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Cantina / Re: To the Deco-Obsessed Lovelies: Certificates?
« on: 10/14/17, 09:24:44 AM »
In the last livestream BW mentioned they're looking into eliminating the need for Cartel Certificates and exploring alternative ways to get those decos.

Storyboards / Re: News Channel Feeds
« on: 10/13/17, 11:15:52 PM »
Belkadan Command Hits Additional Insurgent Hideouts in Capital               Famed Imperial Scholar Oclivius Dromoor Rumored to Visit Belkadan Soon

Belkadan On Edge

A subsidiary of

Moff Heermann Tours Battlefronts on way Home

AETEN II—The Ziost Avenger, flagship of the Fourteenth Mobile Fleet and personal flagship of Moff Nicohlas Heermann, arrived with escort vessels in the Aeten system recently.  The stop is the first of several unscheduled inspection tours Moff Heermann is undertaking on his way back to Belkadan from Iokath, where he had been personally overseeing Imperial Wild Space Command’s campaign to seize the alien sphere.  Moff Heermann transferred command of Task Force Iokath to Admiral Krysiak, expressing his confidence in the admiral’s abilities and the need for him to take a step back to monitor IWSC operations across Wild Space.

Speaking specifically to the conflict in the Aeten system, Moff Heermann expressed the criticality of stripping away a core member of the former Rift Alliance from Republic membership.  “Reclaiming this system for the Empire will expose the Republic’s weakness to its outlying members and reveal the attractiveness and good sense of swearing fealty to the Empire,” the moff said.  Aeten II is the first of several stops the moff's caravan will be making, which will include other systems such as Sernpidal and the newly discovered IC-711.

Fourteenth Fleet Offering Letters of Marque to Prospective Privateers

FORT MARR—To bolster Imperial naval capabilities in the regions of Wild Space, the Imperial Fourteenth Mobile Fleet will be issuing official letters of marque and reprisal to qualified individuals for status as protected Imperial privateers.  Moff Heermann and Admiral Krysiak both signed their official approval for the program, which goes into effect next week after satisfying some remaining administrative requirements with the Ministry of Logistics.  The new initiative, which builds on the existing practice of commissioning private ship captains to assault and plunder Republic assets, is expected to give a shot-in-the-arm to the stretched forces of the Fourteenth Fleet.

Speaking from Iokath, where he is overseeing the Wild Space Command campaign to assist in the sphere’s capture, Admiral Krysiak told reporters that privateers will be encouraged to operate in select areas to release standard Imperial naval elements to focus on larger, higher-risk operations like those over Iokath and Aeten II.  The admiral stated the privateers will be encouraged to attack Republic convoys and small to medium-sized settlements in Wild Space, and that prospective privateers will be offered generous terms with regard to plunder retention.

Wild Space Command Secures Gubernatorial Authorization for New Rail Use

FORT MARR—Capitalizing on the completion of a major infrastructure project initiated by Governor Elym Heermann, ground forces of Imperial Wild Space Command have secured terms with the governor’s office for military use of the planet’s new tram system.  The Ministry of Logistics previously revealed Belkadan's new Victory Over Zakuul transport system as a near planet-wide rail system for passenger and freight transport.

Officials from Fort Marr say protocols have been established with the planetary government to establish military priority and use for the system in times of need.  The officials stated the system will significantly facilitate supply to IWSC installations on the planet and will substantially reduce the time to move ground troops in planetary defense scenarios.  The Fort Marr garrison commander conveyed Moff Heermann’s interest of the system’s prospective potential to facilitate a more proactive approach to handling Belkadan’s lingering insurgency of Republic sympathizers.

Media Gallery / Re: SPACELING: Art of Li Didkovsky
« on: 10/12/17, 08:59:07 PM »
Here is the latest piece of brilliant work I commissioned from Li Didkovsky.  The painting depicts Moff Herrmann aboard the bridge of the Ziost Avenger observing the Battle of Iokath.

Introductions / Re: ((OOC)) Hello from the Harbinger!
« on: 10/10/17, 01:04:58 PM »
Sounds like the best place for you to get started after the merger will be at Dancer's Palace, the community's weekly social event.  It's held every Friday at 9 PM server time.

Introductions / Re: ((OOC)) Hello from the Harbinger!
« on: 10/10/17, 12:46:14 PM »
Welcome to the BC RP community, Foobiscuit.  I'm glad you saw my message.  Are there any particular areas of RP you're most interested in (e.g., Republic, Imperial, pirate, military, social, etc.)?

