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Events and Occasions / Re: Jedi Night Weekly Event Thread
« on: 08/20/17, 11:21:39 AM »
Not me! 24th is yours!

Will be showing up on Athuuna, Impside! I'll PM Seraphie my traits.

Worldbuilding and Community / Re: Zabrak Resources
« on: 08/19/17, 04:53:01 PM »
This is supper helpful I have been searching for this stuff for a while. One never knows when they need material on the star wars master race hehe. Started in galaxies zabrak was the best race to be for anything
I am well known here for my Zabrak obsession. XD

Update on the site: I have the lists of names (took forever to type up) done, canon and fanon biology pages done, canon military done, and fanon military almost done. I have the entirety of the old Zabrak Holonet archived, but I don't want to just copy-paste from them, so I'm rewriting everything with the new information I've found on other sites or in other parts of the canon that people overlooked in the old sites... which is why it's going to take me a while yet.

If anyone wants those list of names though, I could be persuaded to edit it for reposting here!

Worldbuilding and Community / Re: Zabrak Resources
« on: 08/16/17, 04:45:20 AM »
Ya gonna open source the source? What are you building it with?
I'm just using Wix and building my own template from the ground up. Nothing fancy.

Worldbuilding and Community / Re: Zabrak Resources
« on: 08/15/17, 08:42:11 PM »
A preview of the thing I have been working on all day...

The old Zabrak holonet site is both a) permanently down last I checked, and b) out of date and doesn't include a lot of the other information drifting around the internet and Wookiepedia. So I started making my own.

I had been planning to replace the old docs I originally linked with this ages ago, and finding out the old website had gone down was the push I needed to get the ball rolling. Everything in the screenshot is a WIP obviously.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: Comments on Stories
« on: 08/13/17, 01:52:25 PM »
@Kremon - Very nice close out to Exephos's story.

I was wondering, since I wasn't sure from the story - Was Exephos attacked at first on Custodum grounds? Would the Custodum then have uncovered evidence/footage of what transpired on their own grounds?

Storyboards / Re: "Hunting the Hunted"
« on: 08/11/17, 10:04:34 AM »
Athuuna made sure to lift off after the freighter did, following the ship's trajectory to Nal Hutta. It wasn't that he didn't trust Ke... Wasn't even that Ke's girl was Republic, though her personal entanglement with the man did make her an unpredictable variable... He just, as a rule, tried not to trust anyone he was on a mission with too much. He dropped out of orbit behind the two and hailed them on a lightly scrambled comm, just so they knew he was there.

"Nice flying, Ms. Slate. You didn't die en route. Call it a win for now. I'll head down after you." He paused. "Our roads diverge here. Keep me apprised of your findings. Your job may be to scout, but mine is to cover our asset's back. I'll let you know when I'm in position."

He left the comms open for a response as he went about preparing for the trip. Nal Hutta was a lovely place. If you were anything less than heavily armed, it was cause for suspicion and close to an open challenge to anyone looking for a fight. Thankfully, the 'pirate ship' he came in was well stocked. He slung his rifle over his shoulder, strapped a pair of black market pistols to his belt, before attaching a full-face visor to his cybernetics. That would take care of both his identity and the poisoned air. A dart gauntlet would take care of anything that got too close, and a roughly woven scarf draped over and around his shoulders made it look like he'd been wearing the outfit for months. He activated a small number of probe droids from his hold, sending them to patrol the ship in his abscence, then primed the defenses wired into the ship itself. No one was going on his vessel without dying in it.

"Keep watch over the ship while I'm gone," he instructed one of the probes, after landing in the spaceport a reasonable distance from the chosen drop point. "Paralyze or kill anything that gets too close, in order of priority."

The probe beeped musically in response. The Agent ducked under the hatch, sealed the final trapped defense into place behind him, and headed outside to find an ideal spot on the planet for scouting and sniping.

As he did, he changed the frequency on his comms, signalling out to the frequency he had been given earlier: "Darth Karmic, M'Lord. This is the Cipher assigned to this mission, moving into position now. I serve at your command. You may lock onto my position at will."

