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Author Topic: Little Trooper girl  (Read 102 times)

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Re: Little Trooper girl
« Reply #15 on: 08/12/17, 10:10:59 AM »
(This is my version of the Trooper story arc of Hoth - you can choose to jump past it, if you have not done this particular story in your own Trooper storyline) Side note @Noth - wasn't sure about the actual uh.. becoming a woman thing for Zabrak, so I made it up.. vaguely, if its wrong PM me and I'll remove that tid bit

Chapter 11 - Meeting Yuun
Side story - Jonas comes to take care of her sick self

“Come in Captain, this is General Garza. I understand you just docked over Hoth”
Hot is locked in a three-way struggle with the Republic, the Empire and a powerful alliance of Pirate Warlords. It is the site of a major fleet battle. Many advanced warships, both Republic and Imperial crashed on its surface. Both sides need the material from those ships, both sides want to learn the secrets of the other. The pirates are in it for profit. You’re there to recruit Sgt Yunn. His service record shows that he is the finest technician in the republic military. Yunn is a gand, an uncommon species in the Republic, and he follows an indigenous shamanistic training. No one understands it, but his results are unmatched.”
“If he can get the job done, then I’ll be glad to have him.”
“Whether through mystical powers or luck, Yunn’s gained a reputation for doing the impossible. Currently he’s scavenging crashed imperial warships to piece together a functional umbra encrypter- the machine responsible for the Empire’s most secure military codes. It criticle that Yunn completes the encrypter- We’ve never come close to breaking the code and the amount of intelligence we could gain is immense.”
“With Havoc’s help, the job will be done in no time.”
“Yunn has already been informed of his transfer into Havoc Squad. I’m told he’s excited to meet you. Contact me with the mission is completed. Garza out”
Troi'an turned to face her crew. “Ok, what the intel we have so far?”
“As the general said, Hoth is in a three-way struggle over downed ships, so it’s a hot bed of enemy fire.”
“It’s also one of the most inhospitable ice planets out there. It’s a frozen world and never gets above freezing.”
Troi'an nodded “Ok, so we should expect to either freeze our butts off or freeze them off. Alright folks, gear up and let’s move out.”

Troi'an stepped into the warm air of the bunker that had long ago been drilled down into a mountain. She could hear the hum of generators somewhere in the distance that obviously provided this bunker with electricity and heat. She pulled off her heavy snow jacket and gloves as she walked into the conference room where Sergeant Yunn was speaking to several other officers. She flipped on her communication device to understand what the Gand was saying in his language.
“Do you see here? Tracing the lines of the smoke damage, we see our path through the snows. Each piece shows signs leading us to the next.”
“That’s amazing. I never would’ve imagined…” one of the others there began before spotting her walking in and jumping to his feet. “Officer on deck!”
She returned the salutes of the men who all stood, then looked to the Gand speaking once again. “Captain! Yunn is please to make your honorable acquaintance. And to share this hunt for knowledge with one so renowned.”
She nodded to him. “You’re going to be part of my team soon Sergeant. Ready to join Havoc?”
“This appointment gives such honor, Yunn can only hope to prove valuable during our search for the Umbra encrypter components. The signs guide Yunn to the Crescent Canyon Facility nearby. Imperial computers in the facility will contain locations of Imperial shipwrecks. Imperial shipwrecks will contain the Umbra components we seek. Do you follow?”
She listened as Yunn’s gravely language was translated by the communication device in her ear, nodding she said. “Yes, I follow. Having the imperials own records should speed things up in our search.”
“Yunn’s team will disable the security measures from the wings, while Havoc Squad activates the Imperial Databases. Is this agreeable?”
She nodded again. “Havoc is used to going in first. Just point us in the right direction.”
“Yunn will contact you when infiltration has begun. Please journey carefully, newfound friend.”

