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Cantina / Re: 5.X Patchnotes, Updates, Guides, etc...
« on: 10/03/17, 05:56:57 PM »

Nice little bit thing here.

"Bioware is working on a “safe way” for Role Players to be able to organize and enjoy their unique events on the new servers."

Are we getting an RP instance?

Cantina / Re: 5.X Patchnotes, Updates, Guides, etc...
« on: 10/03/17, 02:52:33 AM »
Well. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but not merging us with the other RP server (Ebon Hawk) reeks of gross mismanagement. I'm glad they're paying attention to GSF again, don't get me wrong, but that's pretty insignificant next to a bizarre dilution of the NA RP servers. Why keep them split if everything else is being merged?

I really don't want to play with a huge infusion of non-RP types (translation: a diplomatic way of saying "toxic"), and merging the BC and EH RP communities is something I think both communities would benefit from at this point. Are they just not aware of the RP distinction anymore since removing the official labels? Do they not consider this an issue? I really, really, really hope this is an oversight that can be corrected before the merge happens, because if the merge happens as listed I think it will have a deleterious effect on what remains of BC RP. Keeping the RP communities split like this, at this point, is an incredibly bad idea.

Beyond that, I'll keep the rest of my thoughts to myself because I don't want to be dramatic.

Truth be told, the reason for not merging the BC and EH server is not because of their labels, but because they are West Coast and East Coast servers hosted in different zones. It was impossible, or at the very least, hard, logistically to merge both servers together.
I don't have a source, I just realized all servers merged where from each coast and deduced that was how they were doing it.

Storyboards / Re: News Channel Feeds
« on: 09/28/17, 12:48:05 AM »
Republic News Network

UMBARA-At least 900 lives have been lost in a terrorist attack, perpetrated by Imperial Commando's, in one of the main cities of the Shadow World. Valiant Republic soldiers had discovered a hijacked moving train and assaulted it in the effort to discover who had been behind several mishaps on their defensive effort. Coincidental with the Alliance appearance on the planet, an Imperial Special Operations group had infiltrated into the planet and stole a cargo train under the chaos, using it as a staging position for an invasion.

Sadly, the skirmish turned into an all-out battle, due to the appearance of Sith Lord, Darth Haar, in the area. The train went off the gravitational rails and crashed in the middle of an Umbaran city, killing several soldiers from both sides. Although the battle was fierce, and several Jedi had aided in wounding the Sith, he still managed to pull backhanded trick.

Using a unknown weapon of some sort, he managed to created an small asteroid from the debris, and launch it in the middle of the city centre, killing almost every single person in a 3km radius. It has been reported the Sith Lord survived the impact, and he has been signaled public enemy number one of the Umbaran people.

As of the time of this writing, the Empire has made no official statement, but the increase in naval movements had shown that soon enough the Umbaran skirmish will turn into a full-scale invasion.

It is troubling times for our dear Republic.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: Ash to ash, dust to dust...
« on: 09/25/17, 12:39:23 AM »

The liquid that goes through our veins, fuels our bodies and carries the nutrients for our muscles to move. It boils when anger overtakes it, and goes cold when we die. I've been losing quite a few liters of it actually...

Oh? You assumed someone else but myself would narrate my own story? That I would actually not remember anything? I remember, all of it. Perhaps this is a delusion caused by this near-death experience, and you're not actually reading this Holocron, and are but a fragment of an imagination it left this galaxy long ago.

Bah, silly worries for mystics and theorist. They like to think in this depth. I don't. I'm a pragmatic man. I see what is in front of me, in the immediate future, I do not think what will happen a thousand years in the future, when I'm merely another footnote in the wheel of life and history. Perhaps I will be forgotten, this holocron destroyed by fanatic Jedi trying to override whatever "heresy" we write here. Make us be ghosts for the children. Legends. Tales. I hope mine doesn't end with me dying.



It's a good joke. I swear. It goes with the irony of my current situation, bleeding out to death and being hastily dragged away from a burning cluster of durasteel and flesh. A shuttle, that was blown up from the sky. Republic Anti-air gunner must be proud of that shot, quite good actually. Bam, through the engine...

My second in command died on instant, burned to death by the initial explosion. He was trying to get a snack. Sorry Anathios...I should have been faster with the Force Shield... (What? You never saw a Sith grief for losing a friend before? How do you think we are made? That we just appeared?)

