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Classifieds / Re: The NPC/Companion/Quest Giver Thread
« on: 05/12/18, 11:54:31 AM »
This is a good idea I think! I never know what to do myself, but I can offer up a wide variety of obsessively lore-friendly characters to use in other people's obsessively lore-friendly stories.

edit: except Zakuul things, if it involves Zakuul to any degree don't ask me lol.


Special Agent Serama Lirus: SIS spy and master of sass. Could work as a quest giver, a very well-informed contact, a tactical advisor, an arms dealer/quartermaster, or even a strike team member for any sort of pro-Republic spies, police officers, anti-Imperial rebels, and military strategists.

Master Qelian Saida: A Jedi diplomat. If anyone wants to do Jedi stuff that isn't related to fighting the Empire, she can certainly give missions to help out locals in various ways. Like training the militia on Tatooine or helping stop gang warfare on Coruscant.


Darth Nefret: A spooky sorceress obsessed with force-sensitive artifacts and forbidden knowledge. Would definitely work as a sithy quest giver for anything involving evil power, or she could loan out some artifacts/knowledge to other characters if anyone happens to be in need of scary dreadful artifacts/knowledge for a story.

Moff Csa'lir'idi and Lieutenant Colonel Vasilla Alo: A Moff with a little bit of everything under her command and a Darth's favourite special forces officer. They could both give quests to military characters, help a Sith Lord with planning something big, or coordinate joint operations with other Moffs/Sith, among other things.

Captain Kiriaan Camille: A Medical Corps doctor. She could work as a medical vendor pretty much anything where a doctor might be helpful, primarily in a military context but elsewhere would work too! Especially treating wounded people, that is a very doctor thing.

Captain Kiriona Aki, Alonni Lumiere, and Lord Zamara: An ISF trooper and two Inquisitors. They can all act as strike team members, quest givers, etc in anything relating to traitors, heretical Sith, Jedi infiltrators, quarantined planets, or pretty much anything else where a Sithy police force would fit in.

Media Gallery / Re: Squiggly's non-insignia artsy things
« on: 05/11/18, 09:36:36 PM »
"It's Occam's Shuriken! When the answer is elusive, never rule out ninjas!"

Midnight Sisterhood Agent

The secretive Midnight Sisterhood is generally described as the Dominion's secret police and intelligence agency. Their operatives conduct espionage, perform assassinations, silently gut impious souls, and feed information to other important groups or people within the Dominion. Their members are pragmatic and ruthless, favouring martial skill and acrobatics but never being above the use of dirty tricks.

Axis-pattern Stealth Pistol

Plasma weapons are usually a little bit softer on the ears compared to archaic ballistic weapons, but are still ear-piercingly loud in most cases. Any plasma weapon can be quieted through the use of a magnetic silencer, a long device which magnetically slows down plasma bolts to subsonic velocities. This slowing saps energy from the bolt, however, and can rarely drop the weapon's volume below ~80 decibels due to the inherent noisiness of what is literally magnetized fire.

Some pistols are designed specifically for stealthy operation. They generally fire their bolts at a subsonic velocity by default and generate a much more coherent magnetic field around each bolt. This can reduce noise levels even further, making the pistol nearly silent at the cost of increased power usage. These stealth pistols often mount more traditional suppressors as well, diverting excess gas and preventing the shooter from blinding herself in a dark room.

Cantina / Re: Roll Call - How active are you?
« on: 05/11/18, 08:35:17 AM »
I'd like to keep being active, but it feels pointless when I can't find any of the kind of RP that interests me. It seems like nobody is interested or able to help make some either. Heroics and such are nice to do on the side, RP is honestly the only reason for me to play an MMO though, and if it's sporadic at the very best of times then what's the point?

That's all it is for me. Nobody will tell me what's going on with drama so I have no idea about that, and i've just been ignoring all the story developments after Ziost both ICly and OOCly, so those don't play into it for me.

