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Sounds to me like this is the perfect time for the sisters to acknowledge Imperial supremacy and join the ranks of the naval forces of the Sith Empire.  I hear the Imperial Fourteenth Fleet has openings.

*waves hand* Come to the Dark Side.

Hey hey hey whoa whoa whoa. I'm the Sith around here. You're the embezzling desk driver military guru.

Name the time (Eastern, I'm in New England, after all, heh)...Malagant wants to kill something. :D

Cantina / Re: Datamining
« on: 08/10/17, 07:30:55 PM »
I can see we're going to be busy.

Cantina / Re: Flagship Deco Question...
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It's called simply the Planetary Holoprojector, and it drops from GEMINI Alliance Packs.

There was a level in Jedi Academy involving a cargo tram on Corellia, IIRC....maybe there'll be something along those lines in someone's brain?

Storyboards / Re: Resurgence
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((For @Nicohlas - when time permits. :D))

<A datapad was delivered to one of Moff Heermann's staff officers aboard the Ziost Avenger...>

TO: Moff Nicohlas Heermann, Commander, Imperial Wild Space Command
FROM: Colonel Menrim Tekan, CO, 54th Light Reconnaissance Battalion
SUBJ: Reconnaissance of Imperial Colony IC-711


As you are no doubt aware, work has proceeded on surface facilities on IC-711. With the assistance of Darth Malagant, I have compiled the following:

Living conditions. While the surface is entirely covered in water, the atmosphere is entirely suited for humanoid life. The engineers have constructed habitation areas inspired partly by the architecture used by the Selkath on Manaan to accommodate air-breathers, judging it to be the most "practical" method of living on a water-based planet. This also includes rooms built below the water's surface for any number of reasons. I understand that with your approval, one such has been designated as "living space" for Lord Malagant, and I have worked with my men to adapt the area suitably.

These habitation areas have been constructed largely in "shallows" in the planet-wide ocean - areas where the depth is no more than twenty meters - for smaller scale habitation, but the engineers believe that larger-scale structures (perhaps similar to the newly-built "welcome centers" on Manaan, or perhaps even on the scale of the destroyed Ahto City, in the future) can be constructed with relative ease and cost-efficiency should the necessity arise. There is also the possibility of underwater facilities, as on Manaan, again, should the necessity arise.

Native fauna. So far as we can tell, there is nothing beyond small fish and microscopic lifeforms in the waters of this world, and no native life that we can see in the skies (most avians likely dependent on landmasses anyway, and on the water's surface there are none save for our "artificial islands" built on the surface). An engineer working on one of the facilities reportedly saw a large shadow in the waters nearby, moving swiftly, but the commander on the "ground" there believes he merely saw the shadow of an incoming transport. If there is anything other than what we've seen, they're keeping to themselves - for now.

Mineral resources. The ocean floor seems to possess a number of "common" metals found in armor and hull plating, but our surveyors indicate the vast majority of it is far beneath the bedrock. The concern raised by the surveyors is that the nature of mining operations on the ocean floor could introduce pollutants into the water which would damage any possibility of habitation. Given that this planet was intended as a simple colony rather than as a mining world, perhaps this matter would be best set aside, but of course that will be at your discretion.

Inhabitants. Aside from the military expedition sent here to prepare the planet for colonization, there are no other inhabitants on this world, and no sign there has ever been any. This world is too far from the Core Worlds and too close to former Zakuulan space for the Republic's comfort, no doubt - whereas a transit from Belkadan (and beyond back to the core of the Empire) makes it ideal as a waypoint for our potential expansion into this region.

Darth Malagant and I both agree that we do not see any serious impediment to civilian colonization of IC-711. It is on that note that we submit this to you, sir, to act upon as you see fit.

M. Tekan, Colonel
Commanding 54th Light Recon

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Politics by Other Means
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"We see, therefore, that war is not merely an act of policy but a true political instrument, a continuation of political intercourse carried on with other means. What remains peculiar to war is simply the peculiar nature of its means."
- Carl von Clausewitz (1780-1831)


Imperial Dreadnought Warspite
High Orbit, Iokath

"Insolent bastard! I'll have his head on a plate for this!" Darth Metheius was livid. "Who does he think he is, threatening my servants in this manner? And why hasn't Heermann done something about this? He's supposed to be curbing the fool's excesses, not encouraging them!"

