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Events and Occasions / Who Watches the Watch?
« on: Today at 12:56:46 PM »
Jedi kNight February 22!

Your standard, good ol' Jedi Night... now with added Custodum Council meeting (a $49.99 value)!!! That's right! Come for the Jedi Night, stay for a bunch of crotchety old Jedi Masters mumbling at each other! Or vice versa. Whichever floats your boat.

The subject of the meeting: The fate of the Custodian's Watch, Custodum's flagship. Currently languishing in dock at Coruscant, there has been political difficulty in returning it to regular duty as the Custodum's front-line mobile base of operations. Jedi Master Telline has negotiated a possible solution, but there is grumbling from some of the other Jedi about the compromises required...

The Council will be attempting to resolve this debate... if you have a character(s) who you'd like to join in this discussion, please sign up! Note that you do not have to sign up if you only plan to watch or participate in the regular Jedi Night goings-on, but if you would like a slot on the docket to discuss the Watch with the Council, do sign up. Due to the nature of the meeting and the discussion, it may be necessary to keep it moderated and orderly, so only those with a sign-up slot secured will be called upon to say what they have to say as it relates to the Watch and its issues!

There is a small chance the event will have to be postponed to next week. If that happens, I will let everyone know. Otherwise, sign up if you would like to, and see everyone this Thursday as we decide... The Fate of the Watch!

Cantina / merrant has some explaining to do
« on: 02/09/18, 12:33:19 AM »


 :lightside: :lightside: :lightside:

You are cordially invited to a special installment of world-renowned* Jedi kNight! What's so special about it? That would be telling! Come see!

The usual time (7:30 PM PST/server time), at one of the usual places -- Custodum's Coruscant Enclave Temple. Iaera Farworlder has stopped in from her travels and has something she would like to discuss! Be there... or be orange nonagon! (i am told that's bad don't be orange nonagon fam)

*it is in the little world i live in

Server Development / Custodum Council II: The Counciling
« on: 01/26/18, 02:52:40 PM »
I recently polled the members of Custodum about a potential return of the Custodum Council to help deal with the current volume and flow of RP going on in Jedi-land. I won't get into the whys and wheres of that here, because I instead want to pose a different question to the wider community.

Given that BioWare has given us a rather frustrating galactic world-state, with mutually incompatible storylines and characters and very little information about what the heck is going on in the wake of Zakuul's defeat, we have a rather awkward situation for general galactic RP in terms of figuring out what the backdrop of our various plots, schemes, and arcs is. And it occurred to me that if Custodum does restore its own internal Council a la the old days, there might be an interesting opportunity here: We could, in our own small, Jedi-centric way, help provide some sense of structure and stability to our general RP community.

By having a small Council of Jedi Masters actively providing a body of authority in at least one segment of the galaxy, we'd once again have something other RP could orbit around coherently. People could refer to the Custodum Council, focus on them as potential allies or enemies or rivals, progress various plots that require an authority in the Republic or among the Jedi, and so on (in addition to forwarding internal Custodum stuff as well, which is another topic going on within the guild). Normally, I would not suggest a player-character body be so central to community RP, but in the past we've always had NPC authority figures like Satele Shan, the Supreme Chancellor, the Dark Council, etc to rely upon to provide us a structured framework. Now we don't really have those things, at least not in any coherent sense, so I think it might actually be valuable to have a few PCs we can poke and prod at as in-character authority figures.

So my question to everyone is: What do you think? Do you think something like this would be useful? Could it help your RP, and if so, how can we help make that happen? Was there anything about the old Custodum Council you didn't like, and would want to see changed?

Cantina / in which iaera posts about the force
« on: 12/25/17, 06:12:51 PM »
it's that time again

Just kidding! You're in luck; no one has to suffer through reading a huge wall of text by Iaera. Instead, inspired by Jaade's terrible link in shoutbox, I was looking up some of my old RP friends who still play SWTOR on other servers. One linked to the following video.