Worldbuilding and Community / Jedi and Sith Leaders
« on: 10/09/17, 10:27:56 AM »
Hey all, like I said in the Shoutbox yesterday, knowledge of Force-users is not my area of expertise.  If people want to see leadership profiles like the ones I made for the Republic and Imperial militaries, I'm going to need some input.  I'm currently compiling information on figures associated with the below organizations.  If I'm missing anything, let me know.

     Emperor / Empress
     Emperor's Hand
     Children of the Emperor
     Dark Council
     Korriban Sith Academy Overseers

     Jedi High Council
     Jedi Battlemasters
     Green Jedi Council (Corellia)

Guild Recruiting / Re: Grim Determination
« on: 10/08/17, 01:07:11 PM »
I recommend RPers here interested in some PvP consider putting a toon in here.  I healed a lot of Grim Determination folks in WZs on my main, Nicohlas.  They were both skilled and the toxicity that is pervasive among many (but not all) PvPers was not present among its members.

The reason the Umbara FP Imperial group fell through was, a) the FP was (and continues to be) very buggy and laggy, and more people in a FP instance would likely have made that worse and b) most of the Influencers agreed that it was not worth it to group for that particular FP, the rewards were not much better from grouping.

The new Copero FP is coming out next month. I expect, since we'll be on solid ground and not a moving train, that lag won't be as much an issue.

What I want to do here is get a sense of which players would be interested in grouping for the new FP when it's released.  We'll revisit this issue probably a couple times as new information is released from now until release, but I'd like to get a sense of interest.

Prospective Team Members
Nicohlas     HEAL

Cantina / Re: Chiss-Themed Pack Items
« on: 10/02/17, 08:11:43 PM »
Now that we know the Chiss are returning to SWTOR, this is the best time for y'all to head over to the forums and voice your support for Chiss-themed items (see original post for link).

Cantina / Re: Theme songs for your toons
« on: 10/02/17, 06:17:50 PM »
Elym and Nicohlas Heermann theme song?


Cantina / Re: 5.X Patchnotes, Updates, Guides, etc...
« on: 10/02/17, 06:13:15 PM »
SWTOR Fall 2017 Roadmap Summary and Feedback

Bioware published the fall roadmap earlier today.  I'll touch on some of the general highlights and items affecting RPers especially here.

I. UNITED FORCES CAMPAIGN.  The most important item in this category is the upcoming server mergers.  Read more on this initiative here.  The important consideration for BC RPers is to recognize that our server is being merged with the Harbinger and Bastion servers.  Most of you that read my posts know I try to keep a positive outlook on game changes, including to story.  I'm a bit skeptical about this.  I started on Bastion and came here from there.  It's a PvP server and Harbinger has a reputation for toxicity.  I really can't say how I feel about this.  We'll have to wait and see.  Check the links for more info on scheduling but take note that this initiative will be rolled out in full on November 8.

II. CHISSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :P As we previously speculated the Chiss planet Copero will be making an appearance in Game Update 5.6, scheduled for release on November 28, via a new Flashpoint, A Traitor Among the Chiss.  Raina Temple (Agent companion) will also be returned to us (I speculated over a year ago she'd return to the Chiss :P).  A lot of the more hardcore Chiss and Imperial RPers have been eager for more Chiss involvement in story.  I'm very excited for this but, admittedly, a bit hesitant as to how it will be introduced in case in rails against our common understanding of Chiss lore.

There are actually a lot of brilliant changes coming to the game, including a new GSF map located in orbit over Iokath!!!!

Read the Roadmap.


Supreme Commander

The Republic’s Supreme Commander is the military head of the entire Republic armed forces.  In this capacity, the Supreme Commander oversees the deployment, preparedness, policy, and other aspects of managing the Republic Army and Navy.  This figure reports directly to the Supreme Chancellor, but regularly interacts with members of the Galactic Senate as well.

Jace Malcom
Status: Unknown

Formerly a hero of the famed Havoc Squad in the Republic Army’s Special Forces Division, Malcom frequently saw action across multiple battlefields in the Great Galactic War.  In the Cold War, he returned to a previous battlefield, Alderaan, to coordinate Republic support for House Organa in their civil war with House Thul.  As Supreme Commander, he personally took an interest in the evacuation of civilians from Makeb, and more recently led Republic forces against the Sith Empire on Iokath.

Previous Supreme Commanders
NameDates Active
Rans – c. 10 ATC
– c. 13 ATC
Stantorrsc. 10 ATC


General Callan Grayne
Hoth campaign
Status: Unknown

During the Cold War, Grayne deployed to Hoth, where the Republic was stuck in an endless conflict with the Empire.