Lord Ammenkayn stood near the door to her old teacher's private quarters, arms folded across her chest. "Heermann has the support of the Ministry of War, Master. The Empress herself gave him the command. And the core of his command's naval forces is the former Reydovan Sector Defense Fleet. He gave it to Heermann himself about a year ago, when Insomnius took control of Reydovan Prime - attempting to undermine her and increase his stock with the Imperial Military. It worked, all things considered."

"If I didn't know any better, Ammenkayn, I would say that was a hint of admiration in your voice." Metheius' blue eyes flashed red for a second. "Don't tell me he softened you up during your visit to his new pleasure palace."

"He mutilated my father's corpse, Master. I have no admiration for that man." It was only a half-truth, and Ammenkayn knew it. She knew Metheius would, too.

Before Metheius could respond to that, a transmission came from the captain. "Apologies for interrupting, Lord Metheius, but there is a ship approaching. Sith transport Shadowlight, out of IC-711."

"Malagant's ship...where is he going?"

"They're on an approach vector for the Ziost Avenger, my lord."

Metheius set his jaw. "Reroute them. Bring them here."

"My lord, that is a Sith vessel assigned to Imperial Wild Space Command. The Avenger is their command ship. We --"

"I answer to the Empress, Captain, not Moff Heermann. Reroute them! Now!"

"Too late, my lord. They've already landed."

Cursing angrily, Metheius looked over at Ammenkayn; her expression was implacable, but something in her eyes told him she was not all that put out about it. "Then open communications. I want to speak with Darth Malagant."

"Yes, my lord."


The Ziost Avenger - Flagship of the Imperial Wild Space Command
Low Orbit, Iokath

One of Heermann's military adjutants was waiting as the Shadowlight's ramp lowered. He bowed. "Welcome aboard, Lord Malagant. Colonel Tekan."

"Good to be here again," Darth Malagant said with a smile. Then he looked around, not seeing someone he had expected. "He is not here?"

"The commander is currently attending to personal business with the Governor of Belkadan, my lord. But I have word from the bridge that we're receiving a message for you. It's Darth Metheius, from aboard the dreadnought Warspite."

"Of course it is. He doesn't like the fact I'm not running around in sackcloth and ashes." He snorted. "I'll take it in the comms room, Lieutenant."

"Yes, my lord. If you'll follow me."

As they followed the adjutant in the corridors of the ship, Colonel Menrim Tekan leaned over and spoke in a low voice. "He must be sniffing around us again, my lord. What do you think she told him?"

"We'll soon find out," Malagant replied. As they entered the comm room, the adjutant patched the transmission from the Warspite, then nodded to the Sith Lord. "Thank you, Lieutenant. You may return to your duties...oh, one last thing." He pulled a small datapad from his coat. "The report from IC-711 from the colonel and I, for the commander when he is unoccupied." The adjutant took the datapad, bowing, and then departed.

The image of Metheius appeared on the holoprojector. "I knew you couldn't keep your hands clean. Building another pleasure palace so soon after we took your old one?"

"My personal finances remained solid even after you plundered the Temple of Introspection. I still had that house on Nar Shaddaa - you know, the one you came grovelling on your knees to me in, fleeing from that eyeless whore who usurped me and tried to give the sector you now rule over to Numair and his army of the dead?" Malagant smiled icily. "I made something of a killing, so to speak. Floating palaces on the Smuggler's Moon are at a premium nowadays...but I don't suppose you're interested in Huttese real estate, Metheius. What do you want?"

"I want to know what you and Heermann think you're up to with this business on IC-711. Installing yourself as a king already?"

"Commander Heermann and I have discussed the possibility of my overseeing this new colony as governor, yes. Not quite a sector, like you've got, but it's a start. Say, how is the weather on Reydovan Prime nowadays? Or has your patriotic duty kept you from overseeing the sector that our Empress granted you?"

Metheius seethed. "We're not here to discuss my conduct, Malagant."

"No? Perhaps we should be. From what I hear, you haven't left your ship since you arrived. How many of Tyth's machines have you waded through? How many Republic soldiers and Jedi have you killed?" He tilted his head slightly. "You don't look like someone who has been down there, dealing with our enemies. You look...rather comfortable, actually. Kind of like how you were on Dromund Kaas, safe and away from the fighting, while I was away on Zakuul for four years, two of them rotting in a swamp. Constantly wary for any threats - Knights, skytroopers, Heralds of Zildrog...even the wildlife."