Cantina / Re: What to Do With Schrodinger's Galaxy...
« on: 05/10/18, 07:14:16 AM »

Kinda neat if Trant was actually in-game for once tho. I'm just going to continue assuming he's still alive, but I think the SIS is loosely organized (and underfunded) enough that there could reasonably be some IC confusion about his status.

Media Gallery / Re: Squiggly's non-insignia artsy things
« on: 05/10/18, 07:01:22 AM »

Celestian Superior Farah Al-Dimashqi
(السماوية استراتيجي من الأرض فرح الدمشقي)

Farah Al-Dimashqi is one of the Dominion's most renowned warriors, currently sitting upon their Empyrean Council as the leader of the Aegis of Valora and a representative of Valoran beliefs. She is known for her usage of a beam halberd, a fairly unique weapon which mounts a heavy particle lance at the tip of a bladed polearm.

Order of the Aegis of Valora
(الأختية من درع من فالورا)

Justiciar Order
(الأختية من قضاة)

Cantina / Re: Character Faceclaims!
« on: 05/04/18, 06:59:53 PM »

Jasmine Tookes is a good match for Ivahra Kinali, aka Darth Nefret.

Also Gal Gadot for Jedi Master Qelian Saida. Don't ask me how she looks that young after 30-something years of Jedi-ing.

Roleplay Workshop / Re: Timelines
« on: 05/03/18, 08:23:49 AM »
I've started doing this recently! Mostly just listing significant events and major battles for each of my characters.

For software I just use notepad lol. Formatted the same as your example, like "13 ATC - Takes command of Imperial forces in the Battle of New Cov." If I wanted to go more in-depth i'd probably have a section for each year and extensively list all the events underneath that.

Media Gallery / Re: Squiggly's non-insignia artsy things
« on: 05/01/18, 06:26:40 PM »


Cantina / Re: Your RP characters as in-game NPCs/enemies
« on: 04/30/18, 09:21:21 AM »
Here is the raid i've been thinking up, finally formatted after like three days lol. It's probably not that interesting mechanically, most of the fights are just generic tank and spank stuff, but it's the NPCs that count.

Crimson Spire

A powerful sorceress known as Darth Vaal has gone rogue, declaring herself the new Empress of the Sith. She has gathered legions of alchemically enhanced and mentally dominated followers, using them to strike at Jedi and Sith targets alike across the galaxy in a crusade of madness. The Republic and Empire have sent competing armies to the ecologically devastated world of Syngia, trying to disable one of Darth Vaal's most important command centers while also denying its information to the enemy.

Athikke, Who Rides the Tempest
<Greater Storm Beast>

Landing on the battleground of Syngia, the strike team navigates through a treacherous mountain pass and a flooded cave on their way to Darth Vaal's spire. A terrifying and ancient creature lurks beneath an opening at the end of the cave, waiting to be fed by the intruders' blood.

Primary mechanics:

The storm beast uses sonic attacks and thrown rocks at medium range, while swiping and stomping at players who approach too closely.

1. Siren's Song
The storm beast calls for help, summoning additional wildlife to the arena. Spawned enemies include Yozusks (Strong melee), Mailocs (Standard melee, applies armour debuffs), and Stonerays (Standard ranged).

2. Banshee's Wail
The storm beast channels a painful sonic screech for 6 seconds, damaging players nearby and causing dangerous rocks to fall from the cave ceiling. The scream also slows player movement speed by 75%.

3. Bring the Storm
The storm beast leaps to the center of the cave and begins to channel lightning through the hole in the roof. All members of the party are shocked while the effect is being channeled, taking some damage over time. The cave is covered in shallow pools of water, these pools will become covered with electricity and players standing in them will take greatly increased damage during the attack.

