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Author Topic: Dry Sands, Hot Prospects?  (Read 529 times)

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Shelter Skelter
« Reply #15 on: 02/05/18, 07:11:52 AM »
Beneath the rainy jungle canopy, Glimm and his small band of bounty hunters crouched together, trying to stay within the shimmering confines of a small energy shield. The shield, sustained mysteriously by the force trance the Jababa shaman had put Teguta into back in the cave.

"He's holding something," whispered Jeeta, watching Teguta sway on his feet, eyes closed, humming softly to himself.

"I know." Glimm in turn was watching the other shielded groups, all Jababas, get into position around the heavily defended Czerka automated mining facility.

"I think it's some kind of Rakata Force technology."

"It is," answered Glimm drawing his twin blasters and standing. "This is it people. Stay close."

At that moment a wild ululation rent the air, and the Jababas surged forward, energy spears held high, a mass of small furry bodies racing towards cold eyed droid sentries, who seemed momentarily at a loss for what preprogrammed protocol to follow.

The first Jababas were thrusting their ion spears into the first row of droids by the time they decided to fire back, but the blaster bolts bounced harmlessly off the force shields, and by the time the droids programming put them into melee combat mode, it was too late.

Ascending to the top most drilling platform, a pack of Jababas raised their spears and howled at the cloudy sky, only to be quickly cut down by a concentrated volley of blaster fire from deep within the jungle.

"That's our queue!" Shouted Glimm, his helmet sensors tracking the incoming droid patrol.

The bounty hunters let loose a full blaster volley of their own, melting the droids metal plating, then shattering the entire group to pieces as Glimms missile hit the lead speeder bike.

As the smoke cleared, silence descended on the jungle, but not for long. Wild cheers sprang up from the Jababas once again, and Glimm and his hunters moved forward.

"You all know what to do; Jeeta that drill platform needs to be sliced pronto, hook into the other platforms and shut down the security protocols. Neewa-" Glimm nodded to an Aqualish holding an assault cannon, "get up on that ridge and signal the other Jababa groups to stand by."

Neewa grunted and headed off into the jungle. Glimm found himself alone with the still swaying Teguta. Gently, he nudged his crew mate. "Hey, wakey-wakey dreamy." Teguta stopped swaying and opened his eyes. The force shield blinked out, and a small cylinder covered in ancient Rakatan writing fell from the Twilecks hand.

Glimm leaned over and picked it up. It had been a long journey to get this treasure, was the secrets of the Rakata almost within his grasp?

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Hermits Reprieve
« Reply #16 on: 02/06/18, 02:19:13 PM »
The shaggy hermit gestured emphatically to his audience, "...and once these measures are implemented peace and tranquility shall reign through out the galaxy."

He waited a moment, as if expecting thunderous applause, but the monkey lizard he had been addressing simply turned back to its industrious examination of some dried fecal matter.

Sobbing, the hermit threw himself at the creatures feet, "don't you see? Don't you understand what monsters they are? I only keep you here for your own good! I can protect you here-" the hermit gestured to the empty wasteland that surrounded his cave. "We are safe. Yes my snookums, my little cute snooky wooky, my cutey tooty wittle-"


The hermit froze, a far away look coming into his eyes. "You! I thought I told you not to bother me here! Can't you see how busy I am!"

Glimm hesitated, "well, Master Jedi-"


"But I you don't know-"

"And I don't care! Leave. Now."

"We have shumpa fruit. Monkey lizards looove shumpa fruit."

The hermit scratched thoughtfully at his shaggy beard. "Fresh shumpa fruit?"

"Oh yeah. And all you have to do is come with us on a little galactic excursion."

The ragged one time Consular shook his head. "I'm too old. Yes. Too old I am. I cannot go when I am so old." He shuffled off to his cave and began to dig through mounds of what looked like garbage. "Besides, if I left, who would take care of my treasure? Artifacts, curiosities... novelties..."

Glimm held up the Rakatan artifact the Jababas had given him as thanks for his help against the Hutt mining factories, "you'll be missing out on a trip to the planet where this came from."