"Enough! I will not --"

"I will not be spoken to like a slave acolyte," Malagant replied coldly. "I am not one of your pets for you to whip into compliance. I do not answer to you, Metheius, nor will I ever. Your proximity to the Empress has inflated your sense of self-importance. You think because you stayed in the heartland at her side, you're better than me. Tell me, when the uprising came on Reydovan Prime, when did you arrive?" He snorted. "Too late, that's when. She called you...and by the time you got there, it was over." He raised his nose imperiously. "Now, then, if you don't mind, I have real business to attend to here, and I don't have time for your paranoid inquisitions."

Metheius was absolutely livid. "Listen here, you pompous --" Before he could finish the sentence, Malagant had closed the communication.

Tekan looked uneasy. "We could be looking at a repeat of Yavin 4, Lord Malagant. He could try and convince the Empress to shut us down again."

"Then the Empress will see what a fool he truly is, Menrim. And he'll find I'm a lot better prepared this time..."

These. All of these. So much of these. When does the patch happen?

End of August, I think?

Given that you've mentioned in recent IC posts about the ongoing insurgency (and...other problems) back on Belkadan, I would figure a mobile HQ would be something up your alley. As for me, I could probably figure something out...

The few screenshots of Umbara I've seen make it look like it would fit a swamp environment; would that possibly mean a transport system on Belkadan?

Though Umbara looks kinda like someone put it to the torch. I have a planet or four in that vicinity that fits that category, if we introduced military industry...

Storyboards / Re: Resurgence
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Palace of the Eternal Ocean
Imperial Colony IC-711

Tekan watched the shuttle depart with a coldly appraising eye. "You took a risk in letting her go, my lord. She may turn on us."

"A distinct possibility; many Sith are mercurial about their allegiances. But I choose to have faith, Menrim. She fears her Master, but she also fears me. She seeks to find the middle way between us...but she will soon find there isn't one." Malagant chuckled. "And I think she will make the right choice. Sure, Metheius is now in the field, with the fleet at Iokath...but where has he been the last few years? Safe and secure in his little house on Dromund Kaas." He scowled. "Perhaps he should learn the dangers of the real world."

"Like this ongoing insurgency back on Belkadan," Tekan said thoughtfully. "The planet has been an Imperial holding for fifty years, and the military forces there have yet to suppress the pro-Republic factions. The garrison commander, a General Veramin, arrived just before we left."

"Veramin is a pompous bore, a man promoted based on his family connections rather than his ability. I'd heard of him from Ilum...that was the last time he'd done anything worth noting." Malagant snorted. "Another general seeking glory from his armchair. They don't make them quite the way they used to anymore - commanders like Kilran and Regus...or Sith like Darth Marr. Our Empire is sorely lacking."

"And those men of vision are sent to backwaters to rot away the days until they die or are miraculously allowed to retire," the Cathar said scornfully. "I had hoped with a forward-seeing ruler like Acina, such things would have changed. But the politics remains the same; we must all look out for the knife in the back." He shook his grizzled head. "Which is why this confuses me, my lord. You practically invite one by not dealing with her, as you did with Lazhna."

"Lazhna is a different case. She betrayed me to Metheius and probably hoped to profit from her betrayal. Instead, she ended up out here with me...out of his sight, and likely out of his mind, too. She knew her fate was sealed the moment we arrived here. Ammenkayn, however...I retain a certain fondness for her, I admit. I think it was when she killed that wretch Fayhan on the floor of the Temple of the Mountain Sun. Oh, he let her strike that blow - she said as much herself - but still, she was fierce. Bold. She had her father's strength, but she had something that Velenkayn did not - the ability to think. That is why I let her go, Menrim. To let her consider what she's doing, and to decide one way or the other. And as I said, I have faith that she will choose wisely."

Tekan considered this. "You seem to have more faith in others than I do, Lord Malagant. I find I do not really trust anyone. That's probably Varan's doing. He trusted no one, either - not even his own family. After all, he ended up killing them." To maintain his people's alliance with the Empire, Varan had killed his own father, Aristocra Valsar; to show his own loyalty, he had executed his younger brother (and Malagant's apprentice), Lord Veerak, for cowardice. "But the bit about the cyborg, the corpse of her father...will she not see that as another insult she has to avenge? She killed Fayhan for her father's death; will she not seek your life for this?"