"War Trust"

An unofficial body of senior officers charged with exploring new military innovations and developing bold tactics for use against the Empire.  The entire War Trust was wiped out by Darth Baras' apprentice (the future Emperor's Wrath) during the Imperial occupation of Taris in the Cold War.

General Durant

General Faraire

General Elaxis Frellka

General Minst


General Elin Garza
Commander, Special Forces Division
Status: Unknown

One of the most prominent officers of the Republic military.  Garza is notable for co-founding SpecForce Division during the Great Galactic War.  In her capacity as SpecForce Division commander, she oversees the Republic Army's classified special operations against the Sith Empire and other threats to the Republic.  She is a controversial figure, but a highly decorated one.

General Var Suthra
weapons development
Status: Unknown

Another senior army officer who saw extensive service in the Great Galactic War.  The horrors of his experience drove Var Suthra to pursue the development of superweapons that would allow the Republic the edge it needed to survive a future conflict with the Sith Empire.  Var Suthra worked closely with the famed Hero of Tython in the Jedi's campaign against Darth Angral.

List of Generals
AakarsBalmorran resistanceDECEASED
AndoHoth campaignUNKNOWN
AvesCommander, Republic forces – CorelliaUNKNOWN
ConlathCommander, Republic forces – BelsavisUNKNOWN
DreesonTaris reconstructionDECEASED
GelrexBattle of IlumUNKNOWN
Karastace GonnOuter Rim diplomacyDECEASED
KashimCommander, Republic forces – Alderaan     UNKNOWN
KorvanCommander, Republic forces – QueshUNKNOWN
KrepkitHoth campaignUNKNOWN
Ilic NadabHoth campaignUNKNOWN
OriasBattle of IlumUNKNOWN
Thelonia Redrish     Voss diplomacyDECEASED
Amos Rikerogue, Eternal Alliance oppositionDECEASED
ShodarraHoth campaignUNKNOWN
SkylastBelsavis prison reclamationUNKNOWN
TaoChief Controller, Balmorran resistanceDECEASED
UchangHoth campaignUNKNOWN
VanderOrd Mantell Infantry CommandUNKNOWN


Fleet Admiral Bey'wan Aygo
Eternal Alliance military commander
Status: Discharged

Formerly the commander of the Republic's First Fleet.  Aygo distinguished himself at the Battle of Kuat.  During the invasion of the Eternal Empire, he attempted to mobilize his forces to oppose Zakuul's forces, but was constantly blocked by then Supreme Chancellor Saresh, who wanted to continue focusing on the Sith Empire.  Aygo was discharged from Republic military service and now commands the military forces of the Eternal Alliance.

Fleet Admiral Numinn
Battle of Ilum
Status: Unknown

Numinn founded the elite Coruscant Aegis squadron during the Cold War to confront Sith aggression during the treaty period.  When Darth Malgus split from the Sith Empire, Numinn was called as a member of an emergency war council on Ilum to confront the new threat.

Other Fleet Admirals
Name     Position     Status

List of Admirals
Trede Bakvalen     UNKNOWNUNKNOWN
DabrinCommander, ValiantUNKNOWN
MonkDarth Baras spy network     DECEASED
RevaldHoth campaignUNKNOWN
ShaiBattle of IlumDECEASED


Minister of War

Charged with overseeing all military matters and directing the armed forces of the Sith Empire, the Imperial Minister of War is one of the most senior officials in the Imperial government.  The War Minister sits at the very pinnacle of the Imperial military hierarchy, establishing military policy, issuing orders to subordinate units, and balancing the needs of the Sith.  Prior to the dissolution of the Dark Council and the ascension of Darth Acina as Empress of the Sith, the War Minister reported directly to the Dark Councillors in charge of the spheres of Defense of the Empire, Military Offense, and Military Strategy.

Previous Ministers of War
NameDates Active
Shareis     c. 7 BTC

Khun Tazith
Special Advisor to the Minister of War
Status: Unknown, Presumed Deceased

A veteran of the Great Galactic War, where he founded and commanded the notorious Bane Brigade.  As tensions between the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic began to escalate during the Cold War, Tazith was recalled from retirement by Darth Vengean to serve as special advisor to the Minister of War.  Dispacted to Hoth, where Imperial forces had forced Republic troops to committ resources to an unwinnable war scenario, Tazith resurrected the legend of the since defeated Bane Brigade to lure elite Republic and Jedi forces to the planet.  Tazith recruited Imperial heroes in this endevour and sought to spring a trap on the elite Republic forces lured to the planet.


