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Holocrons and Info Nodes / Tales from Camp Veshkgalaar
« on: 02/15/18, 08:48:30 AM »
(( Same deal as my new Imperial story thread, this one for my Mandos. I'm not the only one with Veshkgalaar toons out there, so @Dassalya and @Niarra if you want to post here feel free. This story is a repost from my main story thread. ))

The banquet of spiced and even-more-spiced foods leftover from the feast were packed into crates, and a fancy bottle of tihaar was left outside of Ange's office with a scrawled note of thanks in Urziya's hand. Veshkgalaar had enough food and drink now to last them a few weeks, even if the aruetii had not appreciated the food. Made up for their clan being the only true Mando'ade at the festival, Urziya reasoned... more leftovers, and it'd make Erran happy. Credits well spent, and less risk for the clan as they prepared to move to a new home.

Adeliey and Erran had both vanished by the time she returned to the balcony. They were also nowhere in sight when walking back to the camp. It didn't take much to put two and two together, especially after Adeliey asking her permission to make a pass at him. They had left together. Part of that made her feel content--Adeliey was happy, Erran would be wound a bit less tight, the clan would be closer to one another--but another part of it... felt confusing and upsetting in a way she couldn't quite place.

She marched up the ramp to her ship in a state of determination, shutting it behind her once inside. It wasn't that she was jealous, not of either of them anyway. Her clanmates were happy... She cared about her clanmates... She wanted them to be happy. Of all Veshkgalaar Aliit, she cared about Adeliey and Erran the most; if they were content, so was she, at least in theory. In fact... In fact it hurt, even if she wanted it not to. Why?

She sighed as she flopped down into the pilot's chair, not bothering to lose her armor just yet. She had been on her feet most of the evening, telling stories, wandering between tables, keeping herself cheerful and kind even when the evening's theme lent itself to grimness.  It was exhausting--but somehow having to think about this was even moreso.

Everything about telling Adeliey 'yes' made perfect sense. There was no reason to get in the way of her clanmate's happiness. She didn't know how she felt about Erran, exactly, not enough to get possessive of him. And Erran had told her to learn what was in her heart. He had meant about her fear of cowardice... but she felt like it applied here too. She had to know what was in her heart, and saying 'yes' meant time to do that. Time to think. Time to figure it out.

So figure it out, she thought, looking up at the transparisteel viewport.

She could just see the stars through the red fog of Nar Shaddaa. Stars like the old kings. Stars like windows to manda. Stars like the untraceable, aching hurt that was people who were gone and lights just out of reach. Erran 'thought the world' of Urziya, Adeliey said. 'Looked at her like she was stars.' And that... that was confusing enough as it is. That hurt enough as it was. It didn't hurt quite as much as catching only glimpses of an Erran that was open and honest, who laughed and swore and talked about his mind.

Maybe that was her wishing he was more like her, and maybe that wasn't fair to Erran. Or maybe it was like Hark had said, a while back, when she asked him about the Sith he'd left the Jedi for... that you know you love someone when you want to know what they're thinking, want to be part of their own inner world. She knew she cared about Erran, but was it enough? Did it match what he saw, the quiet affirmation that she was 'born to be alor'? What did that even mean?! It gave her headaches trying to imagine.

"Tion'jor cuyir ibic bid umaan, buir1?" she mumbled, slumping down in her seat with her boots on the dash, frowning at the stars. She was a good fighter. She cared about her clan. That did not make her alor material. For the almost innumerable time tonight, she felt an ache as she wished her mother were here.

What would she say, anyway? How would Kalada Veshkgalaar advise her daughter? She would say she admired Eshok. That his strength shone out among others, even if it was only apparent to her. That her daughter would know when she was in love. That was Kalada's way. Understated, unless she was fighting. Her mother came alive in a pilot's chair; stayed quietly fierce on the hunt; and adopted Mandalorian grimness, Veshkgalaar ceremoniality, outside of it. It was only because she had flown with her mother so often that she had learned to tackle life with the enthusiasm she did. Why was Erran somehow the exception to that? Normally, Urziya knew exactly what she thought and what she felt... and she had no reservations about moving forward.

She did know that when Erran did not shout from the rooftops that he was a genius, she wanted to punch something. Perhaps it was her unofficial role as clan storyteller, perhaps it was because she cared too much, but if Erran saw her as destined to be a chieftain... He hovered in her mind somewhere between legendary smith and discoverer of fire. This quiet, unassuming quartermaster who reverse-engineered basilisk droids in his spare time and seemed to work magic to her poor understanding of computers. He was indispensible, and the fact that he didn't brag about it, didn't see that it made him special, mystified her. That wasn't something Erran cared about. But it was something she did. So it had to mean something, something about how she felt... right?

And then there was Adeliey. And Adeliey made things about a thousand times more confusing. Erran, she had known since she was small. For as long as Urziya remembered, there had been Erran, tinkering with his machines, building computers, weathering all her questions about how things worked and what he was doing. Adeliey was new. She had only been with the clan for a matter of months, and yet... And yet she knew she would move mountains for either of them. Urziya had more or less sworn to Adeliey earlier tonight that she would remember Adeliey's family as if they were her own--that the dead of Adeliey were the dead of her clan, too. Her house. Her family. And that didn't make sense, if it was only honor. It didn't make sense that this woman who had found her way back to clan and Veshkgalaar's karyai was already so important to her... as much as Erran was.

And she was alor'ad. And two people couldn't be more important than all the clan. Even if they were. Even if the thought of them leaving together made her feel horribly, illogically alone.

And that was it, wasn't it? The hurt. It was not jealousy. It was not sadness. Wasn't even anxiety that Erran would look at her differently, though the undercurrent was there. It was that she missed them both.

Somehow, that was worse.

Adeliey's world--the one where people just loved, without attachments or expectations--that was entirely foreign to her, even with the years spent on Nar Shaddaa. Love was marriage and family and children and clan... it was simple. Erran and Adeliey made things not simple. But what were either of them, if not her family? The only family she had left, except for Terrnock and the rest of the clan? She was spinning her wheels trying to explain why they were different, justify why these two were more important than everyone else, trying not to accept the simplest answer.

'People aren't simple,' Erran said. Maybe he was right.

Urziya made a pained, whining sound at nothing, slumping deeper into her seat, then closed her eyes to think. Her parents were gone. Her aunts and uncles were gone. Terr's only love was his clan and his wartable. Adeliey knew how to comprehend feelings, but Adeliey was... part of this. Hark's grasp on Mandalorian culture was lacking, at best. Who did she know who--

Her eyes drifted to the small crewman's room off the main hallway, still bare and now empty, where Iirim had spent the previous few years with his minimal backpack and his malfunctioning, endearing junkpile of a droid. Iirim would know, she thought. Iirim of all people would understand this... He was family too, even if it was different for him, different from clan; even if he could not follow through on what he understood, with him and Bren, now that he was Jedi again. He would know what to do with the feelings that made no sense.