I wonder what Lash is doing right now. Perhaps cooking food to our little hope, our future and legacy. I would love a taste at the moment...just one more bite...a kiss...a hug...

I feel my body moving, like shivering and reacting. I act on instinct alone, sometimes. Like a beast within me wakes up and takes over all my body, rolling, cutting, dodging. I see a missile move away from us with the Force. I see my legs, one of them barely hanging by burned flesh and scarred skin, melted with bone, running like it was just a morning in Korriban. I see the face of a Republic soldier, so young...blonde, nice eyes. I may have took him to bed if there was the chance. (What, another surprise? You thought I only liked women?...Such rude stereotypes ya'll have)I just see the terror in his eyes as he dies. Beautiful terror.

I feel it, the itch in my hand. Do I have to? It's a losing situation, I've gotten out of them before...No, this is not a losing situation...

We already lost.

The itch turns into action. I hate that. Like you've barely have time to think everything, and you're already acting. I hate people who have that capability, to act right away without thinking.

I hate myself.

I see the Force swirling and twisting. A Jedi, away in a hill, turns to me, his face going from mild surprise to a paralyzing fear. He shivers, he kneels. He realizes what is going to happen, what should happen. He knew me, even if I just barely saw his lekku and realized his Twi'lek origin. He knows hope is gone for him, and he wants to make peace to himself. A couple of soldiers stop by him, urging him to go on while yelling questions. He doesn't answer, because he doesn't have to. A shadow answers it for them.

I've been refraining from using this technique, took risky on the body and in my allies. It causes a incredible strain on my own...but it's sheer power can obliterate everything in the area. Nothing is safe. It's safe to do now. I'm alone, or partially alone. Barely few of my men have survived the ambush. My train derailed and they just scrap the rests, killing...and executing.

They promote freedom and tolerance. They think they are the saviors of this decadent and agonizing galaxy. They believe themselves...the good guys.

They are not.

My arms shatter, as the gravitational pull from the black core begin to become too much, and the Force just takes and takes more. I barely keep conscious as the massive asteroid begins to to shape, form taking from massive rocks leaving the ground and raising up around the small black sphere. My left arm gives in, bones completely shattered, muscles breaking apart and my skin bleeds. I feel the crack of my armor leaking my life fuel off as my only arm remains up, barely holding itself together.

And then it falls.

I see nothing. A massive shock wave throws me into a black out. I don't know how much time has passed. A minute? Ten? Maybe an hour...

"My lord!" I hear. A lieutenant, from a forward squad. He removes the rubble out of me with his soldiers. A shuttle waits a few meters away. I see only dust, and rock...and death. I gaze upon the hill the Jedi Knight once stood. He's hugging a little girl. I shed a tear. I didn't...I didn't want that. I just wanted to give them back what they did. I..

Civilians were trapped in the impact. It wasn't until I got spread upon an operating table that a doctor mentioned they found me among the crater of a city centre, where the train was ambushed. I had killed at least a thousand people with a single technique..

"His arm will be immobile for a least a year...what do you want us to-"

"Cut it off."

"But my lo-

"Cut it off."

I daze off. The anesthesia...or the blood loss. Perhaps both. An arm. That's what I've given this Empire. I traded an arm for more than a thousand innocent lives.

Help me.

Roleplay Workshop / Re: Pub-side spy roleplay?
« on: 09/21/17, 02:48:43 PM »
I would be interested in such RP if it were to be brought up.

Cantina / Re: Theme songs for your toons
« on: 09/18/17, 08:46:03 AM »
Updating songs is my duty!

Darth Haar/Ryshias Valeus - The Man among Monsters
Vocals: Dark Necessities - Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Anthony Kiedis wrote about his demons on this song, and how he is more glad to be sober right now, accepting his dark parts as part of being human himself. Ryshias has reached finally reached that point, where his world view completely shifted from the old dark and grim world and has now come to accept his light, more merciful side than fully embrace his darkness. He knows his darkness will always follow him as long as he is Darth Haar, and he has come to accept it, but strive to be different from before, for his family and legacy.

Instrumental: I'M NOT BURIED YET - Adam Zero

This monster of instrumental song shows Haar in battle mood. His high tolerance to pain and endurance to overcome the odds makes him fight every single battle like it won't be his last, pulling all the stops to ensure his victory. Until his skin is scorched and torn, his flesh cut and torn apart, bones shattered and melted, he will continue to fight until he is finally...buried.

