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May be there a little later, updating dis game

Event's tomorrow Ryshias- though Indy night on Rishi cantina this eve. 

Oh, shall be done then (I suppose, I have seriously underestimated how sucky my connection could be at times)

May be there a little later, updating dis game

Cantina / Re: Theme songs for your toons
« on: 12/11/17, 10:54:19 AM »
It's been quite a hectic months due to end of the year work, but finally, I have been set free! And I shall expand my characters songs! Even a brand new character will emerge!

Darth Haar - The Man Who Sold The World
Vocals: The Man Who Sold the World - Midget Ure:
Instrumental: The Way - Zack Hemsey:

Project: HYPERIUS - The Ultimate Cyber-Entity
Instrumental:  TH3 AWAK3N1NG - Ivant Torrent:
Instrumental: Beyond the Throne - Zack Hemsey:

And introducing... The Empire's Hounds
Vocals: Black Cadillac - Hollywood Undead:

Tyrgunn - The Smiling Sniper
Vocals: The Bomb - Pidgeon John:
Instrumental: Soviet Connection - Michael Hunter (From the soundtrack of GTA IV):

Thrachta - The Beast
Vocals: God's Gonna Cut You Down - Johnny Cash (The Punisher's TV Series Remix):
Vocals: For Whom The Bells Toll - Metallica:
Instrumental: Exterminator - Mechanic Vibes:

Two more members loom in the horizon...

Cantina / Re: What to Do With Schrodinger's Galaxy...
« on: 12/01/17, 04:26:54 PM »
New Emperor huh...

How does Emperor Haar sounds?  :evil:

Storyboards / Re: Shadow of Shadren - Summary Thread
« on: 11/19/17, 06:08:24 PM »
A high-security dossier has begun circulating among the Empire's allies of the Shadren Hegemony, and the Hegemony itself, listed only as sent by "-T".

Several notes has been found inside, the most notable being:
-Soldiers in charge of the capture of the Queen belongs to Clan Malid.
-Lower key officers are easy to corrupt and had shared a big amount of information about the main stronghold of Clan Malid, located in the capitol of the planet, Malidris.
-Has noted possible to have turn-coats among the Zabrak.

No more information has been shared. The dossier destroy's itself after an hour of being opened.

1. Imperial characters who are doing intelligence-gathering: We are going to be sending you PMs very soon with the information you have gathered. So that we don't forget, please post here with your character, what your character is doing to gather information, and what sources and information they are looking into!

Tyrgunn, AKA Loud Mouth

Using and abusing underworld connections, completing big game bounty hunts to get information and money to bribe security forces.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: Ash to ash, dust to dust...
« on: 10/22/17, 09:43:38 PM »
2100 Hours
Imperial Black Site, Dromund Fels

Darth Haar spitted spitefully into his torture's boot. Blood and saliva smeared the black boot as it turned, the guard repositioning, and another strike to the head, a constant that had been repeated in the last twenty minutes, bloodying the floor and walls with more fluids from the Sith's body.

"Well, that'll do for about three hours. You'll pardon me, my lord, but traitors should be punished...or at least appear to be." The quirky voice of the prison guard, named H'krasson by the uniforms chest tag, apparently, echoed in the small black chamber.

"I'll make you clean the whole ship for this..." The Sith Lord struggled to breath. His thorax, bruised and scratched, may have suffered more than anticipated, but anything to keep appearances. He knew the black site, used it before, and all the staff and personnel knew and was loyal towards him, perks of being a good and disciplined commander with them.

"Yeah, got 10 minutes." The guard offered a towel, but the Sith declined with a simple head shake. As he shrugged, the door opened, and a couple soldiers went inside the room, followed by a lightly armored individual; dressed in a tactical vest, low armor and carrying a heavy sniper rifle in the back. Tyrgunn moved swiftly, and faced the Sith. The remaining people left the room, and the door shut back.

The Sith raised from his chair, breaking off the chains used to contain him. He streched his body, as his flesh and metallic fingers moved slightly.

