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So, uh... Niarra and I may have gone way overboard in decorating the throwaway SH for this event... but it is ready! :D

Today's RP setting brought to you by <Sphere of Mysteries> and a very ostentatious Sith tomb.

I'll take another look if I get the chance! So far we have 2 options now. We can either do this in the Tomb of Tulak Hord (which looks entirely appropriate but has enemies spawning) or we do this in the chatroom (where you will have to use imagination, but there are no rando spawns). Let me know what y'all think.
I don't mind fighting enemies! In a big group the respawns aren't such a bad annoyance, as we can kill them quickly.

Yeah, seems to me a Manaan SH can easily just be used as a stand-in for any ocean planet, or even just any marine/underwater base. I use Yavin 4 SH as a stand-in for Tython all the time.

I have wanted to make "the ruins of Mahara Kesh" on Manaan for ... literally since the first rumor that it might be coming, so years ago. I'm definitely going to try to make it, but it's going to be a loooong proccess gathering all the necessary decos.

That's an excellent idea. I know one thing that keeps coming up when people discuss Manaan is how to justify it in RP. Even Republic characters have a bit of a hard time doing so.

As for names... I'll have to get back to you on that one.

Events and Occasions / Re: Empire Day - The Morti Vanta
« on: 06/25/17, 07:45:02 PM »
"The Morti Vanta" Part 2 is happening tomorrow, same time as always! I don't have a good location for this set up in an SH, so this may have to be in the chat unless I can scout out an adequate place.

I will happily help with location hunting!

Meets and Greets / Re: PRIDE CELEBRATIONS!
« on: 06/25/17, 05:53:09 PM »
Not sure I can make it, especially so last minute, but sounds like a very cool idea. Nice to see this kind of thing happening on the server. Maybe next June! Take this emote celebration as me celebrating vicariously with you if I do not:

:dance: :coffee: :music: :whee: :aww:

The lack of rainbow themed emoji saddens me. :(

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: Comments on Stories
« on: 06/25/17, 01:20:23 PM »
@Dassalya - I loved your newest story update! Your stories are always wonderful, but this one had such a nice sense of peace and resolution to it that was a pleasure to read. I always enjoy stories that delve into Jedi mysticism. And I now doubly want her and Bren to have a sit-down about the stuff that's worrying her, they'd have a lot to talk about I think (if poor Dass can get through her anxiety over speaking about them!).

Events and Occasions / Re: Port of Call
« on: 06/25/17, 01:11:44 PM »
This event was amazing!! Thank you so much for having it and for the GMing. This is a lovely RP location, and one of the best times I've had in RP that I can remember! Looking forward to a return to Phalanx Station in the future.

Storyboards / Re: News Channel Feeds
« on: 06/25/17, 01:02:24 PM »
<< Voice of Iridonia >>


The holocom opens on Zash, minus her usual sleepy co-anchor, standing with her typically excitable expression on the steps outside the High Council building in Malidris, her clothes blown by a light wind and a field microphone curled around one ear.

"Volks Iridonia! It's a lovely day here in Malidris, only a light wind to tousel clothes... and hair for those who have it!" She makes a gesture towards her own shaved, horned head with a charming smile to the camera. "But we're not here to talk about fashion choices! We are here to discuss the happenings on the Council floor. Chieftain Varooth Noth, whose accusations against Republic military leader Colonel Exephos last standard month began the arguing which continues among the chieftains even to this day, has startled the elders once again with his announcement that he intends to both take full responsibility for the crimes commited against his clansman and the Jedi under his care. I am in the field to give you an interview with the man himself -- oh, here he comes now."

Varooth and two zhaboka-wielding attendants emerge from the building doors to be promptly ambushed by Zash and her camera droid. He glares at them irritably before stopping and folding his hands, staring directly into the camera.

"Zash Aytel, was it not?" he says dryly, as the woman holds a small mic out towards him.

"Juz Noth, are you really dropping your suit against Exephos? What prompted this decision?"

"I am not dropping my suit," he answers. "I have instead accepted full responsibility for the debt incrued by Exephos against my clan as my own debt. I met with the Temple Speakers some weeks ago to answer for my failure to protect Knight Akket, and will be passing my failure to protect my murdered clansman to the king, as is tradition."

"For those listening in outside Iridonian starspace who may not be familiar with the details of these laws, how does that process work?"