Troi'an stood outside a rather large blast door. She looked around and frowned, there was no console to open the door. Sighing she pulled out her comm.
“Yunn, there’s a blast door between us and the databases.”
“Capitan, please stand by, Yunn will remove the security door from your path momentarily. No obstacle stands to long in the path of knowledge. Yunn assures you, the way will be open shortly”
The blast door slide up with a metal clang and suddenly an alarm starts going off. Troi'an looks around startled. “Yunn….”
“Captain, Yunn has discovered that an alarm has been raised.”
“You think?” She said giving a deadpan expression that Yunn couldn’t see but made Aric smirk even as he pulled his blaster.
“Troops are being summoned to the location of Yunn’s team. The Imperials numbers are too great. Yunn’s team will surely be slain unless Havoc Squad intercepts these enemies.”
“A bit dramatic isn’t it?” She shook her head. “We’re on our way.”
“Yunn humbly thanks you for your help. Harmonious actions usher victory and truth ever closer.”
She closed the comm and looked to Aric, 4X and Vik. “You hear the Gand, let’s move.”
“Do we really need a Jedi talking Gand Captain? I’m sure I could just blow it all up.”
She shook her head at Vik as Aric snapped. “Cut the chatter Sergeant.”
They headed for the location of Yunn and his team, killing or seriously wounding imperials as they went, they team worked  smoothly together, Vik actually holding his own and showing when needed he could follow orders. Soon they were in the room with Yunn and Elara was tending the wounded men.
“Captain, Yunn wishes to thank you for protecting the lives of Yunn’s team, but also to warn you. Turrets defend the halls you approach. A force field lies beyond them, impossible and impenetrable to weapons.”
“Good thing we got you then, right?”
“Force field cannot be accessed remotely. There are control panels nearby that may be accessed and connections severed to allow passage.”
Troi'an frowned at Yunn. “I don’t like what I’ hearing Yunn.”
“Your concern is understandable. Yunn will provide assistance when called for”
“Or. Yunn can come with us.”
“Yunn must prepare for the data that will be coming in.”
Troi'an didn’t lose her frown, as a matter of fact it only deepened as she turned to head out. He wasn’t part of her Squad yet, but if he kept this nonsense up, he wouldn’t make it to her team. What was Garza giving her?! She double timed it to the access panel and opened it up, looking at all the wires.
“This isn’t my forte…”
“Mine either Captain.” Aric and Elara said in unison and then looked at each other
“Don’t look at me, I blow things up.” Vik said holding his hands up
Sher glanced at 4X who wisely remained quiet and stood guard. Sighing she commed Yunn. “Ok, there are two wires in the panel, Yunn. One red, one blue. Which do I cut?”
“Hmmm… Red wire suggests danger, threat even anger, but it sits serene. Its placement demonstrates calm and peace.”
“You’ve got to be kidding…” She hear Aric growl behind her as Yunn continued.
“The blue wire presents an appearance of cool serenity, bit its placement is askew, its twists and turns betray its evil nature. Yunn believes the blue wire gives the force field its deadly resolve. Sever it and your journey can continue in safety.”
Troi'an takes a deep breath and leans down to cut the blue wire. He spoke a lot of words, much like Jedi Carishma always did, when he could have simply told her which wire to cut. She shook her head slowly as Vik said lowly
“Well I’ll be…”
“Perfect. The threat is removed and harmony returned” Yunn’s voice crackled from the comm link.
“He certainly made it sound mystic but really all he did was look at which one was mostly likely it.” Elara said as she followed them into the area.
“Thanks for the assist sergeant.” She said into the comm, silently agreeing with Elara.
“Yunn is slicing into the database now Captain. Much promise is already clear.” She waited by the computer terminal as Yunn broke into it remotely. “Yes, yes. All here. List of all Imperial warships and where they met their end on Hoth’s surface. We must regroup and meditate on this newfound knowledge. Yunn’s team will meet you at outpost.”
“Is he kidding? Meditate?”
“I’m sure is just the best translation for what he wanted to say.”
“I’m pretty sure he’s crazy.” Vik grumped and she had to grin, he sounded just like Aric right then.

Troi'an walked into the bunker, pulling off her jacket and trying to clear her throat from a tickle that was beginning to start in the back of her throat as one of the colonel’s spoke excitedly.
“That was incredible! I can’t believe we pulled it off!”
“All ends can be reach if proper path is followed. One only need to be wise and shrewd enough to see it.” Yunn told the young man.
“You HAVE met Jedi Carishma, haven’t you?” She asked and sniffled, lifting the back of her hand to her nose that was beginning to feel like it was either stuffy or running. “Great work everyone.”
“Yunn is honored by your praise Captain. With Havoc Squad’s help, we have walked a path we never could have walked.”
Troi'an looked down at the sudden sting in her upper arms as Elara gave her a stim shot. “That should hold you over for a bit Captain.”
“Thank you.”
“Yunn has meditated on the recovered data and determined the wrecks likely to bear Umber encrypter parts. But Yunn also discovered this.” He said hitting a button to play the holo recording he had found.

“Outpost 427, this is Major Artano, information control specialist for General Rakton’s command group. Republic personnel are searching Imperial shipwrecks on Hoth. This cannot continue. Full security details will be posted at all crash sites immediately. I’m on route to Hoth now. Any questions about General Rakton’s orders may be addressed to me upon my arrival. Glory to the Empire!”

“Who’s this General Rakton?”
“Rakton? He’s Republic enemy number one – the man who plans and leads all of the Empire’s major campaigns against us.” Aric said frowning hard.
“What do we do now sir? The Empire knows we’re coming!” asked a private coming up and looking panicked
“If the Empire puts up guards, then we fight through them, soldier.”
“Yes sir, Captain sir.”
“Yunn believes we can turn this situation to our advantage. Many sites to be guarded have no Umbra components at all. If Havoc Squad attacks one of these useless sites, guards will be drawn away from other’s, allowing Yunn’s team to acquire Umbra components.”
“Nice thinking Yunn. Pick a crash site and we’ll move out.”
“A nearby cave is guarded, assaulting it should draw much attention.”
“And if it becomes too hot to shoot our way out, I can easily collapse the cave.” Vik supplied.
“Yunn’s team will finish reloading and depart immediately. Journey safely Captain.”

