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Do you know if they've said you can run it with quest rewards? Or is this a higher tier dungeon...

And running it on "higher levels" makes it faster - this sounds like a rep grind to me.  :sigh:

Ooh you had a puzzle??

Our side got theirs much easier...  :grin: :evil: :darkside:

Meanwhile, Karmic races everyone else to get to the other three - FIRST DIBS! :nuu: :evil: :rage: :darkside:


In case you missed it - Bling/Pehn posted he wouldn't be making it about a page or so ago.

Just a reminder :).

Have fun all!  I'll be in DP... all by my lonesome...  :halo:

Cantina / Re: Datamining
« on: 08/10/17, 09:27:00 PM »
Yea, disappoint to see so much car space only using like two ceiling hooks and nothing but max-medium slots along the sides... :(

Kinda like the Manaan center room with the cool floor - that you can't use as any type of decoration other than to walk on it.

At least there are some cars with larger hooks, and it did say you could decorate the "roof" so I imagine those are pretty big. (?)

Cantina / Re: Datamining
« on: 08/10/17, 07:11:35 PM »
I gotta run a FP? More than once?  bah... booo

I wish I had a pub side person to go!!

That's.. all I can add.

I look forward to more Sith/Independent adventures I can play in :).

But if I had a pubside character- I'd go!  :aww:
Make ooone. :D

Or you and Caben could both go undercover as pirates, muhaha. 

Haven't decided who to bring for sure but that would be fun.

*chuckles* The "Pirate" disguise might work up until the point she pulled out the lightsaber and started using Darksided Force powers to bind and rip people in half...  :nuu:  xD

That point the Jedi in the group might not buy the pirate tale anymore...  :grin: :evil:

I wish I had a pub side person to go!!

That's.. all I can add.

I look forward to more Sith/Independent adventures I can play in :).

But if I had a pubside character- I'd go!  :aww:

Loved all your ideas and the adventures I could make dear - but as Niarra said, sometimes IRL gets in the way of the fun RP stuff.

But we loved all the activity Sith Side; haven't had so much to do in years and I know *I* at least am going to miss your plots and adventures.  So whenever you start another one up, I hope to be able to join in!

I can't really take over any nights myself - and I fail when it comes to coming up with plot ideas (else Karmic would actually have more written involving her lol); so you have nothing but my admiration and respect that you were able to do it at all much less turn these out time after time!  It is a big deal!

I hope your job is nicer to you - at least as far as time demands; and not just for selfish RP reasons only - promise =D! 

I'm thinking artifact transport myself.

Yea, depending on size and other appearances; this would work much better than one of the buildings on Yavin for Karmic's ultra-secretive-hidden-repository of Evil Artifacts she Doesn't Trust Anyone Else With.  (like... ANYONE... xD).  :evil: :darkside:

Icily, she normally keeps them in the hold of her ship in extra-tight-containment-units and such (as she doesn't trust them to stay anywhere on a planet..) - but that collection is getting a little big.  :grin:

Small addendum: ED moved to next week due to some impromptu but very necessary car hunting. Sorry about that. Hopefully next week holds no more delays!

Next week as in tomorrow the fifth?  Or next week the next monday the 11th!?

Sorry both thingies are on the calendar and I got confused which you mean  :nuu: :grin:

Cantina / Re: SWTOR RP Influencer Website
« on: 08/02/17, 07:25:54 PM »
Noth for truth!

And yea, until you just said that I had no idea there were other Zabrak in the movie(s) XD.  At least no more knowledge than any other of the "nameless background aliens that mean nothing" in among the senate/NPCs shall we say of the movies :).

And while I do agree wading into the Game Lore vs. RP "lore" - you would be wading into a possible mud pit.  I mean you get 10 of us playing together we aren't even agreeing on game/rp lore xD.

BUT I would also say that if it is something you want to get something going on Nic and don't go the direction of "new site" I would really encourage you to talk to the guys at  They have been around for years so they are somewhat active and clearly dedicated as Noth was saying with blog posts etc.  So I'm sure whatever they are lacking you could get something going there or otherwise also contribute.

Or here :).

Cantina / Re: SWTOR RP Influencer Website
« on: 08/02/17, 07:01:10 PM »
My thought right now is that... the link Biavi posted already has this. They have a very active blogging part of their website which they update regularly with interviews with major players, lore articles, and thinkpieces on aspects of the game and how they relate to RP. So you might find collaborators over there, but more likely I think something like this would become diluted very fast as people go back to their forum resources instead. :(

I'm also a little wary, personally, of things like that where you have lore resources written by the RPers. Because more often than not those resources are composed entirely of fanon about some culture or species or whatever, and not actual canon information. So it leads to a lot of weird misinformation going out about the Star Wars setting. A good example is Zabrak canon vs Zabrak fanon (the one I'm most familiar with):

(Spoilered because it's a bit long for just an example, oops.)
Spoiler: show
Zabrak canon depicts Iridonians as intelligent and gifted engineers, spacefarers, explorers, scientists, musicians, carnivores, on the cutting edge of starship and weapons technologies, and extremely loyal Republic citizens. The stereotypical canon Zabrak is an engineer or Republic soldier. Zabrak fanon on the other hand depicts them as brutal, excessively violent, loyal to the Sith, dealing in honor killings and other stuff that would definitely be outlawed by the Republic, technologically primitive, all their food is made of beans and plants, puts stuff on Iridonia's TOR-era timeline that won't happen for another couple thousand years, and essentially just tries to copy Dathomirian culture and say it's actually Iridonian. The stereotypical fanon Zabrak is basically a Sith. True, in KOTOR there are the 'Iridorians', but we know thanks to talking to the writers that was basically a spelling error which resulted in the writers doing two different sets of worldbuilding for two different cultures and not realizing they were the same thing.

Zabrak aren't the only ones to suffer from this. Twi'lek come to mind as well. There are bunch of other similar examples, where the fanon and canon are not just conflicting, but total opposites of one another. So on top of having trouble retaining writers, I think you'd have trouble with quality control as well.  :umm:

Edit: Biavi beat me to the link so I edited to reflect that.

Hehe, I'm sure you can just blame Darth-Maul for the "new Zabrack fandom...".  Cuz yea, up until he popped on scene in the movies - the majority of everyone who wasn't already a "die hard" Star Wars fan would have him as the ONLY reference of the species, in existence.

As for on topic; What the others said - they said it briefer then me. 

Yea like Sera and Niarra I'm probably going to keep it more liquid..

I could see using it for personal RP for Karmic - either as mobile way of storing her Sith Artifacts or as various pleasure cruises/trains/whatevers...

As well as for various events as needful. 

Works fine for me - I'm out of town this weekend actually so yea I don't miss nofin!! :)

Cantina / Re: Thinking of coming back
« on: 07/23/17, 10:28:24 AM »
Thank you for the replies everyone! Hopefully you'll see my old moody light side Sith again before too long.

Light side Sith? That's like dark Jedi. You can't have it both ways. Trust me. We're Sith - only we deal in absolutes. :D

No that's the Jedi.

Darkside has many nuances....  I don't care what Obiwan said. He's a jedi.

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