"As I said, the possibility exists," Malagant admitted. "But I believe she will consider who she is dealing with. I have been out here since the fleet was deployed to Iokath, and the record will show it. So far as I know, he's never left the Warspite to go down to the surface himself...and she's been stuck on Reydovan Prime as his 'enforcer'. She may well see that I back my words up with action, and accept the truth of what I've told her...and the consequences if she chooses not to." He looked around the place for a moment. "I think we have a good setup here. Care to take a trip with me?"

"Where to, my lord?"

"Back to Iokath, to the Ziost Avenger. I think Moff Heermann will be most interested to hear how well this world will work for colonization, don't you?"

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: A Knight is Sworn to Valor
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Alliance Base Cantina

Tavener had finally had enough. He set down his drink, stood up, and walked over to where the Alderaanian captain had been sitting and glaring at him. "You don't like me, you've made that clear," he said. "You want to do something about it? Go ahead."

"What the hell are you babbling about, Zemp?" Tavan demanded. "Zemp" - a contraction of "Zakuul Empire" - had been a popular slang term for his people.

"Either let's just fight and get it over with, or you can get over yourself and learn to live with it. I'm tired of you constantly sneering and glaring at me like if you do it long enough, I'll scream 'Justice for Valkorion!' and slaughter everyone in the room. That is not what I am now. I am a Knight of Zakuul, but I am also sworn to the Commander, just as you are."

Tavan snorted. "You wouldn't be if you were winning."

"Not all of us followed Arcann blindly, Captain. Or Vaylin. Or even Valkorion himself, come to think of it. Knowing what we know now..." He shook his head. "Like it or not, Captain Tavan, we are on the same side now. And if you have a problem with that, then we may as well put an end to it now. You and me. No Force, no lightsaber, hand-to-hand. Or if you'd like to just shoot me, you can do that, too. I'm sure everyone will understand." Around them, the cantina had come to a dead hush.

Tavan stared at him for a moment. "Get out of my sight, Zemp."

"No, Captain," Tavener replied calmly. "Decide. Fight or accept. There is no middle way here. You like to say how you still have claws, despite being long in the tooth. I'm sure you can take me on." Standing in the corner of the room, Tergahn watched the confrontation in silence. The Knight knew he was there.

Tavan sighed. "Alright, damn you. If it'll make you feel any better, I'll...learn to get used to you. Happy now?"

Tavener gave a slight smile and a nod, then walked away. Tavan rubbed the bridge of his nose tiredly. "I'm too old for this kriff." He looked up, and nearly jumped in his chair as he saw the Togruta Jedi Shadow. "Blood of the Queen, Tergahn, you nearly gave me a heart attack."

"Just keeping your mind as sharp as your claws, Darias," Tergahn replied with a smile. "Did you mean it? About getting used to having Knights around?"

"I'm sure I'll get used to it," Tavan said, the venom in his tone making Tergahn frown. "But no one can force me to like it. Not even the Commander...or you." He stood and stomped off.

Looking behind him, Tergahn could see the sadness in Tavener's expression, as the Knight also made his way out. It had been Tergahn who had accepted him into the Alliance in the first place, and so far, he was the only one other than the Commander who still did...


Tavener's Camp
The Endless Swamp, Zakuul
One year earlier

Tavener had finally had enough. He had known things would be different with the changes in leadership. He had not realized just how bad it would get...

When he and his surviving Knights had returned from Reydovan Prime - having left the surface in Jadre's long-range shuttle just as the Star Fortress exploded in orbit - Tavener had expected they would all be executed. But they had had a stroke of luck; Arcann, Vaylin, and their fleet had gone to Odessen to fight the Alliance, and it had ended with Arcann deposed and the Eternal Flagship destroyed. Vaylin had fled back to Zakuul and seized power; at her coronation, the new Empress had executed all of the Knights in Arcann's honor guard for failing to protect him, and instituted a new organization called the Horizon Guard. The death rates were so high - typically due to Vaylin's unpredictable moods - that some Knights whispered that the unofficial Horizon Guard motto was "I serve for life, but I don't serve for long".