Troi'an watched as Vik began placing charges around the cave entrance, her comm sounding making Elara jump a little. Frowning she pulled her comm out.
“You’re attempt to steal Imperial property has been detected and reinforcements called from all nearby positions. Drop your weapons and enter Imperial custody or face termination.”
“We’re Havoc Squad, nobody you send can handle us.” Troi'an taunted the Major.
“Havoc Squad? Excellent. This victory will be celebrated. You had your chance, now be crushed by the might of the Empire.”
She turned the com off, effectively hanging up on him and grinned at Elara’s shocked expression. “Men really hate that.”
“Yes. I believe you are correct Captain. Was it wise?”
“What better way to get him to bring them all to us?”
“The more the merrier for me to blow up.” Vik said coming over to them. “All set Captain.”
“Good…” Her com sounding again brought a frown to her brow but she pulled it out
“Captain, The diversion has succeeded. Yunn’s team has discovered much promising salvage.”
“We’ll collapse the cave and be on our way then. Oatra out.” She turned off her comm and looked to Vik, “Do the honors Vik.” She looked to the others. “Let’s move out folks.”

Troi'an walked into the bunker, leaving her jacket on this time. She felt chilled to the bone and didn’t think even the heater in this bunker could warm her right now. She noticed Yunn going over his components and moved towards him.
“Sergeant, our mission is complete.”
“Captain!” Yunn turned around “Truly your journey has been one of unrivaled heroism and accomplishment.” He stated in awe.
“We could never have done this without you and your team, Sergeant.”
“Yunn is honored to simply have had a part in these occurrences sir. Yunn must now guide this piece into its place, thereby completing the whole. A moment, please.”
Troi'an waited, sniffling and wrapping her arms around herself still feeling the bone chilling cold. She also was beginning to feel very very tired.
“It is done. The Umbra encrypter returning to functionality. Vast knowledge of our enemies can now be uncovered with ease.”
“Well done, this could change the entire face of the war Sergeant. You should be proud.”
“This journey was merely part of Yunn’s duty to the Republic. Nothing more. Yunn would ask a small favor of you now. Many preparations must be made before Yunn embarks on Havoc Squad’s path. Could you do Yunn the honor of delivering the Umbra encrypter to Colonel Fierros, Yunn’s former superior?”
Troi'an wasn’t sure she heard right and it took her a moment to register the words coming from her translator. “Of course. I would be honored Sergeant.”
“It is Yunn who is honored by your indulgence, sir.”
“Once all preparations have been made, Yunn will meet with you onboard your ship sir. Thus will our new journey begin.”
She walked out and nearly fell as she stumbled over an ice mound. Strong hands were quickly there to catch her. “Whoa captain. You ok?”
She looked up at Aric and shook her head a little. “I think I caught your cold from our last jump Lieutenant.”
“Seems like you have more than a cold Troi'an...” Aris said putting his hand to her forehead. “Let me take the encryter, you should go back to the ship and have Elara give you something.”
She really was too tired to argue and slowly nodded, handing him the encrypter before turning to head back to the ship, Vik suddenly by her side. “What can I do for you Vik?”
“Nothing captain, just going to the ship, figured you wouldn’t mind too much if I walked with you.”
She smirked a little. “Careful, I might think you care.”
“Hey now, I can go to the ship too you know.”
“I know Vik… thank you.” She said as she walked in silence with Vik back to the ship. Once there, she went straight for the med bay where Elara was putting away their restocked supplies.
“Oh Captain, I didn’t know you...” Elara stopped and looked over her face a moment before coming over to help her onto a med bed. “You look awful”
“Gee thanks.” She said as she eased herself onto the med bed. “I just need one of your stims to get me going again.”
“No sir, what you need is rest. You don’t give yourself enough of it.”
“I really just need… ow!” she looked down at where Elara and just injected her with something. “What was…” she lay back feeling very very fuzzy. “You… putting me out.”
“Yes sir, I am. Now rest.”

Troi'an didn’t remember much of the next couple days, she had lucid moments where she thought she might have thrown a bowl of soup at Aric, told Vik to jump out the airlock and told Yunn where to stick his harmony. Elara got the most of it she thought, poor medic, every time she came in to give her another shot Troi'an knew she threatened the girl with a blaster bolt to the head. She wasn’t sure what was wrong with her, She thought she heard Elara speaking of something going on with her biologically and that perhaps finding someone with more knowledge of the Zabraki biological system would best. So it was more than a cold? The next time she awoke Jonas was sitting in a chair near her.
“Well hey there. Awake are you?”
“Am I hallucinating again? Why are you on my ship?” She asked in confusion at seeing Jonas here.
“Well Mr jealous remembered seeing me around the base and thought I could be of help to you. Hoping I’d know a bit of your species. Lucky for him and the rest I do.”
“What does that even mean?” She asked trying to sit up and he got up to lean over and help her. Propping her pillows so she could.
“Seems you’ve not only caught the Hoth flu virus. You’re growing up.”
She frowned at him hard. “Mind explaining that or are you going to leave me guessing?”
Jonas grinned at her. “I never knew you were so young Troi'an. I’m assuming you didn’t have a mother to explain the facts of Zabraki life to you huh?”
She shook her head. “My mother died when I was a baby, but my father taught us –my brother and I, he’s MIA- about Zabrak physiology if that’s what you’re referring to?”
“Garza mentioned you had a brother. MIA huh? Sorry to hear that.” He shook his head. “Well I gave your medic, Sergeant Dorne – pretty one isn’t she.” He held up his hands at the hard frown she gave him. “Well, I gave her all the information I had on Zabraki physiology and a number to a good Zabraki Doctor. I just wanted to make sure you were ok before I left. That Hoth flu virus can kill you know.”
“You care that much about me huh?” She grinned a little at his mock severity and looked up as Elara walked in, Aric hovering just outside the room. “Thanks Jonas…”
“Anything for you beautiful.” He set his hand on top of hers a moment. “I'd kiss you, but I don't want that virus.” He winked before he got up and turned to walk out and she heard him say to Aric as Elara began administering yet another shot for her. “No wonder you always call her kid…”
“Yeah, so hands off Balker.” Aric growled and Jonas laughed
“She’s an adult now, was before if I go by human years… hey I’m just saying.”
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Re: Little Trooper girl
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(This is my version of the Trooper story arc of the gauntlet - you can choose to jump past it, if you have not done this particular story in your own Trooper storyline. I made it a rather short chapter)

