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Could we make a sticky in this subforum for people to post when they've made a Guildnet and are awaiting approval? It seems like half the topics in this forum are about new guilds not having their forums turn up. Having a single thread for people to post when they've made a Guildnet and check on their Guildnet's status would be a really great thing to have!

Ex. I made one for Galaar Karyai a couple days ago, but have no update on its status and don't know if the site admins have noticed it or not to approve. But it seems a little pointless to make yet another thread about the same thing.

If not, then please accept this as the newest 'I made a guild that hasn't shown up yet and am wondering what the ETA is on that' thread and accept this bribe of cake. :cake:

Guild Recruiting / Galaar Karyai - RP-centric Mando guild!
« on: 06/16/17, 10:32:00 PM »
Galaar Karyai - "House" of Hawks

( Banner is a placeholder for now! A real one will be coming along shortly. )

Check out our Guildnet Page!


What: A Mando RP guild centered around the concept of a Mandalorian House: a banner uniting many clans under it.

Who: All Mandos are welcome! Bring a spirit for RP and a love of the hunt and clan. You do not have to change your IC clan to join. (See below)

Why: Mando RP is scarce on the server, it seems, and we wanted a guild that was fully and wholly centered around Mando RP and in the hands of RPers. The concept of being a House allows for characters to join the guild without ICly giving up their clans, though you are also welcome to join the clans of any members.

When: There is no guild night at the moment, but members can be found online at times at some of the various Impside and cross-faction RP events. We also love spontaneous RP!

How: Send me ( @Noth ) a note or post here, and we can do a quick RP and invite you in! RP is not a huge intensive process, just want to get a feel for you before joining.


House Galaar is formed of a few clans united by the symbol of the hawk and the veshok tree in which it roosts. They are traditionally hunters, and value freedom and the spirit of the hunt and clan, but the clans under their banner contain soldiers, mercenaries, and Mandalorians of all professions the culture can boast. As Zakuul's spectre fades from the galaxy, House Galaar rises from the ashes, growth from destruction, and spreads its wings through the galaxy once more to gather clans beneath its banner...

At the moment the most prominent members of the House are Clan Veshkgalaar, who share close alliances with the founding Clan (and as new members join, more will be added to this list!). Those wishing to pledge to House Galaar, under any Clan, should seek out its members and make their voices heard!

The other day, I had a lovely dejarik match with @Niarra as a bit of background flavor for RP, and, being the board game geek that I am, I just had to make myself a board to follow along with as a visual aid. Fast forward a few moves, and my MS Paint experiment turned into a Google Drawing, movable pieces, and real-time dejarik playing against a human opponent. This turned out to be a fun and satisfying roleplaying and gaming experience, that we would like to share with the community so use!


What this is: An RP resource, a visual aid for your RP emotes and to keep track of the game, and a virtual dejarik set.

What this is not: A programmed virtual game, a player vs. computer system, or any other kind of AI.

The rules are pulled from this website and modified for functional gameplay. If anyone has invented another variant of dejarik, post the rules, and we will make a board, do a playtest to make sure those rules function in practice, and post it in the OP! I am hoping to make up rulesets for all the games named in the fanon page the original rules were pulled from. What is left is Chambers and Courier. At least one of those will be a racing game, but I am up for suggestions for the second! It can be its own game or a rules variant on Standard Dejarik.

Each gameplay link sends you to an image with 3 boards. Decide which board you and your RP partner are playing on, and simply click and drag pieces to move them. When pieces are captured, click and drag to move them into the grey spaces to the side of the board.

In all game variants, opening move can be decided by dice roll or by the players through OOC discussion.

In order to use the boards you all have editing power. Please use this power responsibly and do not delete parts of the boards or edit the games themselves at all beyond moving pieces for normal gameplay.



Dejarik is a game of skill as well as chance, and the rules are complicated, but simple once you pick them. Its complexity may not lend itself directly to RP, or it may enhance it! It's up to how much you want to play it. All you need is a single D8 for each player or access to the in-game dice roller.


