. You, as a part of these forces, are brought to bear for one purpose alone: the defense of the Republic and the engagement of those that threaten Her in any recognized conflict zone. This includes but is not limited to alert coverage of domestic patrol routes, security and customs, offensive foreign engagement and battle zone defense, as well as specialized objective or intelligence retrieval."

"As of now, you and those under your command stand on high alert. Your respective division heads will have your individual assignments."



Task Force Zerek
is a Republic Heavy RP Guild centered around Republic Military characters and Pro-Republic gameplay, with medium PvE, PvP and exploration opportunities. Our aim is to provide a strong environment for gung-ho Republic types and a structure for Military Characters to feel at home while complimenting and meshing with current existing Republic RP Guilds. We welcome all Republic Military types from any of the government branches mentioned in the briefing above, and others on a case-by-case basis.

Recruitment is handled via in character role-play - as this is a task force, characters would ICly be selected to be folded in. This is to help keep a smooth transition into the guild and provide a common starting point for anyone looking to jump straight into the RP. We promote an inclusive RP environment.

As a heavy roleplay guild, we do expect maturity from our members. Remember, our OOC goal is first and foremost to have fun and create more RP opportunities for the server together.

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