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Events and Occasions / Re: The Hypertower
« on: Today at 10:41:18 AM »

Alright, I've got a time and date set now though if it proves that not enough people would be able to make it, I'll change it. To those that want to attend but that date/time doesn't work for them, just let me know, and I can make arrangements.

Once again, open to all Jedi at the custodum as well as anyone they might contact!

(I edited it below, but to restate it, it'll be taking place on 11th July, 7:30 server time.)

Storyboards / Re: "Hunting the Hunted"
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Gharzog watched Karmic go, their brief private conversation ended. He might have brokered a deal with Ke'rii, but he didn't trust him yet. He seemed like a wily character, one that could just as easily shake hands as stab someone in the back. So he'd keep his distance and his blasters handy around him just in case because it paid to be paranoid in Hutt territory, some people would literally sell your for a quick credit.
That's not to say though that he wouldn't go through with this plan, and that meant he had to take a risk. Leave Dancer's Palace, and it's resident eight million credit bounty, alone for awhile whilst he prepared the battleground they would spring their trap on. Nal Hutta. It was the perfect place for him; he knew all the ins and outs of the planet like the back of his hand, the planet was his stomping grounds after all, and he had a vast network of contacts, informants, and fellow guns for hire on the intoxicated world. When the pirates showed up, they would be landing in hostile territory in every aspect of the word. Not only would the inhabitants be after them, but the coordinates he had in mind was in one of the most inhospitable parts of the planet with vicious carnivorous lizards that'd been mutated from pollution and puddles of flesh-eating acid. The local residents would be fine, they knew the tricks of how to survive in those kinds of conditions. Offworlders? Not so fine.
There was another added advantage though to fighting on Nal Hutta that he wouldn't admit; once Ke'rii set foot on the planet, he could only really leave at Gharzog's will. He had so many buddies and paid-off enforcers watching spaceports for marks that tried to flee the world that it would be impossible for Ke'rii to get off the planet. It was a little precaution, so that just in case he tried to run with whatever credits the pirates had without paying Gharzog his cut, he wouldn't get very far at all.
Just another little paranoid trick that he had picked up.
As he walked up the palace stairway towards the dock though, he wondered if Ke'rii was the type to pull a stunt like that. He seemed carefree and easygoing enough, but those were the types that always made the best con artists. He didn't know what to think of the supposed family-man-businessman-turned-Imperial. And when he didn't know what to think, a good blaster was probably the best way to make decisions.
Best way to make just about any decision, was his musing as he clambered into a taxi bound for the spaceport.

Nal Hutta; That same night.