She dropped her feet from the dashboard and reached for the holotransmitter.

1: "Why is this so difficult, mother?"

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Tales from House Taral
« on: 02/15/18, 08:21:15 AM »
(( I am starting to have reasons to start a thread for my Imperial sorts. These first few posts will be a repost of stories in other threads, to keep it all in one place. This one is from A Sith's Promise. ))

"--a moment, Lord Taral! Be still only a moment!'

The clipped, accented words of the medics faded in and out. Dzu had already killed one. He could see the medic's crumpled body on the far side of the tomb, where it lay among the stones where he'd thrown him. The other medics continued on, unfazed, as if this was as ordinary as anything else on the red, Sith-strewn planet. Every time they pressed him down, the Pureblood fought to get up, forgetting that he literally had only one leg to stand on now.

"I am going to kill him," he growled. "Let me up. I must finish what I started..."

"You are going nowhere," said the medic from before, focusing not on his glare, but on her work, as she stopped the remaining bleeding below his knee. "If you continue to struggle, I will sedate you."

"He is a thief!" Dzu protested, failing again, and clawing at the medic to get away from him. "A desecrator. I need to speak to whoever's left of the Dark Council--"

"Assistant, please give our Lord as powerful a narcotic as we can manage before he bleeds himself to death."

The assistant looked at her, stim gun in hand, shaking as he considered the idea. "Um- um--"

"Now, assistant, or I will let him at you."

Dzu continued to growl at the medic: "His master... on Malachor... he needs to be discipl--"

His voice trailed off as the assistant got the courage to stick him with the gun. The assistant very nearly got an armored glove to the face for his efforts, but it was enough to make the Sith Lord's tongue grow heavy and cease in the middle of speaking. He fell back, letting out a slow breath as he did.

This was madness. He knew it was madness. All the fury in the world was not going to hold his leg together, or stop him from dying in that tomb. That was not his training. And the world was beginning to finally spin. He let the medics go about their work, wordlessly.

Maybe that agent would help, he thought quietly. The Honor Guard was likely to simply mock him for his failure. What good was a Sith Lord who couldn't win a duel, let alone a Pureblood in the heart of Korriban, defending his people's relics?

"I'm going to kill him..." he muttered again, imprinting the image of the strange Sith into his mind. Did he catch his name? He didn't remember. But he had caught the name of his master, and a system, that was enough. He managed a a forced laugh, beginning to smile at the spinning ceiling of the tomb, keeping that thought close.

The medics exchanged looks.

"Is that something we should worry about?" the assistant mumbled.

"Shoot him with another vial," the lead medic said curtly, tying off her bandage.

The man nodded. The gun made a whining sound as it fired again by Dzu's ear, and darkness replaced the tomb.

Cantina / The Outfit Designer WIP Advice Thread
« on: 02/01/18, 04:12:10 PM »
Couple people seemed interested in this, so I thought I would start if off: While we have a fashion thread for showing off our completed outfits, we lacked a thread for WIPs and getting advice and suggestions on outfit-building. This is that thread!

I'll start it off. I'm being nitpicky about one of my Mando's armor colors, and could use some tips. Here are full colormatches:

And some mis-matched colormatching in different lightings:

Her old armor is red/orange, but I was hoping to change up the color scheme a little to show character growth. Thoughts?

Events and Occasions / Rishi Night - Brainstorming Thread!
« on: 01/29/18, 06:50:57 PM »
Our reboot of Rishi has been successful enough - most weeks - that I think it's time we branched out from cantina hangout every week. Was always the plan, once we'd caught some steam, so I'd like to gather ideas!

Ideas have to meet these requirements:
  • If it involves fighting game NPCs in the open world, be accessible to under-level-70s, or at least things were the under-level-70s can be carried.
  • Be something that can be done as spontaneous RP, rather than a planned event involving a lot of prep and dice rolls and work.
  • Fit the theme of independents, mercenaries, bounty hunters, smugglers, living dangerously types, and/or underworld scum.
The night can be an adventure (stealing from pirates! taking a merc job! speeder races!) or a casual hangout (like our beach party we did a little while ago or a sidetrip to the Oasis Lounge and Casino, etc.). I'm going to be using every idea suggested in this thread, and keep the thread open as long as the event runs... hopefully into eternity. The ideas are going into a list, which I will then randomly generate from every week to decide what we're doing.

Stuff I need from you guys!
  • Suggestions!
  • Would you prefer we do things this way every week, or would you prefer every other week with Rishi cantina between them?

The Trading Floor / Looking for armors to outfit some toons!
« on: 01/26/18, 09:57:39 PM »
Hello everyone! I'm outfitting some new toons, and am struggling with the ridiculous GTN prices for all the armor pieces I need to complete their looks. Since there are new packs coming out and we have people here who collect armors in their cargo bays, I figured that I would ask around for the pieces and see if I could maybe get some for cheaper or (if you so desire!) for freebies.

Some of these are extremely hard to get these days, so they're sorted by priority of importance. I feel a little bad having such a huge list, but many of these are just individual pieces, and by no means are demands. I will probably update this thread regularly as the wishlist changes.

Stressing again: I really only need the High Priority items, and the Medium priority ones are on the reasonable wishlist. Anything under Low or Lowest Priority would make my entire life, but are absolutely unecessary because... this market, man. It's killer.

Pieces can be sent to Bren Akket Pubside and Urziya Impside.

High Priority:
  • Series 808 Cybernetic Armor - I only need the hands from this set.
  • Strap Tuning - Not armor, and probably too expensive to be here, but will be the finishing archaic touch to Urziya's slugthrower.
If it weren't obvious, for the above I'm outfitting a cyborg character with armored and unarmored versions of the same basic look. I only really need the pieces I've listed, though I will happily accept more for Collections Unlock purposes.

Medium Priority:
  • Revered Master Armor - Ironically, I have all of this set except the pieces I wanted in the first place: the boots and legs. If anyone has a spare Lower of this I will love you eternally.
  • Primeval Stalker Armor - Only need the belt.
  • Rotworm Armors - Need the Rotworm Practice Jersey and the Rotworm Home Shoulder Pads!
  • Revanite Pursuer Armor - I need the headgear. In my impatience to have the shiny thing I bought every piece of the set but that one instead of just saving for a box.
Not much to say here. Missing pieces from various PCs and NPCs' planned armor sets. They are of medium priority because I was hoping to use the NPC for the Shadren plot, and the PC sets are characters I play pretty often.