Chapter 12 - Operation Gauntlet
    Troi'an grinned over at Aric who was trying hard not to crack a smile as Tanno and Elara argued over procedure. She thought Aric must really like Elara, they were like two peas in a pod, both so very by the book that it sometimes drove even her up the wall, though she had learned that Aric’s gruff exterior hid a very big loyal heart. Aric would do anything for the team.
    Her team, Havoc squad. She and Aric had been the only ones left after the defection. Aric had been demoted while she had been given command of the ruins of Havoc… she and Aric. At first she had really thought it would cause problems, but Aric was stoic and loyal to the Republic and he accepted what they gave him. They had recruited new members; Elara Dorne – ex Imperial military field medic. Sergeant Yuun, a genius technician in nearly everything mechanical and technological. And the blastedly annoying, Tanno Vik – the demolitions expert- highly skilled and completely amoral, made exclusively for Havoc. New members all… and better. Now Havoc Squad was fully operational once again.
    “Call coming in sir” Said the large Battle droid M1-4X, that was part of their team, an odd hunk of metal specially designed for Havoc squad, one she had, had to retrieve from the traitorous thieves that were once her squad.
“Thank you 4X” She said as Tanno and Elara stopped bickering and Aric straightened up to follow. She tapped the comm and waited as General Garza’s image appeared.
“I understand that Havoc squad is at full strength.”
“We can take down whatever the Empire throws at us sir.”
“That’s what we were hoping for” Says Rams, “General Garza? Care to begin?”
“Certainly.” Garza says “As you know Captain, The Gauntlet superweapon allows the Empire to target and destroy any ship traveling through hyperspace. This capability, if out to use, would give the Empire an insurmountable advantage. It also makes an attack on the Gauntlet itself extremely difficult.”
“Fortunately the technical data you helped retrieve allowed us to determine a safe approach pattern that will get out forces within attacking range.”
“Can you explain this approach pattern sir?”
“We’ve run the numbers from the imperials readouts and determined that Gauntlet’s min time to acquire and lock onto a target.” Says Rams
    Numinn comes up beside her. “Your ship and those of my battle group will approach the Gauntlet by making numerous short hyperjumps, always remaining below the min lock on time. Short repeated hyperjumps are very inefficient – once we’re in, our warships won’t have enough fuel to return, total victory will be our only option.”
“Failure has never been an option, sir”
“Quite right.”
“When the attack begins, Lt. Coria’s Safecrackers will immediately disable the planetary shield generator that protects the Gauntlet, allowing Havoc squad to board it.”
“Once you’re aboard, begin the demolition operation. Sgt. Yunn will help you bypass the security on the weapons inner core. Specialist Vik will then go into the core with you and plant explosives at key weak points, ensuring the Gauntlets total destruction.”
“How should I deploy my other squad members?”
“During your demolition operations, two Havoc members of your choice will assault the gauntlet’s bridge and download all the data from the weapons computers. Unassigned squad members will provide mobile backup to the rest of the team as needed. As soon as your objectives are complete, evacuate the Gauntlet immediately. Understood?”
“I will assign the bridge assault team before the attack begins.”
“We cannot over emphasize the importance of this mission Captain.” Says Rams. “The future security of the Galactic republic hinges on this destruction of this single weapon.”
“You and your team are no strangers to situations like this. You’ve faced incredible odds before and overcame them with skill and determination. If anyone can lead the charge in this battle and see us through to victory, its Havoc squad. Your republic is counting on you. Move out!” General Garza says and salutes.