Gharzog stepped off the spaceport's paving and back onto Hutta's squishy wet soil. Massive bugs the size of his fist buzzed about looking for an opening in his clothing whilst thick clouds of poisonous gases billowed into the atmosphere from massive factory smokestacks nearby. Ahh, Nal Hutta. Good to be back.
He secured his respirator a little tighter before pulling up the collar on his coat so that it covered his neck against the soot and insects buzzing around. After double checking that his pants were tucked into his boots, he made his way along the dirt road, lined by vendors hawking sizzling pans of food and piles of clothing despite the late hour. Hutt territory never slept, shifts filled the factories around the clock. Which was fortunate because he wanted to get some meetings done before the night was finished so that he could catch the early morning shuttle to Nar Shaddaa and be back at Dancer's Palace by the time Ke'rii was awake. He didn't want to leave him out of his sight for long at all.
His first stop was a dingy cantina shoehorned between two apartment buildings and lit up by a flickering neon sign. Inside, raucous laughter emanated from within.
Just as he came up to the staircase leading down into the sunken cantina, a Gammorean stomped up the staircase carrying someone dressed in worker fatigues before throwing him out into a puddle of mud. With a rude Gammorean snort that was probably not taught to him as a child, he turned back and went down the way he'd come.
Yep, this was definitely Chiz's place.
Gharzog tramped down the stairs into a wooden interior that was filled with clouds of cigarra smoke, drunken singing, and the continuous rumble of chatter. A few heads turned his was as he entered, before people went back to their drinks and conversations. He'd be willing to bet that there was at least two people around here that had bounties on their heads, but he wasn't here for them right now.
His eyes searched out the bar area, until he saw Chiz serving a customer from behind it over to one side.
Gharzog approached him, and got his attention with a wave of the hand.
"Gharzog. Good to see 'ye. The usual 'ere?" Chiz asked, raising an eyebrow above his roughly gnarled features. On one side of his cheek, he had some absolutely horrid looking chemical burns from a spill that had happened a couple years ago. Gharzog had helped him take vengeance on the Hutt and factory supervisor responsible, with no reward.
Now it was time to collect on that debt.
"Not right now, Chiz. 'Ere on business." Gharzog said, pausing for a moment before asking carefully:
"Ye remember that time back when I helped 'ye deal with that Hutt, Trimpo, I think his name was?"
"Aye." Chiz replied, wiping a dirty mug with a rag.
"Well, I need to ask for you to return the favour. Got a job that requires a little - A'ight, a lot of extra muscle." He went ahead and admitted. Chiz sighed, as though he knew this day was coming.
"A'ight... What's the job, Gharzog?" He asked tiredly.
"Need as many hands with guns or vibroblades or, kriff, even rocks in 'em as 'ye got. I'll let 'ye know where they need to assemble and when, but it's pretty much wiping out a pirate clan, a'ight?" He explained.
"I'll get the boys together. But after this, 'ye owe ME one, Gharzog." Chiz returned.
Gharzog tipped his hat to the bartender, before turning and walking out the way he came. That was one errand done here on Hutta, now it was time to go and see a Hutt.
He traced his steps back to the spaceport, before making towards a massive domed palace in the middle of the settled area. That would be Ubaba's palace, he oversaw a good chunk of Hutta's factories and production cycles, as well as collecting 'taxes' as it were from many of the residents. He was a very, very wealthy Hutt with access to a fair amount of personnel and starships, and he owed Gharzog a favour. He'd had him go after a bounty, completely blind to the fact that he'd already sent another hunter to do the job. They'd squared off, before a fierce firefight ensured in which Gharzog was the victor. He'd collected the bounty and threatened to come after the Hutt if he did it again. Now he was going to collect on that unpaid debt.
He walked up the sloped ramp that lead inside, entering into a sort of foyer lounge area that was surprisingly much cleaner than the outside. One expected these dens of iniquity to be filled with filth and trash, but if Hutts weren't picky about their appearances, they were picky about their surroundings. It was immaculate, with finely decorated hand-stitched silk couches of red and gold, beside carpets made of the finest nerf wool.
There were a couple businessmen and gun-for-hires that were waiting around here for a meeting with the Hutt, but he didn't have time nor patience for that. He went straight up to the Twi'lek manager, a stern female sitting behind a desk.
"I'm 'ere to see Ubaba." Gharzog growled out.
"You can wait like everyone else." The secretary returned without looking up.
Gharzog crossed his arms, and tapped a boot on the floor before adding:
"I don't think 'yer boss wants 'Gharzog' waitin' out 'ere."
The twi'lek practically jumped and looked up.
"Oh, Gharzog... Yes. I'll check right with him." She said, rushing down a wide vaulted corridor towards the audience chamber of Ubaba. Hutta never slept, so neither did the Hutts.
He could hear the Huttese wail of outrage even from here as Ubaba received the news. So it was no surprise to him when the twi'lek came rushing back looking fluster.
"The mighty Ubaba will see you now." She said, with a slight bow.
Gharzog huffed, before striding past her and down the corridor before emerging into the cavernous audience chamber.
It was decked out similar to the foyer, plenty of red and gold silks, soft crimson pillows around Ubaba's throne, and as a recent addition, plenty of Twi'lek slaves in various stages of clothing. There were enforcers scattered around the room, hands near blasters and other weapons.
"Gharzog! Jee roe wamma uba che da wah chee!" Ubaba cried from his throne, looking much as he remembered him.
Enormous rolls of fat, a slimy disgusting mouth, and a cybernetic monocle which allowed the Hutt to continually monitor his profits and his competitor's prices.
<<Gharzog! I already paid you for that bounty!>>
"You did, Ubaba, but if you recall, you never mentioned a second hunter. You owe me, echuta sleemo." He returned, insulting the Hutt at the end.
"Bargon cay jen!" The Hutt bellowed, to which the enforcers closed in with vibroblades, clubs, and blasters.
Alright, Ubaba... If you wanted to play it this way...
Gharzog reached around behind him, to pull out his whip and uncoiling it along the ground. Time to see how well this thing worked under pressure. He flicked a switch on the weapon, to which it lit up a crackling blueish colour.
Some of the enforcers hesitated, but others kept coming. Well, probably best not to kill them. With a thumb, he adjusted the dial to a non-lethal setting even as they continued to close in.
Once they entered within five meters, he flicked his wrist outwards, lashing the first with the barbed tip of the whip and sending a neuronic shock through his frame. As he fell with a shout, Gharzog whipped it around sideways, hitting two across the chest with the weapon, cutting open their clothing, smashing bones, and giving them a very, very painful nerve impulse.
The others began to back off, but a bellow from the Hutt sent them onward again. One of them was starting to aim a blaster from a ways off. No, that wouldn't suffice. Gharzog drew one of his blasters with his left hand and shot him in the leg, before lancing out with the whip to knock another's blaster out of his hand and searing it with the electrified whip.
He strode forwards, giving it another flick to strike an opponent in the arm with it then swinging it around in a wide arc to wrap around a group of three. They all fell with cries of pain as it wrapped around them and shocked them into unconsciousness.
There was just one enforcer left, a burly armoured brute holding a large customized blaster.
"Ye ain't gettin' through this armour, Gharzog! It's insulated so 'yer whip-" The man started to say, before Gharzog shot him in the visor with the blaster held in his left hand.
He turned towards Ubaba, piles of wounded thugs behind him.
"Hi chuba da naga?" Ubaba asked, quailing slightly.
<<What do you want?>>
"A favour. 'Ye owe me twice now, Ubaba. I have some friends coming 'ere, to Hutta, that need a welcomin' party of blasters and starships. 'Yer goin' to give 'em one when I tell 'ye to." Gharzog stated.
"Woy." The Hutt quickly said.
Perhaps he agreed a little too quickly...
"Remember, Ubaba... If you betray me... I'll be back." Gharzog warned him, before flicking at him with the tip of the whip and catching him in the neck. The shock was nowhere near enough to knock him out but it'd sure be a good reminder to not kriff with him.
As the Hutt bellowed in pain, Gharzog turned and walked out. He'd get his assistance.