Spoiler: show
The rule of Dejarik are simple: Death Match.

1. Whoever loses all of their pieces first, loses the game. Whoever survives wins.

2. Each piece has unique strengths, boasting Attack Chance (AC), Defense Chance (DC), and Movement Change (MC). AC and DC determine how many D8s you will roll during an attack/defense. MC determines how many spaces your pieces can move.

Standard Game Pieces:

Savrip: 3 AC / 2 DC / 1 MC (Power Piece)
Monnok: 3 AC / 2 DC / 2 MC (Power Piece)
Ghhhk: 2 AC / 1 DC / 2 MC (Mid Piece)
Houjix: 2 AC / 2 DC / 1 MC (Mid Piece)
Strider: 1 AC / 2 DC / 3 MC (Defensive Piece)
Ng'ok: 1 AC / 3 DC / 2 MC (Defensive Piece)
K'lor'slug: 3 AC / 1 DC / 2 MC (Offensive Piece)
Molator: 3 AC / 1 DC / 3 MC (Offensive Piece)

The virtual board game pieces have AC listed as in black, DC listed in green, and MC in blue on them.

This is the standard pack that all holotables will have. In lore you can buy expansion packs and custom holomonsters, but the total number will always be 8. If you make up a custom piece or set for RP, please use the standard pieces as stand-ins rather than adding new pieces to the Google Drawing. I may add custom pieces to the guide if people come up with some.

3. At gameplay start, pieces are placed randomly around the board by the computer. This will be simulated by rolling 1 D8.

Roll Outcomes:

1 - Savrip (A balanced brute with slow movement speed)
2 - Monnok (A balanced brute with weaker defense)
3 - Ghhhk (A balanced piece who sacrifices defense for speed)
4 - Houjix (A balanced piece who sacrifices speed for defense)
5 - Strider (A vulnerable but swift defender)
6 - Ng'ok (A balanced but unaggressive defender)
7 - K'lor'slug (A vulnerable but balanced attacker)
8 - Molator (A vulnerable but swift attacker)

Place pieces in order from A through H. When you finish rolling for a piece, and after you have placed it, ignore its number when it next comes up.
Ex. If you roll a 5, place the Strider on square A. The next time you roll a 5, ignore it and reroll. Etc.

Players may decide who is on which side of the board beforehand or after setup.

Included are also tokens to keep track of which player is in which square. Move both at the same time.

4. Players each take 2 actions each round. These actions can be any combination of movement and/or attack. You must take both your actions each turn.

5. Each piece must move the exact number of spaces of its MP. Pieces cannot move diagonally, but must move along horizontal rays and circles, but can change direction mid-movement, except to retrace steps (as this would move you less than your MC). Pieces must use the entire number at once, and cannot backtrack to move less than their MC, break it into two parts, or only move partway. Pieces can 'hop' over other pieces, but cannot land on a space already occupied by another piece.

Legal and illegal Dejarik moves for a piece with 3 MP - note that the only legal spaces are adjacent to the piece itself.

6. A player may attack any defending piece adjacent to their attacking piece. Attacks pit AP vs DP with opposing dice rolls to make 1 of 5 outcomes:

     - A Kill, which removes the defending piece
     - A Push, which allows the attacking player to move the defending piece to any 1 adjacent square they choose
     - A Counter-Push, which allows the defending player to move the attacking piece to any 1 adjacent square
     - A Counter-Kill, where the attacking creature is removed from play
     - A Retreat, which allows first the defending player, then the attacking player, a Counter-Push. You cannot Push/Counter-Push a monster into the space you just occupied.

Rolling for Attack:

If Attack wins by 7 or more (hard win), Attack Kills Defense.
If Attack wins by 6 or less (soft win), Attack Pushes Defense.
If Attack and Defense tie (soft loss), Defense and Attack both Retreat.
If Attack loses by 6 or less (soft loss), Defense Counter-Pushes Attack.
If Attack loses by 7 or more (hard loss), Defense Counter-Kills Attack.
If a monster cannot be Pushed or Counter-Pushed due to being blocked in on all sides, it counts as a Kill instead.

