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@Imazi wins And Star Wars.

Thanks SO much for compiling this!

Cantina / Re: The Absent Thread
« on: 10/20/17, 07:56:08 PM »
@Noth - I hope your move is going super good! Always remember: when one is moving, it is perfectly acceptable to eat Mr Noodles and Pizza Pops for every meal of the day during said move.

@Seraphie - As someone who has been (and will probably always be) the song constantly playing in the background of SWTOR, who hops in and out of the game but never truly leaves, I get it :) We will always be here, until BW pries this game from our cold, dead, hearts! But is incapable of having cold, dead, hearts, so we'll always be here :)

So I wouldn't throw your involvement out yet; even if you are the "stand alone" doesnt' mean it wouldn't be a good fit! :)

This! It's pretty much how I see the Elariels getting involved. Just kinda stragglers who get randomly pulled into things despite their best intentions. @Joshmaul, you and I can be the crazies who fill in the gaps :)

You know I won't say no to this :) Count the gaggle of Elariels and all the little weirdos who live aboard their ship in!

Cantina / Re: To the Deco-Obsessed Lovelies: Certificates?
« on: 10/14/17, 10:50:15 AM »
In the last livestream BW mentioned they're looking into eliminating the need for Cartel Certificates and exploring alternative ways to get those decos.


Thanks lovelies :)

Cantina / To the Deco-Obsessed Lovelies: Certificates?
« on: 10/14/17, 07:35:20 AM »
Is there any way to get the certificates needed to buy the personnel decos aside from spamming the silly slot machine? I've read that they used to drop out of CM stuff...but do they anymore?

Introductions / Re: ((OOC)) Overdue Intro
« on: 10/13/17, 06:34:27 PM »
((Oh jeez @Noth posted before I finished but I'm posting the original anyway...))

I have multiple characters who are tied together, for starters, five sisters..

FIVE?! I can barely manage the three Elariels! You are a wonderful machine, @Seraphie :)

Back to serious mode...for the three Elariel sisters, whenever I go into an RP event I always have "excuses" for why the others aren't there. Because I'm basically a slave to GSF, one of them is always on Fleet duty. The other is usually close by, in case a story element presents itself where the other sister would be better suited to RP in any given event. I usually choose Alexandra and Meagan for those roles, because they're like...polar opposites.

But to echo a lot of what's been said, I think all of us see ourselves as complete fringe characters to the "main" story. And like super fringe. We didn't win the battle against the Eternal Empire, nor did we save a planet, but...we were there! We helped! Or maybe we made a bunch of credits profiting along the way.

Point being, the Bioware crazies made it a reconcile the KotFE/KotET story with normal RP. So we just pretty much say, "yip! That happened. And I was there."

Media Gallery / Re: SPACELING: Art of Li Didkovsky
« on: 10/13/17, 05:14:34 AM »
 :rage: That better not be the Orchestra you're staring at...

<3 <3 <3

Introductions / Re: ((OOC)) Hello from the Harbinger!
« on: 10/10/17, 07:30:12 PM »
Welcome to the family!

Cantina / Re: The Nuts and Bolts of "Us"
« on: 10/04/17, 05:00:00 PM »
henceforth i shall be known as ___i_a_e_r_a777( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)x-far-x-world-x-er-x_vegetaFAN1999

And we shall love you all the same :)

There's a super sneaky way you can check on your names. Create characters on both of the other servers, both Impsie and Pub side, and add your BC names to your friends lists. If the name is online, ack! But if the name is offline, you won't be able to see the level of the character...

...but you can, if you're really quick. When you open your friends window for the very first time after logging on, the level actually flashes for like a fraction of a second. Note that it doesn't happen for each subsequent time - just the first time after you log on.

Cantina / The Nuts and Bolts of "Us"
« on: 10/03/17, 08:01:40 PM »
Hi lovelies,

I admit that I struggle over the big-picture story-stuff, in terms of how to handle it on an RP and even community level. It seriously makes me want to pour that third glass of wine...

But what I don't struggle with is how much I love being a part of this community, and just chatting with and being around all of you. So, while I think I'm just not built to contribute to the big stuff, what I can't stop thinking about, in terms of continuity, is the continuity of "us".

Things can go super sour after we merge, for many of the reasons articulated in the other threads. But we all get along really well, don't we? So...while I know these forums will never go away, what about in-game support? Do you think we should create our own BC chat channels? Credit for this idea also goes to @Noth and @Dassalya for our babbles in chat tonight (go team Brenalexalya!)

So maybe like /bcrepublicooc and bcimperialooc? Or something similar?

And can anyone think of any of more of these "little things" that we can do to make sure we stay as awesome as we are?

Cantina / Re: 5.X Patchnotes, Updates, Guides, etc...
« on: 10/03/17, 07:50:14 PM »
So well said, @Imazi!

Cantina / Re: 5.X Patchnotes, Updates, Guides, etc...
« on: 10/03/17, 06:55:22 PM »
....  :umm:
Not sure I like this server-merge thing.


Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: Comments on Stories
« on: 09/24/17, 05:53:48 AM »
@Seraphie - such a beautifully touching installment to your story :) You made my morning coffee time very happy!

Cantina / Who Wants CM Stuff?
« on: 09/23/17, 10:18:30 AM »
Hallooo lovelies,

Since I had a few thousand cartel coins saved up from my monthly rewards, I went on a bit of a bender this morning and bought a bunch of crates. Of course I got a lotta stuff that I don't want.

So! I figured before I GTN'd them, I'd offer them to this wonderful community. Free, of course :) Just post here and let me know what you want, and we can transfer them tomorrow when they unlock. The only rule is that you, your alts, or someone you love, MUST use them. Please no claiming them and tossing them on the GTN  :grin:

  • Freedon Nadd Armor Set
  • Dynamic Brawler's Armor Set
  • Charged Peacemaker Armor Set
  • Reaver's Armor Set
  • Outlander Maverick's Armor Set
  • Diligent Engineer's Lower Robe
  • Expert Outlaw's Lower Body Armor

  • Advanced Ice Blue Hawkeye Crystal
  • Advanced Copper Hawkeye Crystal

  • Pale Orange and Dark Orange Dye
  • White and Dark Orange Dye

  • Prophet's Starforged Lightsaber
  • Interstellar Regulator's Blaster Rifle Besh

  • Reusable Jawagram: "Party On"
  • Mind Trap

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