Dancer's Palace; The next morning.

Gharzog walked into Dancer's Palace the next morning, quite tired, but successful. His side of the deal would be well taken care of, he even had an idea of the coordinates he'd want the pirates to meet him at and both the Hutt and Chiz would show up with their guys. It was just a matter now of keeping an eye on Ke'rii and making sure that he didn't try to run off and leave Gharzog in the lurch.
He peered into the apartment and only saw Keiko there, but he wasn't unduly worried. His 'friend' wouldn't leave her alone, which meant he was around somewhere. Gharzog walked over to the staircases and peered around. He didn't see him jogging either. He walked down one side into the dining area before he heard voices. Ke'rii was one, but there was another he couldn't identify. A female.
Might as well make his presence known. He strode into the dining area, before leaning against a nearby wall. The hall was practically empty, with Ke'rii sitting down eating breakfast, speaking to a woman who looked similar to him. Same species and skin tone at any rate, though she had long dark hair.
"What? What about--" The woman started to ask, while Ke'rii cut her off:
"We're pals now."
Oh, this would be good.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: Comments on Stories
« on: Today at 12:44:33 AM »


I loved it!

It's great to see that losing your progress didn't slow you one bit! The familiar back and forth of sibling rivalry was a joy to read through, and a part of writing I always have trouble with.


I'm calling it here and now, someone, somewhere is going to roleplay their stronghold as a trooper stronghold on Kamino regardless if it's been discovered or not by the galaxy at large...

Open Prompts / Re: Scenes set to songs
« on: 06/26/17, 02:35:50 AM »
So I was pretty interested in this idea and wondered which character I ought to use to make the scen about, and which music to use. After some deliberation and a few test texts, I decided to use Exephos (Of course), to the song of 'Hurt' by Johny Cash.

If anyone's wondering when the scene takes place... Consider it a trailer of what's to come.

The music starts.

Exephos stood amidst the scene of carnage set before him, the dead lying around the shattered table, the destruction left behind.

"I hurt myself. Today. To see if I still feel."

He limped out past a corpse slumped against the wall beside the door.

"I focus on the pain. The only thing that's real."

Out in the corridor, there was even more dead. Pools of blood, security guards stabbed and gutted.

"The needle tears a hole. The old familiar sting."

Still limping, with one hand pressed against a wound in his side, Exephos made his way down the corridor slowly, the other hand limply holding a large bloodied knife. Memories coming back unwanted. Scenes of gunning down civilians. People laughing as he had said he wanted out of the military.

"Try to kill it all away."

The familiar scenes of anguish and horror wouldn't be done away with, wouldn't be buried.

"But I remember everything."

Thousands dying in the collapse of a hypertower. Countless civilians maimed and tortured. The Republic's own protesters gunned down before his eyes.

"What have I become?"

Shad'ra and his battalion fleeing his presence, fleeing his warmongering and his hatred of everything.

"My sweetest friend."

Shad'ra, Ferin, Horsav, Den'han, Hoik, Tyreesus, Squad 39, Ringo, and his wife... Selina. All had left him.

"Everyone I know... Goes away. In the end."

No matter how much he fled from it, no matter how far he ran, he could never escape those memories, those faces of all those he'd lost. His pace began to quicken as he moved through the destroyed corridors, over the broken bodies of the dead, the destroyed husks of security droids.

"And you could have it all. My empire of dirt."

He moved practically at a run, trying to escape the facility. The voices of the past calling out to him, asking him why he had failed them.

"I will let you down. I will make you hurt."

He skidded to a stop as he came to the main lobby of the facility, where outside, past the windows, a battle line of troops dressed in black were setting up to gun him down.

"I wear this crown of thorns. Upon my liar's chair."

Was this the end? Perhaps he deserved it; perhaps it was better this way. An end to the suffering, to the death, to the constant nightmares of the past.

"Full of broken thoughts. I can not repair."

After all the innocents that he had slaughtered, after all the harm that he had caused, after all the misery had sown. This was justice, he deserved to have this end.

"Beneath the stains of time. The feeling disappears."

He walked forwards towards the door, prepared and reconciling for his death, before coming to a stop. What was he doing?

"You are someone else. I am still right here."

He would not die here, not to these people, these hit squads of the adversary, these traitors to all he'd ever known. No, he would fight. He would destroy them all!

