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I'm a little confused... So there is no one plot or hook, the event is just "everyone happens to be in the same place at the same time for different reasons - improv it and we'll figure the event out based on what people post here"?

Just checking in to make sure this isn't tonight. Like Dorian, I don't want to miss it!

It's not. Dass isn't around this week.

Don't worry, we will definitely let you all know when the next installment is happening, with a post and a calendar day and everything. We just wanted to know people's availability so that when RL stops interfering we can host it on a day people are able to make it. We aren't going to sneakily host it without an announcement or anything. Thanks again for all your patience.

Cantina / Re: 5.X Patchnotes, Updates, Guides, etc...
« on: 12/05/17, 07:58:28 PM »
Yavin and Tatooine have speeders placed at the farther reached that allow you to ride back to the entrance. It's less useful than /stuck but a nice gesture.
Would be great if they added ones to the end points as well, so you could quickly go back and forth. But... nope. Especially in Tat where the spawn-in isn't in the same place as the exit.

Quick replies @Darshendros - You can make it every Saturday if you want, there's nothing stopping you. We just did it every other week because it was what we could manage when it was me and Zmaj running things. Every week would be awesome.

As for Mando Night, that's why we made Indie Night. There's no reason to alternate between an Imp and Mando theme, just bring your Mandos to Indie Night and the quarter-annual Mando festival event.

I am wondering, was this last week or coming up?  :umm:
Coming up. We've been busy and haven't been able to get together to set a week or talk GM stuff yet.

Thanks for running this, Darshendros! Had a lot of fun during the time I was there, even if it was a small meet-up.

6:00 is a bit early for me. 6:30-7:30 is a good start time, in my book. But Iam also very flexible in what hours I can come, and am a West Coaster.

Going to be late to Empire Night, since there's some RL stuff come up last minute. Hope you all are still going when I get back!


(did we ever decide which planet's hypothetical solstice this is based on?  Hehe.  Could be Coruscant, actually since the Mandolorians are believed to be descended from the Zhaung people from there)
Heh, in my head it's always been Mandalore. Way to stay connected with home while always on the move.

It's that time of year again!

In the summer, we celebrated life with fire and war.
In the autumn, we remembered the dead, and honored their memories.
In the winter, we turn our focus to Revelation, to clan and camp, and defy the dark stasis of Arasuum.


Life is a trial, and no one does challenge better than the Mando'ade. Clan Veshkgalaar has called to its friends and allies to join them on a yearly rite of passage: to hunt the mightiest of beasts as clan and kindred, and endure the elements on a long wilderness trek. At the end lies feast, fire, and the comfort of camp and home. On the path lies bitter winds, freezing temperatures, hostile beasts, and the empty expanses in which to train the body and the mind. Only by working together will the pack survive. As the ancient clans of Mandalore were once exiles in the stars, so will their children journey through the wastes, so will they come to survive, so will they come to understand themselves.


This is going to be a departure from the previous two Mando festival events, because this is going to be an open world situation, and will be a combat and exploration event more in the style of our usual adventures. Planet is TBA, but will be somewhere a survival trek seems plausible. The event will come in two parts: Trekking across the wilderness in search of a giant beast to slay, then making our way to a camp where Urziya will do her usual storytelling and morale speeches, and there will be warm drinks and a feast made of our unfortunate prey.

Anyone with ties to our server Mandos is welcome to come! I am expecting a lot of entertaining culture clashes between the Mandos and Mando-esques having a grand old time suffering together, and the non-Mandos just, well... suffering. Whether or not your characters know what's about to hit them is up to you. The sales pitch Urziya has given everyone is "Join us for a hunt to celebrate Mare'cye'tuur - There will be feasting, stories, a bonfire, things to kill, hiking to do, lots of fun! Also, bring something for the clan. Like a gift or something. Something you can carry." ... making it sound a lot more like Life Day and conveniently leaving out the survival aspect. Mando'ade, feel free to know exactly what you're in for.

Because this is a combat event come well-armed. HOWEVER, note that Urziya will set a limit on the gear you can bring with you. Aside from your weapons and armor, every person can bring one additional non-combat item to the event. Ships or transports are not allowed. Remember that it must be carried with you as you walk. The animals are not the only difficulty we will face along the way, so choose your extra item carefully. We will be using simple 50/50 pass/fail rolls, but players should also choose two of the following "skills" for the event: Surveying, Ecology, Biology, Geology, Hunting, Engineering, History, Languages. These will be used to passively feed your characters information.