"New arm?" The sniper slightly remarked, his cybernetic eye focusing on the bulky, ebony black left arm, decorated with cables, cybernetic data cores and small red lights. It resembled fully a normal arm, except for the details. Adhered at shoulder level, the scarred flesh at the edge of the unknown alloy seemed to have taken in the new appendix.

"Yeah, last one was destroyed beyond repair. Top technology, this one. A phrikrite alloy, cybernetic sensors and even a small shield generator. If I knew I could get this thing, I would have cut one of my arms sooner." The Sith responded with a small grin in his face. He raised his arms up, and clenching his hands on a pipe above, he started to do pull ups, a battered body, and yet exercising like it was a normal day. Enough to draw a small stare from the sniper.

"Your wife is going to want answers." The sniper sharply replied, after a few seconds of long silence, except for the hisses of the artificial arm, and the grunts of the Sith.

"I know...will you..." The Sith answered without gazing at the sniper. A sharp nod was the answer.

"Someone called your office. Urgent, something about Queen Vedriat. They want you to assist somewhere." He pulled up a datapad, seemingly showing the invite to the Sith.

"I see. Then things are going far worse than imagined out there. It seems you'll have to break me out soon rather than later."

"Indeed. Nothing to be done about the charges?" The sniper questioned while he gazed the datapad again.

"Nothing, I fear. Whoever leaked the documents made sure they were all verifiable. I guess I'm screwed in that sense...It's been a while since I've been attacked this way." He grunted in pain after a joint of his natural arm jolted up. Getting old was never comfortable.

"So you're basically dead weight for the Empire. No wonder they'll try to disappear you in some dark-corner-Emperor-knows-where." He let out a small sigh, then gazed upwards at the muscled Sith.

"I still have the Iron Dragon." He smirked back at the gaze.

"It exists?" The sniper's organic eye widened.

"Yes, it is very real, and very functional. It was hidden away"

"Then...not everything is lost." The sniper smirked, then placed the datapad in his backpack. He nodded, and made a break to leave the room.

"Tell Lash I'm sorry...that I'll see her soon..." The Sith mentioned, as he dropped below. A big thud hit as the pale feet touched the metallic ground.

"I will. Keep alive until then. I'll see what I can do." He smirked, then knocked in the door. It suddenly opened, and the sniper left as swiftly as he opened.

The Sith stared at the small, white light that illuminated the whole room. He smirked, as he closed his eyes then, and started to imagine the black space...and the darkest sun...and the bony metallic structure.

The Iron Dragon.

Yeah, this Wednesday perhaps after 7:30 ish sounds good


The moment I realized I was tagged for RP.

As some could see, I'm wrapping up the latest series of writings about Haar that I made on my little spare time, in preparations for the massive amount of time I'll have free during the following months, setting up bit and pieces to get my RP ball going across again.

That said, I'm deeply interested in this and I want to partake in this actively  :grin: I'm having quite a few good ideas running around my mind on how to add a plethora of my characters, Haar and Trygunn most likely, to the fray.

Anyone wanna break out a potential defector from a Imperial MaxSec prison? Asking for a...friend... :shifty:

Storyboards / Re: News Channel Feeds
« on: 10/21/17, 09:36:17 PM »

As of this moment, Darth Haar is being sent to the Maximum Security Prison Aurek in Dromund Fels following procedure in a impromptu Court Martial held today in Dromund Kaas Morning. The charges, going from treason, espionage, sabotage of Imperial Operations, assassination, manslaughter, war crimes and violation of Imperial Citizens Rights were held against him after the massive discovery of documents held by the former Dark Council's Henchmen, all being in storage inside several datacrons under orders of, as claimed by the defendant, Darth Mortis.

Imperial sources feel devastated and distraught over the discovery of the documents, most of them holding information about classified operations done by the Phantom Division, led by Darth Haar, in Imperial soil. The assassinations of Darth Nolus, former chief investigator in the Sphere of Mysteries, assault on the Sith World of Thule, where Nolus held his estate and the slaughter of citizens of the Empire will be one of the first cases reviewed by the court, which will remain anonymous to protect their identities and ensure their safety.

We will expand as soon as possible.

Storyboards / Re: The Rumor Mill
« on: 10/21/17, 09:13:53 PM »
Heard in the Eye of Mortis' low bridge bar, officer's lounge...

