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Cantina / Re: 5.X Patchnotes, Updates, Guides, etc...
« on: 03/19/18, 11:35:24 AM »
bitch if you still won't go dark side when this update comes out i swear i'll tear your montrals off

Because how dare characters have non-standard character arcs and take things in their own directions.

Give the character some room to breathe already, dude. She's a far, far more interesting character than Dark Side "I made you a robe out of the skin of orphaned puppies" Jaesa is.

Cantina / Re: 5.X Patchnotes, Updates, Guides, etc...
« on: 03/19/18, 10:28:33 AM »
We can has patch notes:

Some highlights I noted...

  • The Mirialan ability “Focusing Ritual” now restores all Class resources when used. (Mirialans are now OP!)
  • All planets now fall into one of three Invasion Targets for Strongholds. Planets with lower Invasion Targets require a smaller amount of Conquest points to complete and give smaller rewards. High Invasion Target planets require a large amount of Conquest points and give the largest reward. (Didn't know this was coming, it's a great idea to give smaller guilds something to aim for)
  • The visuals for various Classes “flurry” attacks have been updated to be more accurate with their scrolling combat text, hits, and misses. (...I'm just kinda curious how this'll look now)
  • To assist in combating credit inflation, the Galactic Trade Network’s tax rate has been increased to 8% (up from 6%) (...heh, cute way of messaging a nerf)
  • Companion Romance: Arcann - A redeemed Arcann makes his feelings known to those who’ve given him a chance to atone for the evil deeds of his past. (...god damn it, Arcann's gonna come onto Story!Shaantil, isn't he? She only has thighs for Lana, damn it!)

Cantina / Re: The Absent Thread
« on: 03/15/18, 02:32:49 AM »
Is... is that... cold, to you?  :wtf:

Well, no. That's perfectly temperate for an Angeleno like me. But Phoenix is usually high 80's to low 90's this time of year...

Cantina / Re: The Absent Thread
« on: 03/15/18, 12:24:06 AM »
Gonna be out a couple days for my yearly baseball vacation! Enjoy the freezing cold, suckers, I'm gonna be in Arizona, where the highs are-


.......mid to low 70's.


Why you trolling me, world?

Outside Realm / Re: the last jedi [spoiler city]
« on: 03/07/18, 11:38:59 PM »
Regarding this deleted scene, because I don't want to dodge spoilers:

What I like about it is a bunch of things:

1: It gives Gwendolyn Christie a chance to, you know, fucking act outside of her voice. So much good acting done, even if all we see is an eye.

2: It ties up a dangling plot thread before the character is axed. I just kinda like that sorta thing, especially since there was no hint of an explanation in TFA about why Phasma went along with it.

3: It outright axes a character. No "oh who knows if she survived i mean i don't see a body" BS, especially since it's pretty clear that no one really has an idea what to do with her, along with all the other villains.

4: It ties into one of the more subtle points in TLJ, about how... well, pathetic fascists often are once all that PR hype gets stripped away.

Hux? He's a firey, powerful speaker... when he's giving a speech to a crowd, but he's just a cowardly idiot in reality. Kylo? Hell, reams were already written about TFA about how great a character he was because of how much of a Vader Fanboy he was. Snoke was powerful and smart, sure, but still oh, so mortal.

And now Phasma: Lots of showy authority, no actual backbone when push comes to shove.

Star Wars has always had an issue with how the Empire's so much cooler than the rebels. From Vader to Stormtroopers to Darth "I'm the only good part about this film" Maul, they've always had trouble where the bad guys are cool... so, I approve of scenes that smack down that unfortunate result, that show that the people trying so, so hard to seem cool and powerful, are really anything but.

As for the whole "Good Guy Filibuster" bit? To quote my favorite author of all time...

From Men at Arms, by Terry Pratchett
"If you have to look along the shaft of an arrow from the wrong end, if a man has you entirely at his mercy, then hope like hell that man is an evil man. Because the evil like power, power over people, and they want to see you in fear. They want you to know you're going to die. So they'll talk. They'll gloat. They'll watch you squirm. They'll put off the moment of murder like another man will put off a good cigar. So hope like hell your captor is an evil man. A good man will kill you with hardly a word."

I mean, it's not completely true, duh, but it's a good enough rationalization for me :).

