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Right now interested in both Imperial events; Karmic would be good for both!  If more details come out that make her specifically better for one vs. the other then I'll narrow it down :).

I'm free almost every night of the week post 7 server - cept Thursday/Fridays (though both can be r/s if that night just works out best for everyone for something!).

Only nights I can stay up past about 11 server though are Fri/Sat nights :).

The Trading Floor / Re: WTB Master's Datacron and Equipment
« on: 01/12/18, 11:11:48 AM »
Wait a day or two - more will go up for cheaper if they were that price before!

Esp. since its Friday and its the weekend.

Outside Realm / Re: the last jedi [spoiler city]
« on: 01/11/18, 06:31:44 PM »
1-What is the "Checkov's gun" analogy mean? I have watched the ST movies many times (the new ones though not as much) but i'm not sure what this is suppose to mean/imply?

Chekov's gun has nothing to do with Star Trek's Chekov (although the Star Trek character might be named after him? "Pavel Andreievich Chekov" vs "Anton Pavlovich Chekhov", kiiiiiinda similar...).

It's a reference to the Russian Playwright Anton Chekov regarding set-up and payoff. The point of "Chekov's gun" is that if you make a point about a gun on the wall in Act 1, it better as hell get fired in Act 2 or 3, otherwise it should be removed from the play because there's no point to it. Streamline the story, avoid including elements that don't actually impact the plot at all.

In this specific case, seeing the submerged X-Wing is a note that could be read as a set-up for a future payoff: The ship's still around, that means there's good odds it'll get used later on. IF not, then it shouldn't have been included because it's a wasted shot in an already long movie.

There's alternate explanations, and things like Red Herrings, misdirection and being used for other purposes do exist, but it is a bit odd that the X-Wing gets shown off and just... sits there, corroding for the rest of the film.

AHHH! Ok thanks!

And great, so now I know who to blame every tv show and movie I see that stupid trope used...  I actually prefer things not being so obvious and knowing extraneous details that may not help the plot along, but provide context and background etc...

I HATE it when shows/movies show XYZ and you KNOW "Oh well that's how its going to happen..." immediately.  Kinda like in a lot of "clever" mystery shows where the bad guy ends up being that nameless salesperson they interviewed in the first ten minutes... that they had no idea had anythign to do with anything and the only time you saw them in the show was in that interview... until the climax in the last ten minutes.

So yea I hate chekov's gun... lol.

But I don't feel the xwing's appearance was a waste so *shrugs*

Thanks for the clarification!!  So I was closer than I thought :).

So yea, I'd be interested in getting involved lol.

I guess with opening it - and pulling various people in to join in.

After reading your last post - I'm a little confused as to where this is all going; I thought I knew but then you opened up a whole new level -  :aww: - and I have questions again.

Haar is basically accusing (Ultimately?) specific Darths/Groups for putting their own politics above the needs of the Empire which caused this awesome weapon to languish unfinished when we really could have used it. (?)

By exposing this type of backstabbing he is wanting to...lead?push?hopes?...the rest of the Sith? Empire? the people? to change this reality and decide we won't take it anymore? 

Karmic is all about not backstabbing other Sith and finds others doing it to be immature and stupid and hopelessly shortsighted.  Karmic's all about hunting said Sith and solving the problem herself - it was her purpose for years in the Empire (See: Moirae) and she was (secretly) an actual Executioner of such traitors.  (and secretly also still is in that position, just not called as much to serve...deep state stuff!)

But she is loyal to said Empire.  So if Rys is actually being treasonous - or putting himself in some type of power as a "leader of this new Sith" (which isn't a new type of sith!) - then my approach to involvement changes and I gotta reset how I think :).

She'd also have words for how Rys chose to go about this - this was all a bit much in her eyes... very dramatic ;). And ultimately not too smart (again her opinion) so ...just saying.. she has words for him.  :cake:

Not asking for like plot details or whatever; but a bit of clarification :).

Outside Realm / Re: the last jedi [spoiler city]
« on: 01/10/18, 10:16:52 PM »
And really that's still just TWO mistakes in his life - three if you count going out into isolation and never coming back at all... xD

I do have two questions..

1-What is the "Checkov's gun" analogy mean? I have watched the ST movies many times (the new ones though not as much) but i'm not sure what this is suppose to mean/imply?

2-So in the EU (asking because I've never read it) who is it that kills off the Skywalker Jedi School?  I had thought that in the original - yes, Han and Princess had twins (?) force sensitive children - Luke trained them and one went bad and destroyed his pupils and his academy?

Or did that last part not happen in the EU?

