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Cantina / Re: The Absent Thread
« on: 10/22/17, 01:16:02 PM »

I'm dropping in to say hello and that I still exist! Still not much time for games I'm afraid, and I'm sorry if I've left any threads hanging. Work has been A Lot but I'm very happy. I'll still have to be away for a lot of time, but I hope all of you are doing well!!!

Outside Realm / Re: So, this is the beginning of a Goodbye.
« on: 08/30/17, 03:54:10 PM »
It's a shame to see you go, but I understand the calling. You've given us a rich character and story to be involved in, and you've managed to keep it open to everyone and kept it balanced (and kept us on our toes!). We're very happy that you could be a part of our community. We didn't have a ton of interaction, but the interactions my characters had with yours were the best kind of challenge I could've asked for as an RPer.

Keep safe out there! Prayers for all provision and safety coming your way!

Cantina / Re: What to Do With Schrodinger's Galaxy...
« on: 08/27/17, 04:44:47 PM »
If it were possible to manage, I think something that falls between #1 and #3 might be ideal. I don't know if it's possible to achieve, but in the interest of brain-storming I'll just ramble...

Maybe a bare bones neutral-as-possible "canon" for the background, something along the lines of: Both Acina and Malcom are alive and kicking; whichever one made the dumb move with the throne was seriously injured but recovered, and leave it at that. The Eternal Alliance is still an independent third party and whether it's leaning toward allying with the Republic or the Empire continues to be a hot issue of rumors and speculation and concern, with independent operatives having "intel" either way at any given time. Madon is Supreme Chancellor (that much is game canon at least) and the Jedi are no longer persona non grata (at least implied by the game canon scene of Satele on Coruscant). Jedi RP is still a little screwed even under this "neutral" take without a High Council, but so be it.

Obviously no one can (or should) god-mod other players into accepting any version of "community canon." But if a lot of folks say "Yeah, most of us generally just assume this neutral thing by default and if you've got a guild plot that goes another way that's cool, just might be hard to trot it out into an open event and not expect some pushback"... well, maybe that helps. Maybe it doesn't. Maybe it's not that different from what we normally do.

I think this is a good solution. That's part of why I made that summary post at the top. We are already for a large part playing in a shared continuity. We just need to codify it.

A guild summit like you mentioned would be doable, for sure, but I know there are also a lot of independents out there, and they deserve to have a voice in what we decide as a community as well.

I forgot about Madon. I'll add that into the summary post.

I agree with this approach as well.

Vague plot is a hindrance to development to a certain point. @Elym, @LVT, @Nicohlas and I have specifically had to improvise a lot about the Chiss Ascendency because they just don't tell us anything, and it makes approximately zero sense not to have by now. But in the wake of this, we have the flexibility to decide what to do with these things.

I think ground rules should be set for the truly ambiguous stuff, just so we know what to do as a collective server. But even the things we decide on should allow for wiggle room.

Storyboards / Re: A Subdued Evening
« on: 08/08/17, 05:07:38 PM »
Her species was known as a cold one, seemingly ungainly when it came to emotion and hard-pressed for any reaction that was not controlled. Habit dictated the straightness of her shoulders and the lack of unnecessary movement. But it was the years of knowing the former sith (or perhaps too much time spent around humans) that led her to craftily pluck a piece of candy out of his fist. And more so, to smile warmly.

"I enjoy few things, and opera is one of the best. ...Well, and a fine vintage from home, I suppose. But the other thing I enjoy most is good company. So to have two good things in one evening? My luck had better hold out for the next few hours against such delights," she murmured back playfully. Her smile sustained as the lights of the theater dimmed.

Hey guys. Unfortunately I will need to step out of managing Empire Day. Not having this on Mondays combined with work and car hunting means it's been harder than ever to churn out ideas that draw people to attend. I spend several days planning for these so I can make them fun, but lately it's been hard just managing not to fall asleep when I get home.

If anyone wants to take up the mantle for Mondays or manage this every other Saturday then y'all are welcome to it. Hopefully this is something I can fit between whatever else is being planned by the community on Saturdays once I switch to evening shift. If nothing else, I'll make plans to do once-a-month events that can be bigger and take more time. Until then, thank you to all who participated. You guys have been amazing (and very patient)!

Actually wait, Seraphie has an event on the 11th. So we can do this on the 12th (next Sunday) or we can do it two weeks from now.

Small addendum: ED moved to next week due to some impromptu but very necessary car hunting. Sorry about that. Hopefully next week holds no more delays!

Next week as in tomorrow the fifth?  Or next week the next monday the 11th!?

Sorry both thingies are on the calendar and I got confused which you mean  :nuu: :grin:

The 11th~

Small addendum: ED moved to next week due to some impromptu but very necessary car hunting. Sorry about that. Hopefully next week holds no more delays!

