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Well, you lot should be happy yo know that I try to avoid doing that. When I put stuff up on the GTN I usually stay around 350k and 200k. Being a lowly f2p makes you generous. :lol:

Well now I will put up something for what its worth if its that cheap; most of what I buy to flip  - by the time I flip it - is going for much more anyway.

So when it comes to something usually going for 3 million and I throw it up at 7 million because I haven't seen one in a few days and some *nice person* with a lot of money who doesn't want to wait (especially if its something *sparkle and awesome in some way*) will blow it just to get it *NOW!*

Which is their choice.

But if its a steady amount and I know competition is there or just around the corner most of the time then I price competitive and I will undercut someone who is just being ridiculous.  In fact, I hope there is someone being ridiculous. Then my price looks better xD.

At 250K/300K I'm the person buying the newest RNG items there, to flip in a month.
And thus the cycle continues.

Cyone - market flippers like me literally 'bank' on the type of customer you almost were...

"Yea this is up for wayy to much but maybe..just maybe.. someone rich and impatient..." ...2 days later..

"Holy crap it sold!"

Yeah, seems to me a Manaan SH can easily just be used as a stand-in for any ocean planet, or even just any marine/underwater base. I use Yavin 4 SH as a stand-in for Tython all the time.

Yeaa.. here's me going - "People actually use their Strongholds as places on the actual ooc planet the SH is on?"  What a novel idea...

The Maanaaaann SH doens't have to be anywhere it doesn't work for you guys; if it doesn't fit or a stretch - then Icily its something else.

In Karmic-head-land - NS is the inside of her ship; DK is both a "random hotel room" (has been Kaas, has been SHaddaa, has been unknown before) and a few rooms that operate as my Spaceship Captain's Deck.  A room on Coruscant SH is "Ilum..."

I mean yea the water is "big" but any "big lake" explains the water enough I would think? 

Use it for whatever you like - and then the next day change it to another place that suits your purposes!  All of the above ideas sound great to me!

Cantina / Re: What Was Disruptive about the Last Expansions
« on: 06/23/17, 02:02:35 PM »
If you mean they got the scope off I'd say yes.

That. I loved the class stories, all of which were very much "coming of age" narratives, but it feels like they really strained on trying to make it sooooo much bigger. And needlessly so.

And it doesn't feel bigger; it feels smaller. Because they aren't a team of people writing books so all the stuff that falls off the wayside just makes for a less inclusive, less encompassing, less... involved.. story plot.

Bring it back to its native conflict; they are given all of Star Wars - so use everything we already have that would have been so much better than "Bad King Ghost Possession and Family!"  Taking Star Wars and turning it into NOT Star Wars isn't where the energy should be going.

Amazing to me that almost everything else this "label" (so to speak - franchise) touches can/does turn to gold but even a half-competent gaming team can't even keep the story going without tanking.

Things involving "Star Wars" don't usually have a hard time making money.  Even if they are crap.

EA/Bioware has to pad that income with RNG Gambling Boxes and putting in space-barbie-house.


On topic - I had nothing to add really.  Everyone else said it more succinctly than I could and probably nicer.

Roleplay/Storyline stuff doesn't do well with time skips.  Period.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: Comments on Stories
« on: 06/21/17, 10:49:28 PM »
@Mei @Kremon

A few hours later Karmic's going to watch that whole interaction in real time - attempting to do exactly what Ke is doing now.

And she's really going to wish the DP cameras had audio...  dying to know what the Kriff he just said...  :grin:  :evil:  And again consider the fact that she really needed to learn how to read lips (better).  :facepalm:

If she had heard it; she would have laughed - hard; and then watched openly in public as that exchange continued.  At the very least - highly amused! LOL  She'd know that tactic...

Fun exchange to read guys!

Events and Occasions / Re: Dawn of Doomsday: Revengence
« on: 06/21/17, 10:42:06 PM »
We can move it to 5.

I REALLY WANT TO! I can try! That's..all I can do.  Hubby will be cool with it or not on varying weeks - subject to change without notice xD.

But our start times are just way too far apart - as the only "safe" time would for me be starting around 7 server heh.  So don't change it all for me - but I will most certainly try!

Cantina / Re: Don't Mess with the Ladies!
« on: 06/21/17, 10:39:40 PM »
Imperial Ladies are the real deal.  They are the true power behind the Empire.

This is Known.  :evil:

Events and Occasions / Re: Dawn of Doomsday: Revengence
« on: 06/20/17, 09:20:03 PM »
Holiday? Its a Sunday?

4 server time -is right at dinner time for anyone in the 3 time zones right of it heh.  I'd love to have done this, but no way can I do it at what is 6 my time.

Any of them... :/

Just starts way too early sorry. sighs.

well damn I just checked the forums too soon wondering if there was an event.. didn't see a thread and so left out...booo.

Actually they did fix the solo mode flashpoints a while back. I started getting decorations from Maelstrom Prison again. If you aren't getting any from some FPs then there is likely a bug or the drop rate needs to be looked at.

Wait so we CAN?! FOR SURE?! XD

AHH I"M CONFUSED!  :rage: :scared: :nuu:

Cantina / Re: New PC = Like Playing a New Game
« on: 06/18/17, 12:23:49 PM »

Eeehehehe all I can think about whenever any "Top Gun" music plays is the volleyball scene :P The camera crew that filmed it are the biggest heroes in Hollywood, because Tom Cruise is only like two inches taller than me, but because of the angles they make him look like he's six feet tall.

And the best "Star Wars" song, aside from the opening theme, is "Duel of the Fates". The only good thing to come out of the prequels. True story.

Wrong! Its Duel of Fates and the fight scene that went with it.  Two good things!!

Karmic's class spawned from that fight scene!  And she came very close to being a Zabrak  :grin:

Cantina / Re: Nar Shaddaa Nightlife Event - Ultimate Guide!
« on: 06/18/17, 12:22:15 PM »
About 200 coin pulls... some of those bought kingpin coins until I figured it out =D.  So far over couple million spent until I realized my mistake! (Over 100 Kingpin slot pulls...I know cuz I got an acheivement.  ONly about 30 of those were paid for though!)

A big fat single ticket...a speeder mount I don't want.  A whole bunch of acheivements for all those coin pulls...

And a bunch of more coins.

And that's it.

RNG always hates me.  And this is a sorry @)(&% excuse for an event that's actually a coin sink.



Ugg.. I hate bioware.

@Karmic , no, that's not what that means. I ran the Tython and Korriban FPs as well for the Recovered Relics currency and got nothing.


Wonder why Mannan is different...

I've Got RP Plans later (post 8 server) but if I can get in game early I'll hop on my Pubside Karmic for a swing-through visit!! :) 

Cantina / Re: New PC = Like Playing a New Game
« on: 06/17/17, 10:40:42 AM »
My favorite is Illum actaully - the sky on Illum is just awesome to (literally) lay back and watch the stars with.

Its one of the reasons I made Karmic's super secret hideout hidden stealthy locale there - before we had SH it gave me reasons to go out there Icily and sit on an ice wall and watch the stars while RPing.. :)

Course now the cabin is Icily decorated in one of my Corusant rooms and its just not half as pretty... :/

*continues to hope for a snowy SH one day...*

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