4. Sidesplash
After the above attack, the storm beast will gain the "Overcharged" buff for 30 seconds, causing it to automatically shock anyone who comes within 10 meters. Damage does not continue to people who stay within 10 meters, but it will be applied again if they move out of range and then come back. Individuals hit by this attack will gain the similar "Sidesplash" debuff for 5 seconds, shocking any other players who come within 10 meters.

5. Thunderous Slam
The storm beast slams on the ground, heavily damaging players within 4 meters and sending them flying back.

Lasher Squadron Command Unit
<Lance-Pattern Walker>

After navigating the rest of the mountain pass, the strike team reaches the fortress where a large command walker patrols its exterior gate.

Primary mechanics:

The walker fires its blasters and missiles at long range, but will not hesitate to stomp (or active its APS) at anyone getting too close.

1. Shrapnel Burst
The walker fires an airburst guided mortar from its rear-mounted launcher at whoever has threat, tracking them with a 10 meter AoE. Applies a debuff to anyone hit which increases damage taken by 400% for 15 seconds.

2. Sound the Alarm
The walker spends 20 seconds calling for reinforcements. Reinforcements come through one of four bunker doors on the edges of the arena, one can be destroyed each time this is cast to prevent adds from spawning. The walker takes increased damage during this time and cannot attack, but the spawned enemies are also very significant threats, so the party must decide what to attack. Spawned enemies include Corrupted Heavy Troopers (Standard ranged), Mark-1 Annihilators (Strong ranged, applies tech debuffs), and Sith Assassins (Elite melee, applies DoTs)

3. Area Denial
The walker calls down a lightning-powered Active Denial Probe near a random party member, channeling Syngia's permanent electric storms into a 6 meter radius high-voltage field below itself. Easy to avoid, but lasts for 20 seconds.

4. HE Storm
The walker fires its top-mounted concussion missile launcher into the air, raining rockets across the arena for 10 seconds. Each rocket has a 4 meter AoE radius and deals moderate damage.

5. Hands To Yourself
The walker fires its active protection system after 2 seconds, dealing massive damage to anyone within 8 meters but leaving it more vulnerable to melee attacks for 10 seconds afterward. Has a very long cooldown.

6. Dead Hand
When brought down to 30% health, the walker will channel this ability for 10 seconds before gaining a greatly decreased cooldown on all abilities.


After fighting their way through the outer layers of the fortress, a heavily fortified bulkhead blocks the strike team's path into its central spire. There are two vulnerable control panels in nearby bunkers which could be sliced to open it, but a vicious AI will attempt to counter the team at every move. The team must split up to slice the two panels, whoever chooses to do the puzzle in each group must be left uninterrupted as any damage will reset both terminals.

The slicing itself is a simple 5x5 game of Hex with the player going first. The two slicers can attempt it as many times as they want without penalty, but they may only have a minute or two before their allies outside are overrun by increasingly difficult enemies. Once both are completed, the door opens.

Lieutenant Colonel Vasilla
<Airborne Officer>

Once the strike team slices the spire's defenses, a corrupted Imperial special forces officer deploys to battle them back at the entrance.

Primary mechanics:

Vasilla stays in cover for most of the battle, rolling between several different spots in the arena and sniping her enemies at long range.

1. Strafing Run
Vasilla calls in close air support, dealing extreme damage across the arena in several horizontal lanes. Each lane is 10 meters wide, and damage quickly sweeps from one end to the other after several seconds.

2. Butterfly Bombs
Vasilla designates one target for an anti-personnel strike, dropping many small (2 meter radius AoE) but highly potent bombs around a random player. Bombs give the "Shredded" debuff, dealing extra damage over time. Bombs do not always hit the target directly, but are very likely to hit anyone standing next to them, making this attack deadly when attempting to avoid strafing runs.

3. Fire and Manoeuvre
Vasilla drops a phosphorus smoke grenade after 2 seconds, stunning and setting alight anyone nearby while she rolls to another cover position.