Low Priority:
  • Temple Guardian Armor - Need the robes, boots, gauntlets, and greaves to complete this set for unlock purposes.
  • Jedi Strategist Armor - Shot in the dark, as it's hard to get now, but since it was available for direct sale fairly recently, why not? I only need the gloves, but would like to get the full set eventually on the off-chance anyone has more of it.
  • Series 512 Cybernetic Armor - Have the legs, hoping to get the other pieces too.
  • Ceremonial Mystic Armor - Need the Upper of this (the chest and gloves).
  • Xoxaan's Armor - Technically only need the gloves which is why it's low and not lowest priority, but the whole set is an end goal.
Most of these are to complete sets which are completed for unlock purposes, or to fill gaps with single pieces.

Absolute Lowest Priority:
  • Dathomir Shaman's Armor - This is here on the off-chance someone has one in their hold they do not want. It's absurdly, ridiculously unpurchaseable for any sane person. This is the lowest priority of all of them due to difficulty and lowest need.
  • Jori Daragon's Armor - This is much too expensive to go here, but I may as well give it a shot. I need the chest and gauntlets.
  • Volatile Weapon Tuning - Very unlikely to happen, but would round out one of my weapon sets.
  • Ancient Infernal Armor Set - This is to outfit a dead guy OOC, so.... super low priority.
This is pure wishlist. There's no pressing character need or outfit with empty slots. Just heart eyes.

  • Series 79 Cybernetic Armor - Only actually need the hands and maybe the boots. Purchased!
  • B-200 Cybernetic Armor - Only need the boots. Thank you Squiggly!
  • B-300 Cybernetic Armor - Only need the boots. Thank you Seraphie!
  • Canderous Ordo's Armor - Huge shot in the dark here, but I'm hoping to grab the full set for unlock purposes to outfit a major NPC and fill out some of my PC's outfits. Purchased!
  • Exar Kun Armor - Hoping for the full set, but the chest and gauntlets have priority. Purchased!
  • Tund Sorcerer Armor - Full set since it has application across toons. Purchased!

It's that time of year again!

In the summer, we celebrated life with fire and war.
In the autumn, we remembered the dead, and honored their memories.
In the winter, we turn our focus to Revelation, to clan and camp, and defy the dark stasis of Arasuum.


Life is a trial, and no one does challenge better than the Mando'ade. Clan Veshkgalaar has called to its friends and allies to join them on a yearly rite of passage: to hunt the mightiest of beasts as clan and kindred, and endure the elements on a long wilderness trek. At the end lies feast, fire, and the comfort of camp and home. On the path lies bitter winds, freezing temperatures, hostile beasts, and the empty expanses in which to train the body and the mind. Only by working together will the pack survive. As the ancient clans of Mandalore were once exiles in the stars, so will their children journey through the wastes, so will they come to survive, so will they come to understand themselves.


This is going to be a departure from the previous two Mando festival events, because this is going to be an open world situation, and will be a combat and exploration event more in the style of our usual adventures. Planet is TBA, but will be somewhere a survival trek seems plausible. The event will come in two parts: Trekking across the wilderness in search of a giant beast to slay, then making our way to a camp where Urziya will do her usual storytelling and morale speeches, and there will be warm drinks and a feast made of our unfortunate prey.

Anyone with ties to our server Mandos is welcome to come! I am expecting a lot of entertaining culture clashes between the Mandos and Mando-esques having a grand old time suffering together, and the non-Mandos just, well... suffering. Whether or not your characters know what's about to hit them is up to you. The sales pitch Urziya has given everyone is "Join us for a hunt to celebrate Mare'cye'tuur - There will be feasting, stories, a bonfire, things to kill, hiking to do, lots of fun! Also, bring something for the clan. Like a gift or something. Something you can carry." ... making it sound a lot more like Life Day and conveniently leaving out the survival aspect. Mando'ade, feel free to know exactly what you're in for.

Because this is a combat event come well-armed. HOWEVER, note that Urziya will set a limit on the gear you can bring with you. Aside from your weapons and armor, every person can bring one additional non-combat item to the event. Ships or transports are not allowed. Remember that it must be carried with you as you walk. The animals are not the only difficulty we will face along the way, so choose your extra item carefully. We will be using simple 50/50 pass/fail rolls, but players should also choose two of the following "skills" for the event: Surveying, Ecology, Biology, Geology, Hunting, Engineering, History, Languages. These will be used to passively feed your characters information.


Who: Mandos and friends of Mandos.
What: A hunt and a wilderness trek on an inhospitable planet, followed by food and warmth.
When: TBA, see the bottom of the post.
Where: An icy rock of a planet somewhere. Most likely Hoth.
Why: "Join us for a hunt to celebrate Mare'cye'tuur - There will be feasting, stories, a bonfire, things to kill, hiking to do, lots of fun! Also, bring something for the clan. Like a gift or something. Something you can carry." If this sounds like Mando Life Day, your character would be both very right and very, very wrong.

Before You Come:
- Pick a single non-combat item of your choice to bring with you. It must be something your character can carry on their person or in a bag.
- Pick two of the following skills: Surveying, Ecology, Biology, Geology, Hunting, Engineering, History, and Languages.
- Post your RSVP with the two skills you have chosen in the thread below.

Please let me know when you're able to attend! I'd like to keep it around the Winter Solstice, but want people to be able to come. I am thinking Wednesday the 20th, but if another day or week works better for people, let me know.

Events and Occasions / Return to Rishi - Indie Night V3
« on: 10/29/17, 06:27:46 PM »
Hello everyone! To start out with, this is mostly the brainchild of @Cyone and me, but since he's been eaten by Destiny 2, I'm writing this thread to start us out. As some of you know, I made an attempt to revive Indie Night a while back, but it died for various reasons... Cyone and I have been brainstorming to figure out ways to make this one more accessible and fun for everyone to get involved with. Here's the deal so far:


Rishi! World of scoundrels, sparkling beaches, precarious haphazard buildings, black markets, and firelit cantinas... All kinds of characters can find a purpose here, no matter their business, no matter their pasts.

One problem we had in the recent revival attempt was location. Using the SH system, we often ran into a situation of not having a SH or not having people to invite on both factions. The solution: Hold it out in the world!

