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Storyboards / Re: "Hunting the Hunted"
« on: Today at 10:44:21 AM »
Mei'li stared blankly at her brother. Blinked. And watched him eat his breakfast. It didn't take the Force for her to notice Mr. Hat entering as she heard the door swoosh open. She felt him and tried to read him but he seemed to mask any true emotion well.

“Pals?” she simply asked.

“Mhm,” Ke nodded a confirmation. “He's gonna lure Bloodthirst out to,” he looked up and squinted in ‘thought', “Nal Hutta, I believe.” He noted Mr. Hat in the room.

“Nal Hutts?” she didn't like this, but her words came out calm and careful. “Do you even have protection for that planet? It's so polluted that--”

“--Ooh, thanks for reminding me,” Ke interrupted, he spoke quicker as the effects of his morning caf began to work through him. “Gotta remember to call Lara; see if she can bring me some gear.”

Mei watched as he jotted down a note in his notebook.

“Does Keiko know she's going to Fort Marr?” Mei asked.

Ke'rii shook his head. “Nah, she's still sleeping.”

“Well,” Mei seemed to hesitate. “I-I came here to say goodbye, I'm heading to Dromund Kaas”

Ke looked up. He hasn't realised she was in such a hurry. He sainted slightly. “We just got here.”

Mei'li gave a short nod, “Well yes, I only planned to stay for a couple days. I've got business in Kaas City, then I'd like to spend the rest of my leave with my family.”

Ke thought quickly, glanced at Mr. Hat, then back to Mei. He wasn't prepared to leave Nar Shaddaa just yet to take Keiko to Fort Marr. He stared at her and sipped his caf. He wasn't about to leave this place without his proper gear.

“Umm…” he blinked.

Mei smiled and leaned forward. “I'll take her to Dromund Kaas,” she finally said. “Perhaps then she will have the opportunity to re-enlist in the Imperial Academy, and perhaps I can write a letter of recommendation to get her aboard the Ziost,” she smiled and tried not to tease him too much. “You know, because I've always been on Nic’s good side, and unlike you, your daughter has always shown him respect.”

Ke blinked again, glanced at Mr. Hat, then back to Mei. “So get her securely behind Imperial lines?”

His little sister nodded. “But Ms. Sleepyhead will need to get up… Like, soon.” she smiled and stood up as her brother processed this.

Ke nodded. “Okay.”

“I'll wake her, as…” she looked down at his notebook, the datapad, breakfast. “You look busy just this moment and perhaps your new pal would like to join you,” she grinned, amused. “Since you two are new best friends,” she looked over her shoulder and smiled at Mr. Hat before heading out of the restaurant.

Ke waited for her to leave before picking up his cup of coffee again and taking a sip. He looked at Mr. Hat and pointed to his notebook. “Making my calls,” he explained. “You're welcome to join me if you want. They make some good dustcrepes… not as good as Matt’s but…” he smiled. “They'll do.”

Ke'rii once again tapped his cybernetic as he watched Mr. Hat to make a call.

“Agent Athuuna,” he spoke, setting down his coffee. “It's Captain Ogasawara. Might want to get back to Nar Shaddaa…” he grinned. “There's a plan.”

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Cantina / Re: Theme songs for your toons
« on: Today at 09:30:57 AM »
This song dictates Mei's relationship with her father, Hoban'ji (both after the Sacking of Coruscant and more recently after his death)

"Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again"

You were once my one companion
You were all that mattered
You were once a friend and father
Then my world was shattered

Wishing you were somehow here again
Wishing you were somehow near
Sometimes it seemed if I just dreamed
Somehow you would be here

Wishing I could hear your voice again
Knowing that I never would
Dreaming of you won't help me to do
All that you dreamed I could

Passing bells and sculpted angels
Cold and monumental
Seem for you the wrong companions
You were warm and gentle

Too many years fighting back tears
Why can't the past just die?

Wishing you were somehow here again
Knowing we must say goodbye
Try to forgive, teach me to live
Give me the strength to try

No more memories, no more silent tears
No more gazing across the wasted years
Help me say goodbye

Storyboards / Re: "Hunting the Hunted"
« on: 06/27/17, 10:52:55 PM »
* * * * * * * *

Ke’rii waited until the next the morning to start a dialogue with Keiko about his conversation between Karmic and Mr. Hat. She wouldn’t handle it. She wouldn’t like it. And she certainly wouldn’t agree to it. Working side-by-side with the man who wanted to turn you over to flesh eating pirates wasn’t exactly ideal, but… Ke trusted Karmic, and Karmic had worked with Mr. Hat before. Even went as far as to call him “honorable”.