4. Mad Minute
Vasilla fires a barrage of rifle shots, dealing light damage in a 15 degree cone towards whoever she has targeted.

5. Time on Target
Vasilla calls in four heavily damaging smart bombs on random players, each with a radius of 4 meters. They all impact at the same time after a long delay.

Lord Zamara and Captain Aki
  <Sith Inquisitor>     <Interrogator> 


Jedi Master Saida and Captain Idros
<Balanced Combatant>     <Marine Recon> 

Battling their way to the center of the spire, the strike team encounters their competition from the other faction. Republic strike teams fight a Sith Lord and an Imperial officer, while Imperial teams fight a Jedi and a Republic Special Forces trooper. Mechanically both are the same. The arena is littered with volatile munitions and fuel barrels which may prove useful.

Primary mechanics:

Lord Zamara/Master Saida

The force users primarily fight in melee, but have several ranged attacks which they use while closing in.

1. Enveloping Darkness / Luminous Blaze
The enemy force user casts a death field (Lord Zamara) or a pillar of light (Master Saida) around a random player, sapping their life away. The attack does heavy damage over 3 seconds and then erupts, dealing even more damage instantly.

2. Dark Heal / Benevolence
The enemy force user enters a healing trance, protecting themselves from damage with a force bubble. If they are left alone for 15 seconds, they will heal themselves and their ally. Can be interrupted by their ally's AoE attacks or by pulled explosives.

3. Vicious Leap / Graceful Leap
The enemy force user leaps between three targets, stunning the first two for two seconds and dealing some damage to the third. Always followed by Ravage/Master Strike on the third target, which immobilizes and does heavy damage to them for its duration.

4. Sundering Madness / Imbalancing Rift
The enemy force user spends 5 seconds focusing, before releasing a powerful blast of energy in a 90 degree cone. Anyone hit is launched back and receives a debuff which reduces their armour by 10%, lasting for 10 seconds.

Captain Aki/Captain Idros

The troopers fight mostly at range, but will melee their enemies after grappling them.

1. Neutralization/Saturation Fire
The enemy trooper fires rapidly at their target for suppression, dealing light damage and slowing players by 25% within a 20 degree cone.

2. Ground and Pound
The enemy trooper prepares a grappling hook, targeting a random player and pulling them after 4 seconds. The pulled player suffers heavy damage and is stunned for 2 seconds. If an explosive object or another player is in front of the target, that object or player will be pulled instead, the former stunning and dealing significant damage to the trooper. Players with grapple abilities can also pull said explosives at any point during the fight.

3. Skywatch/Blood on the Risers
The enemy trooper calls in airborne reinforcements. Captain Aki summons two Imperial Jump Corporals (Strong ranged) and four Imperial Jump Troopers (Standard melee), Captain Idros summons two Republic Rangers (Strong ranged) and four Republic Airborne (Standard melee).

4. Creeping Barrage/Forward Observer
The enemy trooper calls on nearby mortars to bombard a targeted player. A 4 meter radius target will appear beneath the target every second, with 6 appearing in total. Mortars will strike the targets in order after 4 seconds.

Darth Nefret
<Master of the Tempest>

After using a lift to reach the top of the spire, the strike team confronts its commander and her corrupted guards.

Primary mechanics:

Phase 1: (Until adds are dead)

Darth Nefret attacks mostly at range, buffing her allies and debuffing the players while letting her allies deal damage.

1. Thunderstruck
Darth Nefret's attacks during this phase all leave a stacking "Thunderstruck" debuff, each stack increasing damage taken from other sources by 3% but decreasing damage taken from her own attacks by 5%. The debuff stacks up to 5 times and each stack lasts 10 seconds.

2. Dark Guardians
Darth Nefret is guarded by two Maddened Sorceresses (Champion ranged, applies force debuffs and DoTs) and two Enhanced Heavy Troopers (Champion melee, applies tech debuffs).