Events and Occasions / Empire Day - Diplomatic Impunity
« on: 08/01/17, 06:04:50 PM »
<Your holocomm indicates you have an incoming message.>

<Taking the proper measures to encrypt and secure the channel, you answer. You are met with the glowing image of a Chiss woman with short hair and stiff posture. She appears to be an Intelligence officer.>

"Good evening. I hope I'm not interrupting anything extremely important."

<She does not seem to actually care if she were interrupting. She continues without pause.>

"You've been flagged in Intelligence for first-response to matters of importance to the Empire. As such you are being contacted for a mission of particular delicacy.

"A few days ago, a young Chiss diplomat-in-training left the confines of Ascendancy space with an attaché, and traveled to Manaan to for a business meeting at Parthus Compound, a small joint research company run by the Selkath and mediated by the Empire. The company's most prominent project is one involving research into quicker acting bacta. No small boast, considering what bacta is already capable of, but they've the numbers to show they are indeed making headway toward an improvement that could revolutionize approaches to field aid.

"The Ascendency is allowed to draw up business contracts as per our alliance so long as the proper regulations are followed, and-or if a proper agreement between the two concerned parties is reached. But such a thing is uncommon. Unless there is a markedly vested interest on both sides, anything outside of the usual trade agreements is avoided.

<She places her hands behind her back. If she'd hadn't looked serious before, she certainly did now.>

"And now for the problem. The diplomat and attaché missed their last check-in approximately three hours ago. Any number of perfectly harmless reasons could serve as an explanation, but three hours is enough time for something to get spectacularly wrong. Per procedure, the Chiss embassy on the planet reached out to Imperial embassy, and that embassy to us. Now I reach out to you. If there is trouble there, rescuing all is ideal, but the diplomat will be your focus. Getting them out of harm's way is your top priority.

"You are not expected to agree to the task. If you do agree, however, you must mobilize at Sith Intelligence headquarters within the next two hours. Present your credentials and arm yourself appropriately for the planet. Explosives are advised. Ask for Cipher 14 when you arrive.

<She half nods, half inclines her head. A quick goodbye. It's clear she's in a hurry.>

"For the Empire."

<You are left to stare at your holocomm and wonder at just what you might be getting yourself into. Make your decision. Time may just be running out for the diplomat.>

((This will take place in a Manaan stronghold on Saturday, August 11th, times to be decided soon. Express your interest and post what times you'd prefer. I'm able to start at any time during the day. Special thanks to @Lolermelon for helping me unlock things!))

Holocrons and Info Nodes / History - The Building Storm
« on: 07/29/17, 07:30:04 PM »

“Recording fifty-four-twenty one, day twenty-two of latest excavation study: Mortivanta's trove. Time, thirteen-hundred hours. Dromund Kaas. Darth SV.

“Holocron living up to its anticipated challenge. Alchemy and the Force have made it possible to study, but it’s…‘inhabitant’, has made every step like walking against a storm. Such a wealth of information at my fingertips, and yet— ...No matter. All will be unlocked with time. Not all holocrons are willing, but all eventually bend to the might of those who study them.

“Mortivanta cut herself away from the dead branch of her family after Avarnis’ death; the correct choice, but also the risky one. In the context of that day, to cut one’s self off from viable family power, or any power for that matter, was akin to a literal severing of a limb. That part of you, or all of you, becomes reduced, diminished; a nothingness where something once stood. The version of the word “nothing” carved in the Epic of the Worthy is older than the current, and the context is debated on. In terms of the older context, the word not only describes a material loss, but a physical and spiritual one. You essentially become Nothing until you are able to make Something out of yourself. Such are the dangers of living only for a family et cetera. Our current time encourages more independence and more personal legacies, but as a result we have fewer dynasties. Each time has it’s trade-offs.

“Her strength began to build almost as soon as she made her decision. The tomb was not forthcoming with any details of what happened in between, and the holocron only slightly moreso. No sith would willingly surrender details as to what happened in their time of weaknesses, so I did not expect any less or more than this. There is a list of significant victories to go by, each building on the other like a wall of stone. Through these victories she gained the attention of her master somehow. All evidence points toward an attack on the estate she was working on. It’s suggested she proved herself exceptionally strong amongst the others defending the place. Her master was in awe of her fighting spirit and afraid of her power; a common reaction if the holocron’s inhabitant wasn’t exaggerating. He offered her up as a gladiator for his team in the upcoming games of the year promptly after. It could have been to subjugate her, but she could easily have overpowered him, and had only defended the estate to challenge herself. Perhaps it was her honor that stopped her from taking the estate. Or it was simply a matter of depending on no one and becoming determined to build everything with her own two hands. It is difficult to say. Mollification seems to be the most likely the reason. It would’ve given her a place to focus her power and a goal worth fighting for.