Well, if he was going to be at the mercy of a hunter who had an eight million credit paycheck waiting for him, at least the man was honorable.

The plan could work. It really could, but they need more people… more power. And Ke’rii needed to know just how bad the Crimson Dread Pirates had become.

He looked over at Keiko, who was sleeping in. Good grief the girl needed more sleep and he didn’t want to wake her. He’d drop this motherload of a plan on her later. So quietly, he gathered his bantha hide leather bound notebook, his datapad and left the room.

He looked around, wondering if Mr. Hat would actually get the sleep the poor guy deserved. No sign, at least not that he could see. So he quietly went down the stairs to the restaurant and sat at one of the tables nearest the window. He twiddled the pen in his hand as he watched the morning traffic. He ran as congested as any other time of the day. The Smuggler’s Moon certainly had a way of not sleeping.

First things first: find the pirates.

They were taking away any safe haven he ever sought protection from. Kol Darin was the first, but not where he frequented the most…

He opened his notebook and began to write:

1. The Oasis Lounge, Tatooine
2. The Lazy Luck Cantina, Ord Mantell

He sighed. Those were the obvious hits, but they were higher profile.

Think, think, think…

Kenny was crazy but not stupid enough to attack anything in populated space.

Hoth; maybe. But did they know he frequented there?

Bluedark Estate on Yavin IV; highly possible, but also too close to Imperial space. And they had turned that place into a kriffin’ fortress after they were attacked nearly a year ago.

Corellia… no, still too ‘mainstream’.

They weren’t that stupid to start another war. This was personal.

An incoming transmission interrupted his thoughts and he tapped the upper blue button on his cybernetics.

“What up?” he said and grinned, though the person on the other end wouldn’t be able to see him. Part of the whole encryption he had placed on his internal communicator.

“I got a message you wanted to talk with me,” it was his uncle, Gung’chul Areum.

“Ah yeah,” a serving droid placed a cup of freshly brewed caf in front of him, and plate of dustcrepes served with a side of nausage. He nodded his thanks and sipped his drink. “I need you to track these pirates for me. I know you last saw them out by Riflor--”

“I thought you wanted me to take care of your ship and Tutty,” Gung’chul interrupted.

“Well yeah, but… we’re developing a plan.”

“Oh for kriffin’...” Gung’chul didn’t like the sound of that.

“What?” Ke creased his brow. It’s not like this was solely his idea. “It’s a good plan.”

“I tell ya kid, you and your plans and your ‘on the whim’ mentality,” the lecture was beginning. “It’s gonna get you shot, or worse--”

Ke’rii bit into the nauage and chewed as he talked. “Look, I didn’t come up with it,” he swallowed. “A friend of the family did. Good friend of Mei’s so you know it’s solid.”

“Kriff! Ke’rii, don’t go an’ jinx it!” sometimes his uncle had little faith in him.

Ke laughed. “I’m going in willingly,” he said. “Sort of. There are terms. And it sort of involves a blaster to my head, but it’s a solid plan. Trust me--”

“--No don’t -- Kriff!” Gung’chul exclaimed again. “Never say ‘trust me’. When you say ‘trust me’, things always go wrong.”

Ke shook his head and sipped his caf. “Not this time,” he assured the other. “Look, you got The Shengli squared away or not?”

“I did.”

Ke raised a brow. That was quick. “Where at?”

There was a long beat on the other end. “Yavin.”

The answer made the hunted man frown. “Yavin? As in Yavin-Yavin? Or like ‘oh, yeah, generic Yavin’?”

“The place is a kriffin’ fortress. The ship is fine there,” Gung’chul assured his nephew.

“Mei’s gonna throw a fit,” Ke stated and cut into his dustcrepe, shoving it into his mouth. “But I guess it is what it is. So… okay. You got a new ship now or something I trust… so I need you track these pirates for me. Find out where they are going. I’m thinking they are probably not stupid enough to strike the major planets like Ord Mantell, Hoth, Tatooine.”

“Well, yeah… crazy but not stupid.”