“Captain, Fantastic work – the Imperial Ministry of War is a firestorm over Gauntlet’s destruction. The SIS says that heads will roll over this quite literally.”
Troi'an “I’m glad we’ve had an effect. It’s good to know our work paid off”
“Havoc squad has accomplished a great deal under your command. Your leadership and skill in conducting this operation has been exemplary. I’m promoting you to the rank of major, effective immediately. Commensurate promotions will be issued to your squad members as well. Congratulations Major.” Garza salutes her.
Troi'an salutes the general. “I’m honored to accept this promotion general”
“You’ve earned it. When presented with extraordinary circumstances, you have delivered extraordinary results. I’m also recommending you for the Silver Crescent, in honor of the extraordinary valor you demonstrated in the attack on Gauntlet super weapon. Aric Jorgan and Elara Dorne will each be recommended for a Mark of Dedication, for the injuries they sustained and their heroism in ensuring each other’s survival. Do you approve?”
“I can’t think of anyone more deserving”
“Excellent. I’ll submit the necessary forms wright away”
“Now, I’m afraid that not all of our news in positive. We received a holo transmission not long after the Gauntlet was destroyed by a General Rakton of the Imperial Ministry of War.”
The general plays the holo recording, showing a bald human with a goat-tee and looking very self-assured in himself as he introduced himself and continued on with telling them they destroyed a weapon of peace by destroying the gauntlet.
Troi'an frowns deeply “This is a joke, right? A weapon of peace? That’s ridiculous”
Garza “This is only the beginning”
He goes on to threaten to slaughter every solider and burn planets until the republic embraces the Emperor’s will. Troi'an swallows and turns from the holo recording.
“How serious is this threat? Can Rakton back up those claims?”
“He can, and I have little doubt that he will. For years general Rakton has outmaneuvered and outwitted every republic force that has stood in his way. Including mine. The SIS is watching for any sign of Rakton’s new campaign. Until we have solid data. Havoc squad is relieved. Rest recuperate and be ready for my call. Dismissed major.”
Troi'an salutes the general.
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Re: Little Trooper girl
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(This is my version of the Trooper story arc of Operation Talon - you can choose to jump past it, if you have not done this particular story in your own Trooper storyline.)

Chapter 13 - Operation Talon

“Major, General Rakton has made his move. The imperials have invaded dozens of planets, havoc squad is wanted immediately” Came the voice of General Garza as Troi'an walked into the General's office on Corsucant.
“Is there a plan for dealing with this invasion general?” Troi'an asked coming to stand at attention before the general's desk as she turned to face her and Aric
“Major, Lieutenant, stand at ease. Let’s get straight to this situation at hand. After we destroyed the gauntlet, general Rakton called a diplomatic summit with the heads of several republic allied planets along our borders. The summit was held aboard a neutral space station, where Rakton’s troops seized the heads of state by force. That’re now hostages of the Empire.”
“I wouldn’t have expected anyone to fall for peace talks with the Empire”
“Public pressure to attend peace talks is quite high. This war has people, understandably terrified. With their leaders held hostage, our allies are allowing Imperial troops to pass through their systems and strike us where we’re vulnerable. Our forces are at their limit, the imperial will overwhelm us unless we rescue these heads of state and block Rakton’s invasion routes.”
“What’s our intel on the hostage’s location?”
“The station where the heads of state are being held is call Outpost 256. Imperial Security is tight, but we’ve developed an entry plan. Hellik, a diplomat from one of these worlds, is flying there to surrender his government’s security codes, he’s volunteered to sneak you on board”
“That’s a brave diplomat. How can minimize the risk to the hostages once we storm the station?”
“Lt. Yuun will be responsible for that portion of the plan. Your ship will ride along Helik’s, detaching at the last second and landing in an unused maintenance hangar aboard the station. Lt Yuun will slice into the stations security and stop any alarms from sounding while you storm the crew area and secure the hostages. Understood?”
“I’m ready to begin immediately general”
“Helik will rendezvous with you at these coordinates. Imperials are expecting him to deliver his security codes very soon so move quickly. Remember, the safety of the republic depends entirely on the safety of these men. Good luck”
Troi'an travels to the space station 256.
Holo terminal the Aquellian alien guy comes on “H-hello? Are you there? Havoc squad is that you?”
“This is Havoc squad, it’s good to meet you Helik”
“Yes, yes. It’s good to meet you too. Thank you for coming. You’ve done this sort of thing before right? Rescuing hostages? I don’t really know anything about you.”
“Don’t worry, everything will be fine” Troi'an says to the obviously nervous Aquellian.
“Yes, yes of course. The people of Aquella truly appreciate what you’re doing for us. I-I’m sure the people of all the world's affected by this situation do... eh to. You’re risking your life for leaders you’ve never met and I-I thank you.”
“The republic is always proud to help its allies in need”
“The citizens of Aquella will never forget the help you’re giving us. I’m going to set a course for Outpost 256 now. Good luck major.”
Yunn talks in his language “Major, our landing has concluded successfully without gaining enemy attention. Yuun is now prepared to carry out this mission’s technical requirements. The terminal Yuun requires, lies just outside our ship. It will grant Yunn preliminary access to the station’s security systems. However, to gain full control, other terminals nearby must be destroyed. So that their functions will be routed here. For this, Yunn requires you.”
“I’ll find the other terminal and take them out”
“Yunn will ensure that the terminals’ destruction goes unnoticed. Do not fear alerting the imperials. Yunn is prepared to begin when you are, Major. May our path lead us to victory.”