All rolls are decided by both Attack and Defense rolling the AC and DC score of their attacking and defending pieces.

The virtual board game pieces have AC listed as in black and DC listed in green. You can also refer to the table earlier.

Rolls should use the in-game dice roller for OOC clarity.
Assuming that you are using the in-game dice roller, input /roll AC # d8 for attacks and /roll DC # d8 for defense.

7. If both players have only 1 piece left, move both pieces to the middle of the board. You must then use the higher of their AC or DC and roll off using that number until one gets a Kill.

8. This is about fun and RP. Keeping track for emote flavor is more important than focusing on details or winning. Hand-wave rules and moves as needed for RP purposes, but please always be fair to the other player and do not god-mod.



Vrax is a rules variant for Standard Dejarik using the same board, pieces, and basic framework. It combines the gameplay of Dejarik with the endgame strategy of Courtier. Of the Dejarik rules variants, this one plays most similar to Chess in feel and strategy. We found this to be the most fun of the playtesting, but YMMV!


Spoiler: show
Vrax Dejarik plays exactly like regular Dejarik except for the following points:

1. At the start of the game, one of the holomonsters on each team is labeled the King. This is decided by dice roll, like the other random starting choices. You can roll for monster placement and King in any order - it's all still randomized.

Player 1: If you roll 1-2, A is King; 3-4, C is King, 5-6, E is King; and 7-8, G is King.

Player 2: If you roll 1-2, B is King; 3-4, D is King, 5-6, F is King; and 7-8, H is King.

2. Like in Courtiers, your other pieces are labeled Guards, and serve to protect your King.

3. Also like in Courtiers, the player who gets a Kill on the opposing King both ends and wins the game.

4. All monsters keep their stats from Standard Dejarik and follow the same Attack/Defense/etc. rules.

5. If you are down to only your King, you must keep playing, because sudden reversals can and do happen in this game due to randomizing in attacks. (Happened in playtesting!)



Courtier is a tafl-variant for Star Wars. If you've played any kind of tafl game before, you have played Courtier. It is a game of pure strategy. This game works very well for RP, is simple to learn, and does not require any dice rolling.


Spoiler: show
1. Gameplay starts with the pieces arranged like in the picture above.

2. Each side has 6 pieces: 5 Guards and 1 King.

3. All players can only move 1 piece 1 space at a time on each turn, and only in straight lines side-to-side or around circles. Diagonal moves are not permitted.

4. Pieces cannot 'hop' other pieces.

5. Capture game pieces by flanking them on 2 sides. Ex:

How to capture on Courtier.

6. Double-captures occur when 4 pieces are arranged so that they capture each other. Ex:

An example of a double capture.

7. Moving into a position of capture counts as a sacrifice. You are not immune to capture by virtue of having moved there voluntarily.

8. Pieces cannot be captured by placing a piece between them and the edge of the board, only between 2 pieces. Capture must include at least 3 total pieces.

9. Play ends when one king is captured. Whoever loses their king, loses the game. Whoever captures their opponents' king, wins.

10. When a king is in danger of being captured, the threatening player must announce "Check!" This is a rule, but ICly of course you can make your character be a rude jerk and not announce when placing a king in check.

11. Again, this is for fun and RP. Use RP flavor as you want. Ex. An OOC blunder might be an opportunity to pretend your skilled character is making a risky move, or that your unskilled character is making a mistake, or that your character of any skill level is distracted by something in the environment. Be creative and have fun!



Lai Kyets is a Go-inspired cross between draughts and a racing game. Invented by the Duros, it is the ancestor of all holochess games, and simulates the travels and trials of two colonizing forces making their way towards the center of a galaxy or star system. Another complex game, strategy-wise, though the rules are simple.

Lai Kyets has not yet been fully play-tested.