Indie Night, like Jedi Night, will have a "cantina" style fallback in the form of Rishi. The actual themes and events of the night will change week by week, but the planet of Rishi will be our mainstay. Keep an eye on the OOC channels and the thread here to find out where on the planet we will meet each week. Occasionally - like our Jedi Night - we will go on adventures on other planets, but the aim with Indie Night is to inspire and encourage more open world RP, for ease of cross-faction RP and to take advantage of what the game gives us already.

Rishi was chosen for its theme, but also because, with the new way Bioware is rolling out content, anyone who has subbed for even the shortest amount of time has access to all expansion content. For $15 everyone can have access to all the planets, so we figure it's no longer much of a barrier to join in.

Here is the full list of locations on Rishi the event cycles through and their themes:

Rishi - South Beach Party: Beach Party! Take off your boots, kick around in the water, and enjoy the beaches of Rishi.
Rishi - Blaster's Path Cantina: Cantina night at the classic Blaster's Path Cantina. Enjoy the music and drinks and grungy ambiance. Bar brawls encouraged!
Rishi - Old City Boardwalk: Part marketplace, part hangout, part street cafe, the tropical boardwalk has something for everyone.
Rishi - Gorge Hollow Barbeque: Picnic on tropical grasses and under sunny palms! Like the beach party, but a different location.
Rishi - Bootlegger's Marketplace: Tour the market squares of Rishi, going stall to stall and seeing what the merchants have to offer. A market with no NPCs required.
Rishi - Coastal Slums Market: Impromptu market under the docks, with no rules or interference. Shady black market characters required to buy and sell wares and intel.
Rishi - Inlet Slums Dock Show: Ship auction on the docks. Check out the merchandise, haggle for starships and starship parts, and enjoy seeing the snazzy rides.
Rishi - Inlet Slums Junker's Brawl: Bring your brawlers and sharpshooters to the waste pits of the Inlet Slums for an unglamorous, but profitable, fighting arena.
Rishi - Trader's Causeway Speeder Races: Gather above and beneath the northwest corner of the Trader's causeway to compete in and watch speeder racing!
Rishi - Warehouse Rave: Mix business and pleasure at the Old City warehouse cantina. Drink, dance on the docks, and deal business in back rooms.


Another problem we ran into was picking a good time and day of the week to hold Indie Night on. After throwing around days, we decided to put it up for a vote. Please select the option that works best for you in the polls! For consistency, we will probably run this in the evening like our other events. If it's on a weekend there is some leeway in timing, but weekends also tend to be reserved for one-off RPs and chatroom events in our community here. Let us know what time and day works best for you!

Currently Rishi Night takes place on Mondays at 6:30 Pacific Time!


Independents Night is what it sounds like - aimed at the characters in the community who do not fit easily into one faction or another. For the most part this means our mercenaries, scoundrels, outlaws, and the types of characters who like to play multiple sides of the galactic conflicts the game gives us. Indie Night will not be Alliance-themed, but Alliance characters can come. It is, however, more aimed at the characters who can't really attend the Republic or Imperial events with regularity.

Indie Night is a melting pot and likely to change week by week depending on what kinds of characters attend. The more lawless environment of Rishi and the chance for the occasional adventure plot sets it apart from Dancer's Palace such that we hope the two will be able to complement one another nicely!


Let us know what you want to see out of an Indepenents Night! Whether that be adventure themes, questions, or logistical issues... We really want to see this scene open up again, and hope that you will all be interested in it as well. And vote in the poll!

Edit: I may have messed up the poll. If you cannot vote, please comment in the thread with your preferred day!

Storyboards / Shadow of Shadren - Summary Thread
« on: 10/19/17, 03:19:57 PM »
On Iridonia, a king dreams of darkness...
On Shadren, a people search for their queen...
Two planets - two factions - rest poised at the edge of conflict.

Can you avert it? Would you begin it? Will you join it?

Known to those with their ears to the ground:

Some time ago, a local news channel on Iridonia aired the following broadcast. The broadcast was quickly pulled from all channels, but enterprising slicers and the savvy local viewer will remember this feed:


"Shoppers in the sleepy town of Tira'Osh found themselves in the middle of a conflict between three Force users during a duel in front of the local cantina. According to witnesses, a Human woman—identified only as a Sith—spent some time drifting through the town's market square before being confronted. The two others, a local Sang and an unidentified Zabrak, confronted the woman, leading to sabres drawn. We bring you footage of that moment now."

Blurry footage, from an unhelpful angle, just barely shows three figures: an imposing Zabrak man in brown leathers holding a metal zhaboka and his back to the camera, a slim, hooded, Human female with a red-black lightsaber, and a ruddy-skinned Zabrak with a white sabre whose jato are obscured. They appear to be in standoff. When they do start moving, the jostling camera and the blur of the lightsabers makes it difficult to discern the action.

"Townspeople gathered in the local hall while the fight occurred. The conflict ended when a ship carrying members of the Zabrak Army landed in the market square, surrounded the combatants, and arrested the Sith. Neither the Sang nor the remaining Force user could be located afterwards for questioning. The Sith is still believed to be in custody."

Since that short-lived broadcast, neither hair nor sabertrail has been seen of this mysterious Sith, nor the people she dueled. Rumor persists, however, and those seeking answers may find ones if they go looking...

Known to members of the Jedi Order, the Office of the Chancellor, and upper echelons of the Zabrak Army:

Kal'Edar Ayrak Malid, current king of Iridonia and arbiter of the Iridonian High Council, approached Jedi and their allies gathered at the Jedi Custodum on Coruscant in search of aid. While there, he revealed that he has been holding none other than Queen Vedriat Azeara, sovereign of the Shadren Hegemony, as his prisoner for a little under two weeks.

The Kal'Edar is holding Queen Azeara under the charge of inciting violence and unlawful ingress as a Sith Lord on a Republic world. He further suspects her of spying or scouting for an attack on Iridonia, although she claims to have been hunting a traitor to the Sith Empire. The Kal'Edar himself claims to have followed a Force Vision speaking of a shadow threatening Iridonia. When pressed, he revealed that he has not yet informed the Iridonian High Council nor the Republic Senate--aside from, after Jedi prompting, the Office of the Chancellor--for fear of warmongering.

In response, a Jedi delegation has set out for Iridonia to interview Vedriat, discern the truth of the situation, and discuss how to proceed. King Ayrak has expressed a willingness to cooperate with whatever decision the Jedi come to regarding his prisoner, and will seek Republic military aid should a conflict arise, but is focused on finding a solution which does not end in war.

When last we met them, the Jedi delegation left, in the escort of Ayrak and his clan, to Iridonian space...