"What have I become?"

Exephos burst through the doors to a hail of blaster fire, one round caught him in the shoulder but he catapulted himself into the line of soldiers.

"My sweetest friend."

His wicked knife catching one in the throat, before being stabbed twice into another. With his other hand, his blaster pistol gunned down three more. As return fire arced his way, he grabbed one of the soldiers and used him as a body shield.

"Everyone I know... Goes away. In the end."

They impacted against the poor soldier, before he slit his throat and leaped towards the next target, who tried to whip out his sidearm before being stabbed in the gut.

"And you could have it all. My empire of dirt."

Another got a shot off, catching him in the arm. With a growl, he grabbed him before flinging him into the other right before he shot them both in the head.

"I will let you down. I will make you hurt."

The last one, an officer of some sort tried to flee, to run away from his figure. Exephos hurled his knife at the man, catching him in the back. Even as he fell, he rushed forwards with a savage oath, pulled it out, before constantly beating him with the bloodied blade.

"If I could start again. A million miles away."

He stood, panting heavily, surrounded once more by the dead, shot twice, and still wounded in the side from earlier. It was over... But he had killed again. Slaughtered again.

"I would keep myself."

Was there no rest from it? Would he always kill? No... There had to be another option. Another way forwards.

"I would find a way."

Storyboards / Re: "Hunting the Hunted"
« on: 06/24/17, 08:32:56 AM »

Gharzog watched Ker'ii's daughter, Keiko come up the stairs and cast glares and unfriendly looks his way. He'd definitely made an enemy out of that one, and while he was confident that he could draw much faster than she could if it came to a firefight (Not that the Palace's security would allow it...), the problem was with enemies is that they stuck around. Who knows when she might turn up again? It'd be at the most inopportune time too.
Too late now, all he could do was account for her at all times, keep his blasters handy, and start observing for weaknesses. He wasn't much one for psych games but he had the feeling that she wouldn't stand up to much pressure if her performance the night he interrogated her was anything to go by. Perhaps she relied on the strength of her father. He didn't know, but he'd act as he always did when he was in the dark; paranoid and cautious.
"Can't keep up?" Keiko gibed, to which Gharzog gave no response, instead watching her from beneath the brim of his hat. She walked off with the droid a fair distance away, before she knelt down to speak to it.
Perhaps she was asking if he'd told the droid to head off somewhere else, the hushed tones indicated that she definitely wasn't asking after it's health. The droid wheeled off, in which time Keiko continued to glare at him.
Well, let her glare.
As for himself, he rested his gaze in her general direction but blinked easily. Handy little tip... Getting into a staring contest with a person that could become violent at any moment was never a good idea, one did not need dry tired eyes in the moments before a firefight erupted. Unless one was a Trandoshan. But that didn't count.
As the droid returned, bearing a glass of something blue, Keiko took it and raised it in a smug little way that made it clear that his ruse had been discovered. Well, it was a long shot that the poison would work anyway. He needed a new direction, since Ke'rii would be alert for poison from hereon. He had no leads on that jawa which had piloted the Shengli according to his contact, so that couldn't be used as leverage. There was family potentially... He didn't want to go there though; once you went after a bloke's family, things became permanent and messy. No that would be a completely last resort.
Could he have some of his informants track down the Shengli? Find out where the ship was? Perhaps use that as a bargaining chip? No, that was foolish. When choosing between one's own life and a ship, the choice was obvious. What other powers could he bring into play? As with the Oasis Lounge, there was no point in doing anything against it, he still would probably not choose personal property over his life.
This was a troubling situation, very troubling indeed. What he needed was an out-of-the-box solution.
As Keiko left, he mused on the problem.
The trick was to get Ke'rii to leave, preferably in a state in which he was confused...
Then it hit him.
What if he tricked Ke'rii into thinking that these crimson pirates had a member of his family? He had the details of some of them from the bounty alert, he could surely investigate and somehow get a copy of one of them on a hologram. He knew some tech guys too that could alter holo-footage... Depict another bounty hunter holding them hostage, and make demands that he turn himself in. Then when Ke'rii went racing off to go rescue them, he'd leave the palace and Gharzog would have his opening. It was a plan, one that he would start getting ready to set in motion.

