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Though I would make clearer - just in case - that the Wraith plotline is still pre-zakul-defeat right?

Because you're still IN Zakul right now??  (The way I read that?)

Just wanted to make sure it was clear in case people weren't aware...

I'm good for this Wednesday - between the hours of about 6 server till about 11 server then its ni-nights! :)

Worldbuilding and Community / Re: RP Venues
« on: 10/22/17, 02:25:44 AM »
The system works for anyone from both factions to go to your stronghold if you just listed it. So if you log out you have to unlist then relist. I just tested this with The Eternal Order GM the other day. However it sucks that we can't have cross faction on ships for neat battle scenes. You can go to a guild ship on your faction even if no members are online as long as it is public, same with hq's.

What? Did they stealth fix this?

Its always been limited to same faction only; only online (wether guild member OR personal SH)?

There is no unlist/relist - it unlists when you log out.

I mean if they fixed it awesome but...uhh I'm very confused now and not sure I understood what you said. lol.

@Cyone bring them both! It would be neat to bring some Pub military type presence, since there haven't been many opportunities for that lately. And Xem fits in through his friendships and peacemaker role easily.

@Mourne - Dassalya is handling the Shadren side of things, so I cannot answer your questions there. However, do not get the wrong impression: This plot is equally concerned with both Imperial and Republic affairs. Ex. The previous plot mentioned in the OP dealt indirectly with separatist factions on Iridonia and delved deeply into matters of the Senate and the Pub military, which may factor into this thread depending on what happens. Both plots are equally weighted with equal opportunity for all players.

And yes Mourne - one could absolutely take the position you're talking about and feel (and some have) the Hedgemony's leadership is more threat to the Empire/not loyal and that yes, this is all smokescreens.  So you can definitely take that logical route - despite the ic/ooc reasonings of things that ended up having to happen.

Or any other of the myriad of ways personal interpretation, politics, and character morality may take them.

It certainly isn't a black/white "All Imperials are totally into saving the Queen and returning her to her power!".  Some are, some aren't, some maybe a bit of A, bit of B... some just because /hate jedi and nothing to with the Queen.. some who help the Jedi agreeing with them... all are possibilities (in addition to all the possible jedi motivations :)).

(The Sith meeting where Veridat informed everyone they were leaving the Empire was entertaining for sure!)

Storyboards / Re: Shadow of Shadren - Summary Thread
« on: 10/20/17, 09:54:59 PM »
Yea I read this thread right before that one =D...but already

Storyboards / Re: Shadow of Shadren - Summary Thread
« on: 10/20/17, 09:29:58 AM »
@Karmic - Dass is working on a post summarizing what is and is not known about Shadren's history. Stay tuned!

Gotcha - and sure thing, of course! I figured it might prompt a good summary to help everyone out :).


But it is looking like an Impside version of the call for aid is in order. Me and Dass will brainstorm!


"Impside version of the call for aide" - you might want our help, but you also realize it may not actually BE help the way you want it... or help at all...

 :aww: :evil: :darkside: 4EVER

The only way Malagant would want to shape Shadren's relationship with the Empire is to bring it back into the Empire and have Vedriat's head on a spike. And he's really the only guy invested in the mess,, maybe I'd not be a good fit here.

Hey they said ALL SIDES!  Not sure why it wouldn't be a good fit here.

I know what side Karmic falls on with SOME of the Hegemony stuff but re: my question in other thread before I could identify who/how Karmic wants to help vs. condem... :)

For all I know she may very much agree with you Malagant - given certain facts in this storyline and you wouldn't necessarily be alone in wanting "off with her head" and "bring our people back" LOL

So I wouldn't throw your involvement out yet; even if you are the "stand alone" doesnt' mean it wouldn't be a good fit! :)

Storyboards / Re: Shadow of Shadren - Summary Thread
« on: 10/19/17, 05:21:21 PM »
Plot question - and something I've never been clear on.

I was under the impression that the general Imperials and most Sith would have no idea about the "threat" of the Shadren Hegemony - no idea about raising and using undead, etc.