Troi'an walks into the main room where Rakton is speaking on Holo to the dignitaries standing around a table. “You’ve made a wise choice. Embracing the imperial way of life will bring prosperity to your floundering worlds.”
“Thank you, general. You’ve give us a great opportunity, and we appreciate it” Says Archduke Kailur.
“Indeed,” Rakton says “It’s unfortunate, your colleagues couldn’t be persuaded to… Guards! Security breach” He suddenly yells as he noticed Troi'an and Hvaoc squad coming in “Engage protocol two-seven immediately!”
“Hello to you too general Rakton”
Premier Vonn. “Who are you? You’re going to get us all killed!”
“Guards, execute!” General Rakton says

“Who are you? Who are you?!” Rakton demands
“The best in the Republic. Havoc Squad and we’re coming for you next Rakton” She says and shoots the holo terminal.
Premier Vonn walks up “We’re saved! The republic has saved us! Thank you, thank you”
“Shut your mouth traitor!” Says King Lorro of Aquella, as he walk up with the other dignitaries. “You don’t even deserve to breathe the same air as the rest of us”
President Walinor says “These cowards were signing up with Rakton. They traded their planets to the Empire in exchange for lifetime leadership positions.”
“Betrayed the republic huh? That wasn’t very nice of you”
Premier Vonn stumbles over words “We… we had to! We must be loyal to our people first and foremost! Their lives are our responsibility”
Prime Minister Milarzen says “Don’t hide behind your people. You gave up. You betrayed everything that we’ve fought for. Alliances that we’ve all held for generations”
“We are at war. We don’t have room for cowards or traitors. You deserve to be executed” snaps President Walinor
“Agreed, give these traitors what they deserve” Says King Lorro “If anyone asks, we’ll say the imperial murdered them”
“No, we are not the Empire. The republic doesn’t just execute without a trial”
“We are at war with the Sith empire, we cannot waste time on cowards or traitors”
“They will stand trial or we are no better than the Empire”
“Thank you!” says Premier Vonn
“Save it for the Republic” Troi'an snaps at the man “You’re still being arrested and will stand trial for treason against the republic. You may still be executed”
“Can we get off this miserable station now? Where’s my man Helik? Did he ever turn up?”
“Helik was very brave. I sent him and the rest of your crews to hold out with my squad” Troi'an said to the unpleasant King then hit her earpiece to talk to the ship “Yuun, come in. Mission complete. Unlock the the crew area so our allies can regroup with their associates”
“We owe you our lives solider,” says President Walinor. “The republic has proven how much it values us as allies. It’s time we returned the favor”
Prime Minister Milarzen adds “Tell your leaders that starting now, no imperial will step foot on our worlds without paying in blood. Long live the republic”
“Long live the republic!” Agrees King Lorro
Troi'an walks into General Garza's office, wondering why the woman couldn't just holocall her as she sometimes did, but here she was again, on Corsucant... maybe she should just get a house here, since the general constantly called her back... The Surpreme Commander turned as she stepped in and she instantly went to attention and saluted the man.
 “Major, stand at ease. It’s good to see you again, welcome back” Commander Rans said.
“You remember Supreme Commander Rans. We were reviewing the results of your mission. You did an excellent job on Outpost 256. Congratulations” General Garza said.
“Thank you ma’am, Rakton was on the holo when I rescued the heads of state”
“Let him see what you’re capable of. Let him wonder when it will be his office you’re blasting your way through”
“Thank you for bringing in the traitor, they will be dealt with”
“We’ve won a major victory, but the war is just beginning. Your squad will be playing a vital role in our campaign against Rakton.”
“Havoc squad is going to win this war general. No matter what” Troi'an said, proud of her team.
“We’re counting on it. But the war is just beginning. Your squad will be playing a vital role in our campaign against Rakton.
“Havoc Squad is ready to serve, General.”
“That’s why you’re the best in the republic.”
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(This is my version of the Trooper story arc of Belsavis - you can choose to jump past it, if you have not done this particular story in your own Trooper storyline.)

Chapter 14 - Dagger Wing

“Good news sir!” Aric says walking into the mess hall, causing Troi'an to look up and set her cup of Caf down.  “Dorne’s given me a clean bill of health. I’m free to get back to work right away.”
“I’ll be glad to have you backing me up again.” She said smiling up at him.
“Let’s get to it” He said in his usual gruff manner and Troian had to shake her head with a grin.
“Bet that had to be hard for you, to sit on the sidelines.”
“You have no idea…”
The holo sounded and she got up to walk with him to the terminal, where everyone else was lining up. She placed her hands behind her back as General Garza’s image appeared.
“Come in major. This is General Garza. The situation on Belsavis is complicated, so let’s begin immediately.” Troi'an nodded, well at least this time it wasn’t critical, she thought to herself but let the General continue. “Beslavis houses a top secret prison colony for the worst offenders in the Republic – Sith lords, war criminals and mass murderers. That prison is under heavy assault. The Imperials are trying to free their captured comrades. While you’re in the field, do whatever you can to impede them.”
“I get the impression the prison break isn’t why we’re here”
“Your primary objective is to extract the pilots of Dagger Wing, an elite navy Starfighter unit, from within the prison zone and return them to service.”
“Were these pilots shot down? Will they need medical attention?”
“They weren’t sent to Belsavis on a mission, they’re inmates. The pilots of Dagger Wing are serving life sentences on Belsavis for participating in an unauthorized bombing mission that killed thousands of Imperial Civilians. The attack was so brutal that High Command had no choice but to disavow the incident and sweep away the pilots responsible – permanently.”
“Why did they target civilians?” Troi'an asked in bafflement.
“Dagger Wing thought they were acting in the Republic’s best interest at the time. But results far outweigh intentions. The Republic needs Dagger Wing back in the fight, regardless of their past crimes. Starfighter pilots of the caliber are in very short supply. A prison guard captain, named Zess, will direct you to Dagger Wing’s C.O., Conrad Gall. Extract them and report back to me. Garza out.”
Troi'an stared at the terminal a moment longer, something didn’t seem right to her, why pull out criminals? Did Garza have Command’s ok for this or was she going to end up just like these pilots? Did they act alone? She shook her head to dismiss her doubts and turned to face her squad.
“Alright team, you heard the General. Gear up.”