Spoiler: show
1. The goal of the game is to move as many of your pieces onto the center ring as possible, and prevent your opponent from doing the same by blocking or capturing their pieces.

2. Setup is like the image, with players arranging red and blue pieces in alternating patterns along the two rows. (Red, blue, red blue; and the opposite on the other side, blue, red, blue red.)

3. To decide initiative, players roll off against each other with 1 d8. Whoever gets the higher roll goes first. You can decide among yourselves who takes which color, or roll for it: evens are blue, odds are red, and Player 2 takes the opposite color of the rolled one.

4. Pieces can move horizontally or sideways, never diagonally, in any directions for 1 square if unobstructed. You do not have to stay on the center ring, and may move backwards from and sideways on it. You may hop enemy pieces but not your own.

5. Hopping over a piece captures it, removing it from play, as well as allowing you to move 2 spaces rather than 1. Pieces on the center ring may capture sideways on the center ring and also backwards from it, just as with regular moves.

6. There are several win conditions that can occur: All remaining pieces are located on the central ring; one side outnumbers the other such that the other could not possibly put more pieces than them on the central ring; there are no more possible strategic moves; or just player agreement that no more moves are possible. In certain games players may choose to force play out until the very last possible move even in a perceived win condition.

7. Game conditions are decided to be win conditions by mutual agreement of both players. Lai Kyedts can therefore be a very short game or a very long one.

8. (Optional) In some variants, outlying pieces may be tallied into the losing player's score, making sudden reversals in who wins possible. It is up to you if you want to include this rule.

(Totally my own invention but:) In Ancient Duro, it was thought that the outcome of the game, including the outlying pieces unable to move into the center, could predict the future--outcomes of colonies, space battles, mystical battles between Light and Dark, etc. Much like Centran Sabbacc. Alternative layouts produced mathematically unplayable games which offered no challenge but are sometimes used for meditation. It is up to you if you want to let this enter into your RP. (And OOCly, I had a really hard time finding a layout for this where the 1st person who moved was not guarunteed to win. This was the only one that worked. Make of that what you will.)

Mei's thread about citizenship, Nic's excellent response, and my new Empire characters have got me thinking about how little I know about the structure of the Empire. Here's the hierarchy I have so far:

- Emperor/Empress
- Darth
- Sith Lord
- Sith Apprentice
- Citizen
- Subjugate
- Indentured Servant
- Slave

How does the Imperial Military fit into this structure? Imperial Intelligence? I know aliens now get either conscripted or enslaved, but aside from that, is the military something you join or is it more like a caste? I'd assumed it was the latter given Sith history, but I want to be sure.

How are citizens and powerbases split up? Sith society strikes me as very feudal, so do all citizens and soldiers have loyalty to a Sith Lord, or is citizenship more general? Will a Sith Lord's soldiers who report to them 'belong' to them or to the Imperial military? How separate or not are those?

Imperial Intelligence - is it entirely separate from these structures and independent? Or does it fall somewhere into these patterns as well?

I've only played my Imps in Act I so I don't have a good sense of the wider picture when it comes to the Empire.

The Trading Floor / Looking for Mando and Sith themed decos!
« on: 05/09/17, 10:46:57 PM »
I'm hoping to decorate some of my SHs a little to serve for my Mandalorian clan and my Imperial characters. Unfortunately, decos are... a lot. As evidenced by my nexu quest I am horrible at acquiring credits, and it's tough for me to find stuff on the GTN, so, I am turning to all of you wonderful people!

Some information on Clan Veshkgalaar can be found on their Holonet Page. My Sith is new, but the SH will be hosting him and his family (typical Sith decos are great, for any kind of Sith character type), and my Imperial Agent (who is a very techy/cyborg type character with a background as an Imperial trooper). When the SHs are done the Imp one at least will become a public RP spot!

Does anyone have any Sith and/or Mando themed stuff they can donate to the cause?

Additionally, if anyone has some Regal Banners (any color) and Tusken Partitions those are also something I am looking for for Tira'Noth.