"Per custom, if a slave fought and won enough battles, they were granted freedom. It was not always required, but if a master was loathe to give up their slave, they were made to the famous One-hundred-and-ten Battles to break their own chains. Mortivanta fought these. Her tomb’s carvings align with the holocron’s posit that she became respected by support and enemy alike during these battles, and gained fame and glory through her victories, as well as the adoration of the public.

“After her hundredth battle, one of her patrons had an art piece of her commissioned, and sent a man named Kostanos to craft it. Kostanos was then an artist who was of lowly birth but excellent integrity, and a predisposition for almost blind loyalty. It’s suggested he admired her, and that the two got along famously. He became her main source of news from the outside for the next few years. He was present in person for her hundred-and-tenth battle.

“Her hundred-and-tenth battle signified the end of her slavery by her own hand. There was an argument between herself and her master shortly after this victory, but she gained her freedom anyway. It is unknown whether she had to fight him or not. The holocron simply stated that she “persuaded” him.

“Due to her fame, she’d been able to accumulate wealth with more ease as the years went by, and an estate was procured almost promptly after her victory. Though she left gladiatorial combat behind, she was revered as a bastion of strength, and hunted the enemies of the people of her own volition, or in some cases, at the request of the public. Kostanos ‘proved his loyalty’ by informing Mortivanta of a plot against her life a few years later, which she rewarded him for by making him steward of her estate. Many considered it a risky move, even a foolish one. Perhaps it was to watch him closely since he gave nothing and offered himself freely. Or she trusted him for the same reason. It’s never specifically stated.

“The holocron is now actively resisting further probing. It will not be impossible to search, but it will be more challenging now than before. Further steps to study it should be taken with care.

“Notes for further studies: procure a copy of the opera script for ‘Mortivanta’ and study it; make hologram copies of painting and runes; review progress and schedule for digsite; give caf supply requirements to Secretary Garish to keep her occupied; find copy of ‘State of Mind: Meditation Techniques’ for chapter on holocron studies and centering of being; look into focus materials.

"Recording end.”



“Addendum: call on Lord Rannayel for holocron studies. Recording end.”

((Obvious disclaimer, but needs to be said anyway: slavery is bad and the Empire is a terrible example of how to Government, pass it on.))

Outside Realm / Re: Reduced Activity
« on: 07/29/17, 07:22:17 PM »
Citizens of the Empire,

I am in my new apartment in Montana. I should have Internet next Thursday and will endeavor to be back in game around that time.

Empress' Blessing to you,


- Sent from my iPhone

*Meagan reads the intercepted transmission and throws her datapad across the room*

"Send an encrypted message to the Republic Fleet." She said through clenched teeth. "Life is going to get plenty interesting starting next Thursday."

Aliana eyes her live feed, bleary-eyed over stacks of datapad. A slow smile crawls onto her face.

"...C2K7, open a new note for dictation. Oh, and prepare a new package for delivery to Belkadan with it. Anything from the latest send-ins from the Ascendency will do. Life is going to be interesting again starting next Thursday."

Work is great to have but I've been going nonstop for the past week. I'll have to reschedule Empire Day for next weekend. I'll be PMing previous attendees for good general ED weekend times.

Good news is that I've acquired the Manaan stronghold, so we can do the Chiss event Diplomatic Impunity next weekend!!! Briefing info will be available by the weekend!

Storyboards / Re: A Subdued Evening
« on: 07/20/17, 06:34:28 PM »
Before now, most of those she'd seen directed at him had been purely out of aggravation. And as for her, well...she was Chiss. The list of reasons to be glared at had probably increased over the years, second only to the list of actual people who bothered glaring.

Not that it mattered. In the end, all it was was a look. What was a glare when you knew you could break the person giving it to you?

She sank into the booth with her usual grace, carefully arranging her cape before she folded her hands primly in her lap. "It was a fun occasion in spite of everything. Messy. But fun."

Her eyes wandered to the audience stretching out below and around them. People had come ready to enjoy themselves for as long as it took; a much-needed reprieve between the stubborn process of rebuilding and the headaches of electing new bodies to take positions of power. And any and all in those positions seem to have come out ready to make a statement. Dozens of scandals immediately stretched before her like a network, connecting or running parallel with each face.

She reached into the small bag she'd brought with her and plucked up a pair of carved binoculars. "Everyone and their mistress seems out in full, fashionable force tonight," she murmured. "I suppose time spent out of the Empire makes it seem a little trite. We probably haven't changed much here."

So! There's been a bit of a shuffle so Niarra can hold the Port of Call event on a reasonable date. Empire Day has been shifted from the 22nd to the 29th. Since it's on a Saturday we can begin as early or as late as you guys want, so tell me what time is acceptable for you.