"What is it? Why the pale face?"

"Is Lord Haar...he..."


"He woke up at the middle of the operation...the surgeons were struggling to reattach his arm...they didn't know what to do..."

"What did he do?"

"He cut his arm off...and killed the medical team."

"All of them?"

"All of them."

"That's a sour mood to woke up, but that's not the reason you're pale, is it?"

"No...someone called...someone important, we're being redeployed..."


"Dromund Kaas."

"Why would we go to Dromund Kaas?"

"Because we are have a court martial to attend to. Haar v Empire."


Cantina / Re: 5.X Patchnotes, Updates, Guides, etc...
« on: 10/03/17, 05:56:57 PM »

Nice little bit thing here.

"Bioware is working on a “safe way” for Role Players to be able to organize and enjoy their unique events on the new servers."

Are we getting an RP instance?

Cantina / Re: 5.X Patchnotes, Updates, Guides, etc...
« on: 10/03/17, 02:52:33 AM »
Well. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but not merging us with the other RP server (Ebon Hawk) reeks of gross mismanagement. I'm glad they're paying attention to GSF again, don't get me wrong, but that's pretty insignificant next to a bizarre dilution of the NA RP servers. Why keep them split if everything else is being merged?

I really don't want to play with a huge infusion of non-RP types (translation: a diplomatic way of saying "toxic"), and merging the BC and EH RP communities is something I think both communities would benefit from at this point. Are they just not aware of the RP distinction anymore since removing the official labels? Do they not consider this an issue? I really, really, really hope this is an oversight that can be corrected before the merge happens, because if the merge happens as listed I think it will have a deleterious effect on what remains of BC RP. Keeping the RP communities split like this, at this point, is an incredibly bad idea.

Beyond that, I'll keep the rest of my thoughts to myself because I don't want to be dramatic.

Truth be told, the reason for not merging the BC and EH server is not because of their labels, but because they are West Coast and East Coast servers hosted in different zones. It was impossible, or at the very least, hard, logistically to merge both servers together.
I don't have a source, I just realized all servers merged where from each coast and deduced that was how they were doing it.

Storyboards / Re: News Channel Feeds
« on: 09/28/17, 12:48:05 AM »
Republic News Network

UMBARA-At least 900 lives have been lost in a terrorist attack, perpetrated by Imperial Commando's, in one of the main cities of the Shadow World. Valiant Republic soldiers had discovered a hijacked moving train and assaulted it in the effort to discover who had been behind several mishaps on their defensive effort. Coincidental with the Alliance appearance on the planet, an Imperial Special Operations group had infiltrated into the planet and stole a cargo train under the chaos, using it as a staging position for an invasion.

Sadly, the skirmish turned into an all-out battle, due to the appearance of Sith Lord, Darth Haar, in the area. The train went off the gravitational rails and crashed in the middle of an Umbaran city, killing several soldiers from both sides. Although the battle was fierce, and several Jedi had aided in wounding the Sith, he still managed to pull backhanded trick.

Using a unknown weapon of some sort, he managed to created an small asteroid from the debris, and launch it in the middle of the city centre, killing almost every single person in a 3km radius. It has been reported the Sith Lord survived the impact, and he has been signaled public enemy number one of the Umbaran people.

As of the time of this writing, the Empire has made no official statement, but the increase in naval movements had shown that soon enough the Umbaran skirmish will turn into a full-scale invasion.

It is troubling times for our dear Republic.

Holocrons and Info Nodes / Re: Ash to ash, dust to dust...
« on: 09/25/17, 12:39:23 AM »

The liquid that goes through our veins, fuels our bodies and carries the nutrients for our muscles to move. It boils when anger overtakes it, and goes cold when we die. I've been losing quite a few liters of it actually...

Oh? You assumed someone else but myself would narrate my own story? That I would actually not remember anything? I remember, all of it. Perhaps this is a delusion caused by this near-death experience, and you're not actually reading this Holocron, and are but a fragment of an imagination it left this galaxy long ago.