(( Edited to add @Karmic in, hope that is okay!))

Noth  I am leaning away from caben unless karmic wanted him  as it would be riskier than normal 4 the Admiral to infiltrate Republic forces. I am leaning towards maerins son Daimren who is technically a wraith but able to use his Jedi card to get on missions like this more easily.  Maerin is still  keeping the Republic at arm's length as much as she can but I can bring her if it works better for you.
No worries! That's why I brought two sheets. :) I'll go on Bren.

@Seraphie - Sure thing! And that's fine by me.

8 works for me, yes!

I'll post my traits here for both Bren and Aybekk. @SivWysan if you bring Caben I'll go on Bren, but if you bring Maerin I'll go on Aybekk. @Seraphie please let me know if these traits are okay or need any revising!

Spoiler: show

Positive: Archaeologist - Bren's an archaeologist and gets a bonus on rolls relating to archaeology or historical knowledge.
Balanced: Natural Strength - Bren's a big guy and a Zabrak, and can get a bonus on strength and endurance rolls at a physical cost.
Negative: Zabrak Biology - Bren takes debuffs to rolls in cold environments or in brightly lit scenarios.

Positive: Head for Numbers - Aybekk has a knack for mathematical work, such as navcomputers or algorithms.
Balanced: Force Bubble - Aybekk's Force skills involve shielding abilities, but he has yet to master the art.
Negative: Zabrak Biology - Aybekk takes debuffs to rolls in cold environments or in brightly lit scenarios.

Just want to double-check: Traits must be invoked, correct? They function like Hero Points/Fate Points? Would I be auto-penalized for, say, throwing up a Force defense on Aybekk automatically, or could I just invoke the trait to do something I might otherwise fail on?

I wish I had a pub side person to go!!

That's.. all I can add.

I look forward to more Sith/Independent adventures I can play in :).

But if I had a pubside character- I'd go!  :aww:
Make ooone. :D

I very likely won't be able to make 9 PM, since that's midnight my time. :( Hope you all have fun though!

I've been sick lately on and off, so I haven't had much energy for group RPs these past two weeks. But I'd hate to see you pull the event! Maybe, plan for a tiny group, and adapt to a larger one, if you have a small but certain group of attendees?

Events and Occasions / Re: Jedi Night Weekly Event Thread
« on: 08/07/17, 02:07:56 PM »
As my Order [Ashla's Chosen] is still young, I would absolutely love to use one of these events if possible, to help teach my Jedi some Lightsaber Forms. Medenia ICly only knows 1 Form [[Shii-Cho]], for she had foregone a second Form to pursue Force Techniques and became more of a Force User than Lightsaber duelist. If you could accommodate us on our shortness of Jedi who can teach, I would love to fill in a Thursday Slot.

As such, I teach a lot of Jedi Philosophy, so if ever you would like me to host some events, I would definitely do so as well. And I teach Force Techniques, so if you would like me to do that as well, I'm all up for it. :)

Custodum's got a lot of Jedi who can teach, but not many students; and it sounds like you have a lot of students, but few who can teach. I say teaming up for lessons would be ideal! We have a few duelist characters around the community who'd be happy to fill in as teachers, I'm sure.

How do people feel about doing saber lessons next Thursday? (I have a feeling this Thursday will be filled with fallout from Iaera's special Jedi Night event, so next seems like the best option.)

Introductions / Re: Greetings Begeren Colony!
« on: 08/07/17, 11:53:45 AM »
Hey there, welcome to the site! Another Custodum person here saying hello. Nice to see more Jedi about and looking forward to meeting IC!

Saw that you are already holding Tython lectures on Tuesdays, but if it interests you, Thursday is our community Jedi Night, and some Tython lectures or guest lectures would be fun there if you want to sign up and host some of your lectures there. And of course you are welcome to come Thursdays even if Medenia is not lecturing, to meet people and RP!

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