BC.org relies on donations to provide an environment for players of the Begeren Colony SWTOR Server. For those who wish to contribute in any capacity, a module is available to display what the site uses:


December 2017
Dec 14: Jedi Night (7:30 PM)
Dec 15: Dancer's Palace 9pm PST
Dec 16: Empire Day (8pm server time)
Dec 17: The Lost-Endgame (4pm Server, open w/signup)
Dec 18: Return to Rishi - Indie Night (6:30)
Dec 21: Jedi Night (7:30 PM)
Dec 22: Dancer's Palace 9pm PST


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For those with Discord client: https://discord.gg/ymKqsvC

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A Note From The Admins:

Begeren Colony will always seek new ways to grow and involve its community, but relies on donations to provide the environment for the Begeren Colony SWTOR Server. For those who wish to contribute in any capacity, we have added this module to be open and candid about what the site needs and uses.

The average monthly expense for BC.org is currently about $55.

If you feel that you would like to contribute and are able, you can donate any amount you wish here. Anything received from donations will go towards the running of BC.org - and anything over our expenses will contribute to improvements for the community at large.

Thank you for making BC.org what it is.

- BC.org Administrator Team

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