It seemed to be a motto for the Knights themselves nowadays. Many had fallen to the Outlander, while half of those who remained had been killed in the fighting pits by their own brethren, as a method of "training" ordered by Arcann. Tavener had thus far avoided being a target for Vaylin's bloodlust, but he had a feeling that would not last for long. The massacre on Voss had led him to this point, where he was upholding his duty not to the Empress, but to Zakuul and its people. It was something his father had taught him long ago...and now, at last, he truly understood.

Movement in the swamps beyond caught his attention. His weapons were in his hands instantly, the blades ignited. But soon he saw the others were Knights like himself. He lowered his blades, taking note of them. There were only about a dozen. That would have to do.

"Brothers and sisters in arms," he greeted them, "as of this moment, we are traitors to the Eternal Throne. But we continue to serve Zakuul and its people. To save them, we must --" He looked up as a transport shuttle flew overhead, landing nearby. He frowned, looking first to his comrades, then back at the shuttle. The moment the doors opened, he knew they weren't additional defectors; the figures inside wore the distinctive armor of the Horizon Guard.

Vaylin had found them.

Tavener looked back to his fellows. "Follow me." As the other Knights reached for their weapons - some carrying pikes and shields, some single sabers, and others two weapons like him - Tavener led them into a rocky clearing nearby where he had parked the shuttle. But the Horizon Guard were quick on their heels, and Tavener knew it would be a fight in order to escape.

So did some of the others. Three of them halted. "Go, Captain," one of them urged. "We will hold them back."

The idea of losing more Knights to Vaylin's madness made Tavener vehemently shake his head. "No. We all go. We --"

"Take the others and go!" the Knight urged him. "Uphold our honor, Galen - it's up to you and the others. Go!" Without another word, the three Knights charged at the approaching Horizon Guards. Cursing bitterly, Tavener stepped up into the shuttle and took the controls. As the weapons of the opposing forces clashed, Tavener hit the ion engines and blasted off into the night sky...


Shadowport "Fort Defiance"
Edge of Wild Space

The thing that had made the escape at all possible was the fact that the Eternal Fleet's patrols seemed to have completely vanished. No one could explain why or how. Certainly the Zakuulan news media was keeping it quiet, as Vaylin seemed to have gone under the radar, too. They were still out there, though. Tavener was sure of it.

And so were the others, all of whom had decided they had had enough of fighting anyone. They had discarded their armor and weapons in the shuttle, and elected to go off for themselves. It had been here that they had sought new paths, taking up jobs on the ships that stopped in here, or settling in with those who sought a refuge from the war between the Outlander and the Eternal Empire. Tavener himself, however, had other ideas. The Force had showed him that his part in events was not yet over, and his sense of duty would not allow him to leave the work unfinished.

He laughed and shook his head as he sat alone in the cockpit of the shuttle. It was ironic that the people who sought to destroy all that he had fought for...may be the ones who would help him protect the things that were really worth it. With the last of the renegades gone, he decided to go off on his own. He gently lifted the shuttle off from its landing pad and back into space...and then set a course for Odessen. Perhaps there he would find where his future led him - even if that meant to his death.


Outside the Alliance Base

He had come from the far side of the planet, but he knew that the base's sensors would pick up a Zakuulan shuttle landing nearby. Pulling up the hood of his robe, he walked to the edge of the nearby chasm and looked up at the Alliance fortress, which looked similar to images he had seen of the Senate Tower on the Republic capital of Coruscant. He wondered if perhaps that was intentional.

Behind him, he sensed movement, and heard a number of weapons raised in his direction. He held out his arms, spread wide, to indicate he was not hostile, then slowly turned. Some of them took note of his lightsabers at his hips. "I mean you no harm," he said.

"Perhaps not," came a voice from beside him, but there was no one there. "Yet your arrival is highly suspicious."

"It was necessary," Tavener replied. "I have sufficient reason to be cautious."

"Indeed?" Shimmering for a moment, a tall figure appeared beside him. He was a Togruta, his head adorned with great horns and head-tails, and he had red skin with white patterns...very familiar patterns, at that. With a start, Tavener realized that other than being male, and wearing a white robe rather than armor, he was a spitting image of Lord Lazhna, the Sith he had faced in Illuminopolis; her brother, perhaps. Yet his demeanor was entirely different, not haughty and bloodthirsty like a Sith. Could he be a Jedi? "And who are you to be so cautious about coming here?"