Storyboards / Re: "Hunting the Hunted"
« on: 06/23/17, 06:02:02 PM »

Gharzog moved quickly down the stairs, before stopping and suddenly ducking back behind one of the decorations as he heard talking emanating from below.
"Tell Wheelie to change my order to blue milk... But only if the droid is alone." Ke'rii said, then Gharzog started hearing footsteps. Oh kriff. Someone was coming this way... Think quickly, think quickly.
He said if the droid was alone... So if Gharzog went up and just "lounged" around, perhaps it would look like he'd been there the whole time? Maybe, maybe. But he had to move now. Right now.
He turned and quickly scuttled back into the lobby quick, quiet, and low to the ground, where Wheelie the astromech was just returning from the landing pad. He needed a suitable place to sit down and look like he had been there the whole time. He looked around, before his eyes rested on a bench near one of the walls. He sprinted across the lobby, sliding the last meter before he sat down and leaned back. No, no, no, he needed something that occupied the eye, that showed he was up to something, just not what they were thinking of. Then he had an idea.
He pulled out his communicator, and switched it on before holding it up to his ear.
"Ye said that 'ye would have it ready by tonight, Vinny." Gharzog spoke into the communicator, before pausing as though someone else had spoken.
"I don't care what 'yer other customers are talkin' 'bout, I want the delivery as we agreed on." He stated, raising his voice as though angry. A short pause.
"I'm takin' care of it, a'ight? Just make sure 'ye-" Gharzog continued on, before pausing and closing the holocommunicator as he heard footsteps. Hopefully the ploy would work, if not... It was back to the planning board.

Events and Occasions / The Hypertower
« on: 06/23/17, 08:30:10 AM »
Lurking in plain sight, the network that maneuvers the Republic into the positions it pleases continues to defy all attempts at investigation... Until the discovery of Jess Gervani. A journalist that Exephos spared after being ordered by the same mysterious cabal to kill her. Being sent to the Jedi to be under their protection and care, she revealed the cause of the attempt on her life.

A hypertower on Coruscant, receiving shadowy transmissions from the same Senator Antileen who holds Exephos's son hostage and orders him to do the network's bidding. The Jedi, aware of it's presence through the questioning of the journalist by Master Niarra Reymark, have the ability to infiltrate the hypertower and discover just what insidious plots lie within...

So as the intro describes, I'm going to host a chat-based event for members of the Jedi Custodum on Coruscant, or anyone else that might be involved with this investigation of the cabal, to find out just why Senator Antileen keeps sending messages to the same place at the same time, each day.

This little 'visit' won't be official like the last one, so it remains open to a good variety more people than the last event. It should not take too long on time, definitely shorter than the Interrogation Lab event, but as always, be prepared as they usually run longer than expected. The event WILL use Niarra's Under 100 system so make sure you have your character's stats filled out.
For now, the time remains to be determined.

Who: Jedi, those involved with the Cabal investigations, friends/contacts of Jedi. (Because it's being sneaky, that means that Imperial characters can attend if they get contacted.)

Where: Begeren Colony's Chatroom.

When: 11th July, 7:30 server time

Why: Find out why Senator Antileen keeps sending consistent daily transmissions to the tower, and uncover any information possible about this shadowy network.

Storyboards / Re: "Hunting the Hunted"
« on: 06/23/17, 04:59:24 AM »
If it weren't for the security systems, Gharzog would have been tempted to shoot Ke'rii and to forget about the bounty.
First they went up the stairs, then right back down the other side, then across the dining room, then again up the stairs.
Over, and over, and over again. His bounty even took a call during this exercise, though Gharzog hold heard snippets of conversation that didn't make much sense. He was half tempted to take off his rebreather which certainly limited his breathing, but he doggedly kept it on so that his face wouldn't be revealed. He was fortunate that he'd grown up wearing breathing apparatus here on Nal Hutta and Nar Shaddaa, and knew how to limit his oxygen intake to what was allowed by it, otherwise he wouldn't have been able to keep pace and wear it at the same time.
But then something happened which piqued his interest.
Ke'rii shouted out something as he ran across the lobby:
"Wheelie! Two bottles of water, if you please, my main astro-ooo!" The little droid chirruped and made off.
Gharzog recognized an opportunity beckoning when he saw one. Content that Ke'rii would continue running around in circles, he followed the droid to where it retrieved two glass bottles of water from the cooler. This was his chance to use the quesh venom supplied by the Hutts late that night. He just needed to distract the droid.
"Say, Wheelie!" Gharzog said, approaching the astromech, using the same name that Ke'rii had called it. It chirped and turned it's head around to face him.
"I heard that Sol'ange is looking for 'ye on the landing pad. She arrived 'ere in a hurry and said it was urgent." Gharzog stated, gesturing in the general direction of the docks outside. Oh, please, let the ruse work.
The droid whistled and beeped, before racing off, leaving two bottles resting on the ground.
He had to be fast, very fast. Ke'rii could be coming up the other side of the stairs at any minute.
Gharzog leaned down and reached into his coat to pull out a neuranium-tipped syringe and a tiny jar of a slightly glowing green substance. Quickly now, quickly.
He carefully poked the needle into the jar and extracted a sliver of the toxin, before jabbing it through the lid of one of the bottles and pushing it in. He then shook the bottle around a bit to get it dispersed.
One down.
With one hand shaking from the pressure, he again extracted some of the venom and missed the lid of the other bottle on his first try. Kriff! Concentrate, slow down and breath, get it right.
He stuck it down into the lid of the bottle of water, excreted the contents, and shook it. Breathing quickly, he shoved the needle and jar in his coat before racing off in the direction in which Ke'rii had left. With luck, nobody would notice.
Hopefully Ke'rii would just think that he had fallen behind, and not that he had messed with his drinks.