 "It is an assumption of Kal'dralu Selenor. When the leaders of an accused's clan--in this case, Colonel Exephos and the Republic--cannot or will not punish him for his crimes, responsibility to avenge that debt lies with the parties wronged. Failing to do so violates my responsibilities as chieftain, and so I am to answer for the crime as if I were responsible for it. Since I am a clan leader, and cannot challenge myself to lessen my sentence, I will be answering to the king of Iridonia himself."

"When we last spoke, you had fought a Protector of the Temple yourself for the first of those crimes. In this duel, you plan to elect a proxy. What was the reason for that choice?"

"I feel that my focus has been drawn away from my other duties, both as chieftain of Clan Noth and as a member of the Iridonian High Council. My attention must be drawn back to my home planet and the work I do here. King Ayrak is trained as a jath, and a Jedi was harmed in the crimes for which I answer, therefore it felt appropriate to request and accept Jedi aid. I would, additionally, like to show the Republic that those Iridonians who reject their ideals and friendship in successsion are the exception, not the rule."

"Juz Noth, you've spoken of your failure to protect your guest and the murder of your clansman, but there is an additional rumor that you may have hired the assassin who assaulted Colonel Exephos some weeks ago. Have you heard it?"

"I have."

"What do you make of this accusation?"

"I know little more about the assassin than you do. My answer to my clan's wounds is one which is fought in public view and which abides by both the laws of the Republic and Iridonia. Shadowy assassins are not part of my agenda. I settle my own matters with self-reliance and in open light." He pauses to stare down the camera droid, before moving away, his entourage blocking further questions. "Now, I have responsibilities to my clan which must be seen to..."

As Varooth leaves, Zash smiles into the camera again. "There you have it, people! The words of Varooth Noth on this recent turn. Now, we have a special treat coming to you from the Iridonian Jedi enclave--an interview with the man who will be taking Varooth's place on the dueling mat! Rosh, back to you."


The camera switches back to Rosh, sitting against a backdrop of holocrons and datastacks, Iridonian landscape seen through windows behind them. Beside him sits a broad-shouldered Kiffar Jedi who seems perfectly at home in the interview location.

"Thank you, Zash! I am here in the Jedi enclave at Tira'Noth, speaking with Jedi Master Maryck Vos, who has stepped up to serve as proxy for Chieftain Varooth." He turns directly to the Jedi. "So, to start with my questions... Master Vos, how are you attached to the Tira'Noth Enclave? What is your connection to Varooth Noth?

Maryck nods to the first question. "I'm helping undertake Watchman duties in the sector. Tira'Noth has been kind enough to give me a place to stay. Edar Varooth is one of the Enclave's closest allies, so we've been working together closely to keep the peace and maintain order while this secession crisis is ongoing."

"To what extent are the Jedi involved in resolving conflicts here on Iridonia? Can we expect to see more of a Jedi presence in clan affairs after this?

"Jedi are keepers of the peace." He recites, folding his hands in his lap. "I'm here with the intention of doing just that. It's not Jedi custom to meddle too strongly in system's political affairs. The goal is to guide conflict to a peaceful, satisfying conclusion, and then move on. That goal is mine."

"What do you make of the accusations Varooth has levied against Colonel Exephos? Is this duel a matter of friendship, duty to the Republic, or is it a matter of personal honor for the Jedi?

"The Edar's accusations aren't baseless," Maryck admits neutrally. "Regardless of the total truth of the situation, the Colonel event has brought the Republic and Iridonia to a dangerous crossroads. During the Second Galactic War, I served as both a Jedi Knight and a commander in the Republic military. This duel is a matter of a Jedi's duty to keeping the peace, and showing Iridonia's people the Republic's deep commitment to seeing this conflict resolved." He briefly turns his eyes directly to the camera, before sobering and regarding the interviewer again.

Rosh nods. "Thank you for your time, Master Jedi. Finally, one last question: We couldn't help but notice your fine Iridonian field boots!" He gestures to Maryck's boots with a gentle laugh, which the camera now zooms in on briefly. They are, indeed, very finely made and very sturdy. "How do you feel they hold up on your Jedi missions? Is there a preferred brand that you'd like to endorse to our viewers?

The Jedi finally cracks a grin, glancing down to his boots. "Good eye. I can't speak to endorsements, but these things have lasted me for at least half a decade." He leaves the subject there, but the winning smile remains. "Thank you for having me." He inclines his head neatly. "I hope this has been somewhat helpful in understanding what my place in all of this is."