Known to the Empire and the Shadren Hegemony:

Known to the Empire and the Shadren Hegemony:

Queen Vedriat Azeara has been working very hard to restore the tarnished reputation of her people. Since her ascension as the sole ruler of the Shadren Hegemony, Vedriat has sent ships to serve in the engagement on Iokath, denounced the traitorous "Darth" Taelios and raided his megafactory on Shadren IV, provided the documentation of the Valefor's legal secession of the Sith Empire, and called forward her allies within the Sith to speak on her behalf.

Now, however, trouble sparks from the already inflamatory existence that is the Hegemony. A pulled, Iridonian news broadcast suggests the capture of an unknown Sith, and queries and statements from the recently vocal Shadren fall suddenly silent. There are rumours that Lady Tymeis, Vedriat's most trusted servant, reaches out surreptitiously to her believed allies...

Do you take this opportunity to end the threat of the Shadren Hegemony once and for all? Do you use it to bring the headstrong nation under your heel? Or do you seek to aid the Empire's ally, regardless of any claims against it? Act now, for the window ever closes...

Events and Occasions / Shadow of Shadren - Planning Thread
« on: 10/19/17, 01:14:35 AM »
On Iridonia, a king dreams of darkness...
On Shadren, a people search for their queen...
Two planets - two factions - rest poised at the edge of conflict.

Can you avert it? Would you begin it? Will you join it?


This is the OOC thread for the plot me and @Dassalya are running concerning the Shadren Hegemony and political stirrings on Iridonia begun way back during the great plot @Kremon ran for the server. This plot is not a sequel, but continues off of some independent threads started during that time period and since. We saw an opportunity to do a cool plot involving politics and intrigue for both factions that might pull in characters from Jedi to Sith to troopers to spies to politicians and everything in between.

The story so far...

King Ayrak of Iridonia--the head of Iridonia's High Council--approached the Jedi Order recently in search of aid, revealing that he was holding as his prisoner none other than Queen Vedriat Azeara of the Shadren Hegemony, a member of the Sith Empire. While held under accusation of entering the planet under a false identity and joining violence as a Sith combatant on a Republic world, the Queen of Shadren claims to have been hunting down a traitor, and Ayrak himself believes her to have been spying for a Sith offensive. To ascertain the truth of the matter and find a way out of the sticky political situation, a Jedi delegation was formed and sent to Iridonia to interview the captive queen. At the moment, these events are known only to the Office of the Chancellor, the Jedi Order, and certain members of the Zabrak Army. However, Vedriat is not without her allies, nor Shadren without resources of its own... Vedriat's handmaiden, Tymeis, has begun to make inquiries of her own, and reach out to her allies within Shadren and the Sith Empire.

How to get involved:

Check out our summary thread summarizing all of the IC hooks and the plot entries so far! Then come back here to join in the planning, volunteering, and otherwise keeping track of the plot. If this interests you -- Republic or Imperial -- comment in this OOC thread to voice your interest and get involved in the planning and RP events of this series.

There are several plot cruxes where players can decide what happens in this plot. That means the people who get involved will be able to have an impact in where the story goes, if conflicts break out, what the conflicts are over, etc. There are hooks in place for many different kinds of characters, so if it interests you let us know and post with what characters might get involved!

Events and Occasions / Jedi kNight: Map to the Past series
« on: 10/05/17, 03:41:45 PM »

Some time ago, Jedi Knight Bren Akket and his Padawan Jheva recovered a holocron sequestered away in an ice cave on Ilum, hidden some time ago from the invading Sith by its previous caretaker. Knight Akket has since spent his time studying this holocron's secrets. In doing so, he revealed an encrypted Gatekeeper protecting an ancient Jedi starmap... one leading to powerful artifacts and ancient sites of interest to both the Jedi and the Sith.

Now, with the map entirely decoded, Knight Akket calls on his fellow Jedi and their allies to help in retrieving these artifacts and investigate these sacred sites before looters or the Sith Empire discovers them first. The Jedi have a leg up with their map... but will it be enough to combat the long passage of time? Only you can decide the fates of these ancient treasures. May the Force be your compass!

And remember: "There is no ignorance, there is knowledge."


Starting this Thursday, me and Niarra will be alternating the usual briefing/philosophy Jedi Nights with archaeological treasure-hunting adventures! We will visit each point on the mysterious starmap, recovering artifacts of the Jedi, the Sith, and far stranger civilizations, overcome obstacles, and use our wits on the trail of this map. Many of these adventures will take place in the open world with a few exceptions. For inspirations, think National Treasure, Indiana Jones, and other pulpy sci-fi/adventure stories involving long forgotten relics and ruins.

The first of this series will be led by Niarra on Tatooine. This event series is an official Jedi Night adventure, and starts at the usual start time of 7:30 PM Server Time. We hope to see you all there! Shout out in RepublicOOC if you have any questions or need help getting to the event location.

Su'cuy vode! It seems you did not die since our summer celebration... Time to celebrate your survival with feasting, fighting, and clan!

As the sun wanes on far-off Mandalore, the clans gather to remember their origins once again. We turn our thoughts to mortality and fickle fortune, and recall a time when even
gods knew death!

(( Yes, it's Klingon and not Mando, but you get the idea - your theme for the evening. ))

This summer I held Oya'cye'tuur, A Very Mando Summer Solstice, and it was a great success. Time for the next in the series: Kyr'am'tuur, the Day of Death, a.k.a. A Very Mando Autumn Equinox. The theme is death, the dead, dying, reaffirming the fact that you are alive!, and putting grievances to rest. Expect an event of equal parts sombreness, celebration, bittersweet recollections, and the usual Mandalorian love of bloodshed. We will gather for a festival honoring something only a Mandalorian could celebrate: The inevitability of your own impending doom.

The festival will be held in four parts: Mingling and greetings, a formal greeting and recitation from the Akaanati'kar'oya, remembrances and stories of the dead, and a chance for honor duels with anyone you might hold grievances with. Festival will be held on Friday, September 22 at the Dancer's Palace during regular business hours at 9 PM Server Time. We will meet on the balcony and go from there! You do not have to be Mando to participate, but it is obviously going to be heavily steeped in Mandalorian themes.

Rules and Preparations

There are two potentials for organized interaction with the event, if you want to do more than feast and chatter.

Everyone attending should prepare to show up with stories of people your characters have lost, or at least a name or two to add to the circle. This is, essentially, a very large, very Mandalorian Irish Wake and a souped-up ceremonial version of the day-to-day Mando'a recitation of the dead. You may want to think about this before coming so you have a story or two to share!

