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Introductions / Re: ((OOC)) Hello from the Harbinger!
« on: 10/10/17, 07:47:43 PM »
Hey there and welcome! Glad to see someone interested in our RP for when the servers merge!  :aww: We're a kindly group and welcome you with open arms!!  :grin:

Cantina / Re: 5.X Patchnotes, Updates, Guides, etc...
« on: 10/03/17, 09:39:14 PM »
I just hope "Mei'li" isn't a common name on the other servers and played by a player who has more in-game time than me. That would probably do me in if I lost my character name... :umm:

Sorry, can't help it... I'm just not liking this idea. I left Harb for a reason... though... that was a long time ago and I haven't been back since (for a reason) so maybe those "bad apples" are gone by now... :umm:

And an RP instance is a good idea, but that's hoping the trolls don't come to join the instance, you know?

Cantina / Re: 5.X Patchnotes, Updates, Guides, etc...
« on: 10/03/17, 06:41:35 PM »
....  :umm:
Not sure I like this server-merge thing.

Cantina / Re: The Absent Thread
« on: 09/28/17, 07:21:41 PM »
Congrats on landing a part in a play, Dass! :grin:

And this is a good idea for a thread... I may take this moment to say that I'm not exactly 'absent' from the game, but I have taken to part-time/casual as my schedule/life/energy level seems to conflict with any in-depth (and even casual) RP sessions/game-play as of late. So, I'm not "gone" but I am "just around here and there".


Roleplay Workshop / Re: Pub-side spy roleplay?
« on: 09/25/17, 08:56:00 PM »
It's ironic that this topic was brought up. I was thinking just the other day how fun it would be to play a spy type character.... And I sort of created a new alt with that thought in mind (hi, I'm Mei and I'm an altaholic).

Cantina / Re: SWTOR RP Influencer Website
« on: 09/14/17, 04:35:05 PM »
This would totally be something I would use as an RPer. And a few years ago, when time was on my side, I would even offer to design and host a website outside of the Enjin platform (sadly, my time has become extremely limited). In terms of content, I'm afraid I rely on everyone here to do the leg work for me :grin: But that is why a site like this would be totally worth the effort (for me).

(and if graphic design type stuff would be needed, I could help out.... so long as there isn't a "do or die" deadline)

I'm still really sad that I missed this...but...your audience needs to did it end?! We need an Epilogue!

Aw, sorry @Ela! I just haven't had the time to write an Epilogue! I may get something out... I don't know... maybe....

I didn't get many screenies, but I did get this one of the hunter and the hunted working side-by-side ( @Kremon ):

Cantina / Re: Gratitude
« on: 09/04/17, 03:02:37 PM »
I don't think words will express how thankful I am for all the support the Hunting the Hunted Event received from the community. Not just for last night's event, but for the entire duration of the storyline. There were so many of you who showed interest through RP at Dancer's Palace or through simply reading and talking about what was going on. I was blown away by the attendance last night.It was bigger than I ever imagined it would be; I am truly touched by all of you. :aww:

@Kremon my biggest thanks has to go out to you. I'll never forget seeing your first post in ”The Hunter” where Gharzog first entered the story. I was so thrilled that my little idea had caught the attention of one player. Not only have you made this experience so memorable for me, but you helped to bring it to life. None of this would have happened without your involvement. It has been incredible to create all of this with you. I will miss you but will always remember this experience. Thank you!

@Seraphie, thank you so much for everything you did! From simply offering to GM to the stronghold and your GM skills! You blew me away with all of it! The stronghold was so detailed; you are truly skilled at building worlds! And I was just amazed at your GM experience. I know the mere size of this was a challenge, and it went so smoothly (despite things not being so smooth leading up to it!) You totally nailed the pirates in your RP; I couldn't stop smiling! But also for your encouraging words. These past weeks have not been easy for me and just by reaching out to check on me has helped to make all the difference. Thank you for being a friend.

@Karmic, thank you for helping to bring the community into this event and for getting involved. Your ideas and suggestions helped to shape this into what it grew to become. I truly appreciate all you have done to bring people into the story (your RP network is much larger than mine! LOL). I've had a lot of fun playing this out with you. Thank you so much!

@Noth, when I returned to SWTOR you were unknown to me, and ironically, I found you through random chatting on the Pub side! I just want you to know that I am very thankful to have had that chance run in with you! I've enjoyed getting to know you… through co-running Indie Night with you (which, damn my schedule!!), to integrating Athuuna into the Hunting story arc. I am very happy to have had your involvement… I mean, who else would have been so amused with Bloodthirst’s brains splattering all over Ke? We're gonna have to have that “slice off” one of these days! LOL

@Oathbreaker, thank you for all the years, for keeping me calm, your creative inspiration, for your patience (with me! LOL), and for being such a wonderful friend. I was so happy you came out of the woodwork for this event. Thank you for always being there and for all your support.

@Ryshias and @masterzw342 - I wasn't able to see all of your RP at the event last night, but when I was able to, I was entertained. Thank you both for coming and for your support. I hope you had a great time! Looking forward to continued RP with you both in the future!

@Ela - You weren't able to join the event, and you primarily are on the Pub side (my heart is the shape of the Imperial logo, I can't help it! LOL) but even then, your words and comments throughout this whole process have been so kind and encouraging. Thank you for your support, it really does mean a lot.

Does 8 pm server work for everyone? Reminder, if you haven't sent me traits for your participating character, please do so no later than a couple hours before the event please.

Works for me (though might not be there on the minute, but I'll be there). :grin:

Awesome! :grin:

So for the time.... Pretty sure I can make it on around 8pm server time (give or take a few).

Additionally, I just found out that next weekend has opened up for me if not everyone can make this Sunday night.

Its almost like Ke'rii came alive in this.... You know, wing it and see what happens. LOL

I'll be around tonight for a bit (got to see the SH! ..... and I still have the new FP to do) so I will be around to chat (and RP too if people are available!)

Outside Realm / Re: So, this is the beginning of a Goodbye.
« on: 09/02/17, 10:08:08 AM »
Kremon, I wish you all the best in the future. It has been awesome running the current storyline with you. You are so creative and I've enjoyed sharing the Star Wars love and writing with you. You will be missed!

Hey all,
I'm so sorry, I thought I had hit the send button last night on my message to let you know I would not be at DP. There were some personal things with me yesterday and I had to call an early night (I'm better now after a good rest).

I'm still good for a Sunday night event if everyone else still is. I'll just need to be filled in if anything was discussed at DP.

Again, I'm so sorry. I just had to take care of me over in-game things.

Thanks for the heads up @Karmic. :grin:

If I recall correctly, Kremon wasn't able to make it to DP either, right? At least not until after I'm asleep. Were we still doing the planing meeting IC or should we just do it OOC as we will be missing some people?

Also, @Kremon and @Noth - were you both able to do Sunday night around 8-9pm server time? I know @Oathbreaker is still available.

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