It's long, but this dude gets it. Like, gets it. And explains and articulates it far better than I ever could. I'm not necessarily a fan of some of the esoteric PHI 101 stuff, but he does a good job of laying it out in more serviceable layman's terms and it thus serves as a useful frame of reference if nothing else. I highly recommend giving this a proper watch if you can spare 40 minutes.

Outside Realm / the last jedi [spoiler city]
« on: 12/15/17, 12:08:15 PM »
the last jedi is out and about

this thread is now the ultimate spoiler in the universe. i suggest we use it.
(so if you don't want spoilers, leave now)

discuss, gentlebeings

The Trading Floor / WTB Revered Master set
« on: 11/29/17, 01:45:46 AM »
this is literally the set i have wanted for 6 years running now

And of course it's a ridiculously rare lootcrate Cartel pack item. gg EA

I'll just buy it on GTN if I have to, but I was hoping to avoid whatever ridiculously exorbitant price it starts getting listed for, since I prefer to reserve those credits for Custodum's gradual guildship expansion. I'll pay up to a decent percentage of whatever the going rate ends up being, if anyone here is willing to sell for a bit less than one could probably get on the GTN circus.

Also theoretically willing to trade, but most of the stuff I got from the new pack is junk. The most interesting thing I got is probably the Zakuulan Security upper, plus a variety of the rarer weapons and the Repair Droid weapon tuning.

Ship Builds / Iaera's Skunkworks
« on: 11/04/17, 07:58:27 PM »
GSF is a pretty deep game. There are a lot of combinations to play with, and even ones that aren't strictly "meta viable" can be made to work in a lot of situations. In this thread, I'm going to post some of my ideas/experiments/concepts, especially with the recent update that has breathed a huge amount of new life into previously underwhelming ships and components. I'll post a brief overview of what the build is conceptually supposed to do, my intentions with it, and what my results (if any) have been using it in matches.

Mostly, these are for fun. I'm just not the meta tryhard type... some of these may or may not be super amazing builds, but that really doesn't concern me much. I'm just interested in experimenting with the game and finding fun combinations!

For added fun, I think I'm going to give a semi-IC/RP flair to these. The canon of it is dubious, so as much as I despise the notion, these should probably be considered "fanon." With that said, there's not a whole lot of fleshed out technical information about these SWTOR-era starfighters as there is about, say, the Incom T-65 X-Wing. So, the following entries will be presented in that style... if someone by chance wants to use that in RP, feel free!

~ to be continued ~

Outside Realm / the last jedi [grumpy warning]
« on: 10/10/17, 11:43:46 PM »
so as everyone surely knows the trailer just came out and everyone's all aflutter. i have various and sundry thoughts on it, but a lot of those are wrapped up in Force Awakens and Disney and whatnot. then i saw this article:

sorry @Cordae i have a new spirit animal now.

my absolute FAVOURITE quote, which articulates a pet peeve i've long had with how moral storytelling is so often treated:
Rick Grimes may be a more three-dimensional character than Luke Skywalker. But let’s admit what nihilistic TV shows like “The Walking Dead” have made clear. We don’t love antiheroes and moral complexity because we’re grownups now. We love them because we are a miserable, godless people so syphilitic with bad consciences that we will no longer permit our heroes to be more righteous than we are. Sadly, “The Last Jedi’s” trailer provides ample evidence that Johnson will spare fans the purity we can no longer appreciate to feed us the cynical storytelling we so tragically desire.

grumpy / non-grumpy thoughts on the trailer? does it entice you? does it excite you? or does it torment the wretched shell of your being and make the blackened husk you inhabit writhe in existential agony? discuss

Events and Occasions / Jedi kNight: Special Edition
« on: 08/01/17, 07:31:44 PM »
Beep beep! Hark, a special Jedi kNight comes! Due to various scheduling concerns, the Custodum enclave on Coruscant will be hosting some unusual guests on Tuesday August 8th. Folks are welcome to come join in the RP -- Iaera Farworlder is back from her latest round of reclusive lurking, now bearing an ancient datacron of mysterious origins she seems to have acquired. And she has friends in tow... come meet them! Though Custodum may already be very familiar with one or two of these strange guests...

