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Author Topic: Offering Guild Donations of Stronghold Decorations  (Read 1539 times)

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Re: Offering Guild Donations of Stronghold Decorations
« Reply #15 on: 09/20/17, 01:17:26 AM »
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Happy to help! I checked your list against the totals in the spreadsheet and here's the math:

Decoration                                        Donation Cost       Quantity   Total

Dark Eternal Throne                           75,000                    10           750,000
Oriconian Standing Torch                   25,000                    20           500,000
Asylum Experimental Tank                 50,000                    10           500,000
Reclaimed Treasure of the Emperor     75,000                    2            150,000
Forgotten Sith Sarcophagus               50,000                    10           500,000
Zakuulan Water Sculpture                   75,000                    10          750,000
Generator (Blue)                               25,000                    2             50,000
Medical Monitor                                  25,000                    2            50,000
Sith Tomb Column Statue                   75,000                    10           750,000
Imperial Command Center                  75,000                    2            150,000
Slicer's Planning Table                       50,000                    1             50,000
Battle-worn Republic Placard               25,000                    10           250,000
Planter: Voss Shrub                            25,000                    20           500,000
Fountain of Blood and Fire                   75,000                    4            300,000
Sign: City of Zakuul (Blue)                  25,000                    10           250,000

                                                                 Total:                  5,500,000
                                                          First Million Free          1,000,000
                                                                   Final Total:          4,500,000

If this is still the list you want, shoot me a PM here on the site and let me know in that PM what faction your guild is on, and the name of the character I should be looking for online to make contact. I can usually be available to temporarily guild join and donate after 6 PM server time, so also let me know a time and date that will work for you.
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Offline admiralnerf

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Re: Offering Guild Donations of Stronghold Decorations
« Reply #16 on: 09/20/17, 09:55:34 AM »
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Great! I'll be on Admiralnerf, or maybe Legolover (both Pub side here on BC) in Resurgent Remnants. I'm available pretty much any time this week; I'll be gone for the weekend but after that, next week is free as well.

As far as the list goes, after a bit of discussion with the other officers, I'll probably be skipping out on the Sith Sarcophogi and maybe only getting two Sith statues, but other than that, the list is good to go. I guess I might see a really nice deco on some other guild ship before you donate, in which case I'll just tell you when we meet and add that to the payment. One thing that I suggested to the others was the NiM DP wall trophy (those are 1 million each to donate, IIRC).


Edit: Might also be a couple personnel, too. We'll see :P
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Re: Offering Guild Donations of Stronghold Decorations
« Reply #17 on: 09/21/17, 06:25:43 PM »
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Niarra, as a fellow SH aficionado, I salute the work you've done and continue to do. I'm the designated "interior decorator" for my guild's flagship, and despite my vast decoration repertoire, it's been no easy (or cheap) task. SH decorating is a very expensive hobby to be sure, and more so for flagships.

One thing I'm definitely looking for assistance with is encryptions/frameworks. My guild flagship only has 2 crew deck rooms, two command deck rooms, and the engineering deck room left to unlock. That comes to a total of 4 Logistic frameworks, 10 Command frameworks, and 6 Engineering frameworks. As I'm sure you know, they are crazy expensive on the GTN. I'm not asking for handouts, but if you or anyone else here is doing boss runs for encryptions, I'd be grateful if I could tag along.

(Incidentally, my wife and I did Kuat for the artwork deco, and as insane as it was, in the end it was worth it to be able to hang up that cool picture that hardly anyone else has.)