Answering directly to the Minister of War are the moffs, senior military leaders and territorial governors who enforce the War Minister's directives and rule over entire sectors of Imperial space.  Ranking above the admirals and generals of the Imperial military, the moffs exercise command authority over both ground and naval forces assigned to their units or sectors.  Unlike lower ranking military personnel, the uniforms worn by moffs are much more diverse, often reflecting previous achievements or current command responsibilities.  This elite class of the Imperial military hierarchy traces its roots back to Odile Vaiken, the first Grand Moff of the Sith Empire who served in the period following the Great Hyperspace War.

Grand Moff Ilyan Regus
Commander, Operation Dark Ice (formerly)
Status: Unknown

Promoted shortly after the demise of his predecessor, Grand Moff Kilran, Regus is known as an unwavering traditionalist and Imperial patriot.  He prescribes to the belief of the superiority of humans and Sith Purebloods over other species, and eagerly works toward the defeat of the Galactic Republic, the Empire's oldest enemy.  After his promotion, Regus deployed to Ilum with Darth Arho to procure large quantities of Adegan crystals in a bold strategy to develop stealth technology for the Imperial armada.  Following the betrayal of Darth Malgus, Regus convened a special war council on Ilum and led the Imperial effort to confront Malgus' treason.

Grand Moff Rycus Kilran
Commander, Imperial Fifth Fleet

A famed Imperial hero of the last war, Kilran is most well known for his role in the Sacking of Coruscant.  In the Cold War, Kilran initiated skirmish operations against the Republic in a series of small provocations.  Kilran and his Fifth Fleet made a stand against Republic heroes at an Imperial prison on the Maelstrom Nebula, where Kilran guarded the incarcerated Revan under orders from Darth Malgus.  It was in the prison that the "Butcher of Coruscant" finally met his end, bravely fending off a Republic rescue.  Kilran's legacy has continued to inspire a generation of Imperial military personnel as they struggle to fend off the Republic and claim victory in the galaxy for the Empire.

List of Moffs
AltissCommander, Denova campaignUNKNOWN
BraynorGovernor, Anoat SectorUNKNOWN
DolusDarth Nox supporterUNKNOWN
DracenCommander, Quesh Imperial forcesUNKNOWN
GrahamDarth Nox supporterUNKNOWN
HurdennCommander, Taris Imperial forcesUNKNOWN
KreskCommander, Imperial Ordnance Acquisition Corps     UNKNOWN
MaskenSphere of Military OffenseDECEASED
Varnus Orleclaw enforcementUNKNOWN
PhennirImperial Expeditionary FleetUNKNOWN
Valion PyronSilencer superweapon projectUNKNOWN
RugenthQuesh campaignUNKNOWN
SarekAlderaan annexationUNKNOWN
TarandonSphere of Military StrategyUNKNOWN
TyrakCommander, 63rd Armored Infantry DivisionUNKNOWN
Merile Yurrion     Governor, Arkanis SectorUNKNOWN
Alvon ZamarCorellia military studyUNKNOWN

Under-Moff Arribid Bensen
Engineering consultant
Status: Unknown

Exhibiting an interest in scientific study over military responsibility since his time at the Imperial Military Academy, Bensen became one of the Empire's geotechnical engineering experts.  Bensen has travelled the galaxy extensively as a consultant, advising military commanders on geological factors impacting the strenghts and weaknesses of Imperial and Republic installations.  After Imperial forces under the command of Darth Marr successfully conquered Makeb, Bensen was dispacthed to the system to oversee the mining of the crucial isotope-5 mineral.  The rank of "Under-Moff" was created especially for Bensen in recognition of his unique role and the importance of his mission.


General Arkos Rakton
Sphere of Military Strategy
Status: Unknown

Celebrated as one of the Empire's greatest strategists and military commanders.  General Rakton's career was unique in that he had never lost a battle prior to his defeat at the hands of the Republic's elite Havoc Squad at the Battle of Corellia.  Rakton is an ardent beiever in Imperial ideals, and unlike his Sith superiors, he is a perfect soldier, forbidding assaults on civilians and always considering the welfare of his troops.

General Adele Konya
Commander, Black Hole campaign
Status: Unknown

Another veteran of the Battle of Corellia, having participated in many of the critical battles of the Empire's campaign to conquer the planet.  After the Empire's defeat, Konya led a campaign to seize hypermatter stores for the Imperial fleet in the Black Hole district.  Here, she led a two-front campaign against the Republic and local criminal elements.