Is this not the case?  Is this now more common knowledge?  Just want to clarify this before I figure out Karmic's stance and what is, and is not - actual IC information (vs. ooc).

I know Malagant "knows something" but he's certainly never gone into public detail about what he knows; and I know he's never talked to Karmic about his suspicions or whatever.  So it could be viewed more as one Darth just going after another for no "real reason other than power" (vs. undead/sith alchemy stuff...).

So yea wanted to clarify what exactly about the Hegemony "most of us" would already be aware of.

I mean it may still be hush hush as much as possible and that's fine - just want to know for sure.

Fankies!  :aww:

This isn't an RP Event yet - just an interest in who might want to be a part of whatever event(S) are coming.

As this sounds like more of a long-burn plotline with several event possibilities as it plays out - and not a single one-shot event.

But of course I'm sure Noth and Dassa will correct that :).

Oh - and heck yea of course I'm interested in playing in y'alls plot!  So +1 Sith here :).

And if you need Sith for any particular stance or foil or roll to counter other players let me know and Karmic might can do that for you too :)

Media Gallery / Re: Squiggly's non-insignia artsy things
« on: 10/18/17, 02:07:27 PM »
At least they aren't ifrits. Guild Wars djinn also go with that style too, though there are plenty of friendly ones who are just ridiculously condescending rather than outright hostile.

I always liked the idea that air elementals are made of lightning or electricity, it kind of fits since lightning comes from clouds and clouds are in the air. That's a good way to do air magic in general I think since there isn't much small-scale stuff you can do with just gusts of wind.

Or they could be like a storm atronach and have a bunch of rocks picked up by a semi-sentient tornado.

Ohhh yea TSW Djinn are extremely condescending lol.  Its more of a "We hate you meat bags really but at least in this one instance you're useful.." XD

Media Gallery / Re: Squiggly's non-insignia artsy things
« on: 10/18/17, 07:34:01 AM »

Oh yes - they are definitely going with the "No..Djinn aren't nice. In fact they hate us peon humans" version of the mythology.  However, there are "friendly" Djinn in game as well as enemy mobs who have been infected/filthed.  Just like there are a few friendly werewolves in the game - who get your characters help in cleansing the filth-infected bad werewolves.  As well as Friendly Vampires.

Cuz no matter what mythos you come from in TSW - everything in this reality is being jeopardized by the Cthulu-esque "black oil" (Xfiles reference ha) filth from an alternate dimension.  So even werewolves and vampires and Djinn want to save the same existence (mostly...)

And yea I imagine air being a more difficult concept to animate - since its something invisible (unlike earth, fire, water obviously).  I did like the Air Elemental version from Chronicles of Riddick (Dame Judy Dench's character).  But she wasn't inherently "magical" or ephemeral looking, per say - but then she was in shackles/imprisoned :).

Worldbuilding and Community / Re: RP Venues
« on: 10/18/17, 07:29:21 AM »
So yes, Gabriel is correct. If it's publicly listed, it can be visited when you're online. Squiggly is also correct. Keys cannot be given out to anyone outside the guild, and if you're offline and they are not in the guild, they cannot visit the flagship. Seems silly to me that such a crowning achievement can't be shared in the same way as regular SHs.

Other than giving out the keys - it works just like a regular SH.

But then I do agree - I've always thought it was ridiculous that people can only see your "publically listed" SH if you're online somewhere.  As well as SH not being shown across BOTH factions' public listings when you're online.

Just another one of those "huh?" things Bioware has done to this game since the beginning. /heh

Media Gallery / Re: Squiggly's non-insignia artsy things
« on: 10/17/17, 05:59:29 PM »
Since you are doin' Djinn's right now.  Have you ever seen Funcom/Secret World's Fire Djinn?

I'd link the image page but its really long address; so just type in "Secret World Fire Djinn" into google images and you'll get them :).

Media Gallery / Re: Squiggly's non-insignia artsy things
« on: 10/16/17, 10:41:31 AM »
Its cuz default wear of all deadly assassinssss is sexy and has holes in it - so even if you didn't mean to, the rules applied...=D

And I like it! The facemask is also cool and death lookin :).

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