Host: Iaera & Custodum
Theme: An ancient datacron, and reunions, both expected and unexpected...
When: Tuesday (NOT Thursday), August 8th, 8:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time (server time)
Location: Custodum Coruscant SH
Requirements: Access to Custodum's Coruscant enclave
Title: Jedi kNight: Special Edition

If you are like me and absolutely adore Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars RPG line, good news... they are doing a non-Star Wars branded multi-setting generic ruleset for the system!!!

Even better, I can now stop saying the mouthful of "FFG Star Wars RPG system"! And now start referring to it by its proper name, though I think John Connor and/or Skynet might sue. On the plus side, it's perfectly possible to run a Terminator RPG using the system, which was probably Skynet and/or John Connor's plan all along and you're just playing out a closed time loop with all sorts of causality paradoxes attached. And a non-trivial threat of robots from the future who don't feel pity, or remorse, or fear, and absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead. So there's that.

Roleplay Workshop / Jedi Movies
« on: 05/16/17, 11:26:22 PM »
So, because I'm a huge nerd, a lot of the time when I'm watching a movie or TV show I notice similarities, parallels, or some other direct relationship with Jedi Knights. Perhaps in how the characters act, perhaps in how the "magic" of the setting works, or perhaps in the general aesthetic. Now, this isn't actually all that crazy -- George Lucas created the Jedi Knights out of a lot of existing film tropes and real-world mythology, so to see those same tropes and mythologies echoed elsewhere isn't really surprising. Nevertheless, I think it's an interesting exercise to examine those echoes and compare them, as well as potentially providing a resource with which to consider how we RP Jedi here in SWTOR.

So, a non-exhaustive list of various fiction that inspires me and makes me think about my favourite space-monks in different ways:

Doctor Strange

One thing I really liked about this movie was its unusual depiction of Wizards™. Not only were they distinctly Eastern (in a Tibetan monk kind of way), but they were also very monastic and ascetic. I have always rejected the characterisation of Jedi as "space wizards," arguing that Jedi are more like monks than wizards, but Doctor Strange presents an interesting blend of the two that's much closer, aesthetically, to a Jedi Knight. The wizards here are depicted as requiring discipline and ascetic willpower to manifest their abilities, so I quite enjoyed the scenes where Benedict Cumberbatch is trained in the ways of the Force magic.

Of course, not everything in the movie is perfectly Jedi. I've always cautioned people against treating Jedi like spellcasters, so the parallels in Doctor Strange end at the spell-tomes and magical whirlygigs.

Edge of Tomorrow

Not much in the way of aesthetics to comment on here, obviously... nevertheless, this movie has some fun Jedi parallels! It's about a man who, by virtue of living the same day over and over again, knows the future with uncanny precision. Sound familiar? The mechanism is a little different, but what I love about this movie is that the visible effect is very similar to what an onlooker would probably see when watching a Jedi work: Precise, unbelievably "lucky" courses of action that always seem to have the ideal result.

Duck here. Dodge there. Wait. Now go. Block left. Turn. Duck again. Dash forward! All while chaos erupts around them. The Jedi moves in perfect, harmonious synchronicity with a hostile environment... the advantages of being able to see things before they happen! Consider the exchange between Han Solo and Obi-wan Kenobi in A New Hope:

"I call it luck."
"In my experience, there's no such thing as luck."

Iron Fist

I liked this show for putting chi squarely on the table. While explicitly spelling out how these powers work de-mystifies them a little and is definitely a comic-book superhero thing to do (midichlorians notwithstanding), it was nevertheless appreciated for giving us a distinctly Eastern interpretation of mystical powers and abilities. Danny Rand has to frequently "focus his chi," through meditative exercises, a sort of extra-literal display of how a Jedi focuses and uses the Force. It's very martial and very Zen, very much in line with Jedi thought.

Any other examples you guys can think of? There are tons, but I'd like to hear if anyone else sees any movies through this lens!

Outside Realm / this is amazing
« on: 05/03/17, 06:26:21 PM »

I don't really have any insightful commentary to add; the link says it all.

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