Storyboards / Re: "Hunting the Hunted"
« on: 06/22/17, 10:59:18 AM »

Gharzog growled unhappily to himself as he stood up upon his bounty vanishing through the dining hall doors.
It was too damn early in the morning for this but, of course, Ke'rii wouldn't get to know that nor would he care. Gharzog was planning on passing him over to a bunch of bloodthirsty cannibals after all. That didn't exactly lend one a lot of regard in being an easy bounty to catch.
As he followed behind Ke'rii at a brisk pace to ensure that he never left his sight however, he pondered on his would-be employers, the ones who would be paying the bill. The captain had mentioned that this Kenny fellow or whoever he was wouldn't pay, that these 'Crimson Dread Pirates' would cheap out and try to wiggle out of paying. It was always a possibility when one took a bounty. He'd already had it happen to him before on numerous occasions. There'd been that one time when Deemoa the Hutt had insisted that Gharzog was doing it for a favour and threatened to feed him to his rancor if he'd pushed the issue. Or that one underboss, Ulli, who'd tried to ambush him and do away with payment. Well, he'd gotten his credits out of both of them. He'd show three of Deemoa's enforcers and threatened to show him the business end of his flamethrower. Ulli, he had to kill, but he'd made off with a tidy fortune after selling her spice stash and jewelry.
But what about these pirates? He'd never heard of them before this bounty, which was worrying, because it'd have to be a seriously heavy duty pirate clan that could dish out eight million credits, and heavy duty meant well known. His research into them hadn't turned up much; they didn't really leave much in the way of survivors. He'd heard something about cannibalism from them, but some of the Hutts he'd done business for in the past also had some... Unsavoury appetites and they'd paid up.
Once, if, he got this bounty, he'd need to be careful about turning him in. Especially since pirates would like to meet on their own ships, as was their way. Not acceptable on his terms. He'd need to be firm with them. Maybe threaten to shoot Ke'rii dead if they didn't agree to his location. Then he could prepare it, set up some home ground advantages maybe.
But that was getting ahead of himself, he needed the man in hand first.
So he continued to follow close behind and to watch for his opening.

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Gharzog continually kept a careful eye on the wily bounty despite his supposed lack of weapons. One didn't get a bounty of eight million credits for being harmless. Perhaps he was trained in some unarmed art. He'd heard tell of some martial use of limbs that left one adept enough to challenge even the hardiest individual, or even force-users. There was something that made this man dangerous and he'd prefer that he only find out what it was after the bounty was safely in his pockets. So he kept his coat splayed to the side so that he could have easy access to the two large-bore blasters sitting in his hip holsters; security systems or no security systems.
As it is, he listened to Ke'rii in careful studious silence as he mentioned his brewing skills and his 'hospitality'. Perhaps he was just a hospitable carefree chum that wasn't trying to poison him with a cup of caf, but he didn't really care either way. He wasn't drinking it, period. Because no matter if this was really a lucky-go-happy businessman or a brutal killer, he got treated with the same suspicion as everyone else.
Keiko's daughter entered the room and passed through, sending a lethal look his way in the form of a glare. Pity he had to go and make an enemy out of her; enemies always came back for revenge in the end, but he'd needed information and she was the best lead he had at the time. Who knows, perhaps antagonizing her had drawn her father Ke'rii to Coruscant. He'd never know.
As Ke'rii started asking questions in a rapid spit-fire manner, Gharzog only chuckled. He was NOT answering any questions but just like the offered caf, this man surely should know that he wouldn't answer them. It baffled him as to just why he tried then to bother asking them in a rapid manner as though the pressure would make him answer. A mystery that he didn't really need to know the answer to.
As it was, once Ke'rii finally stopped talking; presumably to draw in a breath, Gharzog spoke:
"Let me make somethin' clear 'ere. I don't ask questions. I don't answer questions, aye? 'Ye could be an innocent chap just livin' the high life, or a sadistic serial killer. But 'yer just a job. Ain't nothin' personal, but because of that, I ain't goin' to be 'yer buddy that shares 'is life story, get it?"
After he'd finished, he leaned back against the couch, crossed his arms, and continued to watch him.