Cantina / Iokath and Mando Stuff!
« on: 04/26/17, 09:24:47 PM »
@SivWysan and I chatted a bit about how to handle Mando stuff in the current timeline, with our guild, and I got some ideas from you all in the Iokath update thread and the chatbox. Figured it would be a good idea to get opinions from other players on what they want to do with their Mandos, but here is what we were thinking as a general 'state of the galaxy'...

1. Mandalore's call to muster has been fulfilled with the end of the Zakuul threat.
2. Like the rest of the galaxy, the Mandos are going back to their old nomadic status quo.
3. If the storyline specifically points out that Mandalore is pissed off enough to gather the clans again, we'll run with that, but for now we are assuming things are much more loosely organized.
4. The clans are free to play sides and pursue their own self-interests, keeping Mandos first and foremost.

We thought this would be a good solution to the vagueness problem with the Alliance, since it means our group can do a lot, including getting involved in Iokath or not, without being darmanda. This'll help us to run events for the Imp/Mando Combined Night as well. But! Since we're not the only Mandos around, thought it would be good to get input. Does this seem like a good solution to people?

First post! I would like to start up our joint Indie Night/Mando Night venture tonight. The plan is that we will be doing something every Wednesday, with different people taking the helm and different adventuring themes every week. Another goal is to get some more open world RP going since that has been something I see people wanting more of.

I thought this week we might try to work in rumors about Iokath if that works for people, but not be directly Iokath themed. I am eager for suggestions of theme and location!

Hey everyone. Since Iokath means that we might be getting back into Imps vs. Pubs I wanted to build a few outfits that have the Republic logo on them for my characters. Only, I don't know what armor sets have that! Specifically looking for suggestions for Jedi themed armors, but if you know of others that fit other classes that would probably be helpful for other people interested in doing the same.

To clarify, I'm not really looking for donations or anything, just trying to figure out what sets have this as a design element!

I noticed that poor Independent Night and Mando Night both have been having a lot of trouble getting off the ground. I'm wondering if this might be because between our independents and our Mandos, there's both a lot of overlap and also not a lot of people just focused on one or the other. Would people be interested in combining those two events into a single Wednesday Night event?

What I'm thinking is something like what we have going for the Jedi Nights and Imp Nights, where people take turns hosting and the theme changes depending on who's leading the fray that night, but they are still centered around their respective factions. I.E. For Jedi Night we have a mix of discussions at Enclaves and Jedi-like adventures, for Imp Night we've had a host of things from war tables to art recovery missions, and for Indie Night we could have a mix of smuggler bazaars and underworld taverns and Mando hunting parties and things like that.

This would also free up Monday evening so that Imp Night could happen every week, and Indie Night could happen every week, just like how Jedi Night currently operates. It might help boost attendance too by virtue of being a regular once-a-week affair that people reliably know they can come to if they have a free Wednesday.


Hello everyone! Those of you who've been following my art thread might know about the Nexu Fund, but if you don't, I've been saving up for and hoping to buy the Nexu Companion on the GTN. Unfortunately, even though I've been grinding heroics for a while, I am nowhere near what it usually sells for. My plan was to try to trade art for credits, but I've been having a lot of health problems that are cutting into my energy to draw.

(I'm so sorry for editing this three times... the new packs system is really confusing me.)

There are three ways I am able to trade for the Nexu Handler's License if you have it:

1. I can give you up to 13 million credits for it. These are all the credits I have, and my account just went down to preferred, so getting it to you might be tricky, but would be possible.

2. I am willing to trade! I gambled on the new boxes, and got the Nathema Beast, Tu'kata, and QO-77 droid. I don't mind trading any of those for a Nexu Handler's Licence.

3. I can trade you art or a signature banner or anything else art-related for a Nexu friend.

I really, really, really want the Nexu, and if anyone has it and is willing to trade, you will make my day.