Troi'an walked into the guard house, looking around before seeing a man with the captain’s insignia on his shoulder. “Excuse me, Captain Zess?”
The man turned, and nodded. “Hmm? Ah, Major”
“I was told you could help me locate Dagger Wing’s C.O.?”
“Glad you caught me. I was just heading out to round up another wave of runners.” He moved over to his armory. “The Imps are springing everyone they can. The Daggers volunteered to help get things under control – so they’re spread out across the prison.”
“Can you put me in contact with Conrad Gall?”
“Gall’s in one of the higher-security zones, so my comm won’t reach him. The Daggers’ XO is closer, though, let’s give him a shout.” The captain said and pulled out his comm unit. “Harlan? Harlan, come in, this is Zess, over.”
A small holo image of a man who could’ve easily been mistaken for a grunt appeared. “Zess? Heh, good timing pal. We need backup. Asap, the Imps are opening the vaults!”
“Are they insane? We’ll get you backup, Harlan, just hand in there!”
“Give me your coordinates and we’ll double time it to your position.”
“Who is that?” Harlan asked then brushed his hand in the air, “Forget it, I’ll take anyone you’ve got. We’ve got some Imps cornered in one of the Vault entrances, but we’re shot up pretty bad. We need medpacs and manpower, and we need them yesterday”
“Help is on the way Harlan. Zess out.” Zess looked at Troi'an as he put his comm unit away. “We’re out of medpacks.”
“Don’t worry sir,” Elara said behind Troi'an. “We’ve plenty to help out.”
“Not to mention the best medic on the field.” Aric said with a note of pride
Troi'an nodded. “We’ll get them Captain.”
“Alright. Here are the coords. Stay on your toes out there. This place is a madhouse.”

“Dagger Wing is still kicking you murdering cowards!”
Havoc squad rushed into the fray of blaster fire, their own blasters out and firing into the imperials as they rushed to the side of the X.O. Harlan. “Your back up is here, Harlan. And your medpacks.” Troi'an called over the last of the blaster fire as Elara moved quickly to tend the wounded.
“Best news I’ve had all day. So did the army finally send reinforcements or…” Haron turned as he got up and instantly saluted, surprise clearly on his face. “Havoc Squad!”
Troi'an nodded as he went on.  “It’s our lucky day, ladies and gents. Dig in and patch yourselves up, the Army’s sent their best.”
“What’s the sitrep?”
“They’re dug in farther into the tunnels, and they’ve got some serious heat. If we hadn’t caught them by surprise, we’d all be dead. That was some serious fighting. You alright there ground pounder?”
“I’m fine, your men ready to move out?”
He nods. “Look… it’s good to hear that command wants us back, but they burned us pretty bad.”
“Even the good guys make mistakes sometimes. Have to roll with it and move on.” Aric said, coming to stand beside her.
“Yeah? You ever made a mistake that killed thousands of innocent people? It never would’ve happened if we’d known about those civilians.”
Troi'an frown at that. “What did you think you were bombing?”
“Our target was a Sith lord, Ondoru. A real sadistic bit of scum. He’s razed dozens of Republic colonies and left no survivors. Intel put Ondoru on Fest, with nothing but soldier’s ad factories for company. We launched at full burn, dropped everything we had – and now we’re here.”
“That must’ve been very hard on your unit.”
“If not for Commander Gall, the men would’ve gone rogue for sure.” His comm unit sounded. “One second. It my Commander.”
Troi'an watched him move a little ways off and folded her arms. “What do you think Aric? Was he telling the truth?”
“About them not knowing their target had innocent civilians?” Aric shrugged a shoulder. “It’s possible. But why would Command send them here for the rest of their lives?”
She shook her head. “General Garza said they had no choice…” she moved over to where the man was talking to his C.O.
“That’s what I’m telling you Commander. They want us back on the double. They sent Havoc Squad, they’re serious.”
“Hmm… How are the men taking it?”
“They’re ready to get behind a stick again. But it doesn’t sit right, sir. Them just showing up and pulling us back in.”
“Excuse me.” Troi'an said glancing at the man in the holo image then at Haran. “You’re getting a second chance Haran. Most people don’t get this kind of opportunity.”
“Ah, major. This is my CO Commander Gall.”
“It’s a pleasure major.” The holo image of Gall turned to face her. “I understand you’ve been busy saving my men. I appreciate it.”
“Just trying to complete my mission sir.”
“Yes, your mission. I’ve heard. AS Harlan has told you, I volunteered Dagger Wing to help the guards when the imperial attack began here. They accepted. Dagger Wing always completes its mission. We aren’t leaving until we’ve done our part.”
She nodded, she hadn’t expected them to just leave. Nothing was ever that easy. “Havoc Squad is on board Gall. What’s your plan?”
“I’ve been tracking a large contingent of Imperial personnel across the prison zones. Could use your help when we catch them. The imperials are heading straight for the maximum security area. If they release any of the prisoners there, it could be catastrophic.”
“What’s so bad about the prisoners in that area?”
“That is where they house the worse of them all, Darth Ekkage is in there. If any of them get out… They’re a threat to the e tire galaxy – they can’t be set loose.”
“Baras’ sister?” Troi'an asked in shock before a cold hardness came over her. “We’ll stop them sir. Don’t worry.”
“Good, then I’ll see you at the coordinates. Gall out.”
“You heard the man, Major. Better get moving, or you might miss all the fun.” Harlan said and Troi'an frowned a little.
“I wanna know more about your commander.”
“He’s the best there is. Wouldn’t be Dagger Wing without Commander Gall. After Fest, he held this unit together, made sure we all remember who the real enemy is. Bah, listen to me blabbing. You wanna know about Gall, talk to him when you meet him.”