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: Tales of the Orell Legacy
« on: 02/18/18, 02:16:04 PM »
Sith Politics

Nar Shaddaa, Imperial Docking Bay C-38

"...Lieftenant Beras says the new recruits are slotting in well, only a few regulation violations."

Ensign Prali's voice had a certain droning quality, but Asori couldn't quite miss the faint tone of amusement that came with it. "Anything more serious than the bad jokes I'll overhear about in the mess hall?" she said, doing her very best to keep a straight face.

While Prali could keep a straight face just fine, the lekku twitched with amusement, a little visual laugh that no one unfamiliar with the Twi'lek would notice. "A few things more interesting, my Lord, but certainly not more serious."

Asori couldn't quite hold back her smirk. "Good. Tell Beras to prepare for immediate deployment. There are a few soft targets I've been keeping an eye on." Asori looked down at her own datapad. How are supplies?"

The Ensign's twitch told Asori all she really needed to know. "Lord Zhel apologizes for the delay, but he should have our-"

Asori cut her off with a glare. "Tell Bresix that if he doesn't stop stalling, I'll bring my battalion to sort his situation out. Those words, precisely."

"...shouldn't we use his chosen name, my lord? As a matter of protocol?" Ensign Prali said, with a carefully measured amount of meekness to her voice. At times, Asori wondered if adjutant officers had special training when it came to managing Sith...

...not that she would ever ask the Ensign that openly, of course. That would be rude, and it'd give away that she suspected. "Yes, we should. But he's a glorified quartermaster putting on airs, he could use a deliberate insult or ten."

Prali's eyes flicked up to her lord, the Sith's stare boring into her eyes. "...of course, my lord. Just... seeking clarification."

Asori frowned, but not at her aide for once. The Force was speaking to her, something familiar, something close, something... dangerous.


Asori's ears had barely heard the words before she turned, both lightsabers flying through the air at the intruder to the docking bay. By the time Ensign Prali's gasp had registered, the Twi'lek's weapon was ignited, a purple blade batting both weapons out of the air, tumbling back towards the Sith Lord.

The yellow Twi'lek glared down the length of her lightspear, returning Lord Alnas' gaze. "A little jumpy, my old apprentice? I'm here to speak, not fight."

"You were never my master, Quarasha." Asori said, catching the returning sabers and settling into a ready position. "And what are you here to 'talk' about?"

"...either you don't check your holomail, or you've deliberately been ignoring my messages." Quarasha sighed, deactivating her spear, her eyes never drifting far from the Togruta. "You, lackey," she said, glancing at Prali. "You want to go into the ship and forget you saw any of this."

"Don't mind-trick my aide, Quarasha," Asori growled.

"It wasn't a mind trick, it was an assessment of what she wants." Quarasha's smirk went by in a flash. "Were I here to fight, Asori, I wouldn't have announced my presence. You're smart enough to recognize that, so how about we put down our weapons and talk like civilized people?"

Prali cleared her throat, both hands on her pistols, plain dread coming off of her in wave. "Uh, th-there's a few things I should probably-"

"Go. You didn't see any of this," Asori said, letting out a sigh. The Sith Lord relaxed her guard slightly, lekku flicking with irritation. "Well?"

Quarasha had to suppress rolling her eyes, but relaxed her own stance in return. "It's about Nima'Kluub. Have you read any of my messages?"

"Who the kriff in Nima'Kluub?"

Another sigh from Quarasha. "The colony. They gave the planet a proper name, I think it means 'Gift of Tranquility'." At Asori's unimpressed look, she shrugged. "It was their decision, not mine. You really should read your holomail."

"I've been busy."


The Togruta has to suppress her growl, her eyes leaving the Twi'lek's gaze for a few moments. "Fine, they renamed the place. The old one was just weird. You don't need to show up in person to tell me."

"Given that you seem to be ignoring my messages, clearly I do." Another quick flash of a smile from Quarasha. Even after the better part of a decade of exile from the Sith Empire, Quarasha couldn't help but enjoy toying with another Sith. "It's about what they're doing."

"Uh huh. Spare me the suspense and just get on with it?"

A frown came from the former Lord. She remembered, long ago, when the colony was the Togruta girl's only real concern. Everything was about that, it was more than just a duty, it was a cause, something pure and good, a thing Quarasha so rarely saw in the galaxy.