Ke’rii nodded his head. “Good, so… find them--but keep your distance.”

He heard his uncle sigh. “You gonna clue me in on this fool-proof plan or what?”

Ke’rii turned on his datapad and cut off a piece of nausage as he skimmed over something. “Yeah, we need more friends. Like, a lot more friends. Fleet-ish type friends, you know?”

“Are you mad?”

“Nah, I like to think I’m happy,” he knew chuckled, knowing that wasn’t what his uncle meant. “It’s a solid plan. I’ve got connections and they’re helping. But we need to know just how big they’ve gotten and where they are currently based. We’re trying to set up a trap.”

“You know they’ll be thinking the same thing, right?” Gung’chul warned.

Ke’rii merely shrugged. “Maybe, but if we can get the numbers I’m hoping we get, they won’t expect this shitstorm.”

He looked up from his breakfast and saw Mei enter the restaurant.

“Look,” he interrupted his uncle, whom he wasn't listening to anyway anymore. “I gotta go, but can I count on you to do this for me?”

“Blood over politics,” was always what his uncle said when he agreed to something.

“Thanks,” he smiled as Mei came up to the table. “Talk to you soon.” he ended the call with a tap on the blue button. “Mornin’, sunshine.”

“You're in high spirits.” Mei commented as she slid into the seat opposite of him.

Ke gave her a ‘aw shucks, good golly’ look before sipping his coffee. “Well, you would be too if you made a new friend,” he explained vaguely.

“Oh?” she raised a brow.

Ke nodded. “Mr. Hat an’ I are pals now,” he grinned, fighting back a laugh.

Mei furrowed her brow. “Do I even want to know?”

She watched her older brother as he shoved a dustcrepe into his mouth. “We're gonna hun’ pi’ates to’ether,” he spoke with a mouth full of food.

Mei watched him, amused. “Remember when mom would slap your hand for talking with food in your mouth?” she smirked at him and playfully raised a hand, as if she were about to strike him.

He swallowed and made a face at her. “I said, we're gonna hunt pirates together. With Karmic. Her idea. Oh, but!” he quickly steered away from any questions. “I need you to help me get Keiko clearance to stay at Fort Marr.”

Mei considered her many questions. She would find out soon enough what he was up to. She nodded. “I'm sure I can get her there. She would be safe.”

“Thanks.” he nodded. “And I'll be going with you.”

Mei inclined her head in question. “What? What about--”

Ke'rii gave her a lopsided grin. “We're pals now,” was the only vague explanation he would give.


SUBJECT: Sartori’li Bluedark
SPECIES: Human (12%)/Sith Pureblood (88%)
SEX: Female
AGE: 6
WEIGHT: 12.85kg
HEIGHT: 80cm
SKIN COLOR: Red; large patches of discoloration
EYE COLOR: Green, color has dulled
LOCATION: Kaas City, Dromund Kaas
OBSERVATION: I brought Sartori to my father's old clinic in Kaas City as his equipment is more advanced than what I have to work with on Yavin. The trip here was more harmful and dangerous for her, more so than I thought it would be. Bringing her here was a mistake on my part as I am fearful I won't be able to reverse what has happened.

Sartori had another seizure when we entered hyperspace that lasted longer than any of her previous episodes. She remains in an agitated state even now, five hours after we landed. The blood vessels in her right eye had burst, breathing slowed dramatically, and her heart rate became erratic. I gave her a sedative in an attempt to calm her, but had no luck. Mei then attempted to use Force empathy, which seemed to work, though Sartori remained in pain.

The thunder here on the planet is too intense for her and she has expressed feeling severe discomfort in her ears again. She asked to “make the vibrations stop, they hurt me all over.” She clarified to me that she could feel the thunder on her body too, and I have noticed she even winces in her sleep when lightning flashes. She is experiencing muscle spasticity as well. I believe this to be the result of the stress from the seizure she suffered while en route.

Disturbingly, she has also reported seeing things that are not here. I'm unsure of this is a result of her illness of the dark forces that reside on Dromund Kaas. Whatever it is, she is terrified of it, which keeps her in an agitated state. Relaxants, sedatives, and even Force empathy are not helping her here. Mei and I have decided to wait this out and see if this episode subsides before taking her back home.

I've started running several different sequences against her blood and the virus Mei was able to spare after the attack. There has to be a pattern. There has to be a cure.

