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Introductions / Re: ((OOC)) Hello from the Harbinger!
« on: 10/12/17, 12:49:34 PM »
Perfect. I may go ahead and roll a character on BC, take advantage of the bonus EXP, and see about getting involved in the community before the merger hits.

Introductions / Re: ((OOC)) Hello from the Harbinger!
« on: 10/12/17, 06:11:56 AM »
While I can't be 100% sure, I'm guessing the channels are specific to the server and will need to be recreated. I'll have to check out Dancer's Palace sometime. Where exactly would I find it?

Introductions / Re: ((OOC)) Hello from the Harbinger!
« on: 10/11/17, 01:06:32 PM »
years spent on Venture Co. on WoW


Uh. Ever ran into a char there named Kyri? >_>

If I did I wouldn't remember. It's been...I migrated to Moon Guard during Cataclysm. So its literally been years since I was on VeCo.

Introductions / Re: ((OOC)) Hello from the Harbinger!
« on: 10/11/17, 11:46:06 AM »

Salutations! It's very encouraging to see someone from Harbinger who not only RPs, but who's also taking the time to get to know the RP community on BC in preparation for the server merges. It speaks volumes of you as a player (in a good way). The question that is probably on most of the minds of this community, including mine, is how do you manage your RP in a PvP community? I think we'd all like to hear more about your experiences on Harbinger. It's my hope that you don't find any anxiety expressed here misplaced, but your introduction provides a unique opportunity to get a clearer picture of what can be expected post-merge since you're there now.

In the interest of full disclosure, I actually created on alt on Harbinger about a year ago to do some reconnaissance on the community, activity, and PvP atmosphere. It's not something I widely share, and the reasons I did that at the time are academic at this point. In the month that I was lurking over there, I found the community in general to be rather intolerant of other playstyles, and not surprisingly perhaps, there was an inordinate amount of trolling and griefing. We're certainly no strangers to that here, but from my brief observations there, it appeared to be pervasive amongst the community, and in many ways, encouraged and expected. Several of my guild mates transferred there earlier this year for the PvP activity, and I've received similar reports from them.

I'm relatively new to this community myself, and while I don't RP anymore, I'm a server veteran - I've been here since roughly the first month of the game's release. This has therefore become my home, and I find myself a little protective of our RP community having participated in that aspect of gaming for much of my life. Incidentally, I played WoW for well over 5 years, up to Cataclysm, before my wife and I moved to SWTOR. WotLK was imho one of the best expansions ever released for any MMORPG I've ever played, and I miss my Paladin -> Deathknight!

To reiterate, I think your perspective might provide some invaluable insight into what's to come - change is often more terrifying than the actual outcome. Again, welcome to the community, and I sincerely hope there are more players like you on Harbinger.

Warmest Regards,
Mourne Darkstrider
GL of Grim Determination

Thank you for all the warm welcomes! I'm excited to be able to see everyone in game once United Forces hits!

I can understand the concerns. Since my primary mode of play is casual/small groups and RP, I'm a little out of place on Harbinger as well. It's going back a ways, but I believe I was caught up in previous server merges and wound up on Harbinger.

As far as the server community, I find it to be somewhat representative of other games I've played, though this might be colored by years spent on Venture Co. on WoW. There is griefing and trolling, to be sure. I find the best way to deal with it is liberal use of the ignore function, and finding a solid guild to spend most of your time with. Incidentally, however, I do occasionally come across groups in small scale RP, mostly on starter planets. I saw a group engaged in it on Tython last week, and a guild was advertising on Hutta last night that was "PvE, PvP, and a pinch of RP." They weren't getting laughed or trolled off the planet, so I assume I'm not alone on Harbinger as one of those that prefers RP. In summary, I see very small amounts of pick up RP, but some guilds do it to a degree on Harbinger, too.

When it comes to anxiety on open-world RP, a good thing might be to keep alive the guild directory I've seen on here, but update it for Satele Shan. If you see somebody with a guild listed in the directory, you'd know they might be up for some RP on the fleet or on planet. Another, longer shot, might be to try to convince the devs to add a thing we could put in our nameplate. For example, if I was looking for RP on my new Sorceress, it could say Aero'via De'co <RP>. Those are just off the top of my head; I'm sure the OOC channels and such will help as well!

I understand that there's some worry floating about here about the merger, and I know that it's a rough and a bit scary of a time. I can't 100% allay your worries, but I know that I'm not alone on Harbinger as a fan of RP, so despite Harbinger's reputation and an influx of all playstyles, this community will likely only get bigger. This also gives me a reason to start making backstories and personality profiles of all of my characters. I know that I won't be the only one excited to see you all when we log into Satele Shan for the first time next month, though!

Introductions / Re: ((OOC)) Hello from the Harbinger!
« on: 10/10/17, 03:29:56 PM »
Another WoW veteran altoholic, eh? Good to know I'm not alone.

I still play WoW occasionally because to my friends it's the best MMO ever and anything else is inferior. I'm always looking for my path out to log into SWTOR.  All efforts to bring them over here have been in vain.

Introductions / Re: ((OOC)) Hello from the Harbinger!
« on: 10/10/17, 01:11:29 PM »
I'd have to find a Friday that I'm not playing my Star Wars D20 campaign with some co-workers. We've only missed one so far, but occasionally things will come up that cause us to cancel a week, I'm sure.

Introductions / Re: ((OOC)) Hello from the Harbinger!
« on: 10/10/17, 12:58:13 PM »
I don't have much of a preference. I have 14 characters on Harbinger right now, across all classes and factions. What I lack is a max level character, since I have alt-itis and I'm just now coming back after being out a PC for over a year. Most of what I've done in the past would be considered social, I'd imagine, just hanging around Silvermoon City and engaging in open world RP. That's not to say I won't try other areas, though.

Introductions / ((OOC)) Hello from the Harbinger!
« on: 10/10/17, 12:26:58 PM »
Hello to Begeren Colony! I just want to say I'm very excited to see that my server, Harbinger, is going to be merged with an RP server! Due to the linked topic at the bottom of this page (I can't make the link not be a huge link), I decided to make an account and see what the BC RP is like before the server merge. I've enjoyed RP in other MMOs before (most notably WoW), and wouldn't mind getting some RP in once the merge happens.

Once again, I'm excited to see this development, and I'm looking forward to the influx of new players once our servers become Satele Shan!

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