The hermit stood, turning slowly, his blood shot eyes fixed with nails of diamond to the object cradled in Glimms outstretched hand. "Where did you get that?"

"It doesn't matter where I got it, it's from Gutanamie 1."

"Impossible. The hyperspace lanes collapsed to that sector over a millennia ago."

"I have a star map. We can circumnavigate the spacial anomalies and get there safety within a month."

Kann Yunis looked down and shook his head, "sorry my friend, but my duties and responsibilities here-"

Suddenly his monkey lizard leapt up grabbed the Jedis lightsaber, and ran down the hill to a land speeder, then jumped inside.

Glimm grinned triumphantly beneath his helmet.

"I know your smiling under that mask, hunter, but mark my words, we will regret going to that forsaken planet."

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The Cold Betwixt the Worlds
« Reply #17 on: 02/14/18, 08:03:20 AM »
The three of them stood, gazing at the ancient artifacts, while the swirling vortex of hyperspace glinting through the view port bathed them in blue incandescence.

"It won't make any difference you know," the Jedi Consular Kann Yunis mused over the hum and rattle of the ships engines. "Even if you succeed and acquire this so called force technology, the galaxy will not change." He pointed to the twin blasters strapped to Glimms  hips. "I have no doubt you've killed a good many force users with those, what good did the force do them? What can it possibly do for you that the arsenal of weaponry you already carry can't?"

Glimm shrugged and glanced at Jeeta. "A good bounty hunter is always improving his gear. Any edge I give my team will keep us ahead in the business."

Kann Yunis narrowed his eyes, "no... no that's not it. You didn't spend over two decades collecting these artifacts for an edge. Tell me the truth now."

Glimm sighed and held up his hands, "if every hunter and Mando had force tech it would even the playing field. No more crazy sith and self righteous jedi lording it over every one else. Force users would be just regular people. Sort of."

Kann smiled ruefully, "there is nobility in your quest, but honestly, technology alone, without the force, will inevitably surpass the ability of force users."

"Maybe," admitted Jeeta, "but if there were weapons that could directly counter force users don't you think your masters would be interested?"

"Of course." Smiled the Jedi, "which is why I'll be taking all these artifacts with me back to Tython. You may of course keep what ever we find on this expedition."

"So gracious of you," grinned Glimm. "And you're really just going to let us have the actual tech that will allow us to create force weapons?"

"On the slim chance that such technology exists, yes. I mean, just think about it; do you really suppose that if such technology were better than say a blaster, the Rakata wouldn't have developed it themselves?"

Glimm frowned, the man had a point.

"Coming up on our destination boss!" Teguta strode into the cabin and thrust a data pad at Glimm as the starship exited hyperspace.

A green orb hovered before them, framed by the dim light of a distant star.

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« Reply #18 on: 02/21/18, 05:24:08 AM »
The one time life day droid bent over the ancient Rakatan etchings, ostensibly translating the mad scribble for his new master, but in reality listening to their always illogical conversation.

"Your droid is frozen again." Said the armor clad blaster wielding leader.

The Twileck padawan shook his head, "he's just thinking."

"Thinking? The droid is as crazy as you. We should never have rescued it from the derelict spaceship."

"You still think the crew was frozen in ice by this harmless celebration droid? That right there is crazy."

The armoured warrior turned to a shabby looking Jedi his master called master. "Well?"

"Well what?"

"You're taken my navigator, my artifacts, and after two months on this crazy planet, my sanity is fraying, where is the force tech?"


"Masters." Broke in the droid, "I have a translation!"

The sentients stopped arguing and turned to face the droid.

"It says this facility was designed to exult the Rakata above all races through the amalgamation of science and sorcery, they wanted to make themselves immortal by transferring their minds into the bodies of force wielding robots!"

The Jedi Master stepped forward, his face flushing red, "this is an abomination! We must destroy everything at once!"

The droid was just considering how best to kill him when his master stepped in, his lekku quivering, "no! This is knowledge, good or bad it must be preserved!"

Each sentient had its hand on its weapon. If the droid could have smiled it would have. Perhaps the foolish beings would conveniently kill each other.