3. Static Barrier and Static Charge
Darth Nefret reflects 100% of damage if both Maddened Sorceresses are alive, and 50% if one is alive. She also deals +25% damage to anyone within 4 meters of an Enhanced Heavy Trooper, an effect which stacks if both troopers are near her target.

4. Field Emission
Darth Nefret channels lightning through one of her guards, stunning them but also damaging everyone within 5 meters of them.

Phase 2: (Until 30% health)

Darth Nefret still attacks at range during Phase 2, but much more frequently and with greater damage.

1. Surge
Darth Nefret channels energy through her spire, electrifying a large area in the center of the arena.

2. Death Storm
Darth Nefret leeches life from players in a large area of effect, also slowing their movement speed by 25%.

3. Microburst
Darth Nefret summons several cyclones which slowly wander the arena, knocking back and dealing heavy damage to anyone they touch. The cyclones have low health but can only be disrupted by AoE attacks.

4. Reverse Polarity
Darth Nefret draws power from the storm and channels it into a targeted player, giving them a "Reversed Polarity" debuff and spawning three magnetic vortices which roam around the arena. The debuff makes all of the player's attacks reflect but decreases damage taken. Magnetic vortices increase damage taken from ranged attacks for anyone within 5 meters, and disappear after 15 seconds.

Phase 3: (After dropping below 30% health)

Darth Nefret attacks in melee and at range with devastating charged attacks during Phase 3. Her attacks apply the "Astraphobia" debuff to players.

1. Afterglow
Darth Nefret attempts to heal and empower herself by siphoning lightning through one of four Sith holocrons. The holocron must be attacked and destroyed, stunning her and dealing some damage but also releasing a hostile Abberant Entity (Champion melee). The Entity deals a lot of damage and also applies a stack of "Astraphobia" with each attack, but has relatively little health. Upon death it will be absorbed by Darth Nefret.

2. Aurora
Darth Nefret channels the power of a consumed Abberant Entity to unleash a massive force storm, causing several Mirages (Strong melee enemies) of herself to appear and dealing extra damage to clustered players. Each Mirage killed applies one stack of "Astraphobia" to whoever killed it.

3. Crown Flash
Darth Nefret channels energy into her saberstaff, leaping between three targets to deal heavy damage to them. She gains increased alacrity and melee damage for 10 seconds.

4. Discharge
Darth Nefret releases her saber's charge into a target, reducing their armour by 10%.

5. Astraphobia
The Astraphobia debuff increases damage taken and dealt by 2% per stack. Astraphobia is reset each time a holocron is destroyed.

Title earned: Stormrider [Player Name]

Cantina / Re: Your RP characters as in-game NPCs/enemies
« on: 04/29/18, 07:13:59 PM »
... is implied, off-screen, to be handling actual military crap.

All of my characters can relate to this, lol.

I like those ideas, they're very fitting! Kyri specifically sounds like a great Doc alternative I think.

Cantina / Your RP characters as in-game NPCs/enemies
« on: 04/29/18, 06:44:01 PM »
My bored daydreaming has led me to thinking about how my characters and their IC allies/followers would fit as NPCs in SWTOR. I mostly think of operation or flashpoint encounters, like what their attacks would be and all that, but sometimes also what their dialogue would be if they were story or side quest givers in new planets/areas. It's an interesting way to think of how they would fit into the SWTOR world.

If anyone else has thought up stuff like that, like quest lines involving their RP characters or raid boss encounters or daily areas or anything else similar, i'd love to see it! :)

edit: also companions! I tend to think of who my characters could be companions to, whether it's to an existing class or another character.

I have a fleshed out raid idea involving my main's power base that I can post here eventually once I have it formatted. It's probably to be followed by a second raid too la Dread Fortress and Dread Palace, but it's a lot of work to think up all the mechanics lol.