Just wanted to clarify - I was making the discussion point that if someone's arguments with the movie have to do with the plot holes then the plot hole of bringing up the xwing and defeating everyone and living for the next movie (because apparently the new characters still have to take a backseat to old hats coming in when they fail at saving the day) - vs. the plot hole of astral projecting himself and it killing him - to me, one is not necessarily any better quality than the other.  They can both "make sense" enough when looked at from XYZ. 

I found the one they chose to also be especially moving; though no not in that "yea look at that xwing fly hero man" way - but in that "hey look they got older just like we did..." and appreciating a very important scene between the siblings (and the actors and fans) as the old guard makes way for the new.

Just as yes, there are many other ways they could have gone.   And I'd probably have liked a lot of them just as much.

I didn't mean to suggest it was the only way to make sense.  Kriff I do NOT expect my fantasy/scifi to make any sense at all!  Just that I can see their rationale I guess in what they chose to do; and as these heroes are not inviolate for me - I went into this whole slew of "rewriting the history books" movies expecting all of our beloved heros to die/be removed from the story.  And however they did it; people still being not happy.

Did I think it was perfect? No.  I don't think the originals are perfect, either. *gasp* ;) 

Could it have been better? Yes.  But I can say that for almost every movie I've ever seen in my life - and for about 16 years or so no I've gone every other weekend to the movies almost consistently...  so I've seen a lot of movies just counting those :).  And spent the money happily; because I *love* big screen movies.

~~ semi off topic~~
Do I still like these two better than the first three; oh kriff yes. 

No *whiny* teenager (At least Kylo really isn't his grandpa THAT way) that ruins Vadar for me.  All kylo does is wreck rooms.  That's over in two minutes lol.  No jar jar, or entire race of jar jar fighting brainless droids that still manage to crack jokes.  No ruining of Yoda by making him fight by bouncing around like a squirrel monkey on crack (hands down the most disappointed I've been of a single star wars movie scene...ever.  Really?!)  The first three aren't inspiring - they tell a back story without any of the emotional attachment or heart of the original, and to me - of these two. And that's about the only reason to watch it the first couple of times - the backstory and galaxy building for the rest of the series.

This one had that heart.  Had moving scenes.  And at the end, left me with that feeling of "YEA! THE REBELLION LIVES!" inspiration.  But that was me. 

Originals are of course still my favorite; and I really doubt that will ever change for any of us :).

And when my friend who's 45, who didn't watch any of the Star Wars movies until he was past 35 and because we almost wouldn't let him go any longer without watching them... he watched them.  Watched the prequels.  Found them good, but never got why everyone was all into them.

He saw Rogue One - he called me and he said "Karmic (insert irl name). I get it.  That movie, I got it.  It did it for me.  It all makes sense now. The Force and Vadar and the light - just wow."  And I've never heard any adult ever say that about the prequels.

To me that means they've caught some of that spark we all loved; and it feels good.  To know at least part of that message of hope and redemption and that even the little guy matters because "I am one with the force and the force is with me..." in every little bit of the universe - and all the lovely jungian archetypes - won't stop with the death of the actors and the loss of the series to the annals of history.  That this can still be great.

Just sucks not everyone feels they are doing a good job with it.

(Considering I believed that any other star wars movies ever done again would never even come close - i'm impressed with these  :grin:)

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: Comments on Stories
« on: 01/10/18, 09:58:28 AM »
Thanks for sharing some interesting Imp posts @Ryshias.  Though I'm skeptical war crimes are actually a thing in the Empire, heh.

When its against what the Empire wants - sure there are war-crimes!  Don't know that they'd call it that - just traitorous behavior.

The type of thing Moriae was tasked with handling - "protecting the Empire from WITHIN..." was part of it. We were the group to take down Darth/Sith who went against the Empire as much as any outside Force. 

And we also didn't believe in in-fighting.  Rysh would have fit right in... or been a great target to go after.


Outside Realm / Re: the last jedi [spoiler city]
« on: 01/10/18, 09:55:12 AM »
I agree with that, entirely!  The best/most Jedi we've seen, displayed in that self-sacrifice.

Though since Ms. Princess pulled herself out of space and survived; I'm really wondering how they are going to deal with her passing in the next movie (unless they already filmed something..?) since well we'd rather her character not keep going just in CGI.  But for that to happen it means she dies off screen of something random and we hear about it in a few conversations, or she dies on screen in the first 20 minutes...

I don't know if I can take her dying again on screen!  :aww:

Cantina / Re: 5.X Patchnotes, Updates, Guides, etc...
« on: 01/09/18, 08:22:03 PM »
YEAA!! Andy comes back! And in a story - great.

Karmic always liked him way better; never understood why he had to go. We could have had the third option to stay with our former relationship people and nothing would have changed...

Outside Realm / Re: the last jedi [spoiler city]
« on: 01/09/18, 01:13:30 PM »
Two thoughts on that here.