Troi'an walked into the bunker where some of the men were and a young boy - not much older then she had been when she had first joined, she thought – called out and motioned to another one to come over. “They’re here, Adan!”
A rather large Cathar stepped up to them. “You’re just in time, Commander Gall just rushed off after the imps, you’ve got to help him!”
“Ondoru was with them! The Sith we were trying to take out on Fest! He’s here, now!”
“How do you know it was lord Ondoru?” Troi'an asked the excitable younger man.
“It was him. We all recognize him after Fest. We memorized everything about him.”
“You’ve got to understand, Ondoru is the reason we’re all here. Commander Gall couldn’t let that filth escape.”
She sighed, she understood where Gall was coming from. She wanted to get her own hands on Baras’ sister. “I’ll bring Gall back. No matter what.”

Troi'an ran into the building, finding a scene out of a nightmare. The men were all dead, there were a few Imperials down as well, but seeing the Sith lord force choking Gall in the center of all those dead guards… She lifted her blaster only to be shot at herself. Quickly she ducked behind a column, while Aric and Vik got behind a cement block. Blaster fire was exchanged until she heard a body hit the ground hard, she looked around her column to see the imperials and the Sith running off, Gall on the floor, closer to where she was. She hurried over to him, kneeling to feel his pulse.
“Get Elara!”
“Major? Ugh… we never had a chance. Ordoru, he… lightning, straight out of his fingertips… impossible…”
“Easy there Gall.” She said trying to keep the man still. “Not that impossible.”
“I can’t… I can’t move… You have to capture him. You can’t let him escape – only he can prove the Dagger Wing is innocent…”
“Don’t try to move Commander, Stay calm. Help is on the way.”
“Calm? That scum is getting away! Go after him, go!”
A loud roaring echoed though the building and Troi'an looked up surprised as Aric asked. “What was that?”
“It doesn’t matter, go. Forget about me, just get Ondoru!”
“The Sith can wait. Dagger Wing needs you.”
“This may be the only shot we ever get at that Sith scum! Harlan can take over Dagger Wing, and Ordoru can clear their record. I’ll gladly die to make that happen. Now go!”
She stood up as Elara and Vik came hurrying up. “Havoc Squad doesn’t leave anyone behind, Elara, Vik. Get him to safety.”
“You stubborn… I guess I should thank you, but now my men’s reputation may never be cleared.”
 “You’re welcome. And I’m not done yet Commander.”  Troi'an saluted Gall, before turning to head deeper into the Maximum Security wing. “Come on Aric, we have a Sith to find.”
Aric moved up beside her and said quietly. “Is that Sith, Ondoru or is it Darth Ekkage?”
She gave the stoic Cathar a sharp glance. “What do you know Aric?”
“That you’ve been looking into where this Darth Ekkage could be located… That she’s the sister of another Darth… uh... Baras.”
She nodded. “And that’s all you need to know.”
“You know I’ll stand by you kid, no matter what.”
She looked over at him again. “Even if that means winding up like Dagger Wing?”
She paused at a T at the end of the hall they were in and indicated for him to go left. “If you see him, don’t take him on alone.”
“Same goes for you sir.”
She nodded and headed down the right hall. It wasn’t long before she heard Aric over their comms curse some very color explanatives before saying in that typical low angry.
“He got away sir… and a female Sith was with him”
“Kriff…” she hissed and keyed her comm. “Are you injured Lieutenant?”
“Just my pride.”
Troi’an sighed, she had a feeling who that female had been. “Everyone rendezvous back at the ship. We’ll get him next time.”