"They're entering the galaxy. Stepping out of hiding. You know what that means."

Recognition flashed in Asori's eyes. Nima'Kluub had survived through secrecy for many years, protected from raiders and slavers and worse from the simple fact that almost no one knew it existed.

It was in the shadow of Hutt Space. Closer to Republic control, perhaps, but close to the Empire's front lines. And the Hutts would take persuading to leave it alone, and when you took into account the number of pirates with loose connections to prominent Hutts...

"You have a plan," Asori finally said, cynicism finally overriding fear.

"Of course I have a plan!" She almost sounded offended. "There's four nations of note. The Alliance doesn't care, so they're easy. The Republic... I'm handling." At Asori's raised eyebrow, Quarasha could only shrug. "It's tricky. The Hutts are also tricky, but I've found an angle. It's hardly a pleasant one, but it could work."

"And that leaves the Empire," Asori finished.

"...and that leaves the Empire." Quarasha sighed. "It would only take one-"

There was another growl from the Togruta, the formerly-idle Lightsabers slowly spinning into a ready stance. "Just get it over with, Quarasha."

The Twi'lek could only suppress her surprise, not trustly mask it. "...I need you to voice your support for them."

"My support." Asori's tone was without emotion, an old trick that Quarasha had strained to teach the younger woman. Avoid showing a reaction until you're sure what reaction you want to show. It doesn't always work, because there's a difference between not reaction and not showing a reaction, but it's better than nothing. "Meaning what?"

"Meaning you plant your flag and say that any attack against them is an attack against you." Quarasha narrowed her eyes. "Your power base might not be among the strongest in the Empire, but your soldiers are respected and your abilities are known. It'd ward off some potential threats, at least long enough for me to maneuver against them, and those too strong to care wouldn't care about the world as a prize in the first place."

Asori's eyes narrowed at the Twi'lek, and Quarasha could see her old student's hands tighten their grip on the Lightsabers. "In other words, I expose myself to embarassment, and get no benefits. Tell me what I get out of it and I'll think about it."

"...ah..." Quarasha sighed, shaking her head at the Sith Lord. "You'll fulfill a promise you made to the people there, before you joined the Empire. Remember that, Asori?" She said, noting the lack of a flinch from the Togruta. "You told them you were going off to learn how to protect them. To learn how to fight, so you could bring the fight to anyone that would harm them. Remember that, Asori Alnas, eager little girl wanting to do whatever it took to help the people of The Hold get free?!"

Quarasha was near shouting now, disgust plain in her voice, if only because she could see how little her old student seemed to care. "A promise made by another person," Asori said, idly swinging her Lightsaber, her eyes tracking Quarasha's form.

Ready to fight.

"Ensign Prali has a boyfriend on Dromund Kaas," Quarasha said. "He works at what passes for a restaurant on the outskirts of Kaas City."

Asori blinked.

"Major Hesselman, your Aurek Battalion leader, has gambling debts to three separate Hutts, and a cousin on Nal Hutta he's been worrying about."

Asori shook her head. "What are you-?"

"Reminding an old, foolish student what power really is," Quarasha spat. "I have information on every single officer under your command. Weaknesses, vulnerabilities, data that, in the right hands, would turn your finely tuned Regiment into a pile of corpses."

It was a lie, of course. Quarasha had some intel on some of the officers, some of which could make them vulnerable. It wouldn't tear Asori's power base apart...

...but Asori knew that, even if it didn't, it'd weaken Asori far more than a random colony the Togruta claimed would if lost. "You still love using your words, Quarasha. You never had any real power, did you?"

"Power is power, my old apprentice." Quarasha gave a little smirk, shifting into a defensive stance, the blade of the Lightspear igniting. "It's far more than simple martial ability. If you wish to test me there, feel free, but don't pretend that my silly little words couldn't tear everything you've forged to shreds."

Asori let a faint smirk go. "Ten moves."

Quarasha's confusion was brief, and by the time she understood Asori the Sith Lord was already on her, the two lightsabers brought down on the defensively-raised lightspear's haft.