Who: Mandos and friends of Mandos.
What: A hunt and a wilderness trek on an inhospitable planet, followed by food and warmth.
When: TBA, see the bottom of the post.
Where: An icy rock of a planet somewhere. Most likely Hoth.
Why: "Join us for a hunt to celebrate Mare'cye'tuur - There will be feasting, stories, a bonfire, things to kill, hiking to do, lots of fun! Also, bring something for the clan. Like a gift or something. Something you can carry." If this sounds like Mando Life Day, your character would be both very right and very, very wrong.

Before You Come:
- Pick a single non-combat item of your choice to bring with you. It must be something your character can carry on their person or in a bag.
- Pick two of the following skills: Surveying, Ecology, Biology, Geology, Hunting, Engineering, History, and Languages.
- Post your RSVP with the two skills you have chosen in the thread below.

Please let me know when you're able to attend! I'd like to keep it around the Winter Solstice, but want people to be able to come. I am thinking Wednesday the 20th, but if another day or week works better for people, let me know.

I also vote for open world stuff. A ship sounds fun, there's also that museum area on the Ziost Shadow if that sounds useful for any reason.

Also don't bother mourning any of those toxic mando guilds, because IWSC is hiring privateers! Letters of marque are available at participating recruiters now!

Well... Galaar Karyai isn't toxic, and we're also recruiting. But we're neutral, following Mand'alor's joining the Alliance's example to go our own ways, so if you want an Imp loyalist IWSC is a great guild far as I know.

But yeah, this sounds fun. I'll probably show up on either my Sith or my Agent depending on the theme and location chosen!

What kinda bums hang around hangars?

I also added Ziost Shadow's bridge deck, 'cuz Clan Bes'uliik used to use that before guild ships were a thing (are they still around?), and it's really pretty. No traffic either.

The theme will be... a rally? Information gathering? I haven't decided a premise yet. I'll figure it out by tonight.

Could just use my stronghold, the premise being rumors of a new Sith Academy being built. On Nar Shaddaa. But it's not ready yet. Maybe for next time. XD

Nope, they're not around anymore. I don't know all of what Mando Guilds still active, but I'm in one, Galaar Karyai, which seems to be the most active at the moment.

I'm also voting for open world, because a) that's fun and SHs are getting old and b) you don't need people to invite, just to give directions.

Looking forward to tomorrow!

Oh damn. I almost forgot to scout locations for tomorrow.

OKAY! Got some choice for yous guys. Tried for places that would appeal to both Imperials and Sith, just to be fair.

  • The Revanite Compound on DK (obviously there's no Revanites there, unless you're a HERETIC)
  • Imperial Intelligence building on DK (Agent trainer room with all the computers)
  • Sith Sanctum on DK (Inquisitor trainer room)
  • Korriban Space Station
  • Nar Shaddaa Imperial Special Ops Center (Upper Industrial Sector) (Standing in for a location on DK)

Or we can use someone's stronghold if it has a similar theme.

Not mine though. It's not ready.

Those are all cool locations. Would probably vote against the Revanite camp just because you'd... well, have to ignore the Revanites. Still, I'd vote for one of the DK spots or the Korriban space station.

What's the theme for the RP this week? That'll help narrow down a good spot for it.

Cantina / Re: What to Do With Schrodinger's Galaxy...
« on: 12/01/17, 05:04:12 PM »
You know what, I think the real problem here is that the game is still part of legends canon. If it wasn't legends canon, or if others were allowed to keep legends alive by writing stories in the universe, then we could get a story, perhaps a book or a comic or something, that tells us exactly who died and when.

TBH... yeah. No one is pressuring them to make a single canon. They don't have to be part of a continuity. I imagine that's a huge factor to blame.

The Trading Floor / Re: WTB Scorpion TK Short-Blade
« on: 12/01/17, 04:42:01 PM »
o.o that's actually several million credits more than I expected. I can afford that, but I think i'd rather wait a week to see how low the price gets since the packs just came out lol.
Heh! Well, I just posted that for reference. It will probably get cheaper, and I don't mind selling it for way less.

The Trading Floor / Re: WTB Scorpion TK Short-Blade
« on: 12/01/17, 03:26:12 PM »
I'll take it, how much do you want for it?
What's your budget? Cheapest it's going for now is about 4mil/5mil, and most expensive about 5 times that, so there's a range on the GTN. Happy to sell it for cheaper though if you need to.

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