Events and Occasions / Re: Operation: Heartbreaker
« on: 09/04/17, 03:30:55 PM »
Perhaps my sniper may make an appearance, depending on how much work I have that week

Storyboards / Re: Resurgence
« on: 08/28/17, 02:49:11 PM »
(OOC: Contains spoilers from the current FP. You've been warned.  :grin:)

Umbaran Low Transportation Train
Shadow World of Umbara

"Come on man, you have to give it to me..." He said as he gazed upon the dark crystal, black as the eternal night that sat on the sky for millenia in Umbara.

"Not a chance, they are part of the crystal shipment, the fact that we had to use more than one train to bring them around shows how valuable they are. The Alliance could strike any of the trains and they wouldn't know which one is the right one." The corporal answered with a stern, but cooperating tone. He seemed intrigued on the crystal, although in a more scientific and strategical way than the lowly monetary of the fresh rookie.

"They definitely know which one is the right one, that's why I say I could keep one from here. They won't attack us, missing one will do no harm!" The man seemed determined to get the small, oval shaped crystal.

"Of course they will attack the one with the boss in it, but that doesn't mean we have to plunder and put taxes to our service. You're a kriffing soldier of the Republic, dammit, start acting like one." The corporal also seemed determined to protect the gem. A smack from the side gauntlet to the helmet, and everyone returned to their post.

The rookie growled at the rejection, taking seat and gazing upon the dark horizon of the planet and it's peculiar fauna. Glowing plants and animals, beast of ferocious maws and insects of lethal poisons, a planet whose ecosystem seemed as a well thought out trap made to drive away any invading force. He let out a sigh of relief at the though. They weren't the invaders, they were helping this people on their race to defeat the Eternal Alliance, and then move onto the Sith Empire.

He had thought of them, the Empire, the fearsome Sith and disciplined troops. Conniving, cunning and brilliant in their own cruel way, he thought. He had always seen them from afar, the decks of refugee ships, helms of Republic transports, landing shuttles as his took off. He could never see them in battle, never saw the calamity and brutality they were reported with, cowardice hid behind layers of merciless aggression. The Sith were brutal, their reputation had always liven up to it, but dark would never fester against the light, or against the righteous.

He knew he was in a good squad, grizzled veterans and upstanding youngsters. Rookie eager to prove themselves and veterans ready to give them guidance and counsel. The corporal was a example of them; Sebasthren Sthen, veteran of the Taris re-occupation, and the war with the Revan Order. He fought against and alongside the Empire, and he had lived it...but he wasn't the true leader of the pack.

The sergeant sat besides his heavy, dual barreled cannon. A plasma-breathing beast with more scorch marks and scars than any of those alive. The sergeant wore one of those scars. A snake that went from his jaw, up his check, all up into the forehead. A Sith beast, some said. Mandalorian swords, said others. He never said, but he knew it was far more dangerous than anything. A monster had to be the author of such scar, the trembling hands, the nightmares, and the slight limpness of his right leg. Only something dark and terrible may have done such damage to a man.

And that monster had come here.

He never knew what killed him first. The blaster bolt to the back of his head or the lightsaber through the gut. A mixture of both, perhaps. What he was certain first was that he was one of the first ones to fall. He had made sure he had sit in one of both ends of the cart, in his mind thinking that shall the Eternal Alliance fall from above, he will either be in front of them, gun ready to see their faces while they fell dead to cross fire, or in their back, surprising them with gun pointed at their napes.

Stupid, if you think the invaders would come from one direction. Both doors of the cart had opened at the same time, and the rookie was filled with surprise, joy, and sorrow. It wasn't the Eternal Alliance who had come to take this train. Black armored troopers carrying Imperial standard suit and blasters, and a black, giant tower of blood and bones who wielded twin red and black sabers.

The Sith Empire had arrived, and death with them. A few minutes of gunfire and blades going rampant, and silence, and on to the next cart.

Darth Haar assumed they would prepare from upstairs landings on the train, not for boarding procedures from speeders, and acted accordingly. It would be a half hour before the whole train was his.

Umbaran Low Transportation Train, Bridge
Shadow World of Umbara.

"Lord Haar, the train is yours." An officer saluted as he entered upon the short cabin. The man was tall, and had to lower himself to be able to walk within the cabin.