The guard held firm for a moment before Asori pulled back, spinning both blades at Quarasha's ankles, or at least where they were before the Twi'lek backflipped out of the way. A roll forward followed by a roundhouse kick failed to find purchase as Quarasha again spun away, the spear's blade coming an inch away from shortening Asori's lekku.

A high-to-low feint, read and countered with Quarasha's spear thrust next to Asori's ear. A focused set of strikes forcing Quarasha back on the defensive, the haft growing warm under the heat of the deflections.

Asori backspringed, making distance as both Lightsabers streaked at the Twi'lek, narrow deflections pushing the blades aside. She lept over Quarasha's next charge, catching the returning blades and aiming both at the exiled Sith's back, missing again by inches.

The Twi'lek's counter-attack was caught by one blade, the second of Asori's aimed right at Quarasha's neck, again blocked by the quickly-raised haft. The brief stalemate held until Asori slammed her foot down on Quarasha's, sending her stumbling back, away from Asori's spinning blades... and one last leap, both sabers coming down at Quarasha's shoulders.

The haft was there once again, one hand supporting it, Quarasha's body buckling under the strain... but the other hand was on Asori's throat, gripping tight. "Stand down, Asori, or you'll be nothing but a husk," Quarasha growled, nothing but rage behind her eyes.

Asori blinked, fear only now creeping into the woman. She could sense what Quarasha was doing, what the exiled Sith could do. There was a nothingness, an emptiness, a gaping maw eager to devour anything connected to the Force...

She forced a smile, deactivating her Lightsabers, pulling her hands away from Quarasha. "Ten moves, remember. You're not bad with that thing, pick up a few tricks from Zakuul?" she said, her voice abnormally friendly, too clearly reminding Quarasha of the young and eager student from years before.

Quarasha's face flinched, just briefly, before she stepped back, pushing away whatever darkness had swelled up within her. "It's an effective weapon. Make your claim on the world when the time comes. Understood?"

Asori flashed another smile. "Sure, sure, like you said, I already promised that much. Tell them they have my help, okay?"

The exiled lord stared at Asori, hands still tight on the Lightspear, parts of her just screaming for blood and violence and murder and death and all those things that, once upon a time, she lived for... but instead, she stepped back, deactivating her weapon. "Good. Prepare your statement, I'll let you know when you need to release it." Her lip twitched into a sneer as she turned away. "May the Force serve you well."

Asori watched Quarasha go, dimly aware of her adjutant slowly walking up behind her. "...I can start drafting a-"

"Do it." Asori said, her tone clipped. "And contact Korriban, I need to do some research."

Cantina / Re: 5.X Patchnotes, Updates, Guides, etc...
« on: 02/10/18, 09:13:44 PM »
Mmm, that's one interpretation, Jaade.

Another is that it's pro-player: Players doing, say, their Smuggler story aren't spoiled at where the Trooper story would eventually go. All they see is "Republic instance". May sound silly, but I've found myself pulled out of the story at points by remembering "oh, right, that zone's where I'm supposed to go".

Cantina / Re: merrant has some explaining to do
« on: 02/09/18, 11:48:16 AM »
...ya know, the "depends on what's behind you" bit was actually going to be something along the lines of "depends on what you're using as a backstop", but then I realized that I couldn't really use that without figuring out a game that would require a backstop because there's no baseball in star wars and I just figured it'd be easier to go with simple words..., there. One double entendre last night that I *didn't* intend! Ha!

Cantina / Re: in which iaera posts about the force
« on: 02/08/18, 04:46:16 PM »
...yeah, his analysis is downright fascinating, and I see a lot of truth to it. The notion that one can reach a zen state of selflessness... by no longer caring about the people they're supposed to be protecting.

It sounds cynical and dark... but then again, the hero who's response to "Why'd you help me?" is "Because you asked", just helping because... it's the right thing to do? On a good day, that's what the Jedi are supposed to be.

But honestly, this made me get thinking about Quarasha. Not because she's a Gray Jedi (she's not, and if anyone else tells her she's not a Sith she's going to skin some refugees in front of them, that'll show 'em!), but rather because the philosophy that she's been adopting over the last while is a bit of cynical Selfish Selflessness.

She's in a place where acting too Sithy (aka "Selfishly") will get her ass killed, because pretty much everyone that would want her dead has bigger problems on their hands. She can't get real minions, so she goes for looser means of power (finanical power). Basically everyone finds her untrustworthy, so she has to act twice as transparent and honest as others to get half as much trust.