There is also the potential for duels. A dueling ring will be set up at the event location for this purpose. Dueling will be handled talking stick fashion (this will make more sense once the event begins), and happen only within the bounds of the ring. Event-goers will respect the Palace's non-violence rules everywhere else. If you have a grievance to clear with someone, it's up to the two duelists to decide what kind of rules, rolls, or not they want to use. It will be ICly frowned on to refuse a duel... those who do may be asked to go back into the main cantina area. I ask therefore that duelists make sure to absolutely, 100% clear the duel with whoever they want to fight OOCly if they want to use this feature of the event.

Other than that, we are here to have fun! Hope to see you all there!

Cantina / What to Do With Schrodinger's Galaxy...
« on: 08/27/17, 12:52:51 AM »
I figured we should make a thread about this, rather than derailing the update spoilers thread.

The last major story update, we had a discussion about what to do with the lack of information about canon storylines or the setting from Bioware, and a lot of people said things along the lines of "Wait for the new expansion, maybe they will give us something." Well... we got to the newest story update, and lo and behold, we do not have a State of the Galaxy. I think it's time we sat down as a server and figured out what to do about the lack of setting to RP in.

Obviously this thread will have spoilers. Do not read if you don't want that! Link to previous discussions about KOTFE's RP impact and the KOTET spoilers thread for context.

Issue #1: Schrodinger's Galaxy

Is Malcolm alive or dead? Is Saresh alive or dead? Is Acina alive or dead? Where the hell are the Jedi based and who is leading them? Is the Alliance helping the Empire or the Republic in the renewed Cold War? Etc. etc. etc. While the new FP seems to be moving more towards a single, unified storyline, these big questions remain unanswered.

Having to RP in a haze of uncertainty when it comes to major governmental and military powers is becoming a hindrance to RP. It's impossible to create any kind of deep military RP, any kind of deep government RP, any kind of deep Jedi or Sith RP, when we don't even know basic things like "Where are the Jedi located?" "Who's in charge of the Empire?" Being vague has worked so far, but the further we get into renewed galactic conflict, the more (at least for me) I feel like it turns me away from RP and makes it impossible as a GM to come up with stories to run.

Individual guilds have come up with their own solutions to this, but in coming up with guild-specific solutions, I worry that we're splintering the community even more than it already is. We are a tiny community. We can't really afford that.

Coming up with definitive, server-wide answers for our canon for the galaxy would create leaping-off points for more RP in the vein of the old class stories. With a clear vision of the political layout of the galaxy, we could start to create more plots that delve into renewed conflicts, political schemes, and just plain "Who is in charge of what planet" types of questions. It would open up RP and, I think, bring back players who left because having to deal with the vague state of the galaxy was too difficult.

Obviously in order to do this, we would have to agree on what state of the galaxy we all prefer... That's what discussion in this thread can hopefully resolve (plus polls! for whatever we cannot).

Issue #2: Creating Content in a Void

One solution to this problem is what we have, thus far, been doing: Creating one-shots or standalone arcs which don't involve any of the major powers at all. This works pretty well for a short-term solution. However, it's becoming clear that we need a long-term solution since Bioware keeps holding the state of the larger Galaxy in secrecy... or just plain not wanting to write or think about it.

Creating content in a void (i.e. no impact on setting, no impact on characters, no impact on storyline) can't be sustained:

1. From a player perspective, it's not very satisfying. Your characters have no impact on the world, and the world has no impact on your characters. Without a Bioware setting to play off of, 100% of the setting, characters, plot, and impact has to be fully self-contained in the adventure itself. It can't impact the story... it can't impact the factions... it has to exist in Schrodinger's Galaxy. Characters can only grow in relation to other RP characters, and aren't allowed to impact or take part in the setting they live in. I don't know about you... but I don't find that fun.

2. From a GM perspective, it's hard to keep content going with only one-shots and self-contained adventures. We've already seen both Empire Night and Indie Night die out because of people not having the time or the ability to host adventures. It's a lot of work, and we just don't have the content creators to keep producing one-shots in the void that Bioware has given us. If we want content, we have to create it, because Bioware won't give us any... and nobody is creating content, so the big RPs just aren't happening.

The only solution to this is to have more GMs stepping up to write adventure plots and create stories for the community. Without that, we're left with whatever Bioware is giving us... and Bioware isn't giving us anything if we aren't the Alliance Commander.

So How Do We Fix This?

I see a few solutions to the problem, some better or worse than others.

1. We decide on a shared server canon for the past few expansions, create a small guide to our server canon, and post it somewhere highly visible on the site so new players can easily find it. With a shared server canon, we no longer operate in Schrodinger's Galaxy, and we don't have to rely 100% on player-created storylines and worldbuilding to drive RP. We'll be able to engage with the setting as we decide upon it.

2. Each guild and meta-group decides their own personal server canon and runs with that. This is a bad solution, to be frank. We are a tiny community, our guilds are small, and we can't really afford further splintering. Unfortunately, it's also one I see already happening. Ex. in Jedi RP there's still a lot of confusion over whether there is a Jedi Council and where they are located. This solutions adds more Schrodingering, not less, and compounds the problem.

3. We continue to make vague one-shots and try to not touch the greater galaxy at all. I already covered the pros and cons of this in Issue #2, so look up there for more details. TL;DR it's unsatisfying and difficult to sustain without people willing to actually run and write stories for the community.

4. We move ahead into a different era of Star Wars history entirely, and tell Bioware's canon to go take a hike. This is an extreme solution... but I think it has a lot of merit. Bioware is showing no signs of wanting to tell us what's going on with the greater galaxy. This would allow us to create epic Star Wars stories under a new banner. Unfortunately, Bioware can also nuke this plan from orbit with any new updates that disrupt the course we are taking as a community. But what else is new?

Obviously more solutions will come up during this thread. I just ask that people keep the topic to solutions to the Schrodinger's Galaxy and keep it productive. If you don't think we should come up with a solution, then vote Solution #3. I am going to reserve a post underneath this one to collect summaries of the discussion.

Could we make a sticky in this subforum for people to post when they've made a Guildnet and are awaiting approval? It seems like half the topics in this forum are about new guilds not having their forums turn up. Having a single thread for people to post when they've made a Guildnet and check on their Guildnet's status would be a really great thing to have!

Ex. I made one for Galaar Karyai a couple days ago, but have no update on its status and don't know if the site admins have noticed it or not to approve. But it seems a little pointless to make yet another thread about the same thing.