The Sith stared from the co-pilot seat back at him, greeted his news with a nod, and signaled a man at his back to start his work.

"Slyd, make us invisible, I want this train off the grid." The Sith ordered with a low tone, like he seemed to think someone was hearing.

"Yes, my lord." The mans answered right away, and begun his work, 4 datapads connected to multiple screens as he sat there doing his art: Slicing.

"Pilot, take us into a looping route, we don't want this train stopped before we unload this cargo and set up our base here." Haar spoke in a hushed tone. He gazed upon a datapad to his right, and a long silence before...

"And we are dark. This train is off the radar." The slicer cheerfully commented, seemingly happy at both his work and ability.

"Good, keep us that way. Sent word to the Eye of Mortis. They can come into low orbit and fire upon Republic positions as soon as this train is set up with communications, supplies, and weapons. Heermann asked us to see, and I saw a derailed train, adegan crystals being shipped offworld, and two factions with a headstars on us. I guess the Empire is late to the party, but we always get the big one. Sent word to Heermann, tell him that I will start burning cities and digging trenches here, and I could bloody well use the help." He laughed, now his tone vocal and loud.

The officer bowed with a grin, and moved off from the cabin. Haar stared outside, while the train prepared to take his first curve.

Operation: Shadowfall had begun.

Darth Haar is most interested in participating. I shall PM both Karmic and Stell shortly!

Safehouse for Undercover Operations in Republic Space vacations.




Storyboards / Re: Resurgence
« on: 07/19/17, 07:29:24 PM »
Hangar bay of the Eye of Mortis
Low Orbit, Iokath

Darth Haar's armored boots echoed around the room as they collided with the floor, the weight of the man making the metallic sound even louder than it should. The dropship had just landed by the time he was already walking towards the red robed guards; Imperial Guard's soldiers made a stalwart wall between the grizzled war veteran and the rest of the soldiers around the big room. They cheered for they hero and commander, but none knew the reason that drove the warrior to return to his flagship with such short notice.

He knew the Empire would take with a hint of bitterness his words about the Shadren Hegemony, but the favors he could now collect from the Queen and Lord Taelios were profitable in the short notice, even attracting the attention of a Sith Lord such as Metheius was among the parameters. He couldn't break him, Malagant was powerful, but Haar? No, too much to handle. Trying to powerplay someone who had done so much, who was looked up to so much, who was support so much, was non sense...

But every hero has a dark side.

Secrets of the Empire. The Panthom Operations Group. A clandestine division made to help Haar in his former duties to the Dark Council, whose resources were buried deep, it's existence erased, and it's power take away when the Council decided it was not worth to have such a volatile organization within the Sith, was being dug up, investigations were being conducted about it's existence and work.

It couldn't be revealed, no matter the cost. Even if it meant turning the Empire against him.

"Captain, turn the ship to Dromund Kaas. We're leaving Iokath." Haar's voice echoed once he had reached the bridge of the Harrower. The Imperial barely turned his face to the Sith before he answered to his order with a nod, and subsequent orders.

Haar sat down on the throne who had been installed for him nearby the helm, gripping the supposed visor of his helmet with his hand as he submitted himself to his thinking and mind wandering.

" not make me betray the not...make me betray this too..." He muttered under his breath.

Who he was talking to, was only but his own knowledge.

Storyboards / Re: News Channel Feeds
« on: 07/04/17, 04:49:29 PM »
Official Communication from Darth Haar, Sith Lord Commanding Forces in the Wild Space front.

From: Darth Haar, Dark Lord of the Sith in command of special operations group in Wild Space.

"My Ladies and Lords of the Sith, today, I speak to you not as a respected commander or fellow Dark Lord, but a representative of the Empire, who has seen what I had deemed impossible on a point in time. I witnessed the Sith uniting under one banner, one cause, warriors from two different sides band together in brotherhood and loyalty against the usurping Republic and their wretched soldiers. The faction, formerly known as the Valefor, now the Shadren Hegemony, has become an aid in our efforts to drive back the Republic into their corrupted core worlds. Their Queen has seen the light, and her actions had now provided the Empire with strength and support to keep fighting in multiple planets, continents, isles, cities and streets with old allies and friends. I shed light into this for all of us Sith, to know that the Shadren Hegemony is no longer safe paradise for heretics and traitors, but a proud land of patriots, friends and allies to be cherished and respected in this dark times. The Empress herself, I'm sure, would support my words and claims to open direct embassies in our homeworlds, while our military forces continue to cooperate in this long war.