I just bought two hypercrates of the new stuff released today. Looks like a lot of new dyes in here.

Lots of good stuff. First pack I opened had the Olive/Tan dye.... But I think Stell will get it to you before mine unlocks (which I just realised I didn't take it out of the stash lol #TooMuchWorkTodayBrain)


SUBJECT: Sartori’li Bluedark
SPECIES: Human (12%)/Sith Pureblood (88%)
SEX: Female
AGE: 6
WEIGHT: 13.5kg
HEIGHT: 80cm
SKIN COLOR: Red; patches of discoloration
EYE COLOR: Green, color appears to have dulled
LOCATION: Bluedark Estate, Yavin IV
OBSERVATION: Sartori has been suffering headaches and this morning she said the light was hurting her eyes. This disease has no pattern I can follow. One day it is hearing, one day taste, the next her skin had greyed without reason. We have learned that seizures follow within a day after skin discoloration, but I have no idea why and what causes it. At least we can anticipate the seizures but it seems afterwards her memory falters.

On a positive note, she has gained more weight, but she is still not where I'd like her to be. She knows now that even if she is not hungry that she must eat. I feel from her that she is learning, possibly even understanding, that this is not a temporary sickness.

Today, it is headaches and sight. And for the first time her eyes have lost some of their green hue and look more pale. I'm sure this is connected. It sounds strange, but I feel as if this disease is struggling. With my father it worked so quickly to deteriorate him, both physically and mentally. Yet with Sartori, it seems to be “testing” her body and mind. My father had loss of strength, grey and sickly skin, pale eyes and loss of consciousness all at the same time. We do not know if he suffered seizures. I wonder if these are specific to the child. And if so, why?

I recorded today's session.

The recording is switched on and Sartori is framed in the center of the picture. She does not look at the camera as she is watching someone off screen. She is wearing dark glasses to shade her eyes, though the light in the room, and in her, is dimmer than the previous recorded session. Her red skin shows patches of grey discoloration along her neck and face. The room she is in is quieter than the last, as all machines have been shut down except for what is needed for this session.

Ke'rii crosses the screen and sits down, he is mostly off camera as the focus is on Sartori.

“Okay,” he says softly and carefully removed the dark glasses from her face to reveal her eyes are squeezed shut. “Can you open your eyes?”

“No,” her tone pouted.

“Just a little bit? For me?” he asked softly.

“Can we catch bugs?” she asked as one eye slowly opened, as if testing to see if it was too bright.

“After this we can,” he promised.

She opened both eyes carefully when she realised it was safe. “Wei gets to play. Why can't I play?”

“We will,” he promised. “We just need to do this first, okay?”

Sartori nodded.

“Okay,” he continued and sat a little straighter and pulled out a pen. “I want you to follow this with just your eyes, okay?”


Ke held the pen still in front of her for a moment, then moved it to the side. Sartori’s eyes tracked it, but with significant delay. He moved the pen in an upward direction, and she seemed to lose track of it a moment before finding it again. Down and to the other side. The same delayed reaction. A quicker motion, and she lost it, having to turn her head to find it again.

Ke lowered the pen and smiled at her. “Very good,” he said, and leaned more out of frame as the lens zoomed in on her eyes.

“Can we catch bugs?” she repeated her question from before.

“After this,” he replied again.

“Wei gets to play. Why can't I play?” she repeated again.

“We will, after this.”

“Can we catch bugs?” the conversation began again.

“Yes, we will.”

“Wei gets to play.”

“One more test and we'll play too, okay? I want you to focus on this pen with just your eyes.”

Sartori’s eyes moved up, to the side, down. Her pupils tightened when the pen came closer, and remained the same when the pen drew back. Down, side, up, then unfocused and lost.

“Can we catch bugs?”

The recording would stop, and quick cut of the session would resume. The recording would be out of zoom and once again, Sartori would be in the middle,of the screen.

Ke sat down again and held a flashcard up for her. The design would be a circle.

“Can you tell me what you see?

“A ball,” she replied and swayed in her chair. Her gaze looked at the camera directly, then back to her uncle.

“What about this one?” it was a square.

“A star,” she answered.

Ke made a note, then held up the next card, which was a star.

“And this one?”

Sartori looked puzzled and tilted her head. “I dun't see it,” She said. “You need to hold it up, silly.”