If not, then please accept this as the newest 'I made a guild that hasn't shown up yet and am wondering what the ETA is on that' thread and accept this bribe of cake. :cake:

Guild Recruiting / Galaar Karyai - RP-centric Mando guild!
« on: 06/16/17, 10:32:00 PM »
Galaar Karyai - "House" of Hawks

( Banner is a placeholder for now! A real one will be coming along shortly. )

Check out our Guildnet Page!


What: A Mando RP guild centered around the concept of a Mandalorian House: a banner uniting many clans under it.

Who: All Mandos are welcome! Bring a spirit for RP and a love of the hunt and clan. You do not have to change your IC clan to join. (See below)

Why: Mando RP is scarce on the server, it seems, and we wanted a guild that was fully and wholly centered around Mando RP and in the hands of RPers. The concept of being a House allows for characters to join the guild without ICly giving up their clans, though you are also welcome to join the clans of any members.

When: There is no guild night at the moment, but members can be found online at times at some of the various Impside and cross-faction RP events. We also love spontaneous RP!

How: Send me ( @Noth ) a note or post here, and we can do a quick RP and invite you in! RP is not a huge intensive process, just want to get a feel for you before joining.


House Galaar is formed of a few clans united by the symbol of the hawk and the veshok tree in which it roosts. They are traditionally hunters, and value freedom and the spirit of the hunt and clan, but the clans under their banner contain soldiers, mercenaries, and Mandalorians of all professions the culture can boast. As Zakuul's spectre fades from the galaxy, House Galaar rises from the ashes, growth from destruction, and spreads its wings through the galaxy once more to gather clans beneath its banner...

At the moment the most prominent members of the House are Clan Veshkgalaar, who share close alliances with the founding Clan (and as new members join, more will be added to this list!). Those wishing to pledge to House Galaar, under any Clan, should seek out its members and make their voices heard!

The other day, I had a lovely dejarik match with @Niarra as a bit of background flavor for RP, and, being the board game geek that I am, I just had to make myself a board to follow along with as a visual aid. Fast forward a few moves, and my MS Paint experiment turned into a Google Drawing, movable pieces, and real-time dejarik playing against a human opponent. This turned out to be a fun and satisfying roleplaying and gaming experience, that we would like to share with the community so use!


What this is: An RP resource, a visual aid for your RP emotes and to keep track of the game, and a virtual dejarik set.

What this is not: A programmed virtual game, a player vs. computer system, or any other kind of AI.

The rules are pulled from this website and modified for functional gameplay. If anyone has invented another variant of dejarik, post the rules, and we will make a board, do a playtest to make sure those rules function in practice, and post it in the OP! I am hoping to make up rulesets for all the games named in the fanon page the original rules were pulled from. What is left is Chambers and Courier. At least one of those will be a racing game, but I am up for suggestions for the second! It can be its own game or a rules variant on Standard Dejarik.

Each gameplay link sends you to an image with 3 boards. Decide which board you and your RP partner are playing on, and simply click and drag pieces to move them. When pieces are captured, click and drag to move them into the grey spaces to the side of the board.

In all game variants, opening move can be decided by dice roll or by the players through OOC discussion.

In order to use the boards you all have editing power. Please use this power responsibly and do not delete parts of the boards or edit the games themselves at all beyond moving pieces for normal gameplay.



Dejarik is a game of skill as well as chance, and the rules are complicated, but simple once you pick them. Its complexity may not lend itself directly to RP, or it may enhance it! It's up to how much you want to play it. All you need is a single D8 for each player or access to the in-game dice roller.


Spoiler: show
The rule of Dejarik are simple: Death Match.

1. Whoever loses all of their pieces first, loses the game. Whoever survives wins.

2. Each piece has unique strengths, boasting Attack Chance (AC), Defense Chance (DC), and Movement Change (MC). AC and DC determine how many D8s you will roll during an attack/defense. MC determines how many spaces your pieces can move.

Standard Game Pieces:

Savrip: 3 AC / 2 DC / 1 MC (Power Piece)
Monnok: 3 AC / 2 DC / 2 MC (Power Piece)
Ghhhk: 2 AC / 1 DC / 2 MC (Mid Piece)
Houjix: 2 AC / 2 DC / 1 MC (Mid Piece)
Strider: 1 AC / 2 DC / 3 MC (Defensive Piece)
Ng'ok: 1 AC / 3 DC / 2 MC (Defensive Piece)
K'lor'slug: 3 AC / 1 DC / 2 MC (Offensive Piece)
Molator: 3 AC / 1 DC / 3 MC (Offensive Piece)

The virtual board game pieces have AC listed as in black, DC listed in green, and MC in blue on them.

This is the standard pack that all holotables will have. In lore you can buy expansion packs and custom holomonsters, but the total number will always be 8. If you make up a custom piece or set for RP, please use the standard pieces as stand-ins rather than adding new pieces to the Google Drawing. I may add custom pieces to the guide if people come up with some.

3. At gameplay start, pieces are placed randomly around the board by the computer. This will be simulated by rolling 1 D8.

Roll Outcomes:

1 - Savrip (A balanced brute with slow movement speed)
2 - Monnok (A balanced brute with weaker defense)
3 - Ghhhk (A balanced piece who sacrifices defense for speed)
4 - Houjix (A balanced piece who sacrifices speed for defense)
5 - Strider (A vulnerable but swift defender)
6 - Ng'ok (A balanced but unaggressive defender)
7 - K'lor'slug (A vulnerable but balanced attacker)
8 - Molator (A vulnerable but swift attacker)

Place pieces in order from A through H. When you finish rolling for a piece, and after you have placed it, ignore its number when it next comes up.
Ex. If you roll a 5, place the Strider on square A. The next time you roll a 5, ignore it and reroll. Etc.

Players may decide who is on which side of the board beforehand or after setup.

Included are also tokens to keep track of which player is in which square. Move both at the same time.

4. Players each take 2 actions each round. These actions can be any combination of movement and/or attack. You must take both your actions each turn.

5. Each piece must move the exact number of spaces of its MP. Pieces cannot move diagonally, but must move along horizontal rays and circles, but can change direction mid-movement, except to retrace steps (as this would move you less than your MC). Pieces must use the entire number at once, and cannot backtrack to move less than their MC, break it into two parts, or only move partway. Pieces can 'hop' over other pieces, but cannot land on a space already occupied by another piece.

Legal and illegal Dejarik moves for a piece with 3 MP - note that the only legal spaces are adjacent to the piece itself.