Outside Realm / Health stuff update
« on: 02/23/17, 06:18:03 PM »
Hello all my dear Begeren Colony dwellers! Those of you who chat with me OOC a bunch know I've been dealing with a mysterious chronic illness for years, and recently it's reached peak levels of acute unable to ignore badness. I'm going to try to go to a doctor to get help, and if any of you could keep me and my health in your thoughts and prayers for both wellness and an actual diagnosis at long last I would really really appreciate that. Thank you all. I'm still going to turn up for Friday RPs when I can and of course Exephos's event, and I'll see you all then or wherever I can get in game next. And as always, PM if there's something you want to schedule! I'm sick but RP makes it easier somehow when the energy is there. :)

The Trading Floor / Art for Creds!
« on: 01/18/17, 10:45:34 PM »
Hey everyone! I'm trying to save up for a very expensive thing (I've got my heart set on a nexu companion), and running dailies, while fun, is a bit slow and time-intensive. I figured it might be nice to also offer commissions for credits.

There are some good examples of my art over on my Art Thread, even though some of the links look like they broke.

Basic idea is it's 700k-750k for a basic bust drawing, then +50k each for color, background, full body, additional characters, etc.

I will draw things other than characters, too, and same pricing rules apply based on complicatedness of the drawing. I'm miserable at drawing ships, though, much better at organic things.

All prices are negotiable and are just suggestions. So if you want to pay more or less let me know.

I will need a reference picture (a screenshot, drawing, or faceclaim/fancast) to work from. To commission, post in this thread! It's much easier for me to keep track of than PMs. All payments can be mailed or traded to Bren-Akket. Normally payments are done before art, but I want to keep myself accountable, so I will draw your pic, let you know it's done, then you pay and I will post!

Most will be 500x600 pixels unless I end up doing things traditionally and photographing them, in which case the size will be larger, and I will do my best to edit them to be functional clean lineart. Given my current resources this seems like the most likely way you will receive your art! Here's an example:

There may be some delay since my current inking brush is giving up the ghost finally (for an expensive brush it sure didn't last long :/), so you may get digital, in which case that's limited a little by my crappy tablet. These take me a lot slower to do, because digital art is my enemy. Here's an example:

Last time I checked, the Nexu license was at least 22mil, so ... any bit counts haha. This thread will be open indefinitely. I am also going to be running Heroics religiously for a few weeks. If anyone wants to join in or have a Heroics-running friend, feel free to find me in RepublicOOC. We can help each other out!

The Trading Floor / Looking for some armor pieces and a deco!
« on: 01/02/17, 03:28:37 AM »
Hello everyone! I am working on building up some stuff I've been working on for a while, but I will need some help from the community to do so.


I am looking for the Cosmic Statue decoration for my SH. Unfortunately it is obscenely expensive. I definitely do not expect anyone to have this, but if anyone does by chance have an extra one they are willing to sell or give away I am extremely interested!!

If you just want to donate some random stuff for the SH, instead, I'm always looking for Voss-Ka, Tatooine, Republic, and Jedi themed decos.


I've been trying to build a TCW-style Temple Guard 'cosplay' for a while. To do this I need the Martial Pilgrim's set and the mask and belt from the Temple Guardian set. I realize that these are also hard to swing, which is why I am asking for help! I plan to be grinding credits in an effort to get some of these, but I'm going to hit the end of my sub time soon and it will soon become a pointless task.

If anyone would be willing to help with these two projects, especially the armor one, I would be extremely grateful!

If you would instead like to just donate some credits to the cause that is also extremely welcome. Every bit adds up.

Worldbuilding and Community / Jedi Colors and Braids
« on: 12/15/16, 11:20:46 PM »
I found this bit of fanon about Jedi robe and Padawan braid colors and thought I'd post it here, since it seems fun to explore and use in RP. I expanded it a little from the original to include more braid colors, mostly because the ones given didn't cover very many possible fields of study, so this is my personal version. You can see the original list in the link. Use it or don't use it, up to you!