Cantina / Re: Theme songs for your toons
« on: 04/28/18, 09:52:01 PM »
Jedi Master Qelian Saida
Theme: The Golden Cave (Guild Wars 2 OST)
Combat: Shadow of the Dragon (Guild Wars 2 OST)

Darth Nefret
Theme: Ludwig, the Accursed (Bloodborne OST)
Combat: Ludwig, the Holy Blade (Bloodborne OST)

Lord Zamara
Theme: The Nightmare Court (Guild Wars 2 OST)
Combat: Xera (Guild Wars 2 OST)

Media Gallery / Re: Squiggly's non-insignia artsy things
« on: 04/28/18, 12:06:42 PM »

Archsacristan Nalina Manat

Sacristans are the ritualistic caretakers of holy relics within larger Dominion mosques and temples. They lead many of the more vicious religious ceremonies such as blood rituals or sacrifices, while also handling demonic pacts and forbidden knowledge which could potentially corrupt a lesser priestess.

Many Sacristans are blood mages, stealing life and power from those who they kill. When combined with the ancient secrets and powers they have access to, it's unsurprising that many Sacristans live to be centuries old.

Media Gallery / Re: Squiggly's non-insignia artsy things
« on: 04/27/18, 09:31:09 PM »

Archprophetess Anaidea Thalestris

The Dominion is led by a council of religious, military, and civil leaders, known as the Empyrean Council. The head of this council is the Archprophetess, an immensely powerful Librarian serving as a voice or representative of the Dominion's two goddesses. She has supreme power and authority over all matters within the Dominion, though unlike most mortal Queens and Empresses she cares only for the will of her goddesses.

Roleplay Workshop / Re: Awareness of Sith history
« on: 04/27/18, 10:09:23 AM »
The Order definitely knows their history at least back to the Great Hyperspace War, considering how our Empire is just a continuation of that one and how people talk about Naga Sadow semi-regularly. According to Darth Baras the first few weeks of Sith training are supposed to be devoted to philosophy, I don't know that there's any history lessons involved, but I think it's still reasonable to assume that knowledge of Naga Sadow is very widespread.

The Hundred Year Darkness is definitely still known as well by the Sith, though probably more by important Darths than just every little acolyte. I imagine information about that has been preserved quite well simply because of how important it was, even Palpatine and beyond remembered what happened so it's significant enough to last thousands of years.

Before then it probably gets fragmented as you go further back, like ancient Assyria maybe. We know generic info like their legal systems, the extent of their territory, tax forms and applications, what inventions can be attributed to them, and how they dressed, but we do not know specific names for all of their kings or all the conflicts they fought in for example. Obviously that's not as glamorous, so events from pre-Sith Order times are probably not super commonly known unless the individual is really interested in history.

I'm sure the legend of King Adas lives on too, though he's probably semi-obscure and not entirely understood now kinda like Sargon of Akkad. Historians probably know that he united the Sith and drove some unknown alien invaders off of Korriban at least. I doubt people care about Dathka Graush that much, he seems more like a Naram-Sin than a Sargon II. One of his fortresses shows up in a crew skill mission tho, so there's that.

ICly I think a really historically interested Lord or Darth could have vague knowledge of anything between Adas's reign and today, though there's a lot of specifics that would definitely be left out. Like the Infinite Empire is really obscure and fairly controversial in this time period, basically fringe science, and there's not much linking it to the Sith in-universe anyway like relics or crashed ships, so you wouldn't be referring to the Rakata when telling the story of King Adas as an example.

So basically, it's probably not common for people to know ancient stuff, but that's just because most Sith aren't going to be interested unless it benefits them rather than because the information isn't available. Most Sith would probably be focusing on force techniques, politics, martial skill, etc instead. I think you could definitely justify knowing about any major event in Sith history as a Sith Lord or a Reclamation Service member tho, you'd just have to determine how much is reasonably discoverable in-universe.

And I agree with everything Bling said too. Especially purebloods being way more obsessive about history than everyone else.

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