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Gharzog eyed the droid going past him with an interested eye. Ke'rii and his daughter seemed to trust it... Perhaps that'd be the best way to poison the captain, assuming that the thing did deliveries. Distract it and while it was looking elsewhere, slip in some quesh venom onto food or into a drink. It'd need to be timed just right but it was certainly a possibility to keep an eye out for in future.
As the music died down, he could hear it's insistent beeping and shrilling through the door, before a few muffled voices engaged in conversation for a bit. He couldn't hear what was being said, just that there were two people involved, and judging by Ke'rii's moving lips, that he was one of the participants. Though he couldn't see her from where he was sitting, Keiko must be the other one chatting.
Whatever was being said, Ke'rii's face was resolute looking. It must not have been a very happy conversation, but the voices never raised into a shout. Which was a pity, because then he probably could have heard what they were saying.
After a while longer, the captain started to approach with a steaming cup of caf in one hand. As he did, Gharzog made certain that his rebreather and hat were in their usual obscuring positions. The bounty didn't seem to use his name so far, perhaps he didn't know it, and if that was the case; he'd prefer that he didn't find out.
"Coffee?" Ke'rii offered, proffering the mug.
He was a tad thirsty and his flask had gone empty by now, but he wasn't going to accept a drink from a bounty he was actively hunting. That was just plain foolishness, he knew it, and surely this... Entrepreneur-Imperial Officer-Whatever he was knew it too. Why offer it to him then, if surely he knew he would refuse?
Judging by what he'd seen so far, probably to get a kick out of it.
"I do believe I'd pass on 'yer caf, aye. Ain't exactly smart to take a drink from the bloke 'yer huntin', now is it? Could be all sorts of toxins 'ye got in there. And before 'ye even suggest it, I ain't going to trust it even if 'ye take a drink from it first, that kind of thing only works in the holo-novels." Gharzog returned dryly, looking the man up and down searchingly for weapons, both obvious or hidden. The security systems still worked, so far as he knew, but it never paid to drop one's guard for even a moment when in the company of someone that had every reason to try and shoot you.

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Gharzog watched Ke'rii disappear into his rooms with a frown tugging at his lips. It was going to be much longer before his bounty was willing to turn himself in, and that time meant that another hunter could catch up to him or Ke'rii could use that time to figure out an escape route from his lavish prison. No, he needed to end this, the sooner the better.
It was time he got into touch with Gordoba the Hutt.
He'd promised Karmic that he wouldn't get the Hutts involved, and he wouldn't, but he just needed a few things from him, a few... Items that would hopefully make this job easier if he could put them to effect.
So as Ke'rii went off his way, Gharzog returned back outside to Dancer's Palace's dock, before pulling out his holocommunicator. He hated asking the Hutt for anything as he'd surely pay for it one way or another in the end but even he grudgingly admitted that Gordoba had access to a vast network of contacts that all brought their own skills and connections to the bargaining table. It was perhaps the only thing that prevented Gharzog from shooting him.
So after bracing himself, he input the connection code and waited patiently. Sometimes he had to wait ten minutes at the Hutt's leisure.
Fortunately, after only several minutes of waiting time, Gordoba appeared. He looked like most Hutts... Fat, slug-like, slimy, and generally unpleasant. For his looks though, he smelled even worse, so Gharzog was happy they weren't meeting in person.
"Kava baa mah chawaheke votetka?" Gordoba rumbled with a chuckle.
<How's my favourite hunter?>
"Skip the pleasantries, Gordoba. I know 'ye got at least seven other 'favourite' hunters." Gharzog returned.
"Yanee bmeheka peee vee, Gharzog. Haku cheesba woy che uba?" Gordoba replied, chuckling again.
<Business minded as always, Gharzog. What can I do for you?>
"You can help by getting me Quesh Venom, Gordoba. In a toxin form. No cheapin' out on me either, it had better be Venenit queshaaga and not Venenit shadaaga, I know the difference, 'ey?" He explained, gesturing warningly.
"Uba nanka mi, Gharzog... Fa baa meeto toe doth kiukapath pionpoe. Huntodon." Came the Hutt's return offer without even a second's hesitation.
<You wound me, Gharzog... It's going to be expensive though. Ten thousand.>
"Five thousand, because 'ye still owe me for that job in offin' Lenii." He countered.
"Eniki. K'wanna don keemon dokwacha. Um ata heoi pee Jee bacaka uba, Gharzog." Gordoba replied after a moment's consideration, probably weighing up the price in his head.
<Okay. Five thousand. But only because I like you, Gharzog.>
"Have it delivered to Dancer's Palace, and not late, 'ye got that?" Gharzog instructed, knowing that a question would be coming in response to the address.
"Sonla baa Bunko? Haku doth uba woy heee, Gharzog? Jeejee cha banag bai miena tee yanee cay bu chamy." Gordoba asked, instantly suspicious.
<Dancer's Palace? What are you doing there, Gharzog? We don't want to ruin our business with the owner.>
"Nothing that concerns 'ye or the owner 'ere. And 'ye keep that tidbit to 'yerself, Gordoba, otherwise the Cartel's goin' to find out that 'ye got a side business of trafficking Evocii to Imperial construction projects." He replied, threatening the Hutt. Dangerous perhaps, but it wasn't the first time and most Hutts understood blackmail and secrets as good business practice.
"Ahu. Nobata dayan bai yoieu momeu. kuna kee yoieu mee copola doube." Gordoba hastily replied.
<Alright. No need to get hasty. You'll get your package soon.>
"Good." He returned, before closing the channel. Satisfied that he'd receive it, Gharzog made for the comfortable little nook he'd been sleeping in before to try and get some sleep in before morning.