Without further comments, I bid you farewell, my fellow Sith and Imperials.

Glory to the Empire, and the Shadren Hegemony.

Darth Haar, Wild Space Command.

Over 9000!

Or 388 (actual guess), whatever number is first :P

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: Ash to ash, dust to dust...
« on: 06/19/17, 12:14:02 AM »
0900 Hours
Iokath, Unknown spire, Iokath Conquest Campaing

The smell of charred flesh and burned metal had faded among the minutes gone after the end of the skirmish. The small, rooftop room had once been used as a makeshift Republic command post to monitor Imperial activity in the southern side of the artificial celestial body, specifically those related to the Imperial Wild Space Command. Serene voices born from Jedi Commanders mixed with the technical language of SIS operators and Republic soldiers, who had been working long nights and days with the intention to make sense of whatever the Imp's were after, a commendable crusade to stop the tyrannic Sith nation from gaining the technological advance to rule the galaxy and slave all freedom and democracy to a corrupt and meritocratic system that rewarded the strong over the weak. Injustice. Evil.

Words like that were the ones ringing through the mind of Iajer Phox, a Dantooine born-and-raised trooper from the Empire, while he walked around the corpses of the once users of the command post. The Republic was evil, corrupt, unbalanced and unworthy of existence. They were a failed old system that was dooming the galaxy to years of darkness and ignorance. The Sith Empire was the beacon of light among the lost and the dammed, a place where hard work and cunning was rewarded, not through connections and bureaucracy, but through actions and power. He knew he was fighting for the freedom of his family, former slaves, and to give a better future for his daughters back at Kaas.

A blue blade of light cut short his train of thought, alongside his torso, his eyes wandered around the room in awed surprise expression and terror-filled tears. Was this the end of him? How could he return now? What would her daugh-

"Why did he die?"

Haar's sight ,and every other Imperial aligned gun,locked on the last remaining Jedi, a badly wounded Master and his enraged Padawan. The body of the Imperial trooper made a choked thud before reaching the floor, and the silence settled in once more. It was stretched further before the Padawan spoke.

"Get...back. I warn you all, we are two Jedi's, and you're only a bunch of sucker puncher's with a big dude at the front...we are more than a match to you." The young togruta scoffed like a rabid pup, protecting a beaten progenitor from a pack of silent predators.

The soldiers took a few second to actually made any movement, though an anticlimactic hiccup from a scared recruit gave away the current situation. Almost everyone in the room was terrified of the other. Did the propaganda-filled adrenaline had faded away? Did war, for a second, showed it's true face to both sides? Did they even realize what was going on?

Two silent gazes wandered around the room. The Master and the Sith scouted around the debris of the before massacre like a field of grass, then their gazes met. Both had so much difference in their eyes, yet an equal, the red and black of the Sith worked against the light blue of the Human Jedi. Grey, short hair against ebony, long locks. A gargantuan and imposing figure against a lithe and somewhat fragile frame.

Two creatures molded by war, hardened by pain and suffering. Both knew the dark face of War, but only one knew that peace was equally as terrifying.

"Fear...that's why he died..."

Darth Haar raised from the destroyed command table he used to seat, and took a step in front of his troops, the blue light closely following his movements. The Jedi Master observed the Sith with more care and detail, and then, he realized. He raised his hand to his protege, and called on to him.

"Gohanna, please, do not fight, run...he isn't a normal Sith..." The struggling voice had to cough blood to formulate the phrase, not as serene as he had been hours earlier, but with conflicted and worried voice. Those eyes.

"No, Master, I shall fight, I will defend you, and I'll prove you I am worthy of being called a Jedi Knight, I'll claim vengeance for those killed in this coward ambush...I'll kill this Sith."

"And why you will die..."

The Sith raised a hand, and the troopers took cover around most of the room, most of them just outright leaving it through the holes in the wall and floor they used to breach in. They sensed it, they all knew what was going to be done. Vengeance would be claimed.

The Sith slowly detached his blade from his belt, his red and black eyes staring deep into the Togruta's iris, piercing through the surface to reveal the fear and rage within. He slowly took guard, and he awaited her assault.