Ke leaned forward a bit with card and watched as her face brightened.

“Oh! A star.”

Ke leaned back and pulled out the square card again. “What's this one?”

Sartori leaned forward and squinted her eyes. “A box.”

Ke'rii made a note, then the recording stopped.


Sartori has survived this black death longer than my father. There's a victory somewhere in that. Her spirits are high, but still she wonders why she is sick. Mei and myself have informed her, as much as one can to a six year old. Mei believes her daughter to be too young to understand. I feel that is the “easy way out”. After Sartori suffered that first seizure I have noticed a decrease in her ability to remember things. Her reflexes are slower. She is slower to respond to questions. Her focus shifts more easily than before.

I'm afraid I won't find a cure for her. I have been through the data I retrieved from the laboratory on Ord Mantell. There's the obvious genetic detail that went into account, but I do see a lack of research into Sith Pureblood genealogy. It lies heavily on “binding” this with the Force. But who is the controller if that is the case? Xia'li is dead. She died before this was even created, yet there are references to “the master”. Mei has not felt her, not since Sartori was infected and our father died. I can't help but wonder if he, by some Force miracle, is aiding us in some way.

Sometimes I feel him. Like he's watching over my shoulder. And sometimes I'll catch Sartori saving at no one. Is it him? If it is why can't he just tell me what will save her? Maybe she can't be saved.

It's been 50 days now.

Damn, I thought I was on to something for you LOL
I'll keep an eye out for it though!

Is this the one you are speaking of? :grin:


SUBJECT: Sartori’li Bluedark
SPECIES: Human (12%)/Sith Pureblood (88%)
SEX: Female
AGE: 6
WEIGHT: 12kg
HEIGHT: 80cm
SKIN COLOR: dark pink
LOCATION: Bluedark Estate, Yavin IV
OBSERVATION: Sartori suffered a seizure this afternoon. She had expressed concern about feeling dizzy minutes before it happened. Mei reported she felt hot to the touch. She is resting now, but has no recollection of the seizure or the events leading up to it. She now displays symptoms of a cold: runny nose, cough, chills and fever. Her skin, however, appears to be darkening and is now a darker shade of pink. She is also highly sensitive to touch after the seizure and expressed discomfort when Mei placed a blanket over her.

Warning signs of seizure: sudden discoloration of skin, sensitivity to sound, dizziness, high fever

Remedy: Unknown. Though ice wraps, ice water or ice chips help to reduce fever.

While I have no way of knowing what brought on this seizure, I hope to discover a pattern if one exists. I took a blood sample as soon as she was stabilized. I found no anomalies when I ran a comparison against the initial sample.


SUBJECT: Sartori’li Bluedark
SPECIES: Human (12%)/Sith Pureblood (88%)
SEX: Female
AGE: 6
WEIGHT: 12kg
HEIGHT: 80cm
LOCATION: Bluedark Estate, Yavin IV
OBSERVATION: I've noticed a gradual decrease in weight in Sartori. She does not want to eat, so she is made too, however we have noticed that she feels sick when she eats meat. I have placed her in a liquid diet, the taste of which she doesn't like, but she needs nutrients and protein to keep her strength.

Today I have noticed significant skin discoloration. She is pink in color, but yesterday she more of an orange-red. This same paling of the skin was reported in the initial victim days before his death. However, Sartori’s strength is significantly better, as is her breathing. I contribute this to her more dominant Sith Pureblood genetics she inherited from her father, Kaatulf Bluedark. I theorize that the creator of this virus did not have access to his genetics when this was manufactured, therefore progression in the child is less rapid than with my father.

Still, it is mysterious why her skin had paled so rapidly within a matter of a standard day. She complained this morning of an ear ache while she was playing with one of her toys that makes sound. I have tested the decibels of this toy and it reaches a mark of 87dB. I have recorded a sound test to determine and monitor this deterioration, and make an attempt at finding a pattern.

The recording would switch on, showing the young Sith Pureblood/Human child, Sartori’li. As described in the notes, her skin would be a light pink. Her hair is black, done up into pigtails. She is dressed in a dark red, long sleeve, turtle neck shirt with gloves to cover her hands.

“...this for play?” the child asks as the recording comes on.

“Yes, just a little test,” Ke'rii says out of frame before stepping into the picture with headphones.