Tavener decided to take a chance, knowing that with another Force-user here, it was unlikely he would be able to lie convincingly. He pulled back his hood, and removed the robe he wore to reveal his armor. Around him, he could hear and feel the men tensing, but they did not attack. "I am a Knight of who can no longer serve the occupant of the Eternal Throne."

The Togruta Jedi (and Tavener was now sure he was a Jedi, as he had not reached for his weapon and struck him down on the spot) regarded him for a moment. "And this is why you have come here?"

Tavener nodded. "I stand a better chance of protecting Zakuul if I help end the insanity that has taken control of the Eternal Throne...and the only way I can see of doing that is in your Alliance's service. Though it will gall me to fight my own, better they die than the millions more who would suffer if Vaylin is allowed to maintain power."

"I say kill him," said an elderly human, his hair and beard snow white, yet his gaze solid and his back straight. "Knights are our enemies, Master Tergahn. No amount of flowery words will change that."

"And yet this one comes to us in peace, arms open, rather than seeking battle," Tergahn replied calmly, appraising Tavener's bearing. The Knight noted his eyes were much warmer, more friendly, than Lazhna's had been - even though they were the same amber color. "No, Captain...the Force has plans for this one. And in time, so will we."

Storyboards / Re: Resurgence
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Palace of the Eternal Ocean
Imperial Colony IC-711

Lord Ammenkayn looked distinctly uneasy as she looked around the facility set up on the surface of IC-711. It resembled the architecture used by the Selkath to accommodate air-breathers on their homeworld of Manaan, a system that was deemed "most practical" by the Imperial military engineers in preparing habitation on a water world. The IWSC commander had also established a base here, but it was this one that Ammenkayn - acting at the behest of her old master, Darth Metheius - had been sent to visit.

And the moment she stepped off the shuttle, she remembered the Temple of Introspection on Yavin 4. The soldiers. The banners. The artifacts. The garden with Ziostian plants, grown from seeds taken off that world before its demise. All of them here as if nothing had happened. How had he managed this? she wondered. The Sith Pureblood's hands clenched slightly as she walked down the silent, attentive line of soldiers to the entrance, where the Cathar colonel - wearing his combat suit, weapon in hand, she noticed - was waiting.

"Darth Malagant has been expecting you, my lord," Tekan said without preamble. "He knew one of you fireside commanders would come and try and dictate to us again."

Ammenkayn's yellow eyes narrowed. "Fireside commanders? I have been attending to the mess left on Reydovan Prime by --"

"The Miraluka traitor you had no problem with until she decided to join the necromancers on Shadren V," Tekan interrupted, his training by Varan and experience with Malagant's foes leading him not to give a good goddamn about speaking so to a Sith Lord. "Let's not bandy semantics, my lord. He is waiting above in the library." He stepped to one side, indicating the doorway with a slightly mocking inclination of his head.

Ammenkayn seethed, but restrained herself from killing the pompous cat-man on the spot as she walked down the narrow corridor to the elevator, up to the building's higher level. As she stepped off the elevator, she was greeted by the great stony countenance of the legendary Naga Sadow, his hands clutching a rune-etched sword. On the other side of the statue, consulting the library terminal, was the man she had come to see. "Darth Malagant?"

Malagant looked up, burning red eyes slightly narrowed. "I see Metheius has let you off the leash and let you leave Reydovan Prime," he said. "Boring, isn't it? Stuck watching Moff Daltyn and his government, looking for plots that aren't needed a challenge, so you came here. Probably to tell me about how I'm wasting Imperial funds again, and how your Master is taking my personal possessions away and publicly humiliating me for his own pleasure. Did you take pleasure in what he did to me, Ammenkayn? What he did to my soldiers?"

"I did what I was tasked for the good of the Empire, my lord," the Pureblood warrior replied, rather surprisingly diplomatically.

"You lie. Almost enough to convince yourself, but not quite. Deep down, I feel that you disagreed with it, but you're so enamored of attaining rank and privilege as Metheius' 'emissary' that you refuse to act upon it." Malagant shook his head. "That's not the Ammenkayn I remember. The apprentice who strode into the Temple of the Mountain Sun in Illuminopolis and claimed vengeance for her father, who confidently stood before a Jedi Master and struck him down, even though she knew my plans for him. Even risking my wrath in doing so. Has being granted Lordship removed a portion of your spine?"

Ammenkayn felt rage boiling up in her. "How dare you."