Bah, silly worries for mystics and theorist. They like to think in this depth. I don't. I'm a pragmatic man. I see what is in front of me, in the immediate future, I do not think what will happen a thousand years in the future, when I'm merely another footnote in the wheel of life and history. Perhaps I will be forgotten, this holocron destroyed by fanatic Jedi trying to override whatever "heresy" we write here. Make us be ghosts for the children. Legends. Tales. I hope mine doesn't end with me dying.



It's a good joke. I swear. It goes with the irony of my current situation, bleeding out to death and being hastily dragged away from a burning cluster of durasteel and flesh. A shuttle, that was blown up from the sky. Republic Anti-air gunner must be proud of that shot, quite good actually. Bam, through the engine...

My second in command died on instant, burned to death by the initial explosion. He was trying to get a snack. Sorry Anathios...I should have been faster with the Force Shield... (What? You never saw a Sith grief for losing a friend before? How do you think we are made? That we just appeared?)

I wonder what Lash is doing right now. Perhaps cooking food to our little hope, our future and legacy. I would love a taste at the moment...just one more bite...a kiss...a hug...

I feel my body moving, like shivering and reacting. I act on instinct alone, sometimes. Like a beast within me wakes up and takes over all my body, rolling, cutting, dodging. I see a missile move away from us with the Force. I see my legs, one of them barely hanging by burned flesh and scarred skin, melted with bone, running like it was just a morning in Korriban. I see the face of a Republic soldier, so young...blonde, nice eyes. I may have took him to bed if there was the chance. (What, another surprise? You thought I only liked women?...Such rude stereotypes ya'll have)I just see the terror in his eyes as he dies. Beautiful terror.

I feel it, the itch in my hand. Do I have to? It's a losing situation, I've gotten out of them before...No, this is not a losing situation...

We already lost.

The itch turns into action. I hate that. Like you've barely have time to think everything, and you're already acting. I hate people who have that capability, to act right away without thinking.

I hate myself.

I see the Force swirling and twisting. A Jedi, away in a hill, turns to me, his face going from mild surprise to a paralyzing fear. He shivers, he kneels. He realizes what is going to happen, what should happen. He knew me, even if I just barely saw his lekku and realized his Twi'lek origin. He knows hope is gone for him, and he wants to make peace to himself. A couple of soldiers stop by him, urging him to go on while yelling questions. He doesn't answer, because he doesn't have to. A shadow answers it for them.

I've been refraining from using this technique, took risky on the body and in my allies. It causes a incredible strain on my own...but it's sheer power can obliterate everything in the area. Nothing is safe. It's safe to do now. I'm alone, or partially alone. Barely few of my men have survived the ambush. My train derailed and they just scrap the rests, killing...and executing.

They promote freedom and tolerance. They think they are the saviors of this decadent and agonizing galaxy. They believe themselves...the good guys.

They are not.

My arms shatter, as the gravitational pull from the black core begin to become too much, and the Force just takes and takes more. I barely keep conscious as the massive asteroid begins to to shape, form taking from massive rocks leaving the ground and raising up around the small black sphere. My left arm gives in, bones completely shattered, muscles breaking apart and my skin bleeds. I feel the crack of my armor leaking my life fuel off as my only arm remains up, barely holding itself together.

And then it falls.

I see nothing. A massive shock wave throws me into a black out. I don't know how much time has passed. A minute? Ten? Maybe an hour...

"My lord!" I hear. A lieutenant, from a forward squad. He removes the rubble out of me with his soldiers. A shuttle waits a few meters away. I see only dust, and rock...and death. I gaze upon the hill the Jedi Knight once stood. He's hugging a little girl. I shed a tear. I didn't...I didn't want that. I just wanted to give them back what they did. I..

Civilians were trapped in the impact. It wasn't until I got spread upon an operating table that a doctor mentioned they found me among the crater of a city centre, where the train was ambushed. I had killed at least a thousand people with a single technique..

"His arm will be immobile for a least a year...what do you want us to-"

"Cut it off."

"But my lo-

"Cut it off."

I daze off. The anesthesia...or the blood loss. Perhaps both. An arm. That's what I've given this Empire. I traded an arm for more than a thousand innocent lives.

Help me.

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