“You sure those won't hurt her?” Mei’s voice comes from somewhere close in the room, but she is not visible.

Ke'rii carefully placed the headphones onto Sartori's head, and covers her ears. “She'll let me know, won't you, little one?”

Sartori could be seen smiling at her uncle. She nodded and as the headphones covered her ears she cringed. It was uncomfortable, but not painful.

“You okay?” Ke'rii asked, observing her.

“I'm okay, uncle Ke-ke,” the girl assured him.

Ke gave a nod and stood, walking off screen. The recorder shook slightly as he made adjustments behind the camera. Sartori looked directly as the camera and gave a small smile before ‘sneakily' sticking her tongue out to make a silly face. Mei laughed softly off screen.

The view on the camera pulled up a display showing a decibel chart that was colored from green to red to indicate volume.

“Okay,” Ke's voice came from behind the camera. “When you feel any discomfort, just let me know, okay?”

Sartori nodded, looking up, beyond the camera. “Okie-dokie.”

The colored chart in the screen lit up in the lower green zone as a sound was played through the headphones. Sartori just looked at the camera, as if waiting for something. The next sound played and she looked up at her uncle, her forehead dressing slightly, but she was still comfortable. The next sound leveled into the upper green zone, reaching 75dB.

Sartori winced. “Owie,” she said.

“It's all right, my sweet,” Mei spoke again somewhere close by.

“That was a 75,” Ke spoke quietly behind the camera. “The toy from this morning was at uh... 87.”

“The thunder on Dromund Kaas, was at what again?” Mei asked quietly.

“About 120 to 130,” Ke responded. “So in, what………. 13 standard days… now it's dropped--”

Sartori looked straight into the camera as her mother and uncle spoke quietly. She stared for a moment, not moving, the tried to cross her eyes. She giggled quietly.

“--Yes, but yesterday she was fine. It's as if it is random,” Mei said. “She was even out by the waterfall, yet today she said it hurt.”

“Can I go outside an’ play?” the child looked to her mother off screen.

The recording ended.

Ooh, a water station on Belkaden would be cool too! Or an entire water planet! Now I'm more excited for this release!

Here is a list of aquatic planets... Might be a good place to start:


SUBJECT: Sartori’li Bluedark
SPECIES: Human (12%)/Sith Pureblood (88%)
SEX: Female
AGE: 6
WEIGHT: 13kg
HEIGHT: 80cm
SKIN COLOR: Red; signs of discoloration
LOCATION: Kaas City, Dromund Kaas
OBSERVATION: Sartori is experiencing a loss in appetite for the past three days. The point of infection is still discolored, and cold-like symptoms are still persisting. Subject has expressed discomfort in her ears when she hears thunder. I believe it may be time to move her from Dromund Kaas and back home to Yavin IV.
I spoke with Lufta Olie via holo and she recommended Treeman’s Herb to ease Sartori’s discomfort, and mentioned perhaps putting millaflower in her room as this can keep her calm. It was Olie’s belief that agitation, fear, and stress could lead to an onset of episodes or “flare ups” of symptoms as she had seen this with my father.


SUBJECT: Sartori’li Bluedark
SPECIES: Human (12%)/Sith Pureblood (88%)
SEX: Female
AGE: 6 (at time of infection)
WEIGHT: 13.6kg (at time of infection)
HEIGHT: 80cm (at time of infection)
INFECTION: Was struck by a dart on her neck. Reported that pale-grey discoloration was noticed immediately at the injection point. Subject experienced convulsions, yet has no recollection of this happening. Developed a cold approximately 30 standard minutes after infection.
OBSERVATION: It was reported that a dark mist or entity was seen around the time the subject was infected. It is possible that only those sensitive to the Force can see or sense this. It is believed, by Mei’li Bluedark, to be the Force ghost of Xia’li Ogasawara who had died several years before this incident.


The list below was provided by Lufta Olie (Naboo) who treated my father in his final days. Though there is no cure, she has been able to locate herbs that can ease the subject’s discomfort when episodes arise.
  • Woosha plant: used to treat sunburns
  • Treeman’s Herb: for use when subject experiences sudden episodes or “flare ups”.
  • Millaflower: used either as a plant to keep in subject’s room to keep her calm and relaxed. Can also be ground into a powder and used (minimal) for extreme episodes or “flare ups”.

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