The briefing for Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy will be posted either tonight or tomorrow so we can hit the ground running!

Holocrons and Info Nodes / History - The Beginning
« on: 07/16/17, 03:19:47 PM »

"Recording fifty-four-fourteen, day twelve of latest excavation study: Mortivanta's trove. Time is twenty-hundred hours, Dromund Kaas, Darth SV.

"Everything that could be collected was done so expediently, proper registration was procured — not without struggle, as expected — and sole authority to the tomb, dig site, and appropriate stretch of kilometers is now in my holding. First team assembled and digging. Loyalty will likely hold out before rotation. More members are being screened for the future.

"Assorted items retrieved from subject's tomb fall into line with the time insofar as anything typical retrieved. More personal items include battle helm, chestpiece, bracers, pauldrons, saber hilt with defunct crystal, strings of glass beads, stones of unusual shape, simple runes, various simple puzzles, etcetera. To be investigated in-depth. Special item of interest is holocron number sixty-seven: Mortivanta's holocron. Retrieved in central chamber of treasure vault after initial team encountered a Force phantom of the deceased darth herself. Holocron was ‘won’ via honorable combat between the phantom and attending Pureblood Darth Erednash. Phantom was purported to have bestowed a blessing upon defeat, likely impossible to study until it manifests.

"Colleagues are, as expected, skeptical in the face of seven accounts made by able-minded witnesses, five of which were high-ranking individuals.

"Holocron sixty-even has been studied since day one of the tomb’s breach, but had not been studied thoroughly by myself until day five. It is now day seven of study into the holocron. Tests of a purely scientific nature yield chemical and physical facts, and a reasonable timeline on which to place this holocron. Alchemic and Force studies were resisted by the holocron until mere hours ago and must meditated on further. It — Darth Mortivanta, I should say — is loathe to give up any secrets. Following the pattern of speech and combat, it is a safe assumption that Mortivanta was not fond of giving to those who had not earned. This holocron is perhaps as much a test as a safe repository for knowledge.

"Mortivanta began as a sith who had power of her own, but spent much of her early life comfortably cushioned in the inherent power that came through her family: Nityûkshr. The Nityûkshr family itself seems to have been extensive, powerful, of good social standing, and had accumulated a measure of political support worth mentioning. Their reputation seems to be cemented in their ability to overpower enemies with sheer strength. Immediate family consisted of a mother, father, and brother, all blood-related.

"Exact relationship with her biological parents is largely speculative. Their names are not mentioned, but it seems she was dutiful to them in terms of power accumulation, and that they trusted her enough to operate alone in her power. Her brother, Avarnis, was someone she was fond of. He acted both as a rival and an inspiration, being the elder, but may have been the weaker of the two. If so, his power must still have been very great, as he was not struck down by enemies or Nityûkshr itself.

"The immediate family was rivaling with another family, names and legacy unmentioned, but the rivaling family is suggested to be human. The head of said family agitated Mortivanta’s father, possibly to goad him into battle, in an open forum in the city. The result was a duel between the parents of both families, which Mortivanta’s parents lost.

"Public defeat likely had more attached to it than a simple loss. A Sith Pureblood would’ve been expected to be the more powerful opponent, and if Nityûkshr is as extensive as suggested, Mortivanta’s branch would have been perceived as a useless or diseased appendage, only good for being removed. The immediate family was disowned, fell into destitution, and eventually became slaves. This falls in line with the tablet 'Epic of the Worthy', which contained a line mentioning slavery thought to be purely metaphorical.

"Within the next century the immediate family was separated without warning. It is unclear where the parents were sent. Judging by the time and practice, they were either sent to work on building a tomb, or were sold into the hands of their enemies to complete the victory over them. Carvings in her tomb and a few ‘hints’ from the holocron suggest that she continued to try and resurrect her family’s name, as well as search for Avarnis. How she searched for him is unclear.

"Her search ended with the discovery that Avarnis had died in a small siege between two rivaling legacies. Mention of Nityûkshr disappears in the tomb carvings after this event, as does the name disappear from the holocron’s dialogue. Shortly after, she set out to make her own legacy and left her family's behind.

"Further studies to be carried on. Self-reminders: retrieve Agnius Tremorous’ copy of ‘Context of Legacy: A History of Sith Families’ for study; find the staple hologram copy of the tablet 'Epic of the Worthy' and make sure it is the three-hundred-and-sixty degree version in personal library; procure new 'Epic of the Worthy' hologram copy if unable to find the first; make hologram and hand-sketch of holocron; remind Secretary Garish not to forget her place again by barging in in the middle of meditation with reminders about meetings.

"Recording end.”


((This will lead into the lore you guys on the retrieval team were waiting for. Sorry for the wait!))

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