Standard: A yellow band at the top, given when they achieve the padawan rank, signifies new beginnings. A red band at the bottom, given at 16 or when they become a senior padawan, signifies they are on the road to wisdom and knowledge. Other beads or bands indicate individual fields of study.
Grey: Neutral, used for spacers in species that don't grow hair and use beads instead or to mark years.
White: Healing and medicine.
Blue: Mechanics/technology.
Pale Blue: Unifying Force.
Red: Piloting.
Brown: Diplomacy and scholarship.
Green: Living Force.
Yellow: Martial arts and lightsabers.
Bronze: Artificing.
Black: Covert Ops/Shadow training.

These colors may additionally be used for a Jedi's robes once they reach the rank of Knight. For example:

A Jedi artificer, engineer, or inventor might wear black and golden yellow robes.
A Jedi healer might wear blue and pale blue robes.
A Jedi diplomat might wear brown and cream robes.
A Jedi scholar might wear green and white robes.

I personally don't really think the robe colors match up to the braid colors, but whatever, this is fun fanon and not by any means a required canon thing, especially since the site was working on data from 2004 and there's been more stuff since then. This is more up to individual taste. I know on our server we mostly have colors meaning Enclave stuff, but there's some pretty colorful Jedi robes in the comics and concept art! Might be fun to explore.

How do you all use colors in your character design and outfit choices? Do you like these ones? Is there any symbolism you use yourself when designing your Jedi outfits?

Holocrons and Info Nodes / A Sith's Promise
« on: 11/21/16, 11:50:07 PM »
(( @LarhrNaor thanks for the RP and the duel! It was extremely fun, and should be a nice motivator for Dzu in the future. I can't remember the name of your Sith's master though, so let me know in the Comments thread or a PM so I can do a proper Rumors update for it!))

"--a moment, Lord Taral! Be still only a moment!'

The clipped, accented words of the medics faded in and out. Dzu had already killed one. He could see the medic's crumpled body on the far side of the tomb, where it lay among the stones where he'd thrown him. The other medics continued on, unfazed, as if this was as ordinary as anything else on the red, Sith-strewn planet. Every time they pressed him down, the Pureblood fought to get up, forgetting that he literally had only one leg to stand on now.

"I am going to kill him," he growled. "Let me up. I must finish what I started..."

"You are going nowhere," said the medic from before, focusing not on his glare, but on her work, as she stopped the remaining bleeding below his knee. "If you continue to struggle, I will sedate you."

"He is a thief!" Dzu protested, failing again, and clawing at the medic to get away from him. "A desecrator. I need to speak to whoever's left of the Dark Council--"

"Assistant, please give our Lord as powerful a narcotic as we can manage before he bleeds himself to death."

The assistant looked at her, stim gun in hand, shaking as he considered the idea. "Um- um--"

"Now, assistant, or I will let him at you."

Dzu continued to growl at the medic: "His master... on Malachor... he needs to be discipl--"

His voice trailed off as the assistant got the courage to stick him with the gun. The assistant very nearly got an armored glove to the face for his efforts, but it was enough to make the Sith Lord's tongue grow heavy and cease in the middle of speaking. He fell back, letting out a slow breath as he did.

This was madness. He knew it was madness. All the fury in the world was not going to hold his leg together, or stop him from dying in that tomb. That was not his training. And the world was beginning to finally spin. He let the medics go about their work, wordlessly.

Maybe that agent would help, he thought quietly. The Honor Guard was likely to simply mock him for his failure. What good was a Sith Lord who couldn't win a duel, let alone a Pureblood in the heart of Korriban, defending his people's relics?

"I'm going to kill him..." he muttered again, imprinting the image of the strange Sith into his mind. Did he catch his name? He didn't remember. But he had caught the name of his master, and a system, that was enough. He managed a a forced laugh, beginning to smile at the spinning ceiling of the tomb, keeping that thought close.

The medics exchanged looks.

"Is that something we should worry about?" the assistant mumbled.

"Shoot him with another vial," the lead medic said curtly, tying off her bandage.

The man nodded. The gun made a whining sound as it fired again by Dzu's ear, and darkness replaced the tomb.

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