Gharzog awoke to the sound of footsteps. Rather than jumping awake and creating a loud noise, he listened carefully. There was a whoosh of a door, and the patter of footsteps. Not boots, so whoever was walking was either barefoot or wearing light footwear. A pause, then the footsteps continued in heading away from the front entrance. If Gharzog had to make a guess, he'd say it was Keiko, the bounty's daughter. She wasn't the target, but he'd best find out where she was going.
So he quietly got to his feet and made his way down into the lobby before making his way over to Ke'rii's room door and peering in through the tinted glass. He didn't see any movement inside which could be that he was still asleep, or gone. Satisfied, he carried on towards the stairwell on light feet and with his body level low to the ground.
Only his coat softly rustled against the ground as he made his way downstairs and checked the main balcony. On finding no-one, he headed through the massive dining room, down the steps, and into the games room. Nothing.
A bit early to be at the bar in the next room over.
For a moment, he worried. Had they somehow snuck past him? He knew he should have set up a second tripwire.
Then the blaringly loud jukebox boomed across from the other main cantina.
Nope. They definitely hadn't left.
To confirm this, Gharzog carefully peered through the doors to see Ke'rii... Dancing?
His daughter was there at the bar, eating something.
Well, he certainly had some odd morning habits, but he wasn't trying to make a break for it so Gharzog made his way over to one of the couches nearby and took a seat where he could see through the doorway.
The volume quieted down for a bit and Gharzog could just see Ke'rii fiddling with his cybernetics and talking though he couldn't hear the words. It was a pity that he couldn't lip-read either.
After a moment, the volume was cranked up again. Which was a pity, because he preferred the quiet after living in the noisy atmosphere of Nal Hutta and Nar Shaddaa.
Oh well. Assuming he could get that Quesh venom soon enough, and get it into Ke'rii's food or drink, this would be over soon enough. Then perhaps he could get a full night's sleep, and no loud music.

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Ke'rii seemed to like the idea of that, judging on his reaction. Perhaps if Gharzog went on, the captain would start salivating. A thought suddenly struck him; perhaps he could starve him out?
Prevent deliveries or food from arriving at his room... Maybe divert droids off to some other apartment...
No, tampering with them would get him thrown out since Karmic and Sol'ange would probably not approve. Plus it seemed a rather cruel thing to do, even given an eight million bounty on the man's head. A different approach would be required if he was to get this captain to come out and expose himself. Perhaps poison? Some sort of debilitating toxin that would impair his judgement and ability? Possible. He'd have to investigate that in future.
As it was, Gharzog only watched as the captain retreated back towards his room and decided to reserve further comment. There'd be time for further verbal repertoire when he held the upper hand, but for now it was a stalemate. Ke'rii wasn't leaving, but neither was Gharzog.
He'd definitely need to look into poison.
Or maybe Ke'rii could be enticed to leave... Maybe he could get one of his contacts involved to try and find that jawa. If the captain cared enough for it to trust it with his ship, then he should care enough for it to come running to rescue it. Then Gharzog would have his chance.
So as Ke'rii went his way, Gharzog turned on his boot and made for the entrance to return to his watch.
But he wasn't losing this bounty, one way or another.

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Gharzog, still leaning against the wall, watched Ke'rii untangle the droid before he stood up and remained silent as he spoke throughout the time, instead keeping his eyes on the blaster. It was a pity that he couldn't take a picture in here, since a person could tell a lot about someone by the kind of weapon they carried. He'd try to remember the shape and details, it could lead him to further information.
As the captain lowered it by his side, Gharzog again returned his attention back to the man's face. He looked young, but not too young. Middle-aged was his guess. Untidy unkempt hair. A scar across one eye. But most importantly, cybernetics. He always hated dealing with those that had been cybernetically enhanced. They could have all sorts of dirty tricks. One bounty that Gharzog had pursued had gotten his eyes modified so that he could shoot blaster bolts out of them. Another had astounding strength by replacing his arms and legs. No telling what Ke'rii had been able to afford, but he was willing to bet that there was at least some sort of Holonet connection or communication upgrade, that was generally standard practice.
As Ke'rii mentioned breakfast, Gharzog flicked his eye back down to his blaster just to remember where it was, before looking back up at the grinning captain.
"I prefer lunch 'meself. Breakfast is usually too early 'round 'ere." Gharzog replied dryly, before gesturing towards the tripwire with a gloved hand.
"Got to keep 'ye on 'yer toes, and electronic measures don't work too well in 'ere. The fancy security system they got which prevents us from shootin' each other also messes with cameras, bugs, and spectrums of light like a laser tripwire, 'ey?" He explained, though 'somehow' failing to mention that bug sweeps actually only happened every twenty-four hours - Roughly three times in Nar Shaddaa's eighty-seven hour cycle. Ke'rii didn't need to know that there was a time where he could be bugged.
He paused, before smiling behind his rebreather and adding:
"Course, if 'ye really want breakfast that badly, I know 'meself a diner down in the Corellian district that serves some nice fried roba bacon and nuna eggs. I"ll buy... But it's outside."

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