"Indeed it has. Again, thank you so much for your time." Rosh returns the nod with a formal one of his own, then looks to the camera as it zooms to focus on just the reporter. He ends with:

"That's about it. When we come to you next with this story, we will have an interview with King Ayrak Malid and news on the results of the duel. Daynas, Iridonia, na oen'mai'ul!"

Our Guildnet is now properly approved and set up! Members, please join, as I hope to use the forum for planning guild things and working on goals like the stronghold and guild bank!

Cantina / Re: Gratitude
« on: 06/23/17, 03:13:02 PM »
Indeed! I had one heck of a time myself, and I was more than glad to stay well into the wee hours (even if I totally paid for it later :umm: ).

Ela already beat me to the punch here, but I gotta throw a big ol' thank you right back at you for that one, @Noth. That was not only an excellent idea for an event, but I thought it was very well done even despite some unanticipated improvisation that ended up being needed. Bravo. That really was about the best time I have had at an event in quite some time, so thanks for that, and for transporting me back to a time when RP transported me more easily to a galaxy far, far away. And really, a piece of that thanks goes out to all you other folks who were around too!

So yeah. Cheers.


Thank you so much, this made my heart feel all warm and squishy. I'm so happy that I could give you that feeling, and that you had such a good time! I try to pay attention to the details, and I'm very happy that it paid off. May there be many more such events and adventures!

Events and Occasions / Re: The Hypertower
« on: 06/23/17, 12:23:07 PM »
I will come on Iirim! Sneaky is his thing.

Iirim: Specialist

Spoiler: show
Melee - 90
Perception - 90
Technical - 70
Athletics - 65
Social - 60
Artistry - 60
Medicine - 50
Naturist - 50
Force - 40

Initiative: 82
PVP Defense: 8
Gambling: 83

Cantina / Re: Gratitude
« on: 06/22/17, 01:52:34 PM »
No gratitude post is complete without saying thank you @Noth for having us :)

But holy...did you all really go until 3 AM?! I have to admit to feeling overwhelmed by the characterization skills of all of you. The unique-ness (in a good way) of the personalities that you've all developed for your lovelies is amazing.

I was ready to drop at midnight, but I stayed until just after 1. Because tihaar is important. :D

We really did go to 3AM! Actual games didn't go quite so long, but we really burned the midnight oil on this one.

Alex is a perfectly interesting character! We had a few beat up brawlers at the end who probably could have used her help. :P

Cantina / Re: What Was Disruptive about the Last Expansions
« on: 06/22/17, 01:28:22 PM »
Speaking from the Jedi side of things, the lack of information about what's going on with the Order also put a huge wrench in Jedi RP. We've had to make up our own canon for Tython and the Jedi, and we shouldn't have to do that. That the Jedi still haven't rebuilt and returned to the Temple on Coruscant is also starting to reeeeally stretch suspension of disbelief...

Double agreement on it not feeling Star Wars
We're here for a Star Wars game, not a ME game or original universe.

And for the love of the Force, no more time skips.

A Very Mando Summer Solstice was a huge success! Thanks to everyone who came by! I had a lot of fun, and I hope you all did too. A summary of events:

Mando'ade and friends gathered in the camp of Clan Veshkgalaar to celebrate Oya'cye'tuur (which I realized just now I spelled wrong the whole time oops), an archaic Mando holiday celebrating life and heat and the hunt. After a while of talking and food, the games began:

- A round of holo-cu'bikad joined by Korvael, Orten Yaitz, Harkasone, Adeliey, and Sable Rawk, followed by a cu'bikad deathmatch using the old-fashioned rules and real knives. Orten Yaitz came out victorious with a bottle of fine, expensive tihaar as his prize after demolishing a dagger with another dagger, with Harkasone and Ash'ette as runners-up (without prizes, sadly, Mandos do nothing by halves).

- A round of ranged skill with blasters and a round of no-holds-barred brawling followed the cu'bikad. Korvael, Ash'ette, and Adeliey joined in both rounds, as well as Urziya, defending her tihaar from those who would win it from her. After a quick display of sharpshooting and a brutal takedown of all three opponents, Korvael came out the victor, with a prize of not one but two bottles of expensive tihaar.

- Closing ceremonies for those who stayed to the end consisted of a short recital of a portion of the Akaanati'kar'oya, a large bonfire, and the sharing of one of Korvael's bottles of tihaar between the Mando'ade around the fire. Urziya and Adeliey both got sent to bed with concussions after the melee ended in ill-advised headbutts. Warm feel-good toasts of brotherhood were shared by all.

Thank you all for coming, and looking forward to more adventures with you all on future Indie Nights!

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