6. A player may attack any defending piece adjacent to their attacking piece. Attacks pit AP vs DP with opposing dice rolls to make 1 of 5 outcomes:

     - A Kill, which removes the defending piece
     - A Push, which allows the attacking player to move the defending piece to any 1 adjacent square they choose
     - A Counter-Push, which allows the defending player to move the attacking piece to any 1 adjacent square
     - A Counter-Kill, where the attacking creature is removed from play
     - A Retreat, which allows first the defending player, then the attacking player, a Counter-Push. You cannot Push/Counter-Push a monster into the space you just occupied.

Rolling for Attack:

If Attack wins by 7 or more (hard win), Attack Kills Defense.
If Attack wins by 6 or less (soft win), Attack Pushes Defense.
If Attack and Defense tie (soft loss), Defense and Attack both Retreat.
If Attack loses by 6 or less (soft loss), Defense Counter-Pushes Attack.
If Attack loses by 7 or more (hard loss), Defense Counter-Kills Attack.
If a monster cannot be Pushed or Counter-Pushed due to being blocked in on all sides, it counts as a Kill instead.

All rolls are decided by both Attack and Defense rolling the AC and DC score of their attacking and defending pieces.

The virtual board game pieces have AC listed as in black and DC listed in green. You can also refer to the table earlier.

Rolls should use the in-game dice roller for OOC clarity.
Assuming that you are using the in-game dice roller, input /roll AC # d8 for attacks and /roll DC # d8 for defense.

7. If both players have only 1 piece left, move both pieces to the middle of the board. You must then use the higher of their AC or DC and roll off using that number until one gets a Kill.

8. This is about fun and RP. Keeping track for emote flavor is more important than focusing on details or winning. Hand-wave rules and moves as needed for RP purposes, but please always be fair to the other player and do not god-mod.



Vrax is a rules variant for Standard Dejarik using the same board, pieces, and basic framework. It combines the gameplay of Dejarik with the endgame strategy of Courtier. Of the Dejarik rules variants, this one plays most similar to Chess in feel and strategy. We found this to be the most fun of the playtesting, but YMMV!


Spoiler: show
Vrax Dejarik plays exactly like regular Dejarik except for the following points:

1. At the start of the game, one of the holomonsters on each team is labeled the King. This is decided by dice roll, like the other random starting choices. You can roll for monster placement and King in any order - it's all still randomized.

Player 1: If you roll 1-2, A is King; 3-4, C is King, 5-6, E is King; and 7-8, G is King.

Player 2: If you roll 1-2, B is King; 3-4, D is King, 5-6, F is King; and 7-8, H is King.

2. Like in Courtiers, your other pieces are labeled Guards, and serve to protect your King.

3. Also like in Courtiers, the player who gets a Kill on the opposing King both ends and wins the game.

4. All monsters keep their stats from Standard Dejarik and follow the same Attack/Defense/etc. rules.

5. If you are down to only your King, you must keep playing, because sudden reversals can and do happen in this game due to randomizing in attacks. (Happened in playtesting!)



Courtier is a tafl-variant for Star Wars. If you've played any kind of tafl game before, you have played Courtier. It is a game of pure strategy. This game works very well for RP, is simple to learn, and does not require any dice rolling.


Spoiler: show
1. Gameplay starts with the pieces arranged like in the picture above.

2. Each side has 6 pieces: 5 Guards and 1 King.

3. All players can only move 1 piece 1 space at a time on each turn, and only in straight lines side-to-side or around circles. Diagonal moves are not permitted.

4. Pieces cannot 'hop' other pieces.

5. Capture game pieces by flanking them on 2 sides. Ex:

How to capture on Courtier.

6. Double-captures occur when 4 pieces are arranged so that they capture each other. Ex:

An example of a double capture.

7. Moving into a position of capture counts as a sacrifice. You are not immune to capture by virtue of having moved there voluntarily.

8. Pieces cannot be captured by placing a piece between them and the edge of the board, only between 2 pieces. Capture must include at least 3 total pieces.

9. Play ends when one king is captured. Whoever loses their king, loses the game. Whoever captures their opponents' king, wins.

10. When a king is in danger of being captured, the threatening player must announce "Check!" This is a rule, but ICly of course you can make your character be a rude jerk and not announce when placing a king in check.

11. Again, this is for fun and RP. Use RP flavor as you want. Ex. An OOC blunder might be an opportunity to pretend your skilled character is making a risky move, or that your unskilled character is making a mistake, or that your character of any skill level is distracted by something in the environment. Be creative and have fun!



Lai Kyets is a Go-inspired cross between draughts and a racing game. Invented by the Duros, it is the ancestor of all holochess games, and simulates the travels and trials of two colonizing forces making their way towards the center of a galaxy or star system. Another complex game, strategy-wise, though the rules are simple.

Lai Kyets has not yet been fully play-tested.


Spoiler: show
1. The goal of the game is to move as many of your pieces onto the center ring as possible, and prevent your opponent from doing the same by blocking or capturing their pieces.

2. Setup is like the image, with players arranging red and blue pieces in alternating patterns along the two rows. (Red, blue, red blue; and the opposite on the other side, blue, red, blue red.)

3. To decide initiative, players roll off against each other with 1 d8. Whoever gets the higher roll goes first. You can decide among yourselves who takes which color, or roll for it: evens are blue, odds are red, and Player 2 takes the opposite color of the rolled one.

4. Pieces can move horizontally or sideways, never diagonally, in any directions for 1 square if unobstructed. You do not have to stay on the center ring, and may move backwards from and sideways on it. You may hop enemy pieces but not your own.

5. Hopping over a piece captures it, removing it from play, as well as allowing you to move 2 spaces rather than 1. Pieces on the center ring may capture sideways on the center ring and also backwards from it, just as with regular moves.

6. There are several win conditions that can occur: All remaining pieces are located on the central ring; one side outnumbers the other such that the other could not possibly put more pieces than them on the central ring; there are no more possible strategic moves; or just player agreement that no more moves are possible. In certain games players may choose to force play out until the very last possible move even in a perceived win condition.

7. Game conditions are decided to be win conditions by mutual agreement of both players. Lai Kyedts can therefore be a very short game or a very long one.

8. (Optional) In some variants, outlying pieces may be tallied into the losing player's score, making sudden reversals in who wins possible. It is up to you if you want to include this rule.

(Totally my own invention but:) In Ancient Duro, it was thought that the outcome of the game, including the outlying pieces unable to move into the center, could predict the future--outcomes of colonies, space battles, mystical battles between Light and Dark, etc. Much like Centran Sabbacc. Alternative layouts produced mathematically unplayable games which offered no challenge but are sometimes used for meditation. It is up to you if you want to let this enter into your RP. (And OOCly, I had a really hard time finding a layout for this where the 1st person who moved was not guarunteed to win. This was the only one that worked. Make of that what you will.)

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