List of Generals
AvrunHK-51 retrievalUNKNOWN
Bourom     Taris campaignUNKNOWN
DaneSphere of Military StrategyUNKNOWN, Presumed Deceased
EdikarGarrison commander, Taral VDECEASED
FarvinTaris campaignUNKNOWN
GrannSphere of Military StrategyUNKNOWN
GreistCommander, Armageddon BattalionUNKNOWN
KligtonLord Rathari's power baseDECEASED
KolochQuesh Imperial forcesUNKNOWN
KrauDarth Tormen's power baseUNKNOWN
MerionSphere of Military StrategyUNKNOWN
RoshGarrison commander, Fort Kodentha     UNKNOWN

Colonel Vrain
Commander, Imperial Conquest Consolidation Corps
Status: Unknown

As head of the ICCC, Vrain oversees Imperial control of newly conquered worlds secured.  Most notably, during the Cold War, Vrain deployed the ICCC to Balmorra, captured in the previous war, to quell the planetary resistance movement and bring the planet under firm Imperial control.


Grand Admiral Harridax Kirill "Voidwolf"
Underworld operation mastermind

Beginning his career as an Outer Rim slaver, Kirill later took a contract as an Imperial privateer.  He often employed tactics deemed distasteful by his aristocratic Imperial colleagues.  The seizure of Force-sensitives and their deliverance to the Sith saw him excel to the rank of Commander.  Kirill later schemed to amass a large underworld fleet to strike at the Core Worlds, leaving the Empire and Republic to battle on Corellia.  He was defeated by the infamour Voidhound.

Admiral Zasha Ranken
Commander, Imperial Forward Command
Status: Unknown

A prominent Imperial naval commander, Ranken was handpicked by Rycus Kilran to serve under him during the Great Galactic War.  Later, she assumed leadership of Forward Command, planning and executing bold offensive strikes against the Republic.  After the Zakuulan invasion, Ranken sought out Republic and Zakuulan allies to rally against the forces of the Eternal Empire but was arrested by Arcann's forces, later being inadvertently released by the Alliance Commander.

List of Admirals
Jefand AngeHutt negotiations, Nar Shaddaa subjugation     UNKNOWN
Layek Davos     Hoth campaignUNKNOWN
FraabaalImperial High CommandUNKNOWN
HestunSphere of Military StrategyUNKNOWN, Presumed Deceased
HoltzHoth campaignUNKNOWN
IvernusCommander, Imperial forces - BalmorraDECEASED
KalmicSphere of Military StrategyDECEASED
RiserreBalmorra occupationDECEASED


General Threnoldt
Commander, Imperial Reclamation Service
Status: Unknown

General Threnoldt commands the element of the Imperial military responsible for archaeolologal and historical analysis and the exploitation of alien technologies.  He was well acquainted with Darth Thanaton, previously the Dark Councilor heading the Sphere of Ancient Knowledge.  At the onset of the Galactic War, he recruited Imperial heroes to respond to the crisis of a released Rakatan warlord on the Republic prison-world of Belsavis.

General Kolvin
Nar Shaddaa expedition mission leader
Status: Unknown

During the Cold War, Kolvin led a Reclamation Service expedition to the Hutt-controlled moon of Nar Shaddaa.  At the Sith Emperor's behest, Kolvin's team was charged with uncovering an ancient relic associated with Darth Revan.  Kolvin's expedition ended with the discovery of the Infinite Engine device, which was transported to Dromund Kaas on his command for study.

Media Gallery / Re: Squiggly's non-insignia artsy things
« on: 09/28/17, 08:48:27 PM »
Wow.  These are very cool and creative.  I might have to commission you to design some uniforms and combat armor for IWSC.  :)

Cantina / Re: SWTOR RP Influencer Website
« on: 09/14/17, 11:19:21 AM »
I'd decided to take the advice of the folks above and become more involved in SWTOR-RP on Enjin.  Regrettably, the site managers have announced they're shutting down the site.  This new information has reawakened in me the desire to consider establishing and managing a website for use by the SWTOR RP community.  I've hosted RP guild website on Enjin before, and I think myself capable of doing that again, but I'd have no problem shuffling the money that'd go to keeping such a website up to another website if anyone here knows anything about website management and design and would be able to help me out.

I also want to point out that most of my story and lore knowledge of the game is limited to the Imperial side of things, making me consider if I pursue the idea of a new website that it may focus exclusively on Imperial topics.  That seems very restrictive and something that couldn't be used by the entire community.  If I pursue a blanket site to cover all game lore I'd really need someone as knowledgeable as I on the Republic side of things.

So let me know your thoughts.

Would an "Influencer-like" website for RPers be of any benefit?

Would you use it?

What would you want to see on it?

Would you be agreeable to and able to help manage or contribute to it?

See the original post above for a rough blueprint of what a website like this might contain.

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