An spinning blue strike, a dark red parry and a flurry of cuts in a obscure and dimmed room. A gutural cry. A thud. The Force shivered around the room.

Haar stared at the Gohanna's eyes again, now visibly horrified and further enraged, the yellow taint of corruption from a side of the Force all too familiar to him. Her skull shivered beneath the weight of the metal boot, while blood poured from her red lips, smoke faded from cut limbs, and pain racked nerves in a broken body.

The Master observed with sadness, and deception. Weakness.

Haar gaze wandered from her to him. Apprentice and Teacher were both in opposite ends, one had been long avoiding the abyss, and the other was about to fall in it. Him? He was at the bottom of it, he was the master of the abyss. He was the abyss.

He softly spoke.

"Do you still believe in demons and spirits, Master Khross? Those fantasy tales you used to love reading in the Taris Conclave? You believed those explained several behavior conflicts in the Force. The unfitting ends of a shaping mold that could not find the right place to be, that were beyond the explanations of scholars and Jedi that studied the Force for centuries before any of us were conceived. You said that you could explain why the Sith were evil, that they worked with spirits of vengeance and wrath. Deceit and betrayal. Spirits that were demons, who unbalanced the balance in this grim galaxy. You loved those tales."

The Master mind jogged to memory, he did in fact remember all those tales. How gifted children soon to be taken to Tython were delighted by those, and how he left them all in awe and admiration for his knowledge and storytelling skills. His eyes begun to shatter like crystal. Was he...there?

A grunt from the Gohanna stopped his reasoning, she was on a losing effort against the pain and death. He had to act, soon, gather strength. Raise. Fight. But first, he needed to know.

The Sith just stopped a minute before continuing.

"I took those tales with a pint of resentment and disappointment. I was not going to master the full extent of the Force? Even with such a gift, being sensitive, I was still limited to bounds and laws of a invisible power? Even those above the common and normal were still being held in larger prison cells? Why? Why did we have to be prisoners of our own existence? Why did we have to bound in collars and chains as we were supposed to make reality shift to our whims? I held this questions for long, but then, the Empire came, and I couldn't begun to answer it."

A captured child. Him. The emerald-colored eyes and the white as snow hair. It couldn't be who was standing in front of him, now a monster through and through, could be?. A savage and ruthless warrior with a merciless reputation for bloodshed and voracious hunger for battle.

Fear can change even the strongest of us?..

"Now, in the echoes of my life, I have realized that we are forever bound, that the Sith Code is also a lying format. We cannot free ourselves of destiny and it's hands. They web threads and threads made of our lives and decision and make us a spider web of interactions and consumption. We have become what we were meant to become, we embody what those spirits couldn't in their abstract world, Master. I have learn that I cannot change my way, no matter how much I push. I hurt people, I kill people, I make others feel my eternal pain by enforcing it upon them. I make them feel how I feel. Is it that bad that I just make them be emphatic of myself?"

"Perhaps it's bad...perhaps is wrong. That would make my existence a whole wrong that must be righted. A mistake in the web, a hole. But, then, if that's what I am, then that is my destiny, to make them all holes in the web of life. To make them see that to live is to be evil, because we always cause suffering and pain to others, intentional or not. I make them see, I make them be emphatic, I make them suffer vengeance from denying this. I take what you give, and I give what you take. I've become Vengeance. I've become Haar, the embodiment of Vengeance. I am Sith because it was meant to be, and that makes me, in return, I'll hurt you all. I'll give you what you've been negating others by excusing yourself with mercy and justice. "

"That's not justice, that's not mercy, that's foolishness, that's evilness, to deny others the right to feel how you do, is to be selfish and arrogant, to be blind towards the constant shown that peace is a broken concept. We constantly take while we are alive, selfish love and appreciations, fake respect and friendships. I'll give you something better. So, tell the Jedi to come, tell them to take vengeance upon my doings. I'll give you death back. I'll free you all from this wretched destiny and vilified galaxy. I'll show you the true justice of the grave."

The dark and red saber pierced through the padawan's remaining life lights, and shut down her struggles. He eyed the Master, and turned away, walking towards the dark night ahead. There were further kills to reap, further pain to sow. And he would do his work as Vengeance, as Darth Haar.

Cantina / Re: Challenge accepted, BioWare.
« on: 05/14/17, 04:00:35 PM »
I may have made mistakes posting it  :nuu: I'll be reposting it once I get back from work

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