Even if she wanted to be as evil and bloodthirsty as Darth Stabbiwonkers... if she wanted to survive, most of the options available to her are largely benevolent. Selflessism though selfishism. It's inherently unstable, of course, and prone to failure... but it might be a consideration in grayness beyond apathy: Someone who would act outright selfishly if they could, but are restrained by other elements into remaining benevolent.

Cantina / Re: WWOHS?
« on: 02/07/18, 10:39:43 AM »
edgy one-eye mascara accident

excuuuuse me it's called a tattoo and it's fashionable.

...ya know, given how much of a classhole he is, it's probably meant to remind you of a monacle :D.


Harkun: "Hah. I knew you would be a failure, slave."

Quarasha: "Ah, Harkun, as always, your sneering disapproval reminds me that I'm on the right track."


Harkun: "Hmph. You could be doing better, but at least you know what those stick are for."

Asori: <Glare Silently>

Cantina / Re: Can one resign from a Mandalorian Clan?
« on: 01/31/18, 08:44:24 AM »
It probably depends on a number of factors. The reason for leaving is probably the biggest factor. I imagine that creating a new clan or joining another clan (especially if through marriage) might be reasonably commonplace and acceptable (again depending on specifics), as while you're leaving that clan, you're not leaving Mandalorian culture as a whole.

But leaving the clans outright? Well... there'd probably have to be a good reason for it, and they might react with a "well, go ahead and leave, but we still consider you a brother"... or a "You dishonor us, and we're going to repay that dishonor with unsterilized blades".

The thing to remember is that... not everyone's cut out to be a warrior. Even if you're raised in the culture, born of two people that were great warriors themselves... well, we've all see enough children's cartoons to know that people aren't always that predictable.

Mandalorian civilization might be conservative and strict, but they're not idiots, and people just not being comfortable in the lifestyle and wanting to find a different life... that sort of thing would have to have come up in the past.

Worldbuilding and Community / Re: Sith and Jedi sects
« on: 01/22/18, 05:00:28 PM »
I don't personally consider the Zakuul Knights to be Sith, but it's not because Zak Knights aren't, you know, evil and shit. It's more a cultural element, even if it's barely been developed. Heavily focused on duty to Zakuul and its leadership, and not remotely caring about whether or not their leaders are worthy of that. But, as a group, there's nothing about them demanding conquest and power, like there is with the Sith.

Their use of Dark and Light Side (headcanon'd here as being because of Zakuul being uniquely balanced in the Force, so it's easier to dip into both without getting overwhelmed by the Dark Side) isn't treated as some major focus of their religion, so much as "yeah, we use Dark and Light side, just as soldiers use rifles and pistols".

Compare that to the "Knights of Ren", which... look, they're Sith until proven otherwise. They can change their name all they want, but aside from adjusting what the letterhead looks like, it doesn't really do much. They use Red sabers, are in command of forces dating back to the Galactic Empire, use the Dark Side, want to conquer the galaxy, want to wipe out the Jedi, believe in Klingon Promotions, retain as much of the old Empire's iconography as possible...

It's about two things to me: What you want to do, and how you do it. Knights of Ren share all of that with the Sith, aside from an apparent rejection of the Rule of Two that isn't super tied-to the faction as a whole. The Knights of Zakuul have different aims (protecting and enshrining the glory of the Zakuul Empire) and different means (casual use of Dark and Light Side, even if they have a huge tendency to fall to the Dark Side once they step off of Zakuul).

But this is an interesting convo for me because of Quarasha. She repeatedly insists to everyone not tired of her voice (, you know, a shrinking number of people as time goes on) that she's still a Sith... despite being outside the Empire, despite tempering her use of the more esoteric Dark Side powers, despite being anti-slavery, despite having a habit of being benevolent and kind to people, particularly the downtrodden...

...but that's because she still believes in many of the core tenants of the Sith, most notably that there's nothing wrong with the Dark Side (in moderation) and that the strong should lead the weak. Maybe that means she should go nail something to the front door of Korriban or something, but that's the point: Her views aren't a violation of the Sith way exactly, just an evolution of them...

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