1: Space isn't that fast to get around in. I mean, TLJ played fast and loose with distances and time, but it'd be a bit silly if his ten year old x-wing, half-corroded from salt water, managed to get to Crait as fast as the Falcon did from much closer.

2: Remember in A New Hope, when Obi-won Kenobi lowered his weapon against Vader?

This was Luke doing that. Winning without striking a single blow, without harming a hair on your opponent's head. Meeting the rage and hatred of the Sith with a simple "Okay, I'm gone. You hold the field. Now, how does that really make you feel?"

I think it could've been executed better? But think about where Kylo is at this point. All of that drive and anger and hatred and rage... left out there, danglin' in the breeze. Short of Luke killing Kylo, I don't think there's a more infuriating end to that fight...

I too think it would have been a bigger stretch (and with all the "plot holes" being why people aren't happy with the movie...) for that old Xwing to come rising out of the sea and for him to get there at the same time as everyone else.  (Though when he looked down at it I was really hoping he would in the moment lol) If he arrived "late" (i.e. after the doors closed) then he would be hiding out in the rocks? If he got there at the same time then we have him standing inside with everyone else; which changes the entire dynamic of the "last stand of the rebellion" conversations they were having.  If he was there - that entire barrage Kylo dumped on him would have killed him, instead of him seemingly being able to live through it (cuz he wasn't there of course) or he would have engaged in even-more-over-the-top (to me) - jedi powers and lived through it. 

It actually doesn't bother me at all that his last act on this side of reality, because it was a huge expenditure of Force, meant he had to pass over.  "There is no Death" though - so we could see him again in ghostie form.  It really doesn't bother me because his last act was saving the Rebellion, saving everyone's "hope" for a better future.  That is a wonderful way for Luke Skywalker to go out, IMO.

Because this is the movies of the next generation, the new fans and new generations.  The characters and people we love from the original are great; but its time for the story to move on.  And for the new generation to get new hero's.  There always has to be new hero's.

The Wheel turns, etc.

Like Orell said, and Thorne said - it wasn't a pointless death.  To me his death was pretty beautiful. 

How else does he need to die to make it "respectful" of the character?  Because he *has* to die; yea, he does.

What better way then going out saving what he'd always stood for in the past - after ensuring there was "new jedi" to keep things going?

Outside Realm / Re: the last jedi [spoiler city]
« on: 01/08/18, 10:39:59 PM »
i mean

he could've done that by lifting his x-wing out of the water and blowin' up some first order goons and then flippin' out of his cockpit with the zwang zwoo bzzzzh (re-ignitin' indeed) and bein' all "your unspecified tyranny is at an end kylo!!!"

just sayin'

I would have liked that too; but not sure that would have come off any better :).

Cantina / Re: The Absent Thread
« on: 01/08/18, 01:50:54 PM »
Just wanted to say -

One day Mei I hope to be able to have a post like yours - only for me its horseback riding.

Too expensive a sport for me to be a part of now, but in a few years I hope *crosses fingers* I'll have a horse again and I can get back to riding.  At which point I'll have to limit my online time as well.

Until then, I can't afford, or I don't live where, I can partake of my out-of-the-house passions lol.

But good for you for getting back to what you love!  And Hope to see you around the nights you're not exhausted sometime :).

And have fun Dass - stay safe!

Media Gallery / Re: Squiggly's non-insignia artsy things
« on: 01/07/18, 07:01:39 PM »
Reminds me of the Hivemind/Queen in Starship Troopers =D

No I would not like that course of the story at all.

Not because I couldn't work Karmic into it - sure I could; your characters not only do what you want them to do but she's ruled on her Outer Rim Territories for a long time now - During Zakul she all but was separate from the "non-existent" of the Imperial government.

But I'm pretty sure it would kill the overall population of the game because a lot of people would agree with myself and Darsh - what's the point of playing now?  Most people want the Sith/Imperial experience - end that and then wth do we do?

Infighting has never been where this RP community has preferred to be - because we have so few active Sith players as it is.  We have even less currently; I can think of maybe...3....4.. who actually RP on a regular basis (i'm not counting people who have Sith but regularly play another as a main...).  Maybe.

Infighting between the three left...yea... fun... /not

As much as I like the idea and respect the history and the book-telling of how that goes (seems cool); I don't think it would make for much good RP after the story was told; if you found people leaving because of their dislike of the KOTFE storyline I don't see a storyline ending the empire for hundreds/thousands (however many) years resulting in the game having MORE people playing.   Certainly not MORE Sith RPers.

Sure would be nice to have Sith RP again...  real Sith RP. Between Sith and Imps and all!  Not everyone's third alt who shows up for the faction night once a month and has no plots to discuss.

Outside Realm / Re: the last jedi [spoiler city]
« on: 12/19/17, 12:05:40 AM »

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