"I dare because I can," Malagant replied coldly. "Metheius believes he can judge me because he stayed on Dromund Kaas and played it safe while I went into hiding. I spent four years on Zakuul, learning from my enemy. I came and freed the Reydovan Sector from Jadre and his Star Fortress. I suffered and bled in battle against an Exarch, Ammenkayn - and I was left with machines in my body that I require to function thanks to the injuries I took from him. Where are your scars of battle? What battle did you see? Or did your Master not permit you to be anything more than his personal akk dog?"

The moment the enraged Ammenkayn reached for her lightsaber, she was immobilized; her eyes went wide in surprise, as she realized that Malagant had regained much of his powers since his "reconstruction" by Darth Insomnius. Malagant raised a hand, lifting her up, and then tossing her to the ground. Her weapon clattered across the floor, right up to the toe of Malagant's boot. He kicked the weapon up into the air and into his other hand. He looked at it...and then at Ammenkayn. "This was your father's lightsaber, wasn't it? I had wondered what became of it when I...restored him to service."

"When you violated his corpse, you mean," Ammenkayn spat hatefully.

"So, that's it. It's not about your duty to Metheius or the Empire. This is about me, and the MSC-1." Malagant had reanimated the corpse of Ammenkayn's late father, Lord Velenkayn, using the dead Sith Lord as an enforcer he called Malagant Swordsman Cyborg One - using technology that had been developed by Taelios, among others. The MSC-1 had been destroyed when Malagant was forced to flee from the Outer Rim trade hub of Jaren, which had betrayed him to the Eternal Empire; it had stayed behind to distract the Knights who had come calling.

"You had no right to make him your meat puppet. My father --"

"Was a brute, a bloodthirsty animal," Malagant interjected. "He cared for nothing but the glory of the kill...and for you." His expression became almost...sympathetic as he walked up to her, and held out her weapon. Gazing at him suspiciously for a moment, she took it as she came to her feet. "That day in Illuminopolis, Ammenkayn, I saw potential in you. You would be far more than your father, a great Sith Lord and protector of the Empire - and furthermore, one who could think and act for themselves, rather than blindly follow the scent of blood. And now here you are, as Metheius' pet, bullying a rival in the Empire instead of fighting the real enemy. Tell me, my dear...was I wrong about you?"

Ammenkayn found she could not reply to that...and could not meet his gaze.

Malagant nodded, as if she had answered with words. "Come with me." He escorted her into the elevator, and took her down to the sub-surface level. Right across from the door, still showing signs of the moss that had grown over it, was Malagant's Sith throne; he had it recovered from the abandoned Temple of Introspection on Yavin 4 and brought here. Also, lined up against the walls, were bestial creatures Ammenkayn recognized only too well: Massassi. She remembered that Malagant had secured the allegiance of a tribe of the beasts during the war against Revan in Yavin's jungles.

He turned left to a door beside the elevator entrance, and as the door opened, agonized screams echoed in the hall...the room must have been sound-proofed. Ammenkayn entered, and her breath caught in her throat. Strapped to a medical bed, a number of devices implanted into her head and body, was Malagant's turncoat apprentice, Lord Lazhna Dai'lo.

"When you return to report to your master about my 'wasteful expenditures', ask him what he would like me to do with his," Malagant said. "And if you or he think you can come and bully me into submission, like Metheius did on Yavin 4...visualize yourself in poor Lazhna's place, and think carefully. All of my apprentices have thought they could outfox their master. They're all for Lazhna here." A hint of steel entered his tone. "And I do not expect that will be for much longer."

"What are you playing at?" Ammenkayn demanded.

Malagant looked up at her. "You have a choice, Lord Ammenkayn - do you continue to serve Metheius' self-aggrandizing agenda of humiliation and petty politics...or do you really work for the good of the Empire, as you claim?" His smile sent a chill down Ammenkayn's spine, as the doors suddenly closed and locked. "Your answer will determine whether or not you walk out of this room."

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Oop! I should've updated...I did indeed manage to already procure one, sorry for my laxity in updating this thread I threw up. Thanks for keeping an eye out, everyone!

Got any spares? Save 'em for when I can come back. :P I kid, of course.

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Thank you for the replies everyone! Hopefully you'll see my old moody light side Sith again before too long.

Light side Sith? That's like dark Jedi. You can't have it both ways. Trust me. We're Sith - only we deal in absolutes. :D

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